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295411295411B001B6AM6EAQCH10HWF3IM3Peter Van Wyk "Author"3341222646400Van Wyk YogurtThis yogurt "starter" seems to be good stuff. The price of the yogurt starter seems to be a bit high, bringing home-made yogurt to the same cost as store bought. But the home-made yogurt is better for you because the store-bought yogurt is Pastureized after making the yogurt, thus destroying the friendly bacteria culture. This system starts with Pastureized milk but nothing is allowed to harm the friendly bacteria in the home-prepared version of the yogurt. After preparation, I mix mine with a tad of Sugar Twin and vanilla, sometimes adding some diced strawberries, blueberries or peaches.
295412295412B001B6AM6EA3IFI9PDZQI8X9Daniel2251333843200Makes good yogurtIt just works. Pour it into a 40 oz of milk cooled from boiling to a standing temperature of 180 degrees, let it sit overnight at a low comfortable heat and you got tasty yogurt. What's not to like?
295413295413B001B6AM6EA2U2LY2UHRTEG8D. R. Endicott "D. R. Endicott"2251323648000Almost Like FranceThis is the closest I've come to producing a yogurt that is as good as that in France. It is best with whole or 2% milk. Any less fat does not have a desirable texture. Once you have tasted your own pure yogurt, it will be difficult to accept what you find in the grocery store. EuroCuisine RI1020 Yogurt Starter Box - 5 Starter Envelopes
295414295414B001B6AM6EA2Z81QTXUJ0WIWKurt G. Schumacher "Grey"2251282089600Excellent yogurt starterWe just started making our own yogurt, and we find that using this starter results in a much better product than using commercial yogurt. It's easy to use, and makes great yogurt. Can't ask for much more than that!
295415295415B001B6AM6EAOS7I66YJQ9AMLynda T.1151317168000Excellent YogurtI used the instructions in the Euro Cuisine manual. If you make it straight it will be a looser yogurt, more like a yogurt drink and my husband says it tastes just like buttermilk. If you want a store-bought thick yogurt, add dry milk powder per the instructions. I would recommend 3 to 5 tablespoons of dry milk powder (I used Organic Valley nonfat dry milk powder which is high quality) depending on the thickness you want.

This culture is excellent and I would recommend it. I wish it would come in a higher quantity package, but probably keeping it at the amount it is keeps it fresher.
295416295416B001B6AM6EA3ORLASQA3FS0HCMiller1151306195200makes great yogurtWith my first experience of making my own yogurt, this product gave a nice texture & tasty tang that seemed very "natural".
295417295417B001B6AM6EA2N5YX7DLGPG3KFred H.1141231286400I think this is good....The only reason I'm hesitant to give this 5 stars is that I lack the resources to test yogurt to make sure the starter gives you all the good stuff that you need. That said, it's easy to use and the directions are clear.
295418295418B001B6AM6EA1IHQXDURFIRUGKai3431307059200Get ready for some sour yogurtI bought this to start my home yogurt making process. I made it last night and just tasted my 1st yogurt. I made it with 1% organic milk and this thing is sour. I like a little sour kick to my yogurt but this thing is super sour. I was making this for my 2 year old daughter but I doubt she will eat this version. I probably have to modify and add some fruit or something sweet to make it appetizing for my girl. I am going to try with crushed granola bar and see if that will cut the sourness. I guess it does what it's suppose to do which is to turn milk into yogurt but not a very tasty one.
295419295419B001B6AM6EA2DCYBZQFXG6ZWMarie0051322870400Easy to make.After buying a EuroCuisine Yoghurt maker I have been ordering the Yoghurt starter as well. Always comes out great
295420295420B001B6AM6EASKL3RLULBNQ5Oliver Latsch0051322265600Great yoghurt starterHave been using these for many many batches of yoghurt and the result is always delicious! Use with: Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker.
295421295421B001B6AM6EAY4CZFYA6CUI7Lynda Lowman "book yenta"0051314921600WHO KNEW?What a great product. After spending years using already prepared yogurt as a 'starter' for my batches, I finally find the perfect freeze-dried starter that makes perfect yogurt every time. I wish the S&H were a little less, but will continue ordering it until I find a cheaper source.
295422295422B001B6AM6EA1GXN1G9MWRF36Shelby W. Green0051306195200"Yum Yum"I love to make homemade yogurt and this starter has never let me down. It's easy to use, has the instructions on each package so if you misplace or discard the box you still have the instructions. I will continue using this.
295423295423B001B6AM6EA2SC02SPMYW34SSuzieQ "Sue"0051282262400excellent productI have been using Euro Cuisine All-Natural Yogurt Starter for several years. The yogurt always turns out perfect - not too thick and not too runny. It is good to find a product that is not filled with chemicals or preservatives! Easy to make and less expensive than yogurt bought on stores!
295424295424B001B6AM6EA2NP9CGUSFP22ERobert F. Gontarek "Bob G"0141346630400Yogurt starterArrived on time and as agreed. Works as advertised and over time I'll decide whether this makes better yogurt than mixing in store bought yogurt.
295425295425B001B6AM6EAZKOQVLQIXLO0Adalia0151342483200Excellent ProductI started making my own yogurt this year and this is the second time I purchased EuroCuisine Yogurt starter box. This product is worth the money. My yogurt is thick, tasty and tangy, the way I love it. You should buy this yogurt starter! Save money by making your own yogurt and use the EuroCuisine Yogurt starter!!
295426295426B001B6AM6EA1S8SBWNUEJSRBGrandpa Sam0151324857600very good yogurtI bought this for my wife. She has made one batch since receiving the product
295427295427B001B6AM6EA23X7S6GXK4LV0M. Hardie "Annie"1351207958400WONDERFUL YOUGART STARTERThis yogart starter is great. Makes perfect yougart every time. i use it when I have no yagart to use.
295428295428B001B6AM6EA2CBDPQ0AJMA2IZBS193311284768000Sucrose!! What the HE##Why spend the time making yogurt from a starter with Sucrose?? Might as well buy the
stuff on the supermarket shelf.
295429295429B001B6AM6EA3FFS4ER7MVEX2sunshine "sunbonnet"31251255392000Great starterI finally got my own yogurt maker and love making it. I know what it going into it.
295430295430B008CRL200AWY3CO7HR56KZLeo New York1151345075200Great GiftI bought these imported chocolates for a coworker they were delicious it was a great choice and beautiful gift! (hope to see results really quick).
295431295431B000MXJR4KA91F5NPTH5HYZMohamed Hassan4411316563200Pork gelatin!!!!!I have just found out today that the gelatin in this product is coming from pork. I do not know why they would add gelatin in the first place. DHA from fish oil is fine, but the lady that answered my phone told me that all DHA Gerber baby food items have pork gelatin. Do infants need gelatin at this age?
295432295432B000MXJR4KASJNGE9DRJC6ZUmsuha1111343779200Why do their organic foods contain gelatin???I used to buy Gerber baby foods and was thrilled when they started carrying organic foods. Then I discovered that they add gelatin! Why? It is disgusting and has absolutely no nutritional value. I will not be buying Gerber products again. Earth's Best is actually organic.
295433295433B000MXJR4KA3C3NTHX97IKHTsherrykhan780011350777600GELATIN in baby foodDo not buy product contain gelatin. Gelatin in baby food ??? Why gerber ???, Do not buy if you follow vegetarian or kosher/Halal regime.
295434295434B000MXJR4KAHWRE54C5EJIJRobert Whitaker1231325116800Great dinner but horrible price!My twins love this!! BUT Walmart sells them for $1/ for a 2pack! Worth going there to save the extra $!
295435295435B000MXJR4KAHMKQKJE55LJIAmanda Greer1221315785600NopeMy baby likes the mac n cheese in the jars. So, when I couldn't find the jars at the store I was at, I tried these mac n cheeses thinking they were the same. They are not. She doesn't like these. Maybe it is a texture issue mainly as these are much runnier than the jar kind. Looking for more mac n cheese jars.
295436295436B000MXJR4KA3DAS42VRO66SNW. Wang "Gadget Guy"1251306713600My twins love it!My twins recently got a little picky on the baby food... We tried this one, and they both love it. They are now 10 mos old.

My twins love it!
295437295437B000MXJR4KA91F5NPTH5HYZMohamed Hassan2411316563200Pork gelatin!!!!!I have just found out today that the gelatin in this product is coming from pork. I do not know why they would add gelatin in the first place. DHA from fish oil is fine, but the lady who answered my phone told me that all DHA Gerber baby food items have pork gelatin. Do infants need gelatin at this age?
295438295438B000MXJR4KAE31OVY2J58GSHausweet0151350777600Excellent!My picky eater loves this! She will eat only Gerber Organic Mac n Cheese and Gerber Organic Green Beans w/o any fussing. Yes, it is a bit runny, which makes it perfect for 4-6 month olds but it gives you the flexibility to thicken it with whatever you want for the older babies (e.g. rice cereal, meats, spinach, etc).

Mommy loves it, too! Great taste!
295439295439B000MXJR4KA2GRVLD33BA9MBAvi0151341964800Good and good for the babyIt tastes fine and the baby loves it. has DHA and is organic - which is important when having berries (but redundant when it comes to bananas)
295440295440B000MXJR4KA1WITBC7SZ1OJLT.Cates0151320192000Love the SmartNourish foodsI was thrilled to find this veggie combo with DHA, great price! Perfect packaging for easy storage if he doesn't finish it in one sitting.

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