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295369295369B001EX42JMA3AF72GP4GVRY1John D. Meara1151330041600My Golden Loves It!I also reviewed the dry food of Natural Balance. I mix the wet and dry together and my golden absolutely loves it. It was very difficult to find a brand my dog would like as she is a very picky eater (I had never met a dog that refused to eat a wide variety of dog food). After some experimenting and different recommendations, I tried Natural Balance and mix the wet and dry food and BOOM, she absolutely loves it.

Additionally, on Amazon Prime you can have this shipped right to your door in two days and save a nice little chunk of money.

I definitely give my stamp of approval and would recommend this dog food to anyone who is looking for high quality, appetizing dog food.
295370295370B001EX42JMA27XGQKKSFX4SRSuzanne M. Horn1151307404800Excellent natural dog foodMy dog developed food allergies, and this is a limited ingredient food without fillers that is very healthy for the dog. Great product. Excellent price.
295371295371B001EX42JMA2PEC2YHYPE9BFrank Blair0051303689600Works Fine-Wish I could subscribe!My dog loves the product and is not allergic to it. I wish I could subscribe to it at an additional discount!
295372295372B001EX42JMA3MQUDQK22QE0ORichard Hooton "USAF Ret."0041303344000good dog food but...My dog loves the food, but some cans were slightly dented at the top thus hard to open. A minor inconvience for a very good product at a good price.
295373295373B005G0F8RYA2G7N9J8HILR5BA. Mann131411341446400Warning - Contains an Artificial Food Coloring that can cause health issuesI haven't had Thai tea in several years because the restaurants make it too sweet. I purchased this one and a green tea version. I had the green tea version and I developed a migraine that required medical treatment. I totally missed that both teas contained FD&C Yellow 6 food coloring, also known as Sunset Yellow. It is not listed on Amazon's description for this tea, but it is on the package if you look at the picture closely. I later learned that it can have several potential health issues. There have been calls for the withdrawal of Sunset Yellow from food use from the British Food Standards Agency. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has requested the FDA ban it in the USA. Sunset Yellow is banned in Norway and Finland. I have gotten migraines from other artificial food additives, mostly artificial sweeteners and food preservatives. I try to be careful, so I only blame myself. I read every review, but didn't look at the photo for this one. The green tea version had it listed in the description, which I didn't read that closely. Its package had a sticker over the ingredients, so I didn't notice it before I drank it. Beware before you buy. If you are looking for a healthy drink, this isn't it.
295374295374B005G0F8RYA1GLRDIW0AY0RYKristina8851325808000addictive!!This Tea Is very Very Good! My Husband and I drink it ALL THE TIME it is easy to make and a lot less expensive then 3.50 a glass at Thai places. I sweeten it with sugar and sweetened condensed milk and then add half and half, heavy cream or even just milk to it!
my recipe is 1/4 cup tea to 4 cups of boiling water and then after it steeps about 10 minutes I strain it and add 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup condensed milk and chill it in the fridge. When I serve it I mix it with half milk and a little cream on top. you can also add ice if you want to drink it right after making it or to water it down a bit. I make it in my french press. Its a great drink!!
295375295375B005G0F8RYA2209O41XICYRWdeedee4451326326400The Best Flavored Thai TeaThis is the best flavored thai tea. Would definitely recommend it! You can't beat the price for the quality of the tea.
295376295376B005G0F8RYA1RIDF0KN9ILZHrobylaporte2251328918400Finally found it!Been looking around for some time to find authentic Thai tea and this is the best, just like they serve in the better Thai restaurants. I make it like I do coffee, in my coffee maker, and it's great hot or cold. If you like Thai tea, this is how you make it at home!
295351295351B000PHMX2QA2BEMT5E4MWWQPTee Gee "Just fine thank you."4521274659200Tastes like plasticWhile I don't drink much Goji juice, I do eat dried Goji berries regularly. This juice has a very strong plastic taste. I actually looked for juice in glass bottles, but amazon prime pushed me over the edge and I tried this. I wouldn't buy this again.
295377295377B005G0F8RYAXTG8KH8ASRXWJ. Ciraky1151340409600Great TeaIt's Thai tea. Tastes like thai tea. just boil, strain, and enjoy. Add cream for another type of flavor. and Ice for more flavor.
295352295352B000PHMX2QA2FYDZ4LJMQV4TMeriCu1111327881600I have not received that order--two weeks later.Two weeks ago the order was placed and it still has not arrived. This was for one small item--not something that should take so long.
295353295353B000PHMX2QA1VDQ4DFKLM2BYsatire281151324425600A staple for me...I started drinking Goji juice a few months ago, per the request of an acupuncturist, and ever since I tried it, I've been hooked. Supposedly it's a "blood builder," but don't expect super fast results for that function. While it might kick in eventually, it does take awhile, but the overall nutritive qualities of this food are near close to being unparalleled: it is a super food and anyone looking for an ULTRA healthy pick-me-up would do good to try this out. It is chock full of Amino Acids and many vital minerals and is deeply fortifying. It also adds a nice dose of Vitamin C, which is helpful in the cold and flu season. Drink to good health!
295378295378B005G0F8RYA2GK40FX5KIWTNBodaceousbarbie "Bodaceousbarbie"1151340409600This is the Real Thing!Just like at your favorite Thai restaraunt! Hot or iced, with cream and sugar...Deliceous. I brew it in the drip coffee maker. About 1TBS per cup of may prefer a different ratio...Enjoy!
295354295354B000PHMX2QA1TTBMPA0LYQNBandy1131318204800goji goldthe product is not the one i usually use but it was a good substitution, it was delivered on time and i would recommend it if you are looking for something a little cheaper. It really helped my energy level and i felt really good
295379295379B005G0F8RYA2X2U29Y9RLZ89Matthew J Lee1151340064000Will save you a lot of moneyI love Thai iced tea, which is why I get excited every time I see it on a restaurant menu. But, I rarely get it because too often it can cost $3 or more which for a drink is pretty expensive if you plan on buying these frequently. So I decided to try my hand at making my own and saving myself some bucks which turned out to be a great decision. Buy this bag of Thai tea leaves, steep in boiling water, filter out the leaves with a strainer lined with a coffee filter, chill the tea, add condensed milk, put in a sippy cup, prop cup against your pillow, and enjoy your drink as you fall asleep at night without having to worry about spilling it when you wake up the next morning. It's affordable and doable. Only downside is that now that I can have it whenever the drink has lost some of its appeal since it is no longer a challenge to get. First world problems.
295380295380B005G0F8RYA3HWQMSBMYM26Lisa-anne Wooldridge "Lisa-Anne"1151336694400Just what I was looking for!This is the flavor profile I was looking for, very nice, not super strong but not weak at all. Making it by the pitcherfull and serving it "light" all summer. I'm subbing coconut milk for the half and half (refrigerated kind, not the canned) and Stevia in the raw (use whatever sweetener you like). Fabulous! :)
295355295355B000PHMX2QA1237BT5DI3GDXCheeto1151291334400Mmm, has a zing to it.I actually love this juice. It has a nice zing to it or atleast to me it does. It taste like it should :) I'm happy with it and goji offers many great benefits so how can you go wrong with this? Take the recommended dose 30ml-90ml.
295356295356B000PHMX2QA3F13PZB6FCGCPPeter A. Lessard3451254182400Excelent ProductGreat product especally for the price. It will really turn back the hands of time. I'm 57 have one lung and a hart that workes at 15%, and i can work out at he gym for 2hrs a day 5 days a week.
295357295357B000PHMX2QA8BCAV0KMGQZSKim4651290470400I heart this juice !This juice holds a special place in my heart really !
I had terribly dry eyes and thought that I would have to be putting in drops and running to the specialist for all time until the day I drank this !!! Yep my condition eased from day ONE.I took more than the recommended dose that day (maybe 4x the recommended dose)'cause I thought "Hey it can't hurt .It 's just fruit juice !"Since the second day I have taken the dose, recommended on the bottle .As long as I drink this, I have no problem with dry eyes and my normally dry ,chapped lips are magically transformed !It is a very pleasant sweet-tasting juice .I have tried other types of Goji Juice, but ,so far ,this is the only one, that has alleviated my dry eye condition.Love it ,love it love it .
295358295358B000PHMX2QA14AMKPAE1REJUC. Chan "Chris"2321300320000Quality not stableGot 10 bottles from Vitacost about 3 months ago. I mix it with the smoothie and give it to my son. When I finished the first bottle and opened the second one, I found the juice was bad and tasted like vineger. I sent an email to Vitacost but I couldn't return them because it passed one month period. I wouldn't know the juice is bad unless I open it. I've had this juice for 2 years. This is the second time the juice went bad. The first time I got replacement but not this time. You can also see the photos I uploaded.
295359295359B000PHMX2QA3LH8RWTZFS96ZMissy Faye0011348099200TERRIBLEThis is my second time buying Goji juice from this account. The 1st 2 bottles I bought were red, sweet, and tasted fruity. The 2nd time I bought 2 bottles the juice was orange, tasted like a smokey rotten fruit, and the lable was different. I'm very disappointed because I thought if I bought from the same company, I would get the same product. How do I get my money back for this trash I was sent? I will never buy Goji online again. It's a great product but being stored wrong and sent to the buyer wrong. I'm very upset with my purchase. SUCH a waste of money. DO NOT BUY GOJI ON AMAZON!
295360295360B000PHMX2QA12CSBM6G5ODWFM. Pettengill0041335484800Excellent Quality, no lesser-added juices. 100% Goji.Excellent quality & fresh. Not cut with other juices, just the Goji juice! I love the taste and feel it boosts my immune system.
295361295361B000PHMX2QA2OP7VFHZUARUDC. Chavez0051257033600All Gogi!For the price and the quality this product is the real deal.
Too bad I can't get it shipped to my Home in Alaska.
Why don't you ship to Alaska?
295362295362B000PHMX2QA138KKFZT1NDR2Willow3531245974400Tastes good, but is not a "cure-all"I got this product to help my daughter's skin condition. She gets very slow to heal sores all over her body. I thought that this product might kick in her immune system to fight them off. Upon taking it, her current sores weren't healing and she got some new ones. I am having her finish out the bottle (it was expensive and can't hurt), but I won't be buying her another one.

On the other hand, it does appear to be 100% Goji juice as advertised and not some sort of cocktail mix.
295363295363B00473UPN8A1H2R3U6I562WCharles W Brown1131323820800Missing SomethingI will have to give this 3 stars. Now I'm a fried Vegie lover and I do love Fried Green Tomatoes. But this mix did not do it for me. I wanted to try this batter becasue of the name and the movie. I'm from the south and I do love the southern taste. But I have always used a dry mix when I fix my Fried Green Tomatoes. Drop the green tomatoe in an egg mixture and then into a dry mix coating both side. This was a wet mix you mix with water. It had no flavor. It might be better if you added Onion and Garlic and Celery Salt and some Ginger Spice. But it need a little more then just dipping into the batter. I had to try it to see if I liked it and I don't. I really like Calhoun Bend Fried Green Tomato Coating. It had everything in it and it was great
295364295364B0006ZHA8EAGFV9F4CI93S3Logical0051326326400Taste great, but had expiration date within 7 WeeksTaste great, but had expiration date within 7 Weeks.
I may try simply powdered milk next time, but then again I may do a re-buy of this
295365295365B0006ZHA8EAYUQWF9EJBPIVNancy Clark0521173312000cost of shippingthe item was not what we wanted, item discription not informative enough.Also it costs as much to ship the item (which weighed ounces)as it was to buy it...item cost around 5-6 dollars same amount to ship...sell cheap and over charge for shipping... wont buy again... n.clark
295366295366B00375LB26A2BPB05QNCE00BStacey B.0051347580800Great for craftingI'm using these sprinkles for resin so I cannot comment on the taste or how they would stand up in baking.

I use these inside my resin pieces to add cuteness and they work great. They are brightly colored and I love that they come in such a large package. These will last me a while.
295367295367B00375LB26A3EX8ZFNVDHGPMS. Mitchell "samintx"0051341100800Just what I wanted for my 4th of July cupcakes!I could not find red or blue locally. I wanted more than little bottles anyway because I decorate mucho cupcakes and cakes. Great to have a nice big sack for Christmas and other baking projects.
295368295368B001EX42JMA28R3K8KT99328T. Au1141344556800Strong smoke smellI like the quality ingredients of the Natural Balance line. However, the canned food has hickory smoke flavor added, and it is a little overwhelming. I know my dog doesn't care, but the smell lingers and I am not a fan of liquid smoke anyways. I might still buy this in future, since it is one of the cheapest pure lamb canned foods, unless I find something better.

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