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294871294871B005V9UG18A218SZZJPE4Q8GB. Mandel0051313280000Love the Product (Prefer Vanilla to Chocolate)I love the product and the vanilla tastes great! The chocolate fudge is just so-so (not bad but not great). I will stick with the vanilla flavor. If you read the ingredients, you will appreciate this product.
294872294872B005V9UG18A2NU3X0S97MPY5M.R.0051310342400Best Chocolate Protein Shake on the MarketHigh protein, relatively low in sugar, great chocolate taste, natural ingredients, and comprehensive nutritional profile. With subscribe and save, it's the best deal I've found for these shakes. Thanks Amazon!
294873294873B005V9UG18A1OLLMKWVWVMX4wjp618 "WJP"0051309910400Delicious taste, long lasting protein energyI have tried, like most reviewers here, all sorts of different WMR shakes and bars. There is something really nice about the Orgain Chocolate Shakes, not only in the way that they taste but also in the way that they keep my energy up for a longer amount of time than other meal replacements. The fat content may have something to do with that, which is kind of counter-intuitive to my DIY dieting strategies, but good fats really do have excellent energy as any nutritionist will tell you. The bottom line is that these shakes really do live up to their reviews and, while they do seem expensive, products with high nutritional value usually are. By a pack and I promise you won't be disappointed! Thumbs up to Amazon for putting the Subscribe and Save program on these as well.
294874294874B005V9UG18A2654FDZUIBUYGNancy Adams0051309824000It's growing on meAt last a nutritional drink I can handle, no sugar or other terrible stuff. At first I thought it wasn't quite sweet enough, but changed my mind. I got this on subscription, to be sent every 3 months, just increased to monthly. Good stuff.
294875294875B005V9UG18A2PELSIGCY14JES. Kern0051309737600mo mommaSuch a great shake!! Not a huge fan of healthy drinks, so i was thrilled that i actually enjoyed these. i chill them and drink one in the car on the way to work. Really fills me up. i love that my 6 year old daughter likes these in the morning too!! Worth the extra $$ if you think about the healthy ingredients in the shake.(subscribe and save if you like these) great for those of us too lazy to make a shake yourself. i love both flavors but wish they would come up with more of a variety. highly recommend.
294876294876B005V9UG18A2ZE23JR2H2PJ7E. S. Kent "maximumboo"0041309478400Best tasting one I've triedI have been looking for a decent-tasting meal replacement drink for MONTHS. The healthiest ones taste like liquid grass and the best tasting ones aren't at all healthy.
This hits somewhere in-between healthy-wise but tastes GREAT! I found it while shopping at whole foods (in L.A.) they were giving out samples and, after tasting both vanilla and chocolate, I walked away with four boxes of each.
I love that it's organic and doesn't use soy-based protein (my soy-allergic son can drink it too!). I love the flavor and the natural, whole grain sweetener. No chalky taste or aftertaste from splenda or any of that other fake garbage.

Only reason it's not 5 stars--could have used a little more fruits and veggies in the blend. And at least a couple of grams more fiber. I would have liked a higher vitamin profile. But this way you COULD drink 2/day and not worry about OD'ing on Vitamin A. Lol

Great as an after-workout protein boost with a salad or healthy, whole grain snack (multi-grain tortilla chips and hummus?)

So glad I found it.
294877294877B005V9UG18A195WHPP87Y663Debbie0051309478400Yummy!Superb taste. Love the Organic nature of it & no chemicals & unnatural ingredients as most protein drinks. A good amount of protein especially considering the size of the container. Love it!
294878294878B005V9UG18A88MWW63NMS18The English Lady0051309046400OrgainThis is really good. It doesn't have that chalky taste that other protein drinks have. I highly recommend this product.
294883294883B005V9UG18A2LWP1PDN2Z2PYAna6820051307491200Love it! Best tasting protein drink ever.I love Orgain!! Been buying it for 2 years now and can't say how happy I am with it. I feel great and will be a customer for life.
294884294884B005V9UG18A3NQWKLYQDIN1CHeartgirl0041307059200Would recommendThis product has a great vanilla flavor and is one of the best meal replacements that I've used. This is also a good deal-I was paying $2.85 plus in the supermarket.
294879294879B005V9UG18A29AGUZFQY13JAadriana klich0051308700800ExcellentExcellent taste with excellent nutritional benefits!! I have turned-on 5 rather picky and nutritionally savy people onto this product. another aspect of this product is that it seems to suppress hunger--maybe it's just me.
294885294885B005V9UG18A1D7SKBDFLSKFXN. Albanese-levin "Healthy Girl"0011306886400We WERE addicted to it! Now it SUCKS!This is my original review:
My super picky daughters and husband love this, finally a natural supplement! The pediatrician had been telling me to supplement my skinny girls with pedicure, but I refused. We love it!

This is how we feel now: wtf?

I also ordered from vitamin shoppe because amazon was out. I had no idea it was changing, because I wouldn't have bothered ordering a boatload for myself and my friends. Now we are stuck. I can sometimes mix it into a shake for my girls but not my hubby. PLEASE DON'T MAKE US SWITCH TO PEDIASURE! my girls are still very thin and this helped them gain weight heathily ( though they would have originally preferred chips and cookies like every other kid).
Please change this back, or make it better. Nobody likes goop. Consider myself brand loyal, and I don't want to have to start looking for a competing natural weight gain supplement.
294880294880B005V9UG18AOOU4GVVQHK5OALY0051308355200Fantastic product!Orgain tastes great and is good for you. Glad to see Amazon finally having it on subscribe and save program. My favorite is Vanilla, but my teenager son loves the new Cafe Mocha flavor (which I hope Amazon will add to their product list). Fantastic product!
294886294886B005V9UG18AFBGJTU9D33K5Eric P. Malamisura "The inequalities of men a...0051306540800Its a bit pricey but 100% worth it!I can tell you from experience this is the best protein (meal replacement) drink I have ever tried. It does not taste chalky, and it has absolutely no awful aftertaste! In fact if I had to make a comparison it taste almost identical to a really good chocolate milk. This stuff is great, the only negative I have is its a bit low on the protein side so I usually have to eat it with a protein bar. I am a 6'1 Male and I run about 12 miles a week though so my protein cravings are a bit higher than average! Highly recommend it to anyone!! If you do the subscription on Amazon its free shipping and you save 15%, awesome deal since its already $9 dollars cheaper than Wegmans!
294881294881B005V9UG18A3PC2XGLSHKWN6Bill0051308009600Great breakfast when i'm in a rushSome mornings I just don't have time to make myself a good breakfast. That's when I have an orgain. It has a lot of protein, and the best part is that it's organic. Amazon has the best price on this stuff. My local whole food is $3.39 a piece, and $2.50 when on sale. Using Amazon with subscribe and save is quite a bit cheaper. This keeps me full for about 2 hours which is good considering it's just a liquid.
294887294887B005V9UG18A2W7ZWX1B9VIC7Cps0051306368000Good for you never tasted so delicious!This is seriously the best meal replacement drink I've ever tried, and nutritionally , nothing else really compares. I love that it is organic, and I LOVE that there are no artificial sweeteners in it. I have these on a delivery system to my home, and I'll keep it that way for a long time. Worth every penny.
294882294882B005V9UG18A2LWP1PDN2Z2PYAna6820051307577600Post-work out perfection.Initially I used Orgain for weigh loss replacing 2 meals a day with it and I lost about 25 pounds over the course of 5 months. Now I'm using Orgain as a post workout drink and I've never felt better.

I owe my health to this drink and recommend it to all of my friends and family. Used to drink slim fast and will never get near it again after how delicious this is, both chocolate and vanilla!
294888294888B005V9UG18A2LFWBZQD3G8NUMand0051306108800Best "diet" shake ever!This is the best healthy shake I've ever had! Everyone in my family loves it. Creamy, sweet, chocolaty - perfect! The vanilla flavor is not as creamy but still tasty. It's a bit expensive but worth every penny. I tried other shakes (Special K, Slimfast, Musclemilk, etc.) and didn't like them.
294889294889B005V9UG18A1HDR8VI0DLLQ1Nutri29220051306022400Organic Perfection!Been waiting for a product like this for years! When I finally came across it at Whole Foods, I bought it thinking that it would be foul tasting. I'm so happy that I was wrong!

Best ready to drink on the market, from the ingredients, to the taste to the packaging, you simply can't beat it. I love the fact that they don't use any cheap soy protein and that its loaded with antioxidants!
294890294890B005V9UG18AL81KUOQ2TX7Bsherman0051300752000Orgain hit a grandslamFinally, there is an actually healthy RTD shake! I would like to shake the hand of the developer for making a healthy drink for an affordable price. I've heard enough educated people warn about the other RTD drinks like muscle milk (which I used to drink for a lack of alternatives) that I figured I better find something a with higher quality ingredients even if I end up spending a little bit more. Well Orgain is very reasonably priced and isn't filled with garbage preservatives and msg derivatives. I went through 2 12 packs and am sold since the taste has remained delicious throughout (sometimes you initially like something but eventually get olfactory & taste exhaustion). IMO Orgain hit a home run with this RTD mix.

About the only thing I wish Orgain would change is to offer a mix without the added vitamin mix. I like the veggie blend, fruit blend, and anti-oxident blend that is included, but since I already take other high-quality supplements I don't think the vitamin blend is necessary even if it is in relatively low-amounts. Plus, adding vitamin powder tends to reduce the taste quality.
294891294891B005V9UG18A1M8LW4BBR9YBHN. Fay0051299888000Love this product!Orgain is a great product! It is an organic drink full of vitamins and minerals, green tea, antioxidants, 16 grams of protein and only 255 calories! It also tastes great.
I am using Orgain to help me lose weight. It is a perfect meal replacement because the high level of protein keeps me from getting hungry. I have tried drinks of this nature before and they had a terrible aftertaste and didn't "agree" with my system. Not so with Orgain. I drink the chocolate flavor and it tastes like chocolate milk to me.
My son uses this product as a protein drink after workout. It works very well for him. He actually researched the product for us and found that it was developed by a physician that had been through cancer treatments. He wanted to develop a drink that was very healthy that he could have when he couldn't handle regular food. Orgain was the result.
I would highly recommend Orgain for a dieter, a sports enthusiast, and someone on the go needing a healthy meal replacement.
294892294892B005V9UG18A2B11OFQ5R0XJCDoodles0051299628800Aboslutely Deeeelish!So I am not really a hard core athlete or anything. Just an average person trying to take better care of myself. I recently started walking 5 to 6 miles a day and reducing my caloric intake (about 1200 daily currently) as I am about 50 lbs over weight. I work with kids and have a very weird schedule, with that it sometimes difficult for me to get a good healthy meal in.

So, I found these last week on Amazon and decided to try them. I got the creamy chocolate fudge and it's scrumptious! I threw mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes before I drank it, that's just a personal preference because I like milk products very cold. I have no complaints at all. It doesn't give you that funky after taste I've experienced with other drinks. I am happy I put this on my monthly subscribe list!

294893294893B005V9UG18A2VGSZ3V4SJX2LElle "connoisseur of too much"0051299196800Soooooo Gooooood! (wish they weren't) )
294894294894B005V9UG18A7LGVW1WQ8AG0Steph0051298764800Great Shake!!!Orgain ROCKS!! Finally, something that is healthy and tastes great! The best part, its organic! I've been drinking one to two a day hoping to feel better and lose some weight. I would definitely recommend this product. Both flavors taste great!!
294895294895B005V9UG18A1HDR8VI0DLLQ1Nutri29220051296950400Perfect Post Workout Shake!! Delicious! High Protein!I tried chocolate and am normally not a vanilla person but since the taste and quality was exceptional, I figured I'd give it a try. This drink is simply incredible. They pack so much organic nutrition in 11 ounces and the taste is out of this world for a protein shake. My only request is give us another flavor!! My whole family is hooked.
294896294896B005V9UG18A33PP1JA1KZ7DUMaria0051292544000THANK YOU, AMAZON!On behalf of all Orgain-addicts such as myself, thank you! I was hoping that you would make this eligible for your subscribe and save program! Orgain is part of my diet twice a day and I'm always running out. It is also sometimes VERY hard to find.

Now all we need you to do is add a once/week or once/2weeks option, keep it in stock and do the same for Chocolate Fudge.

Merry Christmas to us, huh? THANKS!!
294897294897B005V9UG18A2PPO3T92ZCGKCRuby Luke0051291420800OrgainORGAIN VANILLA 12/CS ORGANIC 11OZ
Healthy & tastes good
Contains equivalent of 10 servings of fruit & veggies, 24 vitamins & minerals, and 16 grams of organic protein
294898294898B005V9UG18A3IOJNAHIYV7KQGigi Pravda0051290988800Absolute best protein drink ever!I love these drinks! They are made of real ingredients, all organic,very healthy & taste marvelous. Really. I have tried everything, trust me, and nothing compares. I drink 2-3 daily, either as a snack or part of a meal. They have helped me to feel better, have longer lasting energy & lose weight- a total bonus! The one thing I wish is that they'd use glucose instead of sugar, but at least they use organic cane sugar. Vanilla is my fave, but the chocolate is yummy, too. It tastes like a rich hot chocolate that's been chilled
BUT... Amazon is totally flaky about keeping these available. I've been ordering 2-4 cases regularly & they're often out of stock so prepare ahead. I ordered on Nov. 18 & now they don't even show them as available. VERY ANNOYING!
294899294899B005V9UG18ARSD3YCNXTG8OJones0051283731200Fabulous!Loved this drink! Cant believe how GOOD it tastes! Great for a quick snack, meal replacement, or after a workout.
I like Chocolate better than the Vanilla but both taste good. The best thing about this drink is that it is Organic!
294900294900B005V9UG18A1KPFJEOREM6NGjennyontheice0051281744000Best Meal Replacement Drink EverNot only is this drink organic and great-tasting, Orgain makes you feel full as well for a long period of time....especially when you're on the go...I have it for breakfast every morning and carry it with me everywhere.

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