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295011295011B006J9XPHQA1Y06MHZ92JHYYTH Huxley3351255046400very satisfiedGreat stuff! I've had many different brands of wasabi peas, and JR is by far my favorite. Fresh, crunchy, green and very hot (I've tried other brands that were the exact opposite of that). Only tiny gripe is that I ordered two 5 pound bags, and was going to give one as a gift, but they sent me one humorously large 10 lb bag. Not a big deal though, I just divided it up. Anyway, you won't be disappointed!
295012295012B006J9XPHQA6KFYT07RG5GABurny2251258675200I love thisthis one is my favorite out of most wasabi peas I tried. perfect heat and salty taste. the price is outstanding too.
295013295013B006J9XPHQA1HQT5WA40UIPTIzzy1151341273600Very Tasty..Absolutely delicious. Very crispy and fresh. And you can't beat this price. They come in a poly bag and you can fill them in some smaller containers and use as you need. They stay fresh for a long time. Indeed a very healthy snack alternative.
295014295014B006J9XPHQA214DG8Y09M3W9Michelle Devon "~~Professional Dreamer"1151336176000Yummy, Sweet and Hot, Hot, Hot!I love wasabi peas, plain and simple, and these are absolutely wonderful. They are good sized, nice and crunchy, tangy sweet with that bite of HOT that wasabi is known for. The price is good for the amount you receive, and they taste fresh and yummy. I like the 'no MSG' aspect, because MSG gives me a headache (always has), and there are some I've seen that do have MSG in them, so it's nice to know these don't. When compared to other snacks, like chips or cookies, wasabi peas offer a kick pick-me-up snack that's much more healthful for you. Dr. Oz even said on one of his shows that they help boost metabolism, so you can't beat that! My son will even eat these peas, and he doesn't like anything green!

These came in a bag, but it was the crinkly type of bag, that was stiff and it broke and tore, so the bag opened and spilled peas out. Fortunately, they were packed in another bag and twist-tied, and so they didn't spell out and were kept fresh.

These are a LOT of peas in a 2lb bag... so know that you're getting a lot, and I do mean, a lot of peas. I found them flavorful, not overly hot, with just a touch of sweetness to them. I will definitely be buying these again.
295015295015B006J9XPHQAUSYYAXND04YMJ. Salgado6921274227200You get what you pay forI don't know if all these wonderful reviews are from people who work for this company, but I would never recommend these! I love Hapi Snack's Wasabi Peas, but they're expensive and hard to find. I was thrilled when I saw these. However, they have a strange "fake" taste and worst of all, they are like eating rocks - LITERALLY! Every fourth or fifth pea I tried to eat was a solid rock. I actually chipped my tooth. My dental work is going to cost me a lot more than what I saved on these. They're not that hot, either. If you like Wasabi Peas try some other brand. These are not worth the $11+ shipping. I've never left a negative review like this before. But buyer beware.
295016295016B006J9XPHQA1A22ONB53IZDIkim0051350864000Great Wasabi Peas!I have ordered the wasabi peas from two other companies. The wasabi peas from JR Mushrooms are the absolute best! Just the right amount of kick and no hard, break your teeth peas! Will definitely order from them again!
295017295017B006J9XPHQA1LO94HG71IIMBGary Bovkoon0051345248000Great peasThis is such a good deal and are the best peas.I recommend thes to anyone who loves wasabi peas.service was great and shipping came really fast.
295018295018B00404OIAUA2ON3NSD71JT72Calley Grace1151292371200Easy Fast BreakfastI first used this product during college when I was too rushed to eat breakfast - this is fast, filling and nutritious. I recently rediscovered Instant Breakfast after having my tonsils removed as an adult and a difficult recovery period. Even now, two years later, I have it every morning for breakfast and sometimes as lunch or a snack. The 30 packet box is much more economical than buying at the grocery store. Great product!!
294991294991B005V9UG18AA54KVB0MF8ZHAllan Woolway1151313712000Orgain Organic Sweet Vanilla Bean Drink is excellentI have been drinking Protein drinks for many years. I was always looking for one that was healthy. The problem was that most had too many chemicals and sugar substitutes. About a year ago I found this drink. The taste is excellent and it is the healthiest protein / vitamin / mineral drink I have ever found. You do not taste the vitamins or minerals. The drink is so good, I use it as a milk replacement in my cereal and on top of fruit such as blueberries. It also makes a great smoothy mixed with fruit and ice. My who family enjoys this product. I strongly recommend this product to family friends, and even my local gym.
295019295019B00404OIAUA12Z0WLC3CDGFNBrenda0051345161600A great product for yearsFor a quick breakfast, this is great. Tastes as good as it did many years ago. A healthy alternative to a doughnut or bagel. You can easily drink it in the car during your commute.
295020295020B000VZLH4CA2WXPOL1FYY6S2Bruno J. Gallianp "Bruno Galliano"1151305590400just like being in TuscanyFinally found a salami that equals the taste and zing of the salami available in Italy. Thank you Volpi
and D'Italia for bringing to us at a trainable cost..
294992294992B005V9UG18A27BY8CQA9PB6Agalfromdownunder ""1151313712000Officially obsessedThere use to be this great "meal in a box" energy shake called Sustagen Gold in Australia that I could never find the equivalent of until discovering Orgain.
You can tell it's made of good stuff because it doesn't leave that classic High Fructose Corn Syrup aftertaste in your mouth that most packaged drinks do. And it's instantly satisfying, like all good food is.
I use it as my pre-yoga teaching meal - I bounce into Wholefoods next door, grab a vanilla or chocolate fudge Orgain (usually the vanilla) and suck it down as I bolt upstairs to my class.
It's utterly perfect for that - when you need fast nutrition sans a lot of digesting!
I buy it by the case to save money - and with Amazon and the occasional coupon it works out well under $3.
The only problem is restraining myself from drinking more than 1 a day.
More than that would require intervention, right?
I'd love them to come up with a "Pro" version in a less fancy box, that we can ideally buy by the cartonload for even less (so that yes, I can drink more than 1 a day and legitimize my addiction.) And, as I ride a bike, a powdered version would be great too - although sadly powders never seem live up to the pre-made item, even if you have an industrial blender ...
They should also sell this at raves and nightclubs instead of alcohol - you'll dance all night and live longer (my mother and I use to do just that downunder).
In short, perfect nutrition in a box.
294993294993B005V9UG18A2QX6CZ41JCSE4HBHBHB1151313625600Love!I love this drink. It tastes fantastic (the chocolate, anyway, the vanilla - no) and is packed full of ingredients I'm happy to put in my body. On busy busy days (most) I'll have at least one in lieu of grabbing food on-the-go. A lot of the time I will have one for breakfast and another for lunch. I feel great and effortlessly lost weight. My fridge is packed full of them and though they seem pricey, it is a nutrient dense MEAL for less (or the same) as a Starbucks coffee. I nixed that habit and upgraded (majorly) with Orgain. I'm looking forward to trying the coffee flavor but haven't seen it yet.
294994294994B005V9UG18A1LIEBAHICIPAZpoopstore1151313107200i love these!!!!i have been drinking these for a little over a year now...the chocolate flavor is my favorite, but the new iced mochas are really good too...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
294995294995B005V9UG18A3CEQ3AZTNQEDPdhfaith1151311724800Best tasting protein drink on the market.For several years now, I have searched for a good quality and good tasting protein drink, and was never able to find one until I discovered Orgain Protein Drink. It does not have the awful taste of whey that every other whey protein has. I am so pleased to have discovered the Orgain Protein Drink. I will recommend it to everyone. Thanks Orgain.
294996294996B005V9UG18A19H3TD559TPYAenja1141311724800healthyI found this product on a doctors website. It was touted as a very good product. It is. I thought the price was a bit high,so, I looked here on Amazon and found it $11 less than on the MD's site! Great product at a great price. It tastes better over ice!
294997294997B005V9UG18A33URGOQ7L9L8CAaron1151311379200YumLove it - much better than a similar product from Costco. The flavor is smooth and rich. I just wish this was a little cheaper, then I could drink it every day.
294998294998B005V9UG18A1GQOL9AKA0FD2fomoinfo1151311206400vanilla disguiseHidden behind the creamy vanilla flavor is a healthy organic list of veggies and fruit. The protein curbs the urge to gag down junk food at work. Often there is no time for lunch so I enjoy my Orgain and feel good about fueling my body well. I have even used this one as a base for smoothies and it works great. My favorite is the creamy fudge, but the sweet vanilla bean is delicious when I don't want chocolate. Thanks for getting it home for free!
294999294999B005V9UG18A3IV3HJ9QAKF5Msrb "srb712"1151311033600Delicious alternative to liquid mealsI'm an on-the go person, who has never liked breakfast. Years ago I used Slim-Fast to lose some weight, and developed the habit of a liquid breakfast. Actually continued Slim fast (or sometimes Ensure) for breakfast for years. But honestly, recently when I began to think those product really don't fit with my nutrition plan, which is about 99% organic. I went looking for a better alternative and found this. Oh my goodness, compared to slimfast, just tastes so much more 'real". Still fills you up, but also seems to have a better vitamin profile. This is my breakfast every day!
295000295000B005V9UG18A3PWJ5DPLNT5P6Patrick W. Whitney "Whit Dog"1151305676800Wow, healthy and tastes great!!!!I was a little worried since this shake is so healthy that it might taste gross, but wow I was wrong!! This is the best tasting and healthiest drink I have found. The only downside is they are pretty expensive, but the quality is #1.
295001295001B005V9UG18A1TU4LU2JTCXJWJ. Cole1151304035200Orgain Chocolate FudgeI really like the taste of this drink over any other drink I have had like this since it does not have the synthetic taste of muscle milk or other post workout drinks. The fact that its organic makes it a healthier choice and so far I have no complaints about it. Only downside is the price but thats to be expected I suppose.
295002295002B005V9UG18A200JVRYLHIITUMary A. "IRDA"1151303689600Great product, highly reccomended!I have been drinking Orgain pretty much since it was released on the market a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed it. Its a great alternative to all the other nutritional/protein shakes out there since it is all organic. About 4 months ago I started to have one every morning for breakfast since I am always in a rush in the morning. Since then, I have lost over 25 pounds! It is a great way to jump start my metabolism in the morning and has what seem to be the perfect ratio of fat/carbs/protein along with all the vitamins and minerals. Before I started drinking it for breakfast I would be super hungry by lunch time, but now, it holds me over really well and I can be more reasonable with my lunch portions. Overall, great product, highly recommended!
295003295003B0077DMWO0A33EAIU6KAK881Pygar "King of the Potato People"0011345420800Absolutely worthless- do NOT buy!This has no hint whatsoever of chicken flavor. I've tried it with and without salt substitute and it made no difference. The most it has is a hint of celery flavor. If all you want is a celery taste, I am sure you can do it cheaper than this. I'll keep looking.
295004295004B0077DMWO0A25FJHY9KVSO8YJudy0051336176000if you haven't tried this product then you shouldThis stuff is so good. Sprinkled on potatoes and bake. OMG!!!! Every one loved the smell. So one day for a pop luck dinner I fixed a big pan of slice baked potatoes sprinkled with hebox. It was the hit of the dinner. So glad to see this product on her . will be getting some soon. Chicken and beef .
295005295005B006PHFBYWAAELI4UD39C3Fzcats0051331856000Best Cat FoodMy cat eats this food and he never gets sick, I tryed giving him other food and about every other day I was clean up a mess. With this food I never have to do that.
295006295006B001EO7LHGA134RM27OJHKM3Michelle Miller "quilterscabin"4551231286400Tiramisu dessertAfter many attempts at creating this wonderful dessert in my home, I have found this to be the easiest and most delicious. Next best thing to Olive Garden's famous dessert.
295007295007B001EO7LHGA1D154IN151L1Pkarin1151330300800Makes a DELICIOUS pie!In a bowl, I mixed an 8oz. package of cream cheese, a few Tbsp. of butter, and the mix....then folded in an 8 oz. tub of cool whip and turned the mixture into a store bought graham cracker crust. Sprinkled the crunchy chocolate topping that is included on top. Put it in the fridge for a little bit. And my family actually argued and bargained with each other over who got the last piece. Heavenly! Super easy to make! So light and creamy, and with a lovely coffee and chocolate flavor. A great dessert that will impress anyone that will take you minutes to prepare. I will try the dip method next, maybe serve with graham crackers, ladyfingers, pound cake....some sort of sliced fruit? This product is a winner!
295008295008B001EO7LHGA3FHVS3VKOJYL4Julie Schmidt "Julie"1151268870400Love this productIf you like tiramisu this is an awesome product. It's easy to make and tastes like you spent hours making it. I highly recommend this product.
295009295009B001EO7LHGA2Q36YOKAAW8H4Amanda Fuqua "darn cute crafts"2351199577600WONDERFUL STUFF!!!!OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This cheeseball mix is WONDERFUL! Try it once and you'll be hooked!
295010295010B006J9XPHQA239VJJ1U1HEZ1Brandon Fletcher3341268006400Very good and hottest wasabi so farThis is the third different type I've tried(Schnucks and Hapi). They are very good, but a little crunchier/harder than the others I've had. That is the only dislike. The hottest wasabi, but still manageable. I like the Hapi brand a little better since they are not as hard, but these are a little cheaper so they are both great.

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