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295114295114B002LL7OXMA1K0JYFVQ7UUKUCareful shopper "Careful shopper"3351315526400Great tasting, relaxing teaI love the smell and taste of this tea. It is surprising that it has caffeine in it because I drink it at night before bed and I feel relaxed.
I have taken yogi Detox tea before and I can actually see noticeable difference in my skin after taking this tea a couple of times than the (regular) Detox tea.
As far as acne goes, I have hormonal acne and all I can say is that this tea did not make it worst. Everybody's body is different and I don't think this alone can eliminate acne for me. I did notice a glow on my skin after taking this tea and the severity of my acne is less. They are not as gigantic and painful as before. I did not have any side effects from the tea.

As far as sellers: I first bought one pack from the local health food store for 4.99. After seeing the results within a week (I was and still take it 2-3 times a day) I ordered the 6 boxes from Amazon for 30 bucks (had to pay for shipping). Then after 2 weeks, I found out that it was almost half the price on Amazon and prime shipping. So, I was happy with my second order from Amazon not the first one.

overall, It is a good tea and it gives your skin a nice glow and makes it look refreshed. Happy with its effect on acne in making them less bumpy and less painful. Did not eliminate my acne completely but I was not expecting it to do that. I am happy with the result. I will be buying more.
295115295115B002LL7OXMA1XZ4RQHYQL7WIwisetraveller "wisetraveller"7931299024000Bitter taste. Smells good.I trusted the reviews and went ahead and bought the 6 pack. I was curious about the taste of the tea. My first observation was the bitterness of the tea. It tasted bitter and grassy. The stevia root does not seem to help much. I can definitely smell the rose-hips in the tea while it's brewing and it's quite pleasant. I tried several seeping techniques and the only way I managed to reduce the bitterness of this tea is by brining the water to a boil and then letting it cool down at room temperature for a minute before inserting the tea bag and let it steep for just 3 minutes.

Since I didn't buy the tea because of it's advertised benefits to the skin, I was not surprised when I didn't observe any change in my skin condition whatsoever. So far, I have been drinking 2 cups a day for the last 4 weeks. If you want to detoxify your body, drink water and eat real food. Tea doesn't really do much if your entire lifestyle is unhealthy. Eat what your grandmother ate.
295116295116B002LL7OXMA2ZPTH6O3T069Yashley2251332720000Love! - skin looks better just after 1 week!I bought this tea at a local health food store and then proceeded to read the reviews online about this tea.

The reviews about its tasting bad had me expecting the worst. I think it tastes pretty good! It reminds me of the smell of flowers and outdoors when I visited Thailand. Very relaxing and soothing.

I started drinking last Sunday and the little bumps on my chin (no one else can see) dried up and went away and I too notice the dewy glow to my skin.

Obviuously, diet and exercise are needed as well. The tea cant just perform miracles on its own.

Overall, Im happy with the taste, the smell, and the results so far.

Give it a try.
295117295117B002LL7OXMA355CDUANYFNIESophie2251326326400Miracle tea for acneOkay, so i bought this tea based on the reviews in here, Amazon...and oh boy, it trully works!!! My face had many ugly acne most likely around my chin and neck....after drinking this tea 3 times a day within 2 days my face got cleared from acne and my frineds keep asking what cream or make up do i use. Not bad, huh? ;-) i've tried basicly every cream, wash, tonic on the market without any results....until Yogi, this tea rocks! If you're reading the reviews and cant decide, just try this wonderful tea, you wont regret! It taste very pleasant, no need to add sweetener or sugar at all. Thank you Yogi, what would i do without you! ;-)
295118295118B002LL7OXMAJQS35BZ2GMU4L. Knight2251296259200Just lovelyThis is a delicious tea that is nice hot or cold. It has a wonderful floral taste and smells lovely. It does seem to help my skin as well. I save the teabags and use them in my skin care regimen. One of my favorite yogi teas.
295119295119B002LL7OXMA34DY212KXKUUKyutmom4521328140800breaking i thought i'd give it a few weeks before i gave my review on this tea.
the 1st week of drinking this, my skin actually broke out more.
i figured maybe things would get worse before improving as it IS detoxing my skin and probably toxins had to come out.
2nd week, i applied the tea to my skin as well as drinking it 2x a day. there was an overall glow,
but i was still breaking out more than before.
3rd week - i stopped applying it to my face, and just drank 2x a day: breaking out like crazy.
it's not really working for me. really disappointing. but glad i gave it a try.
295120295120B002LL7OXMA24MDFNVB23FYLMs. LinaB1151348963200Something Finally Works for my Skin!!!!!!!First of all, I must admit that this is my very first product review. Usually, I have never taken the time to provide any type of feedback on products; however, I had to make an exception this time. I didn't believe skin detox tea would work, even after I read the reviews so I purchased one box of Yogi DeTox tea from a local store since they didn't have the skin detox kind. Well after drinking it, I noticed a difference the very next day, but it made my stomach hurt. I just assumed that it was ridding my body of toxins. About 2 weeks later, I ordered the Skin DeTox tea from Amazon because I couldn't find it anywhere else. I wish I had taken before and after pictures because the results are amazing. My skin has not looked this good in years and I have only been drinking this tea for about a month now, two weeks of the detox tea and about 2 weeks of the skin detox tea. The only reason I took so long to write this review is because I thought that after a few days, my bumps would return. Well so far so good...I have 2 or 3 bumps on my entire face, but I use to have acne all over my face until I started drinking the skin detox tea. Everyday, the bumps are getting smaller and smaller. I use to put all kinds of creams and dermatologist recommended ointments all over my face, but lately I've only been using the Cetaphil antibacterial soap and drinking the skin detox tea every morning. I use two tea bags a day which makes me one large cup of tea. I guess it really equates to about two regular size cups of tea a day. I really pray that it continues to work for me because I'm so happy about the look of my skin and haven't felt so good in years. Anyway, just order it and try it. If it worked for me, then it bet it will do some good for you too. Plus, it's cheaper than all of the other acne products on the market that do absolutely nothing at all. Oh, the acne on my chest and back is completely gone and I've noticed a glow of my skin all over my body. I hope this review helps somebody to at least give this tea a try. I never thought that my acne would clear up by just drinking some tea, but I am so glad it did. Oh, some of the other reviews talked about the tea having a bad taste. Well it tastes really good to me and I would drink muddy water if it would clear my skin. That's how bad I've been wanting to have nice skin. The taste is not bad at all, I add a little honey and I love it, but if you don't like it, I bet you will continue to drink it once you see what it can do for your skin.
295121295121B002LL7OXMA23P1B6DA4FPXFETerry1151343088000Can't believe the results!This tea has worked wonders on my skin! I've had acne for a decade and have tried various topical meds...even birth control didn't make much of a difference. But I drink one cup of tea with two teabags every day, and i sometimes swab the tea on my face with a cotton ball. My skin is so much smoother and i hardly ever break out anymore. it's been a miracle!
295122295122B002LL7OXMA5FJ4SE6K5YD6S. Coob1151341273600works when used with other productsI'm 43, female, have had mild cystic acne off and on for 17 years, and in the last few years my go-to remedies (antibiotics and Retin-A) completely stopped working. Two months ago, my acne was getting so bad that I didn't want to leave the house. Since no "one" product had ever worked, I decided to try three products together, and 4 weeks later, my acne is gone. Here are the three products: Yogi Skin DeTox Tea, Acne Free Maximum Strength, and the 0.5mm MT Skin Roller. It took a full 4 weeks to get consistently clear skin. I did get one bump around the two week mark, and I had some old bumps that took a full 4 weeks to clear up. Here's what to do:

1. Drink two cups of Skin DeTox tea daily.(Tastes great hot or cold.)
2.Use the Maximum Strength Acne Free system morning and night.
3. At night, use the MT Roller once a week all over your face over the Acne Free Retinol Complex. Apply a little extra Retinol Complex to problem areas after rolling.
4. At night, use the MT Roller over the Retinol Complex every other day between weekly rollings ONLY on problem areas. You can stop doing this once the problems clear up, or roll only when problems surface.
5. After the first four weeks, continue to use the roller weekly with the Retinol Complex or other products to remove old acne scars.
6. Use a 15-30 spf sunscreen daily. The roller and Retinol Complex will increase sun sensitivity.

I used the DeTox tea and Acne Free products for two weeks without rolling, and I saw improvements to my skin tone and texture right away, but the deep cysts remained. It wasn't until I started rolling with the MT Roller that the cysts started shrinking or came to the surface of the skin.

I hope this works for other people, particularly people over 40. The MT Roller will be too harsh on 20-something skin. Go easy with the roller if you are under 40 and roll less frequently. Keep a sanitary environment when rolling and clean your roller afterward. Don't roll on broken skin or white pustules. See other websites on how to use and clean your roller. I soak mine in alcohol for 15 minutes after rolling.
295123295123B002LL7OXMA1OL81370RSKA9B.A.S1151340755200Great Tea for Skin IssuesI actually got this tea not for acne or to get 'glowing' skin, but because I read a few reviews that mentioned that this tea clears up bumps that appear on my hands and skin when it's really hot and humid out. Usually this is an all-summer problem for me and I've tried a bunch of different lotions and other remedies to try and clear it up. This is the first thing that actually worked. We just had a 95+ degree heat wave in my state and my skin is as smooth as ever! I couldn't be happier. I was honestly not expecting this to work, but it completely does.

As for the glowing skin and blemish-free face, I cannot say. I don't normally have bad acne to start with, but I have noticed that any little issues that pop up aren't really as red as they could be, which is certainly a bonus as I wasn't really drinking this tea for that. I can't vouch for my skin glowing, but then, what does that even really mean?

The flavor is pretty boring. It tastes somewhere between air and green tea. It does smell tasty, though.

Tip: If you're using this for a specific problem, then you might want to consider applying the used tea bags directly onto your skin, letting it dry and then gently rinsing it away. It certainly doesn't hurt, and I feel it definitely has been helping me out.
295124295124B002LL7OXMA34AM0AQPYUDMOstar1151318291200a great surpriseI am a green tea drinker for decades and purchased this product in order to get clear skin -I have been bothered by moderate adult acnes for years. After drinking 1-2 tea bags for a couple of weeks, I started to notice some skin improvement in terms of clarity. But my acne was still there, maybe to a less degree than before.

More recently, I started to use a little bit of the hot tea as skin toner in the early evening before I drink the tea(by using a cotton pad to wipe through the entire face), and wash it off before bedtime. I have been acne free ever since (for more than one month)!

This tea is also relaxing. I can drink it at night without losing sleep. It actually improved my sleeping quality for the begining few weeks but later the sleeping benefit was not as dramatic.

I did not like its taste at the beginning but with time I start to like it more and more.
295125295125B002LL7OXMADZXFVOOT4E80Paul1141299196800Superior qualityThe list of ingredients and herbs in this tea blend are of superior quality. The tea itself tastes great and doesn't give the body much of a sense of caffeine stimulation. I love this brand! Buying on amazon = MUCH cheper than in stores... something to remember.
295126295126B002LL7OXMA2LTRCS02PDOYPL. Johnson3431315180800Tastes OK, no help for acneI think the main benefit for your skin is simply consuming more water in the day. Water is the great savior and healer of skin.

The taste is just fine without sugar, so if this tea helps you drink more water in a day, then that's great! Otherwise I didn't notice any miraculous skin transformations.

I bought this for acne-prone skin. It may work better for dry skin, but it doesn't do much for acne.
295127295127B002LL7OXMA2C2XTIZ0DW5J8YamaMayaNyaa3441303344000delicious and fragrant teaI can't attest to the long term effects of this tea but I just bought and tried it and I must say I love the taste. It's fruity and sweet with a nice aroma. Anyone saying this tea is bitter is probably not used to drinking tea without any sweetener. A true tea lover will find this tea sweet and delicious.
295128295128B002LL7OXMA3LDKPBIJTKCVDCaptain Awesome "sam"3451279756800DELICIOUS!!I'm nursing so i had to carefully read the ingredients of this tea before buying, but all the herbs used are safe for breastfeeding moms. I really cant say if the look of my skin has actually improved by drinking this tea, since i also recently started using arcona skin care stuff also that i order on amazon...but i can say that it's one of the most delicious tea's i've had!! Green tea has so many health benefits, and just a little caffiene so i drink it often. i've also learned that squeezing fresh lemon in your green tea can boost it's benefits. so i drink this tea with a squirt of fresh lemon off my tree. also this tea is sweet b/c it has stevia. so you really dont need to add anything to sweeten. Yogi is my favorite brand of tea and this skin detox tea is a must have.
as far as my skin is concerned, i do notice a fresher glow, that could be the skin care line i've been using or it could be the tea, or it could be a combination of the two..who knows! but i would buy this tea even if it had no skin benefits simply b/c it tastes so good.
295129295129B002LL7OXMA2XH1KFAT8KPHBravo0041348876800Works !!!I didn't see results with this at first, so I had to up the dose to 2 bags at a time, 2 cups a day really cleared up my skin in a way that topical treatments couldn't. it's also great because too many skin creams, washes, toners, etc a day can irritate your skin, while this soothes. It tastes really bad to me mostly (i hate flowery tea ) but i'll drink it anyway!!!
295130295130B002LL7OXMA1VKPG6RRWVAYAVontroxler0051347321600Excellent tea!This tea is delicious! I've noticed my skin is starting to look a lot better since I have been drinking it. I have a cup almost every day. I will be purchasing more when I run out!
295131295131B002LL7OXMA28NBYEAF8YJ0Mviviemi50051341360000Love the tasteI drink this tea 3 or more times a day. It has a taste of Rosehip sweetness but no sugar. I like the fact that it helps for DeTox. I usually order through amazon because it's cheaper than the local store.
295132295132B002LL7OXMA2XWDLP0IJF1E7New RN0041339027200Great Tea!Not sure my skin is clearing because I'm eating better or drinking this tea. But the tea is amazing and make you feel like you are doing something for your body!
295133295133B002LL7OXMA1U5XKFJJUQES0Mags0051337644800Yogi Skin Detox - Great ResultsUnbelievable as it is, it works on my medium to severe adult back acne. Since I don't have many new breakouts, even my scars are starting to look better. Nothing else worked but this simple tea does. Not crazy about the flavor so I make a large pitcher of sun tea using another flavored tea from and then either mix with a little lemonade or just sweeten. I did not have high hopes. First I got two boxes elsewhere but I am already on my last box of the Amazon 6 pack - reordering soon. Simply amazing, and yes, it helped my face look better as well.
295134295134B002LL7OXMA1X2D1FTNB2VY0Abby Joseph0041336867200I love this tea!!I really love this product.. I drink it everyday and It tastes amazing... My face is getting a little better, however I use other skin cleansing product too. I'm going to continue to drink it
295135295135B002LL7OXMA1HRZ2C8FH70YFManeatingflower "Ned"0051335484800Honestly shockedFor the past year I've been having trouble with my skin. Not a massive breakout, but I constantly had two or three MASSIVE zits that make a mess of my face. I've tried so many face washes, moisturizers, toners, oil absorbers and different foundations, my diet has changed radically and I was still getting zits. So I went out on a limb and decided to try this tea. I'm generally really skeptical of this stuff but I was at the end of my rope. One week on this tea and NO giant zits! For the first time in a year! No clue if it will keep up but it was nice to have a week without trouble.
295136295136B002LL7OXMAQQRBYR1MITGKlayalee0041333929600Tea ReviewLove Yogi Teas. This tea is good. Has a pleasant smell and a good taste. Not sure about the detoxing for my skin however it's a nice tea to sip while at work to stay hydrated. I'd recommend any Yogi tea's.
295137295137B002LL7OXMA382SR0RL614QAsatisfied0041328140800good productIt works really well. I feel more healthy and my skin is clearer and more radiant. I think it's a good product.
295138295138B002LL7OXMA2E3E0ILSXA25ZJenni Robinson0041327363200Tasty!Haven't gotten a box of yogi tea I didn't like and this one is no different. It's more of an herbal infusion with green tea, so it might not be as "tea-y" as one might expect. But if you're unsure if you want to commit to a whole case of the stuff, I'd buy a box at the store and test it out, because a case is a huge price savings in my CT area of about about $1.50 a box, but it's an expensive loss if it turns out you don't like it. Hopeful for good results! I'm getting married in four months and am using this as a part of a healthier skin routine.
295139295139B002LL7OXMA1DIZ0K0HE7L58Enzo19850051320537600Yogi Skin DeToxWell the product works,I look like i just came from a trip to Florida. My skin also looks better overall smother, really didn't have acne before i started taking this so i would not know about that. I would say give this tea try, I suggest you use the recommended 2 tea bags for faster results. This my first review and well I had to give this products its propz for it works.
295140295140B002LL7OXMA2EZAHHB7DLJWVJen1231344384000price increaseI bought this off Amazon on August 8th 2012, thru the prime option. It only cost $11.00 then. I honestly cant say I've noticed any results because I only recently started drinking it about three times per week.

Anyway. I just don't think it's fair for such a price increase. Amazon is usually the best price and I'm glad I got the 6 boxes when I did. there is no way I'll buy them for this price, over $18.00!??

I will follow up on if I think the product actually works for me. For now I'll say the taste is mild to me and soothing, too bad it has caffeine, it would be great for a evening tea.

that's all!

295111295111B002LL7OXMA2USWAN1IIX4Y3Nadina91141288483200GlowingI have been drinking 1-2 cups a day for a couple weeks now, and I have definitely noticed a difference. My skin has a lustrous glow when clean that I have never seen before. The taste is quite pleasant, and I am relieved to find that after many cups I am only enjoying it more. The only reason I give it four stars is because of my probably unrealistic hope that my acne scars would dramatically disappear. As it is, they are fading slowly but surely. Maybe the tea has even sped up the process, but it is hard to tell since it is still too slow for me! In any case, I definitely recommend this product.
295112295112B002LL7OXMA1SHCOD6GVJOBRE. Gaines "trinig"3351330905600ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR PROBLEM SKIN!!I just have to put my two cents in on this tea... prior to drinking this tea last summer (I drank about 2-3 cups a day), I could not go out in the sun AT ALL! I had to make sure I was completely covered up! I LOVE the warmth and the sun and for the past three years prior to drinking had to stay away from the sun! The slightest bit of exposure made me breakout in itchy hives!! It was HORRIBLE!! I was allergic to the sun. I saw this tea in my local Whole foods and decided to give it a try. I've tried just about EVERYTHING from creams to steriods -- you name it!!

This tea changed my LIFE!!! I was able to enjoy summer last year with my children! We spent a lot of time outdoors, at the pool, and the park, and it was wonderful!!!

After I ran out, and my skin was feeling great, I didn't purchase it again, until now... my skin is beginning to get itchy once again with the mild weather that we've been having, so I ordered it from Amazon today! I can't wait to sip my first cup!!! Thanks Amazon for this great deal!!
295113295113B002LL7OXMA36XBTUBCWN41VRebekah L. Martin3351326672000The ONLY thing that's worked!So, I used to have a pretty decent complexion before I passed the threshold into adulthood. I started getting adult acne around my 20th birthday, and while it comes and goes, the only time I've ever seen my skin super clear was with the help of photoshop.
Enter Yogi Skin Detox Tea. I drank two cups of this over two days, and I started to see my blemishes disappear, and my skin started to get supple. After a week, my skin was completely clear. I didn't drink it for three days (as my package was at work, and this was over a weekend), and my skin started to breakout again. This is a miracle worker and I don't think I ever want to be without it!

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