Amazon Fine Food Reviews

294811294811B005V9UG18A34WFYEJZ1QXRVJimmy Le "JL"0051335830400Great stufftaste good, supposedly it is good for you so 5 stars! MOCHA doesn't taste very good to me. I am very disappointed wasting 30 bucks but now I know to stick with Vanilla. This stuff isn't thick and creamy and not too sweet.
294812294812B005V9UG18AN6EUM0M4HUR7Beatriz "Bea R"0051335830400Awesome ShakesI was very relieved to find this protein shake. It is shelf stable with good organic ingredients. My daughter and I keep ordering cases because it is our go-to on-the-go meal.
294813294813B005V9UG18A350TF59DBKF71CL0051335312000yum!cant live without it. It's definetly a Staple!! in my morning regimen, it tastes great. And I love that it's organic. It certainly doesn't replace eating healthy but it's a great addition to those short on time. creamy fudge is the best mocha good aswell, vanilla tops other brands but not my favourite.
294814294814B005V9UG18AKX1751USODPCNicole Lynch0051335225600Great supplemental drinkOrgain is a great alternative to ensure. It tastes great and doesn't leave a gross after taste in your mouth like some other supplement drinks do.
294815294815B005V9UG18A32KHMKBFM4TFUAnnie0051335052800Great healthy productI have tried both the vanilla (from Amazon) and the mocha (from Rainbow Store). They both taste very well. I do obviously feel more energy after about an hour drinking orgain. And my skin is better too.
No toxic ingredients. Purely organic ingredients. Very healthy products. And this is the best price I can find on the Internet.
294816294816B005V9UG18A1EM5PUUCWSXUQLyndser0051334534400Awesome Product!This product is the best meal replacement I have ever found! It actually tastes good, filling, healthy, and organic. Great when you are on the go and don't have time to find a healthy restaurant or sit down to eat. This is much better for you than all the fast food options! Also, the product is not thick like most meal replacements with high protein.
294817294817B005V9UG18AYZDFUYJ3W0LJDarla0051334361600Is it time for my Orgain?This is the best tasting protein drink I've ever tried! I'm even thinking of pouring it over my morning cereal--it's that good. I drink a carton of Orgain several times a week
294818294818B005V9UG18A1479NV6JR46ABPatty0051333756800Great tasting drinkI have checked many places and this product can be as much as double in price elsewhere. It is a good organic drink and a great meal substitute.
294819294819B005V9UG18AMR2GIP7DXZX0Queen Bee0041333670400Worked great for sensitive stomachI recently tried this shake in vanilla which I purchased at my local health food store and it tastes really good chilled. The best part about it is the minimal bad ingredients and additives that make it hard for me to consume any prepackaged drinks on the market right now. I used this as a meal replacement and was very impressed on how well it sat on my very sensitive stomach. I don't care for the soy protein factor or even the whey, since it would appeal more without these ingredients. I am wondering why the doctor who formulated this would add soy into something when cancer was an issue behind the product. Maybe a reformulation is in order, at least for me to continue consuming this. Very satisfied with this product and most of the ingredients but 4 stars for the noted exceptions.
294820294820B005V9UG18A1LR44UZPF5BPDSam A0051333497600Great ready to drink shakeI eat mostly organic foods and this ready to drink shake not only tastes great, but keeps me full for about 2.5 hours. It's my breakfast 4 days a week and is like drinking chocolate milk. I like the added benefit of the additional vitamins and the lack of soy.
294821294821B005V9UG18A2UYAQNYLIHA4Simmigrl0051333324800Amazing!I was wary about ordering online, but I'm glad I tried it. This stuff is delicious and gives you lasting energy. Highly recommend!
294822294822B005V9UG18A37XHG5LLONQH2C. Zhao "cecilia"0041333324800good flavor but it is too light for replacing mealI love the chocolate flavor. It is smooth.
I have it as breakfast but I always feel hungry after two hours or so. I typically only have a light breakfast and I purchased this because sometime I do not have enough time to have breakfast. I guess the nutrition is good but it is just not as normal food.
294823294823B005V9UG18A1W351N1BEOSNRSHOPPING QUEEN0051332806400Finally a healthy drink choice!This drink has it all. It has Vitamins & Minerals, It's packed with 16g of Protein and it comes in yummy flavors. I prefer the Chocolate and the Mocha (it's Caffeine free, yay!) Most of all, it doesn't have ANYTHING artificial, and It's organic! If you're like me and you're trying to only put healthy things in your body than Orgain is for you!
294824294824B005V9UG18A9EABIKT2J4JASteve M.0051332547200A Healthy, Tasty DrinkMy mom and I drink Orgain every day.
I like the chocoate, and mom likes the vanilla.
It is good for when you don't have time for a
meal, or you just want extra protein. Orgain is
good any time!
294825294825B005V9UG18ADERP74UXQOLAApple Buddy0051332115200ORGAIN, best organic drink from AmazonIn my opinion Orgain is by far the best power drink you can purchase. Although not classified as a power drink just look at the combination of ingredients and the amount of calories per drink,that will tell you the whole story. I especially appreciate the no bloating after effects and no sugary after taste. I have my order delivered on a monthly basis from Amazon at a decent discount.
294826294826B005V9UG18A1ZNPDYP0AVZJ9Jay Shultis0051331942400Amazing Drink!This is by far the best protein drink I have ever tasted. This particular flavor is my favorite, because it is not think, like most protein shakes, and I love anything coffee flavor. I ordered several cases and they always got to me fast.

This was the best thing for me during my pregnancy and also while nursing. Don't know what I'd do without it!
294827294827B005V9UG18A22PMSZFNJMQTDLI Reviewer0041331251200Delish and HealthySearched long and hard for a protein shake that didn't have artificial ingredients (aspartame). Have tried this flavor and Choc. fudge, prefer this one. I drink these as my breakfast and find that it stave off hunger till mid morning (I am up at 5 am during the week).

Perfect drink. Someone got it right finally.
294828294828B005V9UG18A3B34GZBKGUDQJustin G.0051330905600Needs to come in 5 gal pals!I tried this at a Life Time Fitness center it was awesome but at 4.00$ it was not. I found this on amazon and now I'm a subscriber I order 3 packs per month (36 units). I am happy with the way its made... organic and with its ingredients. I highly recommend all of Orgain's products but Vanilla is my favorite!
294829294829B005V9UG18A368SKBBIDHZ0GBishBish0051330646400Fantastic Flavors- Even Better Organic NutritionI am a long-time user of protein shakes and recently I was exposed to the harmful effects of synthetic sweeteners used in most protein shakes. This delicious shake solved that dilemma for me- i needed protein supplements but was harming my body in other ways with the old shakes. Orgain tastes incredible, is affordable, and super convenient. I love this product and wont ever stop. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too.
294830294830B005V9UG18A1V4ZLKG48CMI3Chocolate Eucalyptus0051330300800Yum!I love Orgain, particularly when I need an afternoon energy boost but don't want all the caffeine in coffee or chai. Chocolate is the best. Read full review on my blog ("Of Spice and Zen"):
294831294831B005V9UG18A1GONF1T7Z0FTHcarolyn0051330214400Love the taste and textureThe chocolate flavor is not too sweet, relies on natural sugars, has veggies and fruit added, and a smooth texture. Tastes great cold or room temperature. It's well balanced with 16g protein, 13g sugars, 7g fat, 2g fiber, and 255 calories. It makes a reasonable replacement for a small meal or larger snack. For a while, I had several a day, but I now use them as a back up plan, which means they get stashed in my car, my office drawer, and my luggage when I travel.
294832294832B005V9UG18A3P9R0VIA1NDDCbshope0051330214400New Favorite Gym DrinkOrgain shakes have become my new favorite thing to drink at the gym.

I am really picky about taste - and way too lazy to make my own shakes. In the past, this has been a problem to putting on any weight.

I drink one every day now during my workout.

Anyways, Vanilla tastes great too. Nothing but good things to say about this drink.
294833294833B005V9UG18A37GT3ZPAFHWYVBernard L. Arles0051330041600excellent productI have known this product for some time and always enjoy it. Good quality but I wish I could afford it more often.
Bernard Arles
294834294834B005V9UG18A2TXTRXRL216WHJ. Boeger "Grey Expectations"0051329350400Better than any other protein/health drink I've triedI first discovered Orgain a couple of months ago right before I had a tonsillectomy. I went to a health food store and literally grabbed different brands and flavors of drinks to buy and test right there. I am a picky eater and the only one I liked (and actually loved the taste of) was the chocolate fudge Orgain. For several days after my surgery, Orgain, literally, was what I lived on.

Once I could eat solid food, my husband and I agreed that, due to my picky taste and poor food habits, I should continue to drink Orgain. That was fine with me as I love the taste of them. I am now signed up with Amazon for automatic delivery and drink 1-2 a day, and my husband, who is working out and trying to build more muscle, has been drinking about 2 a day.
294835294835B005V9UG18A33OJ9GJ5A98UKCarrie Bradshaw "love to shop"0051329177600Excellent!!I don't often review items on Amazon - but I felt I had to contribute on this product. This is the very first protein drink that I don't have to force myself to drink. They are perfect! I love the Chocolate and the Mocha and am ready to try the new Vanilla. They are best served ice-cold. I have spent many dollars on protein drinks and powders and many of them I've thrown away because I couldn't stand the taste - these are the absolute best I have ever had and I will continue to purchase them on auto-ship!!
294836294836B005V9UG18A1EKMU8C75CT0WL. Ruble0041328572800Pretty goodI haven't tried a whole lot of meal replacement drinks, mainly just slim-fast and special k, but this one tastes pretty good. It does have a slight "chalky" smell to it, but its not grainy tasting like the others. If it actually keeps me full in the mornings until lunch then I plan to up this to a 5 star, but for now it gets a 4.
294837294837B005V9UG18A355VBQAKCY7DTChad B Abruzzo0051328054400LOVE ITits the best meal Replacement on the market today!!!.. it just the best healthiest RTD out there.. its great when u r on the go and dot have time to actually eat a meal... and its great for breakfast.. its also a great post/recovery work out drink as well..
294838294838B005V9UG18A1GE0QMZAWIPNSshelster0051324425600Best Organic meal replacementThis product tastes great. Perfect for those on the go meals. I add ice frozen strawberries and berries for a great tasting smoothie that keeps you full for hours. Did you know it was invented by a doctor! Yes! Perfect product for my Mom, it provides protein, vitamins and minerals needed for a well balanced diet. Can be refrigerated or left a room temperature. Wish it were sold at airports or offered as a choice on airplanes. Try it! I have it on auto ship, from Amazon of course.
294839294839B005V9UG18A21LLTNZIINQIUSexykitten270051323043200Taste like coconut!I love this protein shake! It taste like coconut and vanilla. I love the fact that it's organic and that it has multiple vitamins in this shake. It is very light tasting, compared to the kellogs protein shakes.
294840294840B005V9UG18A2AOD7254MCKSHtravel-weary0051323043200Another great flavorSo glad to find these. My daughter is doctoral student with heavy schedule and celiac--these are so perfect for her to grab as a high quality snack. She likes the other two flavors (vanilla and chocolate also). So wonderful that they are gluten free. Not too sweet. Glad I 'pre-ordered' as this flavor seems perpetually sold out. Amazon makes it so easy to send little treats like this to my daughter who is several states away.

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