Amazon Fine Food Reviews

295443295443B000MXJR4KA3HGBBGUAF3D8Hponb0151310688000Son eats itI like the portion size on this one. Son started eating this at 5 1/2 months. No issue with feeding him cold or hot he eats it. I like the benefits of DHA and I like the listed Vegetables/Grains.

I like the pricing, no tax, and free shipping to my door. Can't beat the price for pack of 8 in the stores. we get this food delivered too.

The packs are easy to throw in diaper bag w/spoon and feed him. Less mess and fuss.

Our son's 11 months now and still eats this.
295444295444B000MXJR4KABS00XH9IX7VYsue0151302566400a green veggie my son will eat!!I love this gerber item!! My son is 6 months old and is a bit particular. He spits out most veggies, except sweet potatoes of course, and even a lot of fruits, unless I mix them with cereal to thicken them up a bit! He loves the thick texture of this food!!! So from a frustrated mommy, this is a great thing!!! If your child is refusing green beans or sweet peas, give this a try! Its got enough texture to please my babe, it may be your favorite too!!
295445295445B000MXJR4KA1LHOKYENR7HP2L. Barlow "Barlow Girl"0151289347200Good BreakfastMy 18m old loves this for his morning breakfast. This is one of the few flavors he will eat. We give him 1x baby food breakfast & 1x yogurt every day.
295446295446B000MXJR4KA2YICKER1KOAFOboogie's mom0151258502400Really tasty!My daughter loves this food! I tried it and its good!Added bonus is the DHA.
295441295441B000MXJR4KA33P4I3CA4JZBABHLi0151318464000Delicious and nutrientThis 2nd foods is delicious and nutrient. My Babe swallows it quickly and wants the next one at once. I think it is because all of my family like the taste of cheese.
295442295442B000MXJR4KA2I9QM9L0R410ASommMom0121313020800Good product, but bad from AmazonI love Gerber organic products like this which combine veggies and/or fruits. I bought one of the "Farmers Market" from the regular grocery store to make sure my 8 month old liked it, which he did. I bought a case from Amazon, but the consistency was like soup, very runny unlike the one I bought from the store. Heating it up made it worse. Maybe it was a fluke, but the second case from Amazon ordered a few months later had the same problem.
295447295447B000MXJR4KA3DAS42VRO66SNW. Wang "Gadget Guy"1321304380800My twins hates it!I wouldn't say my twins are picky eater, but they wouldn't eat this one. They eat just about every Gerber's organics.
295448295448B000MXJR4KA1BD342U8BF3UCBritney0251314230400I got this for a diet i triedOk, sounds crazy i know but i heard about this baby food diet and figured whats there to loose. The food tastes good, and im sure your baby will like it too hahaha!
295449295449B000MXJR4KA24HT9FC6OU1J2Consuelo Maciel "CONNIE"0251303344000My baby loves thisMy baby will not eat peas or green beas but he LOVES this - go figure.

Don't rely on bogus 1 star reviews that criticize the fact that it contains fish oil which it clearly states on the packaging!!!!
295450295450B000MXJR4KAH5GCNH82ZU0C*~*~*Valley*~*~* "Val"0251274400000baby loves it!What else is there to say? They arrived promptly, perhaps more on time than expected. Expiration date was not like NEXT DAY so they were good to go!
295451295451B000MXJR4KAV0SH9PSWGLCQMolly4911291075200Not vegaterian - has fish oil and gelatinI liked these tubs for a few months and then realized that they contain fish oil and gelatin. Why put these products in a VEGETARION seeming food? Beware! I'm going to review all of Gerber's products carefully now. Totally dissapointed with Gerber.
295452295452B001EPQU0EA2WS9G2VYEIVIKJ. Lawson0051328659200It is definitely "good to the last drop"This is my favorite coffee to brew on a daily basis. Very hard to find the large decafs in the store now. It is smooth and has a great flavor. We drink a pot every morning.
295453295453B001EPQU0EA2ECM2R01TOF6KPatricia0121318032000Maxwell HouseMaxwell House coffee is not as good as I remember it being twenty years ago. Folgers decaf coffee is much worse in flavor than this one is.
295454295454B003SBRLLOA1SNK218GQE2VQgIGGL3S.0051346976000love this soda!!i started doing a low carb diet and i love soda so my diet doctor had these in his office and wow i feel in love with them they taste like regular soda and the best part Zero everything!!!!
295455295455B003SBRLLOA2ABCNF5O0BHTXM. Weinbeck "Marcy"0041343260800Very good, refreshingJust received my case, popped a can into the freezer, and within minutes was able to try it. As per other reviews, I don't taste a lot of tangerine, but more lime (but, with 7-Up, do you taste the lemon and lime separately?). Whatever, I've been looking for a Splenda-sweetened 7-Up-like soda for a long time, and I'm thrilled with this. Especially during this very long hot summer, it's going to be really refreshing, and I happily recommend it.
295456295456B003SBRLLOA1IKOG44PHFNYSBrigitte Hoch0051342483200Refreshing beverageGreat soda from Hansen's, offered in health conscious way. Aspartame has caused health issues before, so an aspartame-free soda is very beneficial. Just as important is flavor, and boy does this taste good! It delivers what you expect out of a soda - flavor without a syrup aftertaste.

In one word: refreshing.
295457295457B003SBRLLOA2VYLXYG3H6TYNAundrea0041340236800Yummy soda!I love soda, but don't want to consume too many calories or aspartame. The Diet Hansen's has been a great find for me! The diet tangerine lime is my favorite by far. It tastes like Fresca or sort of like Sprite.

The only ingredient that I'm not thrilled about is "acesulfame potassium". Doing a quick search on it reveals that there is no evidence of it being a carcinogen (cancer causing agent), but long term studies haven't been done. Here's a quick blurb about a study done with it: "This study investigates whether mother's exposure to the artificial sweetener acesulfame-K (AK) during pregnancy or lactation affected her adult offspring's sweet preference... Our data suggest that AK can be ingested by the prenatal or postnatal mice through their mother's amniotic fluid or breast milk, producing a long-dated function on the adult's sweet preference." [...]

I realize that mice and humans are different. But studies may show long term that drinking this while your pregnant or breastfeeding may change your child's taste buds as they get older. Anyway, I will continue drinking this, but if I get pregnant I will stick with water and organic milk! I realize that to sweeten something without sugar there is something that has to give.
295458295458B003SBRLLOA31RULW0KNYJ5HLA0041337644800RefreshingI am a huge fan of Hansen's sodas.

This one has a crisp, refreshing taste. However, I don't taste the tangerine OR lime specifically. Instead, it tastes like a Sprite or lemon-lime.

It tasted good, but I was disappointed I couldn't taste more tangerine.
295459295459B003SBRLLOA1K2C4QFNZB33Hgimeabrak "POKERGIRL007"0051336608000Best Diet Soda CompanyHansen's soda's are a little more $$, but worth the money if you can do it.
This is my fav. one Tangerine and lime yummm
and their flavor " Diet Ginger ale list of Natural Flavors
African Ginger
Mexican lime
and get this: Madagascar Vanilla and California Lemons
All Natural Flavors and uses only the best, To tell the truth
I order the Diet Ginger Ale, not really liked the ones I have had in the past even the
so called great one: Verner's.
295460295460B004L2F2OCA1UZ02EYM6RWWKDr Drizzay0031340323200Warning, very light roast.Tastes and smells good, but way too light. It says light roast, and they really mean it. If you like dark coffee then don't get this.
295461295461B000FKEXEEA11Z127DUM7RN2A. Dailous "arti d"1131315958400shipping costs more than the productI have been looking for tubed ginger and thought I had finally found it. But the shipping for this item costs more than the item. that drives the cost way up. No a good value buy.
295462295462B000FKEXEEA15I93N7K30L1CHollee0051289174400Ginger in a tubeGreat product. I get the ginger flavor in a convenient package. Saves time when cooking. I used to be able to get this at my local grocery story, but they discontinued it. I am very happy I can order it through Amazon. Shipping is fast.
295463295463B0006NI23SA2MLXWU6GWF643E. Rhoades0051261180800Best Cookies ever!I ordered a couple different cookies from Scott's Cakes. I loved every single one of them. The are homemade for sure, none are the same size, or look exactly the same, so you can pass them off as if you baked all day. I ate so many cookies, I should have been sick! They were so moist, and delicious. I will order from Scott's from now on.
295464295464B0006NI23SA2C6FTF0AVPFF4bebbaki0051252713600SIMPLY THE BESTIf you love macaroon texture and you love almond flavor - these are for you. They are by far the best cookies I have ever had in a macaroon. I order them one day, and they are delivered within 2-3 days. They come fresh, soft, well packaged and wonderful.

They freeze well if you get them frozen within a day or two of receipt. Also, wrap them very very well to maintain their texture.
295465295465B0006NI23SA1DV05PJCWSRT0Mina3333 "Batgirl"1311262390400DisappointingI must admit that I did not taste the cookies, so they may have been fantastic. However, I purchased this item for a gift and when it arrived in a plain white pastry box sealed with Saran wrap... I was disappointed from the start. When I peeked inside to see if the cookies were individually wrapped, dry crumbs leaked out of the sides from the unwrapped cookies on the interior. I won't purchase this product or any other from this seller again.
295466295466B000E1HVACA13ESI2BHSDXN4Polly A. Callant "real person for a real world"0051168300800fantastic price for a well known often used productThis was a super deal as the price for this product as offered was about one-fourth of the common retail shelf price for a name brand product. Jello brand desert is one of those staples for most homes, and this was a real bargain. In this case, for this product, the national name brand is much better than any house or chain brand that I have ever tried. So, I really appreciated finding this super bargain on the Amazon Food Store site.
295467295467B000E1HVACAPGHD2CH8260EM. Normile0051168300800Cherry JelloThis is a sugar free product and I find it very delicious and not able to tell it is sugar free. I recommend it for everyone and not just diabetics.
295468295468B000E1HVACA2UTZ4O5E2W4DKEllie "Eilean Siar"0051166140800Great flavor - no calories!I love cherry jello. The great thing about this is its fine taste for a diet jello. The fact that you can eat this with a dollop of cool whip and not take in enough calories to sneeze about, is just wonderful.

It's a staple of my diet. Some say gelatin promotes better absorption of vitamins when eaten with a meal. And we need to take in some gelatin for other reasons as well.

Enjoy this dessert without guilt!
295469295469B000E1HVACA1FX9EC79ZNCNOLoveAmazon3551162512000Sugar-Free Jell-O hard to find!It was great to have available the exact product I wanted and to be able to order in quantity. The markets always seem to be out of this product. Amazon! The only way to shop.
295470295470B000E1HVACA2PY5ED630H0QJreluctant techie41851164672000MMMMM... Connective tissue!I would love to take a tour of the plant where they render all the cartilage and tendons but apparently it is the only plant closed to visitors.

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