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294961294961B005V9UG18A2XTIRYO3OVZPXsampson1151343088000Love it!Love Orgain! Wish they had more flavors available for Prime members. I have a case of the Sweet Vanilla Bean sent to me on a monthly subscription. It's wonderful when you need something to grab and go.
294962294962B005V9UG18AVUBYFB3JKS70frostyski31151343088000This is good stuff!This drink has all the nutrients with out a chalky taste (or after taste). Honestly, it's taste like chocolate milk and is the only protein drink I'll consume enjoyably!
294963294963B005V9UG18AB5TNEYXHO7JXJenn1151339632000Worth itI don't normally write reviews but for Orgain I felt compelled to. I can't stand most meal replacement shakes or protein shakes, because the texture usually seems off to me. When I have the time I use unflavored protein powder in a smoothie, but for days where that's just not possible Orgain has been an excellent substitute. I have tried chocolate and mocha, and both are great tasting. I prefer the mocha because I feel like I'm getting my coffee fix for the day--and though this stuff is caffiene free I feel energized without the jitters! It's a good breakfast, though occassionally I get an upset stomach after drinking it. I haven't been able to pinpoint why, but it's something to keep in mind if you have a sensitive stomach.

I also drink orgain on my workout days, half a shake beforehand and the other half afterward. Even though it's expensive, I don't drink it every day, and my monthly subscription for just a 12-pack has done me well for a while now. For me, it's worth the money to have meal replacement that is easy and tasty.
294964294964B005V9UG18A5OC4OJ67NCNCLiz m.1151339113600Delicious!I never write reviews but this product deserves it.

This has to be the tastiest protein drink in the world. I LOVE how it's organic and has vitamins and minerals packed into this little box of deliciousness! If I'm on the run I love that I can grab this and just chug it. The best part is that even when it's warm it's pretty delicious. I prefer it cold but it isn't bad either way. It is seriously the best grab and go drink on the market!
294965294965B005V9UG18A3SH0PR7RZ0XZDMary K. Burns "Krista"1151338595200Love these!!So if you're worried about getting enough protein but are grossed out by slim fast and the like... these are perfect. The other reviewers aren't kidding when they say it tastes just like chocolate milk. Very tasty, much better than any other protein drink I've tried. Sweet but not too sweet, and very chocolatey. I want to try the vanilla flavor, but I like chocolate so much I'm going to wait until I get sick of these first. TRY THIS! You won't regret it.
294966294966B005V9UG18AFUUSH2HAFML0Chica1151336608000Orgain meal replacementThis is most nutritious meal replacement drink I have had. I was busy on the go and did not always have time to eat correctly. The bean vanilla and the creamy chocolate fudge was just what I needed to keep me energized and well fed with good nutrition. Whether you are ill or in good health this is best drink on the market that I have found. My body felt nourished and satisfied.
294967294967B005V9UG18A3VLS0WRCWZRKWrafie "sca"1151334534400Staying healthy is my primary focus...4/16/12, Monday, New York City

Orgain has fit in to my lifelong effort to stay out of doctors' offices. At over 88 I think now I've been doing the job right. I was health conscious back as early as 1938. My friends thought I was a health fiend. But I don't care about labels. Except, of course, superior labels like Orgain's labels that informs us all that this product will help us through life's daily hurdles. Chill it, taste it and then tell me what you think, Here's what I think: It's not a substitute for real food that you eat with a knife, fork, and spoons. But, it sure does fill the gap between meals and keeps me going both physically and mentally -- knowing that I'm taking care of my health. Try it, you'll like it enough to be hooked as I am.Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge, 11-Ounce Container (Pack of 12)
294968294968B005V9UG18A2YU6VZ12QP79LKK1141331683200i used to be in love but i think the formula has changed.i used to adore the chocolate flavor but lately it hasn't tasted very chocolate-y. i wrote the company about it. they say the product hasn't changed but i've bought a few cases recently that simply weren't as good as they used to be. they sent me some replacements (thanks, orgain!) and i hope they're delish.
294969294969B005V9UG18AL7MZ6FLXKSUUSara Cosenza1151331078400Love! Love! Love!I can't say enough about Orgain! It is by far the best meal replacement/protein shake I have tried (and I've tried them all). My husband and I each have at least one per day, for breakfast and occasionally after a workout. I have purchased Orgain on "subscribe and save" for several months, and have encouraged many others to do so as well. They are delicious and convenient. Thank you Orgain for delivering a superior product at a great price!
294970294970B005V9UG18A1U14DRNF965QZSeb1151330992000BEST PROTEIN SHAKE ON THE GOThis is my ALL TIME favorite protein drink. Not only is it organic, but the taste is amazingly smooth, just as if I was diving in pure cocoa itself........ I have this when my bikram class is over with for a quick pick me up. I am going to start ordering in bulk bc it makes sense... this is my "second home meal".
294971294971B005V9UG18A327681L4R7ECUSavvy Shopper , "Horse Lover"1151330905600I'm in LOVEI recently started dragging myself out of bed at 5 am weekdays to exercise. Since I'm a night owl, this is no easy feat! After my workout, I need something to 'refuel' while getting ready for work. I eat only organic food and tried several types of organic breakfast bars but none gave me the boost I needed. My goal was to find something with a high protein content AND great taste AND no early-morning stomach upset. I found Orgain while searching and after reading only a few of the 5 star reviews, I ordered the Creamy Chocolate Fudge.

Well, this is IT. Orgain covers all the bases - organic, high protein, balanced nutrition, convenient, gentle on my stomach, and it tastes GREAT. I'm stocking up and will use it post-exercise and also to keep me energized during 50 mile endurance rides on my horse.

I could go on and on about how wonderful Orgain is but writing this review has made my mouth water enough that I'm signing off to go have one!
294972294972B005V9UG18A3EHVB2QH4R00J19891151328832000Awesome drinkI bought this one time before going to work out because I was hungry and I didn't want to eat a full meal. I drank it and was satisfied and did not throw up during or after my two hour workout. I recommend it if you are looking for something like this :)
294973294973B005V9UG18A2ZZF2QSK54QRSRuss H1151328745600Delicious!I bought these intending to supplement one meal each day... I instead found myself drinking them much more frequently. They are absolutely delicious and easily stashed in my backpack when I'm on the go. The only downside is the cost, I wish they were cheaper.

Overall a good buy.
294974294974B005V9UG18A1SD9TIB9VJ38YForest Evermore1141326499200A lot to likeWhat's really important about Orgain is the fast infusion of protein it gives you when you are really in need of a boost. It goes to work within a minute. If you're famished or feel hypo-glycemic, you'll really appreciate having one.

The new Mocha flavor is far and away my favorite. It tastes less sweet and has a subtle coffee taste. It is a pleasure to drink.

The only reason I give Orgain 4 instead of 5 stars is because I'd prefer it didn't rely on the 13 grams of sugar it contains. Sugar just isn't a nutritional plus, and nowadays, with alternatives like xylitol available, there is room to improve this very good product.

I've tried other "smoothies" and supplement powders that you add to water, and none of them cut it. Orgain is the best product of its kind out there.
294975294975B005V9UG18A36KMEDWVCWBEGMeShell1151326326400Great for picky toddlers with picky moms.This product really goes over well with toddlers who won't eat. I could give them pediasure but I doubt that is even close to being organic. This product really got my toddlers health on track. Thanks Orgain!

BTW - I just bought this at Wegmans for $23. (if your lucky enough to have a Wegmans)
294976294976B005V9UG18A3BJDN3V8NVG5CChris Reynoso1151325635200Orgain Natural Protein shakeI had been looking for a healthy, natural protein shake at a decent price and this is it! It tastes great and even when purchased retail at Whole Foods, which isn't known for their low prices, it is affordable. You are better office buying in bulk but either way, great product at a good price.
294977294977B005V9UG18A2FH8LU3UUMOHHJ. Hall1141325289600Delicious and SatisfyingI'm giving them four stars instead of five because of the sugar content. It has 13 grams of sugar, which is rather high. The taste, however, is fantastic and I find that they are a great substitute for a meal when I'm running short on time. I put these on the subscribe and I plan on using them to regulate my calories and keep my protein high.
294978294978B005V9UG18A38IKBUM0IKVT6Maris1151324684800YummyI've been drinking Orgain for quite some time now. Started with chocolate because that's my favorite then decided to try the vanilla. It's delicious too either by itself or added to cereal. Amazon has the best price I've found.
294979294979B005V9UG18A1B9GNMX3D6TTEkatieb11141151324512000yumthese are the best protein shakes I have ever had. The best part is that they are organic and loaded with real fruit and vegetable protein. Tastes like you are drinking chocolate milk.
294980294980B005V9UG18A2AOD7254MCKSHtravel-weary1151323216000Incredible gluten-free findMy daughter is so limited in her snack choices so I sent all three flavors of this to her and she loves them all. She commented that they are more than a recovery drink, truly leaving her satisfied like eating a meal. We have tried several organic whey protein shake brands and some of them have such contrived flavors and are a hassle for her as they need shaking with blender ball and then go bad in the clinic fridge if she doesn't have time to eat (very busy doctoral student). She can just leave one or two in the clinic's fridge and she knows she has something instantly available that will sustain her.
294981294981B005V9UG18A3VQPWO4N5L8W0Cindy "cindyandalice"1151320883200Add to hot chocolate mix!This drink is OK in a smoothie or plain. It works best in hot chocolate. I use Swiss Miss (any kind) and water, then add about a half of this box. It makes my hot chocolate healthy and it tastes so rich.
294982294982B005V9UG18A1UB8JL8QG8JMPM. Williams1151320364800Best nutrition shakeI started drinking ensures while pregnant during morning sickness when I couldn't keep anything else down. It worked fine but I didn't feel my best on it. I went on a hunt for a nutrition shake with fiber and more natural ingredients in it. I finally found this one. I have so much more energy on this shake. I'm nursing now and very happy with the amount of protein in the drink. And on top of it I get my chocolate fix off of the fudge flavor while still losing postpartum weight. The taste is just okay to me, similar to what other chocolate milk drinks taste like but I am amazed that they cram so many fruits and vegetables into it. You really can't taste them. I love this stuff!
294983294983B005V9UG18A2XS1RCZNBA4Q8Wendy "Real Book Lover"1151320105600Love Orgain!Great taste and healthy ingredients, we use this as a meal replacement - very filling and sufficient. Hubby prefers Vanilla, Son prefers Chocolate :) Both are great!
294984294984B005V9UG18A2N9OSSL2YMBVQleslie481151319500800Perfect protein shake for women!Orgain makes the best protein shake I have ever had. Not only does it taste better than ALL other protein shakes (and I am picky!), but it is made from the best possible ingredients. It is low carb, and the few carbs it has are good carbs. It has the perfect amount of protein, too. My boyfriend is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, and he agrees that Orgain makes the most healthy, appropriate protein shake to supplement my diet on a daily basis.
294985294985B005V9UG18AZZU1VEO8KUXHMia P "Mia P"1151317513600NOT like the othersI bought this for my 13 year old daughter who needs extra calories. All of the other drinks (for kids and adults) seemed to have an odd taste and/or after-taste. I took a sip and thought it had a good flavor. The consistency was nice and smooth, which I like. My daughter drank the entire container and told me she liked it. We'll be purchasing this product again with the automatic reorder program since it costs less per container to order this way.
294986294986B005V9UG18A1L3YY55FPANEHNort1151316044800Soooo Healthy and Delicious! Must try!I found Orgain nutritional shakes at my local Earthfare store. I have not ordered online yet, but will now for the price and to order in bulk. I have bought both the Vanilla Bean and the Chocolate Fudge. I can't decide which one I like more...they are both so delicious! It is amazing how much healthy nutrition they cram into such a small container. I still can't believe there are organic fruits and vegetables in this drink. Each container is only 255 calories, too. Other alternative shakes like CalNautrale Svelte have more calories and do not taste very good. Everyone - please try and I promise you will fall in love, too!
294987294987B005V9UG18AN02DZR41K0N0Esther Khanna1141315785600Best in Blender with FruitOrgain Vanilla just about beats all the competition with one exception: the taste. For a high protein drink that is organic, whey-based, and contains the equivalent of 10 fruits & vegetables, this should be no big deal. I would describe the taste as a mildly sweet drink that has the body of 1% milk. It also contains solids that tend to pool near the bottom of the container (great looking packaging, BTW). However, if you put the drink in a blender and throw in a few raspberries or strawberries, it really improves dramatically. Try it and see!
294988294988B005V9UG18A3VFKV06P02T7MJ. Fischer1151315440000I love this product!Orgain tastes great and is convenient. I drink one after a workout if I cannot eat right away or just as a snack if i'm in need of extra nutrition. I wouldnt call it a meal replacement drink. Personally, 250 calories isnt enough for a meal for me.
294989294989B005V9UG18A3LWC833HQIG7Jaustin_Larry1151314489600Filling, tastes great, nice breakfast, snack, or meal replacement.I don't frequently manage breakfast during the week. I had been going to a work cafeteria with food of dubious nutritional value and marginal taste. I did not want to use the sugar loaded mainstream meal replacement shakes. Enter Orgain. Yes they are more expensive but to me they are worth it. Super easy to use, great tasting (does not taste sweet at all and after the 2nd or 3rd one taste really good), feeling, and they leave me with good energy.

One thing to be aware of though, and I have tried the chocolate fudge and the vanilla is that 2 different packages of vanilla were very lumpy. I contacted Orgain and they said the protein can become somewhat seperated. My wife and I ended up not liking the vanilla. So this is 5 stars on the chocolate fudge only. But Orgain had great customer service. Super fast response time and they said they would send me out a new pack of my flavor choice. We are on our 3rd carton of the chocolate fudge and none of the vanilla problem at all. Just smooth, good tasting, and I feel good about having one.
294990294990B005V9UG18A2K1VY08HMANDMSteph s.1151314230400Amazing drink!I highly recommend this to tastes incredible, I wish I could afford to have two organs a day! You feel like you are glowing from a healthy radiance when drinking this stuff! Totally worth it!

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