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295081295081B004WZ4KK0A1K9S042LW3O0Msatur0041331424000Good tasteAs all the tassimo products, this is good. I like a little stronger and I tried later some other brands such as carte noire. If you do not like so strong, this is perfect for you
295082295082B0049Z1N4EAY3NW7PW99W8ZR. Hammer0051340668800Napa Valley MustardI originally got a small jar of this in a package of snacks (which also included summer sausage, cheese and crackers) I received from my daughter's mother-in-law for Christmas. While the mustard was supposed to be a side item, it was the best part of the package. This is unquestionably the best mustard I have ever tasted. I use it every time I make a sandwich, and will use it the next time I make deviled eggs.
295083295083B004KPQPVOA1QXEHVHJJQCNPJ. Lee1151305590400One of the Sweeter Sweet TeasThis is one of the sweeter sweet teas that we have tried. My husband thinks a bit too sweet for his taste, preferring Sweet Leaf Tea, Original Sweet Tea, which bears 10 calories less and 3g sugar less per 8oz serving than this brand. I'm trying to transition from soda and I love that it doesn't have corn syrup or excess quantities of caffeine beyond the natural tea amounts. So, for a soda drinker, this tastes great. But if you are not used to the sweetness of soda, you may think that this is a little on the oversweet side.

* Real brewed tea (filtered water, black tea leaves)
* Sugar
* Caramel
* Citric Acid

for 8oz serving
Calories: 80
Total Fat: 0
Sodium: 20mg
Total Carbs: 19g
Sugars: 19g
Protein: 0g
295084295084B004KPQPVOAUISI4B8EZH3ED. Hogan "darcysmile"0051332806400DeliciousI fell in love with this brand of sweet tea while on vacation, and was pleased to see that I could order it via subscribe & save through Amazon! I find it to be less sweet than a McDonalds or Chik-Fil-A sweet tea, which I love. For me, it's sweet, not TOO sweet, and just a clean, simple, refreshing taste. It doesn't have the "other" tastes that some teas have (lemon, etc). Just simple brewed sweet tea. Love it. Now I wish the big gallon bottles would become eligible for subscribe & save, too!
295085295085B002HSUXBYA28IXZV1TD9446Karen0051314835200Perfect Sun Dried TomatoesI had the extraordinary pleasure to spend a week at Villa Cappelli in Terlizzi, Italy, this past May. The ancient villa on an unpaved section of the Appian Way has been restored by Paul Cappelli. It is a working home with olive groves surrounding the villa. All products are made by Paul and his 'Villa people.' Spices grow in his gardens. Vegetables sit in the Italian sun and are dried by nature. The cellar is filled with the olive oil vats. The lemons from his trees become limoncello. HIs sun-dried tomatoes are in his own EVO and are delicious. His red onion conserve is like none that I've ever had.
295086295086B0054I4MB6A2FIY5AE30X5JJJ. Kato1511328140800Expensive!!!This beef jerky is actually very delicious, but I gave it one star because it is so very expensive here on Amazon. I found a bag at a beverage warehouse store for half the price and double the weight. My fault for clicking without fully examining the item description. I thought I was getting at least 3 bags, not just one tiny bag. Can't return food items.
295087295087B002GPG6BEA1U2VI8HX5ZXC1Sky Dragon6811287446400Delicious and convenient, but other brands taste better and are healthierI used this product for many years. I favored them for high quality ingredients, excellent flavor, reasonable price, and wide availability. I find milk and soy products cause digestive distress, rice beverages have no such effect, no cholesterol, very little fat, and taste great. I prefer the vanilla flavors of all the rice beverage milk replacers. It's sweet, if you like that. The small packages are convenient to take along for lunch. The classic flavor is more milk-like than the vanilla or chocolate- but I love those flavors. Other rice beverage brands often don't have a chocolate.

However, Imagine now uses the cheaper canola oil in their rice milk products. Canola oil contains erucic acid, a toxic chemical. The FDA has limited canola oil to no more than 2% erucic acid to protect our health, and do not allow it in infant formula. In addition, studies show the erucic acid it contains is toxic (see below). I have not been able to find any long term longitudinal controlled studies on humans to prove its safety as far as all the adversely affected organs.

Good Karma Whole Grains Ricemilk is organic and also canola and sugar free. It has a thicker, richer and creamier body and flavor, less watered down. The vanilla flavor is a delicious drink, it tastes more like fresh whole milk straight out of the cow (if you have had that) than what is sold in cartons in the US. Westsoy Rice Beverage has similar consistency to Rice Dream, but is canola free. I find it to be less sweet, less chalky, and more milk-like in flavor.

The same canola issue (as well as sugar) also applies to the Imagine frozen desert products.

Because there have been Internet rumors about Canola that are based on misinformation, I provide some citations of scientific papers and government publications. Studies on erucic acid in rats and piglets show heart lesions, decreased red blood cell count, and other tissue and organ damage. Erucic acid crosses the blood-brain barrier and is known to affect nerve cells. It's not safe for infants. Check out this small sample of government and peer-reviewed medical journal articles documenting my statements, available online.

United States Legislation on Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed Oil, Federal Department of Agriculture, 1985, article 184.1555, sections 3 and 4.
Growth Rate, Lipid Composition, Metabolism and Myocardial Lesions of Rats Fed Rapeseed Oils J. K. G. Kramer et al., The Journal of Nutrition, 103 (12):1696-1708, December 1973.
Dietary factors affecting the incidence of dietary fat-induced myocardial lesions. Clandinin MT, Yamashiro S., J Nutr. 1982 Apr;112(4):825-828.
Nutritional characteristics and food uses of vegetable oils, R.O. Vles and J.J. Gottenbos; In: G. Robblen, R.K. Downey and A. Ashri, Editors, Oil crops of the world, McGraw Hill, New York, USA (1989), pp. 36-86.
Uptake and metabolism of plasma-derived erucic acid by rat brain, Mikhail Y. Golovko and Eric J. Murphy, The Journal of Lipid Research, 47, 1289-1297, June 2006.
295088295088B002GPG6BEA2D0FKDTFYS0VTraustin1151339200000rice dream from amazon.comI drink, makeice cream,and eat cereal with rice dream. It tastes good and has no calcium. It meets my dietary needs.
295089295089B002GPG6BEAYZOZMFG7NXESgargar1151329350400Skim Milk Move Over!Skim milk move over! For all those seeking to free themselves from dairy for good - this is the alternative for you! For anyone allergic to dairy or who simply has a difficult time digesting dairy/milk products - this is the solution. Tastes good - equivalent to skim milk in taste - I use it with organic cocoa powder to make a killer cuppa hot cocoa! Works great with supplement powder mixes which require milk. Highly recommended.
295090295090B002GPG6BEACT32VYIKCOLXSFL "SL"1151320192000Excellent rice milk at a great priceI have been drinking this for over 15 years. It is an excellent and healthy alternative to dairy. We love it. Thanks to Amazon for carrying it at an affordable price.
295091295091B002GPG6BEAVT5YM077UHFEVicki R. Boggs1151276560000Rice Milk is available at!Imagine Rice Dream Drink, Enriched Original, 32-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
This rice milk is no longer available at our local Walmart. We are so
please to find this needed product. My husband is on dialysis and he cannot drink regular milk. This is helping him to stay healthier and it arrives at our door at a great savings because of the subcription program that Amzon offers!!!!!!!! GREATTTTTT!!!!!!!
295092295092B002GPG6BEA1AO8TO2MJZLS8Paul0051307404800OrganicGreat taste and substitute for dairy. Not "enriched". I did not want Vitamin D. Get that from the sun.
295093295093B002GPG6BEA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0051304294400Good substitute for milkWhen I was breastfeeding, my son was allergic to dairy. I went on a dairy free diet, but I just had to have my morning cereal. And what's cereal without milk? I discovered Rice Dream, which was the perfect substitute. I never did drink it plain (I don't drink milk plain, either), but cereal with rice milk tastes a lot like cereal with milk. It's a pretty good substitute.
295094295094B002GPG6BEAXEF1HIGFYUNLUneBelleFemme0041258243200Wonderful alternative to cow's milkI recently started to phase out cow's milk from my DD's and my DH's diet! Since soy can cause hormone issues in some individuals, rice was they way to go! My DD likes it and DH is getting used to it. Rice Dream is really the best quality for the money that I have found and Amazon delivers it right to your door! So, you never need to worry about running out if you can't get to the grocery store rigth away.
295095295095B001KEFDI4A1FLPUUHUGD9UPN. S. Lowry4451302998400Hard to findThis has become really hard to find in the stores, so I was delighted to see it on Amazon.

Love this tea. Has just enough spicy taste without being overbearing. The touch of vanilla adds a soothing quality too.
295096295096B001DDBL8IA18JI6XEQ6PQ3BCharles Gillenwater "Dr Charlie"5551228003200Red Wiine VinegarThis is an excellent mild red wine vinegar and my wife and I love it. If you are looking for a mile vinegar for salads and light food, this is it!
295097295097B001DDBL8IAFGYFJPCP27F3GringoViejo49 "GringoViejo49"0041346630400Pretty good Wine VinegarFirst time user of this product. I found it to be of good quality and will purchase again.

If you are used to 'Progresso Red Wine Vinegar", please not that the Montova is of a higher acidity (6% vs 5%).
This may not seem like much, but it is noticeable and you should adjust your usage accordingly, such as in a vinaigrette.

295098295098B000NMCP1MA32JYJS6KZ9NARRafael Allende "futuray"1151178409600SIXLETSMy only complaint was not realizing HOW MUCH shipping charges were for this product.
295099295099B000NMCP1MAUPBVL51SS2U3gene1110051302912000sixletsmy favorite candy- sixlets- try it - I use to buy them when I was a child- and glad to be able to purchase a perfect candy
295100295100B000NMCP1MA1V2HECK6F57ROLinda S. Guy "L.S.Guy"0051231632000sixlets candyI was so happy to find this candy was still available. My 26 year old daughter loved them growing up, and hadn't had them since she was a child. So I bought them to put in her Xmas stocking, telling her Santa remembered! She said the candy was just as she had remembered it, and couldn't wait to bring them back home to show her friends that she wasn't making them up. They had never heard of Sixlets!
295101295101B0033UMPCKA1WS2R1PB7HW7ESortaTired "SortaTired"2231326931200Relatively healthy but blandAs far as spaetzle goes, this is pretty blah. It's just made of flour and spinach, nothing else, so it is low in sugar, salt, and cholesterol-free (no eggs). You can actually taste the spinach, which is nice, and adding salt to the cooking water helps a bit, but the spaetzle is hard and takes forever to boil enough to get it chewy. And then rather than chewy, it gets kind of grainy.

I was really looking forward to this because of health reasons, but it's so bland I don't think I'll be making it too often. Maybe some egg whites in the ingredients would have helped the texture without adding anything nutritionally poor. I don't know.

If you are on a salt-free or cholesterol-free diet, you could probably do worse, but I hope you might be able to do better as well.
295102295102B0074BMIZIA1BPCAYEK3T1V7shannon fox0041339286400Tastes great, granular in consistencyThis tastes great but it's not really smooth. It's rather granular in consistency. I would prefer the product if it were thicker and smoother.
295103295103B002LL7OXMA34XW8U1RRH80TMiriah W. Jones171751296086400A bit unbelievable really....UPDATE:
It's been quite a qhile since I ordered my first box of Skin Detox tea, and have ordered it periodically since. I have the awful habit of using skin detox tea until my skin looks great, then not buying the tea for a while until I notice my skin becoming worse.
I have to say, that this tea has helped my skin quality in general mroe than any product that I have used. I have at times applied the tea topically as well for stronger effects, but it isn't neccessary for the tea to work. I've decided that i am going to actualyl keep myself in a constant supply of the tea, and drink it each day, as opposed to only after bad breakouts, to take a more proactive rather than reactive approach.

Ad for the taste, I actually like it now. it took getting used to, but I find the taste calming and comforting now, as opposed to tolerable before.

Anyway, if you have any hesitation whatsoever about tryig this tea for your skin, buy a box at the grocery store to try it out. I can almost guarantee that with regular use, though, your skin will improve.

My first review, couldnt help myself!

I heard some good things about this tea from a friend and decided that it couldnt hurt to order, as i am an avid tea-drinker anyway.

Right before the tea arrived I began a horrendous breakout, the worst that I had had in years even. The entire left side of my face was covered in acne, perhaps a reaction from a new face-wash, that i since have been scared to touch!
Well a few days following the breakout the tea arrived. I figured there was no better situation really than this to try the tea so over the course of two weeks, besides general rinsing in the shower i have used no face wash, no creams or ointments, nothing. And my acne is almost gone!

nothing new has popped up and everything that had been there is almost completely gone, i even notice acne scars fading if possible. my ance is literally drying up, as if i was using some sort of heavy cleanser or astringent, it is quite ridiculous. I am already looking at my budget to see if i have enough to order another batch.

I used about 3 bags a day, one cup about midday with two tea bags, and one before bed with a single bag.

The tea has a flavor that takes getting used to, both strong and weak at the same time, hard to explain. i don't use sugar so i don't know how it tastes with anything added.

either way, it cant hurt so try it, i say!
295104295104B002LL7OXMAKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W111151305763200My favorite teaFirst off, I don't think there is anything wrong with the taste of this tea. It has a subtle fruity/berry flavor. I almost didn't order it because of some of the comments in the reviews.

I've been using the Yogi vanilla energy tea in the morning and drinking this after dinner. I do see a difference in my skin. It is more glowy and I haven't had a breakout since the first week of drinking the tea. My husband has also commented on my skin so it must be working!!

I would recommend this. I will continue to purchase this even if I didn't get any results because it does taste really good!
295105295105B002LL7OXMANNSIVNKX5RHFMadison Millay131451285632000Skin Looks GreatI am not sure what ingredient in this tea makes my skin look so good. I have tried a lot of expensive creams for my face but this stuff actually makes a difference. I am in my 50's and my skin looks luminous after drinking this tea for two weeks. Love it!!!
295106295106B002LL7OXMA2GM3HTACR3LEUYvette8851287619200great skin afterMy skin has a GLOW after drinking this tea for about a week and a half. Everyone thinks I went on vacation to the tropics! Great Buy
295107295107B002LL7OXMA24NY54B02GPYPPretty Robin6651340409600Makeup Optional SkinI have been struggling with hormonal acne for a couple of years now. As an African-American, it leaves dark spots on my face. I tried aaaaallll the acne products out there that just made my skin dry, or would treat the acne, but wld still leave spots. If I tried lightening my spots, then I would breakout...a vicious looping cycle. I recently have been using natural products like African soap and unrefined shea butter which is more cost effective for me which work well, but still needed something to epedite the process. I decided to add THIS tea to my regimine, and I am hooked! I use 5 bags to make a gallon of cold tea to drink throughout the day. The taste was ok at first, but after a week, I noticed that I DONT BREAKOUT ANYMORE! The benefits outweigh the taste. And whats great as well is that my dark spots on my cheeks are getting lighter. My skin just glows, supple, and more even toned. My cleansers and moisturizers work for me instead of against me. I originally bought this at a whole food store, but saw that it was on Amazon, so now I am on autoship - never want to be without. This tea is a game changer for me....on my way to makeup optional skin!
295108295108B002LL7OXMAZFFSBRIADPM0L. Shuler6651297468800Great tea!I bought this tea because I have psoriasis. It seems to work fairly well. It has not gone away completely but I do have less itching and overall it does look much better. The tea is very tasty and has stevia added so it requires very little sweetening if any. I definitely would purchase it again.
295109295109B002LL7OXMANPDELNPPWGPVB. Mello "Gulag2008"5551324425600Happy so farI have suffered from severe cystic acne for a few years now. My face is really starting to clear, and I'm seeing the glow that other reviewers have talked about. In the past I have tried eating healthier, taking tons of supplements and using all sorts of ointments, benzoyl peroxide, salycic acid. Nothing cleared my skin. There are several factors here. First I was a heavy coffee drinker and for those that don't know, coffee is very acidic inside your body. Stopping coffee helps, plus all the unneeded cream and sugar in my cup. Sugar and dairy should also be avoided for clearer skin. This tea is naturally sweetened with stevia, I think it's sweet enough by itself. If this tea is not sweet enough for you I would recommend adding extra stevia, or honey. Just avoid using white bleached processed sugar and artificial toxic sweeteners, like Sweet and low, Equal, and Splenda. One other thing, your body will heal itself. Avoid, washing your face more than twice a day and applying
lots of products. If you wouldn't eat it don't apply it to your skin, your body absorbs all those chemicals.
I believe that cutting way back on coffee, and replacing your caffeine source to a green tea will have a dramatic affect on your complexion. That being said, the glowing has to be some ingredient in this tea.
I have been alternating between Yogi skin detox and Yogi super green antioxidants, for over a week. I haven't broken out
badly sense drinking this tea, well one or two pimples, but they are nowhere near as large and painful as before, they also seem to be healing faster. Hopefully after a few weeks I will start seeing even better results. Also shaving for the past few days has been easier, my skin feels less dry and the razor glides over my face with less irritation.
295110295110B002LL7OXMA3456B72WYSGK4K. Croom5551319500800A new face!This tea works really great if you allow it to. By that I mean make sure you're also following a cleaner diet so that it can take effect. I first drank this tea while following a regular diet and noticed my complexion brightening and clearing up.
I also tried this tea while on the master cleanse 1-2 bags per day) and I didn't recognize my own skin. It was very clear moist and supple like high school days. Much clearer complexion unnoticeable pores. Perfect.
I think clearing my diet and food intake really allowed the tea to do it's work. I also increased my water intake. I normally have dry skin but this tea made my skin look and feel much more moisturized without applying products. I lost the dry dehydrated dark circles around my eyes.
Hope to do it again !!!

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