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295266295266B000LQNK50A33ZDGK0S4ETQSted1141328054400good but not for everyoneThis noodle is great and tasty but it is not for everyone to enjoy, maybe more for the Asians. Anyway just try it~
295267295267B000LQNK50ASVMD19XFJEDBSteve R1141321920000Chicago style Lo-mienVery Tasty, trying to figure the flavor out. Almost like Chicago style lo-mien. the brown noodles at the Chinese restaurant. Little complicated to make compared with other rammon but worth it. I will reorder it.
295268295268B000LQNK50A1ONH5LWTVV5UUMikeInOhio1141321833600What does it taste like?In each package of Nong Shim Chapagetti you'll find a round-shaped block of noodles and three packets; some dried vegetables, some gravy granules and some oil.

When prepared according to the directions there is no broth, just thick, dark, black-bean gravy.

So, what does it taste like? Imagine a deep dark beef gravy mixed with ramen noodles and you'll be close. It's not spicy at all. The taste reminds me of eating mashed potatoes and gravy at the local diner.

I like it as a change of pace from other packaged ramen noodles.
295269295269B000LQNK50A1RCEJBBIR13BGtjenkins1141285718400NiceNoodleI don't know exactly what these are, but I DO like them! Kinda reminds me of miso soup, just a bit sweeter?
295270295270B000LQNK50A1XMP6R3WJ8F4TJulia5211151285372800Nong Shim Chapagetti Chajang Noodle, 4.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 20)This is a great snack for the week before exam period when you want to eat something hot. Does not take long to eat or cook. Very tasty.
295271295271B000LQNK50ACL99Q8EHCK6MA. Stribling0021350518400Not a fanThis is a review of the bowl version of Nong Shim's Chapagetti. I've had noodles with black bean paste before at several Korean restaurants, but the flavor on this one is just off. I've tried using the amount of water in the instructions as well as tossing the drained noodles in the flavor packet. Either way, the flavor ranges from bland to bitter. I'll stick with their chicken or beef.
295272295272B000LQNK50A272PBC1EIWZMPMick0041348704000Good But A Little BlandFirst, I wanted something other than the usual Ramen noodles so these fit that criteria perfectly. Preparation is easy and the dish looks great when cooked but I found the taste a bit bland. There really isn't much taste at all really. I ended up using rooster sauce or hot oil to spice it up a bit. I'll continue to experiment and it's certainly not a big issue. I'm eager to try mixing in some steamed shrimp or vegetables. I'll probably buy again.
295273295273B000LQNK50A5O3M8WH3WLMWYohanChang0041347580800Very good!Very fast shipping, good taste, and no extra fees.
You can regard this taste almost same with Korean ones.
I encourage this one!
295274295274B000LQNK50A29ZSRDOYVO735Robert Ames "Spenser_man"0051345766400Couldn't love it moreOne of the comfort foods of Korea. I rarely have time to make the original recipe from scratch (pure heaven)but this a very good fast meal.
Some of the reviewers downgraded it because they don't like the taste of black bean sauce. I keep a container of it from the local Korean store on hand at all times.
295275295275B000LQNK50AZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051345507200very easy to make in the microwavei was real happy to finally get to try these noodles out. i used the microwave to cook the noodles and the little packet of dried veggies at the same time in two cups of water. after they finish cooking in the microwave pour off most of the hot water from the bowl and keep at least 7 or 8 tablespoons of hot water to use in making the sauce. after you add the sauce powder and the oil it will thicken. stir slowly until thickened. i really enjoyed eating them. the taste was very mild. there was nothing hot about it at all. other favorite items could be added to it to make it exactly the way you like it to taste. i am very happy with this purchase and there is nothing to lose if you buy this product. you could always cook the noodles and add the flavoring that you desire to it. i cooked a second bowl of noodles after i finished off the first one. i am so glad i bought this noodle product and it is very quick to make. mine was not salty at all.
295276295276B000LQNK50A85R0YVAH0TV8lilorphananne0051340582400Delicious.This is one of my favorite Korean junk food/quasi meals. If you're not used to this product, it might be weird to you, but I find it delicious. You make it like a typical package of ramen at the beginning but you leave out the "sauce" packaging.. which kind of looks like finely ground coffee beans. Then when the noodles are cooked, you drain almost all the water, add the mini oil package and sauce, stir until you have a thick sauce and enjoy. yum. I am jazzed that Amazon offers this online, otherwise I'd have to drive so far away to Korea town to get it which is a huge hassle. Yay for Amazon, yay for Chaps!! I heart online shopping.
295277295277B000LQNK50A987W7WUQE2RPGerald Ford "pho_kin"0051340323200Pleasantly surprised!This is an interesting idea for Korean ramyeon noodles: ramyeon (ramen) noodles served almost like spagetthi. The flavor is not tomato sauce, but more like a sweet black-bean sauce or something similar.

I tried one of these and was skeptical until I actually tasted it. It doesn't look that appetizing, but holy cow was it good and with no MSG either. This was a surprise hit for me, and I will definitely purchase again.
295278295278B000LQNK50ATQHAV184TD48Violet0041314662400goodGood products, though even more expensive than those sold at some stores. I might buy some bags of those noodles rather than order a whole package next time because it's not saving money.
295279295279B000LQNK50A3UB4R0AYVZJ7QJoe "Joe"0051307923200Tasty noodleMy family likes Nong Shim Chapagetti. It is easy and quick to cook and delicious. I would rather buy it online than drive to the grocery store.
295280295280B000LQNK50A2VPI1E9QI9ZIYtry1231317254400Not my cup of tea.I bought it because of the brand. How this favor is not as good as the other. So i dislike it. I will not buy this anymore.
295281295281B000LQNK50A9SVMKQKDKZ7Wchunghee1251302652800five starsI am very satisfied the way you handle business matter. I will strongly recommend to my family & my friends about Amazon.
295282295282B000LQNK50A1KV4ODFSR763AWinona W1251253059200One of My FavoritesThis is another one of my favorites. Very easy to make and very tasty, especially with some kimchi:)
295283295283B000LQNK50A2EESLUTO9X2TSTing0111345507200Good noodles, bad taste.The texture of noodles is good. The flavor is nasty, it tastes like burned super salty soy sauce. No more for me.
295284295284B000LQNK50AN4VS8WQKIA4OKylie Lundry0121327536000Good noodlesThese aren't as bad as the other noodles. Again, no flavor making them versatile and easy to put in many dishes. The texture is still rubbery and chewy, but they aren't as thick as the other so for me they are more tolerable. They do in fact fill you up quickly!
295285295285B000LQNK50A2S4BKJFSGWTXKRobert Surabian1321291420800If you like generic brown sauceyou'll love Nong Shim Chapagetti Chajang Noodle, because this is all you should expect. Anything beyond that be prepared to add all manner of additional seasonings and accompaniments.
Extremely bland and unforgettable, as another reviewer indicated it resembles chocolate, so if you want ramen with mole sauce go for it otherwise you should expect more of a kick from Campbell's Noodle soup.
295286295286B000LQNK50A2JP9E1H0SF392CDubya1331271376000not traditional chinese chajang meinI bought one package just to give this a try. I love chajang noodles. I figured nong shim makes my fav instant noodle Neoguri, they probably make a mean chajang instant noodle. Not the case. This one lacks a strong black bean taste and is too sweet. I can see how some may really like this but if you are thinking traditional chinese chajang, this is not it. I would recommend Kung-Fu brand chajang if you are interested in a good one. It is labelled as "soybean paste flavor, oriental style noodles" box of 30.
295287295287B000LQNK50A1K6PJ2XS7GFNNL. Zhao "MP3 Lover"1341264809600Good noodle, bad sauseThe noodle is pretty good, and I love it. But the sauce that comes in with the noodle is horrible. There are three bags. One is veggie, another is oil, and the other one is Chajang ('''. The terrible one is Chajang. It makes the entire soup dark and makes me loss my appetite. I only used that sauce once, and then I just boil the noodle and add my own sauce.
295288295288B000LQNK50A2Q9XOVLLSHRBFJ. Jao "a disappointed dad"1351215129600Just the best 'instant' noodle in the marketWe love all favors of Nong Shim's noodles, however this flavor is the best. Kids love it too and are willing to give up frensh fries for it.
295289295289B000LQNK50A228CVPNVGAZ48chrisjweaver1421334620800Thoroughly UNIMPRESSIVENong Shim makes some of the best ramen on the market but this flavor is horrible. It is like black tar without any flavor. Save your time and get the Spicy Seafood Nong Shim. I will use the remaining noodles with flavoring other than what comes in the package...
295261295261B000LQNK50AA4GC72H2UZQ4Big Momma "Big Momma's House"2251247529600good price for quick meal or snack - tastes good too!Noodles go fast in our house. What makes one noodle bowl better than another is how fast you can have something tasty and hot with little preparation. This noodle is just that - quick and tasty!
295262295262B000LQNK50A10TK45PL2YNQ2Deal Chaser4551214352000Great taste!Tasty Korean noodle. There must be nothing like this from any other manufacturers. It was even cheaper than other Asian markets. However, if you have not tried this before, I would recommend you to try a single pack first before purchasing a box. This noodle is a bit different taste to the other typical ramyuns (ramens). I would say it is better than the other typical ones.
295263295263B000LQNK50AD0LGVE8O4GQ3Emily Wind1151332806400Filling and deliciousThese noodles came out of the microwave smelling fantastic. I then strained off a lot of the water down to what seemed right, and added the soup base and oil packets. I tried a bit of each of these and the soup base had a taste simlar to cocoa at the time, and the oil tasted nice as well. I was quite intruiged to get things together and see how it tasted.

It tasted utterly fantastic. I am not sure how people could not like these noodles, but then again I am not a picky eater. At the same time though, these are probably the best tasting packaged noodles I have had, alongside others such as Shin Ramyun and etc. These also have left me full for several hours.

Some reviewers say that you may not like these if you are not Asian, but I am not and love them nonetheless. It might depend on how much Asian cuisine you have eaten and how picky you are though. Those who generally eat Westernised Asian dishes like general tso's may be in for a surprise; pleasent or otherwise. :D

Five stars for being tasty and quality packaged noodles. Cannot ask for much more at this price.
295264295264B000LQNK50ACA2Z99MCVUPUFEEL1151332547200Nongshim ChappagettiThis is very famous noodle in South Korean since 1980s. You can believe this product for the reliability. My son likes this noodle a lot.Thank you so much for this product in amazon.
295265295265B000LQNK50AIFO7F6OONWH1Maru1151329523200You should taste thisThis Korean noodle is black, little bit weird at the first time.
However, now this is so addictive delicious. You should try.
295290295290B000LQNK50A37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"1431288569600Not my favorite2.5 Stars

Thought I would try Chapagetti for a change of pace - not a winner in my book. The flavor packet was flat tasting, with a bit of weird added in...can't even describe the unusual flavor. (I've had black bean and like black bean paste, this wasn't the flavor here)

I tried this with half a pack of seasoning, added Parmesan cheese (not a winner), tried plain (strange taste was more pronounced), and added beef (still hard to get used to). I will just add the noodles to another flavor packet of ramen when I cook it and at least this box will be salvageable.

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