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294901294901B005V9UG18A7PTTXOIZ13BUC. Bell3521321833600Vanilla OrgainThe taste is good, but there are congealed chunks at the bottom. They do not go away no matter how much you shake the container. I will never order vanilla again.
294902294902B005V9UG18A2EA41VFRUPDW0Marni Sorter3551277856000yummy!!!These are amazing. Super delicious and they really do sustain you. I drink one of these and eat an apple for lunch and I feel great. I highly recommend.
294903294903B005V9UG18A30GWGUC6GBVYQquiet1251325116800The BestI love to blend the chocolate with a couple frozen bananas to make a great chocolate smoothie. I only wish it was a little bit cheaper because I want to drink these every single day.
294904294904B005V9UG18A2YTS91YJL8H38L. Rissmann "Lars north jersey"1251280188800best tasting protein i hadI tried almost all of the protein drinks, most are super sweet and taste really bad. This one taste really like chocolate milk and really love. Even my wives like and we have now always some in the fridge. Great taste and Organic on top.
294905294905B005V9UG18A125QJ6U0BRGMPmedorz0151350604800the very best protein drink in the worldi drink the 'orgain' mocha protein drink at least once a day. i would love to drink it a second time - and, sometimes i
cannot resist. it is terrific. the price on amazon is the 'best' with free shipping. try it and you will become 'addicted'
294906294906B005V9UG18A1L7NJCJCSDQN3Jeff0121346371200Great Product..Prices gone up 200% in the last 2 months...Great product, I've had subscribe and save twice now, and everytime they cancel the subscription and raise the price! These started out as $1.50 each now have skyrocketed to $3.50 each. Greed plain and simple...
294907294907B005V9UG18AE1WCSF5CTLJ2mom of 3 boys0131332115200tastes great, but too pricey for what you getFirst one I had was OK. The second and third tasted better as I had become accustomed to it. My husband liked it too and said he felt a bit refreshed/increased energy after drinking it. But too pricey for what you get. There are less expensive ways to eat/drink healthfully, I think.
294908294908B005V9UG18A2R9XV7K6S4KYGtlj "tlj20109"0131330300800Meal Replacement drinkIt's not terrible; but it's not great either although it satisfies my chocolate cravings. Just a side note, it is MUCH better really cold and poured into glass to drink out of.
294927294927B005V9UG18A3K2CU1E2XCP9BLola3321350691200Orgain Formula ChangeI sent an email to Orgain and they said that they did change the formula but they will be brining back the original taste soon.
Vitamin Shoppe also told me they recalled the cases they had in stock and will be shipping out a new batch soon. Hope it tastes they way it use to!
294909294909B005V9UG18A3FHULPCEN9DIDT0151330128000Wonderful product from a wonderful companyI really love these shakes. They taste reasonably good (very good for a protein shake), are healthy and do not have the additives that most other shakes have. If you have lots of allergies or are looking for a "clean" protein shake without sugar substitutes, this is a fantastic option. I have bought these many times. However, there was a problem with this order and Amazon said they would not fix it. I contacted Orgain directly and they responded immediately and fixed it immediately. I am so grateful that now I have found a good tasting protein shake without soy, artificial sugar substitutes, or stevia.I cannot recommend this product and company enough! Like some other reviews said, it tastes best cold and out of a glass, but I also take it on the road with me.
294910294910B005V9UG18A2PZ39BYJ4C1LSJanJan0141325203200Very Good, But the Chocolate is better.I'm not a meat eater therefore I need extra protein and found these Orgain products during a trip to Whole Foods. The clerk there described them to me as a completely balanced portion of Carbs/Protein/Fat using all natural food products and nothing artifical. She said, on top of that, they actually taste GOOD! She was right! I love these things. I have only briefly read up on her claims, but from what I can tell, it's all true.

The only cons I have found to this product is 1)Cost. They are pretty expensive to use on a regular basis. 2) The serving is 255 calories and it doesn't quite keep me satisfied as a "meal" but has too many calories to consider it a snack. I'm not too fond of the vanilla. It's got a good flavor, but the few times I've had it, I've gotten "clumps" at the bottom of the container. That grosses me out. Never happened with the Mocha or Chocolate flavors though. The chocolate is my favorite but the mocha is good too. I have one of these every morning with breakfast along with a small spoon of peanut butter for a little more protein and calories to sustain me a little longer than these do on their own.
294911294911B005V9UG18A2TDDIJBFCODPTVicki L. Straube "Mz Lila"0151281916800orgainArrived on time and as described. Best price I have been able to find.
294928294928B005V9UG18A2OFKDPPTYSX0ZDanielle3321350259200Not Happy with New FormulaAs someone with digestive issues, I was so happy to find Orgain to help me gain and maintain my weight. The ingredients are superior to most products out there and could serve as a meal on the go. The new formula change, however, was not for the better. It leaves a chalky aftertaste and just does not taste as good as the original. As someone who does not have cancer, I also liked that I was getting additional anti-oxidants in the original formula. I am not sure who they used as taste testers, but the original was far better than the new stuff. I seriously hope they consider going back to the original formula or making some changes to improve the new formula.
294912294912B005V9UG18A1L2ST9K3M0ZZRNotyou "LetsFollowtheConstitution"1311346716800Great product, 30 % price increase.$33 in July, $47 in August. Great business if people keep buying it. Not worth it? Or is it. You can pay $3.75 for each container and figure it out.
294929294929B005V9UG18A16BM9Y0SAI6NSPsychotic Parakeet3351330732800You can't find a better product than this!I first tried this product at my local Whole Foods grocery store and loved it! What I really enjoy about it is that I'm not drinking junk, no chemicals, no additives, no food coloring... Nothing bad! Both flavors, the chocolate and vanilla, are tasty! I'm also vegetarian and a majorly picky eater, so this product really suited my problems of not intaking enough protein.

What made me a believer in this product is that I was given a suggestion to drink a protein shake, ala Orgain, about 15-60 minutes after working out at the gym. I've given this a test trial for a week and noticed dramatic results. I recover faster, easier, and I'm energized after the fact. I sleep better at night too. I missed dinner the day that Disneyland was open for 24 hours for Leap Day and took one of these along. I felt great the whole night, only had three hours of sleep, and absolutely no fatigue when I went to work plus no ill-effects the following day.

My boyfriend would scrunch up his face seeing me drink these. He also is now a supporter of the product by caving into one of these yesterday night. He came back home after playing a 1 1/2 hour match of ping pong, was really sleepy and tired, but wanted to go back out to play badminton. He drank one of these and about 20 minutes later, felt good enough to go play badminton. He said it felt like he was never tired initially and was still feeling good after playing for an hour.

Instead of reaching for a Red Bull, soda, coffee, or something else with a ton of caffeine for a boost, drink this. I subscribe for a monthly shipment for both flavors of this product now from this site for the free shipping + additional discount. You won't regret it! Thank you,, for carrying this phenomenal product!
294913294913B005V9UG18A3NVUUYGCD4UXASouthern Belle1321312070400Did not like the vanilla bean...I purchased both the vanilla bean and chocolate based on all the 5 star reviews, protein, organic, and nutritionally equivalent to 10 servings of fruits/veggies. The chocolate was okay, but the vanilla bean had a strange after-taste....still not sure how to describe it - reminded me of cornbread and soybeans. Adding frozen fruit and blending it helped a little, but didn't completely mask the weird after-taste. Maybe it was a 'bad batch,' but the expiration date was March 2012, so I don't believe that was the probem. Unfortunately, taste is a HUGE factor for me, so even though I like everything else about these shakes, I won't be buying again.
294930294930B005V9UG18A3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo3351316736000I bought 14 cases of Orgain....Was looking for an organic, pre-made protein shake. Years of drinking my own concoctions left much to be desired.

I stumbled across Orgain at Whole Foods; bought 1 of chocolate and 1 of vanilla, was instantly hooked. I then went to Amazon and was able to buy them for < $2/container, which is the cheapest price anywhere! Did I mention I purchased 14 cases worth? That should tell you how much I love Orgain. Too bad Amazon doesn't offer the iced mocha flavor for Prime shipping and subscribe & save.
294914294914B005V9UG18A1WX42M589VAMQMir4831313366400Vanilla has odd note in the flavor and is pretty "watery"...just okayI bought this in the vanilla cause the nutritional profile seemed good for hubby (who has trouble keeping weight on since we ditched most starches). He's not much into chocolate-milk type things. I got the case today, chilled a few, and tasted it.

There's that weird aspect to the taste--first kinda like bacon, then sorta green. It's really unpleasant in the first sip. Fortunately, after a few more sips, you start to get used to it and can get the vanilla vibe better. I'm assuming it's the veggie component in there making me cringe at first--since I don't normally have veggie smoothies masquerading as vanilla shakes. I like my veggie smoothies overtly, unapologetically veggie-green. I like the taste of the Green Magma or Green Goddess type smoothies that have spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, etc. :) (Don't know why my first sip of Orgain hollered, "bacon!" at me, but there it is. Offputting.)

The shake is thin--watery even. NOT creamy or thick.

I could drink this if I needed unto. I've had some protein shakes that made me gag. This did not, it went down easily, no weird slimy texture, no weird chalkiness, just that odd smoky/then/green vibe. It's not something I could say was tasty.

Maybe the chocolate flavor hides that weird taste thing going on better than the vanilla. I like the Amazing Grass that has the cocoa, so I could see that working. Still, I doubt I'll order it to find out. I hope hubby likes this flavor. I don't really want to finish this case.
294915294915B005V9UG18A12UTFBYVPDD49Paul Shelton51021314835200Drinks were chalky at bottomThese drinks have a chalky residue in bottom of carton as if was spoiled. The drinks received before this shipment was okay. I think I read something that said that amazon is aware of this problem but yet they shipped me this batch anyway.
294916294916B005V9UG18A3JBCEYWYA5ONWcza20030231310428800Carrageenan????I was going to buy this drink because of the good reviews. But after reading the ingredients I saw carrageenan is listed. I thought carrageenan was not a healthy food additive? Any comments?
294917294917B005V9UG18A2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"2651314921600PLEASE READ EDIT BELOW! If you like whey based supplements...If you like whey based supplements, and are used to that kind of taste, you might like this. Otherwise, stay away, FAR away. Do not expect a delicious, refreshing smoothie or an 'Ensure' type of meal replacement product. This is nicely organic, but unless shaken hard and chugged in a few seconds, there is a bunch of sludge at the bottom. I myself do not like to drink it, it is a bit too sweet, and the sludge factor is kinda creepy. Adding a frozen banana and blending is fine, and I even cook with it. I made a fresh fruit cobbler using this instead of milk and cutting back on the sugar.
EDIT....Above is my original review. It was too late to call Amazon so I was just going to let it go, long story short, I tried it again, and it is DELICIOUS! Even the color was different, an off white instead of deep tan. I suspect Amazon stored it near a heater. NO goop at the bottom, and it tastes fresh and sweet, totally fine without anything added. I emailed the company, they responded and sent coupons, wooHOO! So great taste, attentive customer service...I'll be buying more.
294918294918B005V9UG18A4MQJ5IB2KV72Christel "Chris"0311336262400Tastes horrible!I ordered the chocolate and vanilla based on all the positive reviews. Big mistake!! I tried the chocolate first, and wondered if it was spoiled it tasted so weird. Then I tried the vanilla and got the same icky taste. I don't know how the positive reviewers can stand this stuff!! It is like a sour, almost metallic taste, and kind of grassy too. Yuck!! The rest of it is going in the trash. Don't waste your money.
294919294919B005V9UG18A2HUBGQ7X0MNWXDon L. Rodgers "health nut 88"1551348963200Orgain Wow!! Its now better than ever!, thank you!I just received two cases of Orgain and I must say the product is better than ever! I did have a problem with soy being on the label before and they finally removed it and I'm so thankful that they responded to my concern (and I'm sure soy allergen is a concern for a lot of people). For the few reviews that say they don't like change, as a progressive individual I must say thank you the product is better than ever and you have a loyal customer for life!!!
294920294920B005V9UG18A1RBPJO4C0U32CJack Flack1511347148800Too many additivesCarrageenan Gum, one of the ingredients, is not something you ever want to voluntarily put in your body. Research it and the word "inflammation" together. Inulin is also something you don't want to eat unless you are certain it is not going to give you problems. Research it for yourself. You might also want to read through the other unneeded additives and check them out for yourself.
294921294921B005V9UG18A15PJSMR1WPVS6JessieA1521338422400EXPIRED DRINKSThe drinks are excellent although I just got two cases of them and they are all expired! Check the labels. They expired april 2012 and its almost june 1. Check this out first. I called amazon and they are sending me non expired ones I hope now.
294922294922B005V9UG18A35YZ5GSBIHDCARabbit In NH "rabbit2976"31111335744000Sorry to disagree but........Seems most people love these Orgain shakes. This fact really, really makes me wonder. I don't normally like to leave negative reviews of anything, but I feel it's my duty to express my difference of opinion. I have tried only the "chocolate", and I use quotation marks because it tastes like no chocolate I have ever tasted in my entire life, and I'm a girl who knows her way around chocolate. It was absolutely the most disgusting protein drink I have ever tasted. If you put bark mulch, lawn clippings and a little bit of manure in a blender with milk and drank it - that might be a close comparison to the taste of this stuff, in my humble opinion. I can't even believe I spent money on these, or that anyone else does. Maybe if you're one of those people who drinks wheatgrass or eats carob like it's really chocolate, or one of those other "healthy" and a way too earthy concoctions, you'll like it. If you have normal tastebuds, run - don't walk - the other way from this stuff.
294923294923B005V9UG18AHYZT4T5YLE9GAD5551284076800Surprisingly Tasty!!I first discovered Orgain (chocolate flavor) at Farm to Market. Although very skeptical, I found the high protein content to be appealing, so I purchased it, and cautiously tried it a couple days later, room temperature. I was delighted at its great taste! And after reading the nutrition label, I realized this could be an extremely healthy and great-tasting solution to being too busy (or too lazy) to prepare food. I ordered a case from Amazon, and chilled them... even better, IMO. Now, not only do I feel healthier, less hungry, and have more energy, but I also broke through the pound plateau and have lost weight since I started drinking Orgain. I've recommended it to family members, and I continue to drink it myself. I'm so glad I took an uncharacteristic risk and tried it.
294924294924B005V9UG18A28XKMLM8857MKS. Jafri101211348963200Thanks for ruining a great productThis shake was one of the last shakes I could find that was both energizing, good for me (especially the non-gluten part), and helped me gain weight. I recently had 2 surgeries, and was looking forward to using orgain to get better. Had I known they were going to completely botch the formula, I would've ordered 10 cases beforehand.

But I order 3 cases a month ago... and they were so undrinkable i assumed we got a bad batch of spoiled ones. But there were 3 separate cases like this... with the individual drinks inside tasting 'spoiled'. The expiration date seemed okay.

Well, now its clear that the product wasn't spoiled... the formula was spoiled.

I'm just so, so disappointed. Orgain had become a major supplement towards my health and recovery process after an injury I sustained last year and was hoping it would continue to be so during my recovery phase after the surgery.

That's the type of mindset this drink was created for, right? A doctor made it because he knew the need for healthy, essential amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and organic blends to help someone gain weight, especially if they're been sick? A formula he concocted after beating cancer? Why not stick that??

Am very disappointed to see this cheap change destroy the product that the brand was about.
Why should anyone prefer this over any other pre-made drink other than its hypoallergenic aspects? Many of the younger, healthier guys who're drinking this because it was simply better for you ounce for ounce than other mixes... well, good luck keeping them now. Especially with the huge change in taste. Just... augh. You can't even get it down.

Am very sad to see such an amazing product be gutted without warning to its loyal consumers. If there really is a Doctor out there in charge of this company... well, I hope you still have a say in it, that you're reading these reviews, and hopefully that you'll evaluate your altered product for yourself and decide whether or not its something you would've preferred to the old orgain when you were recovering and rebuilding healthy mass. I imagine you would say - "no" - the old orgain was far more beneficial.

I'm now looking for a new supplement shake. Very sad to see the old Orgain go.

Anyone have any suggestions for other similar brands?
294925294925B005V9UG18A1OYZOD8CDFN59jay4411350864000New fomula BAD TASTE Are u serious?Used to buy 10 cases per month but there was An immediate difference in taste when they decided to change the formula and ingredients. Orgain, you are a teriible company. You're product used to taste good, now its garbage and taste like its spoiled. Your company deserves to go out of business for being so oblivious to your customers. Look at the reviews you morons, people are noticing.
294926294926B005V9UG18A6YN52P8K1R7NAlex O. "chandler52"4421349136000Taste and Composition ChangeAs other reviewers have pointed out, I am also disappointed in the reformulation of this product and in the fact that the company didn't properly disclose this information. I buy this in bulk for personal use and, as others, also thought for a minute that I got a shipment of expired or spoiled product. To clarify, both the taste and the consistency have changed from before. The product is now thicker and overall tastes closer to typical protein drinks which for my personal taste is a letdown. There are dozens of other protein drinks on the market and this one had a distinctive taste and consistency that are now both gone. I will look for a replacement, since this is part of my daily diet.

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