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295471295471B00196UAKEA94UPDID2LS9QMs.Terry Ryder2251329004800The best K-Cup coffee there isWhen I first got my Cuisinart K-cup machine, I tried every flavor coffee available, buying the various sampler packs and so on. Making coffee suddenly became fun!

First thing I found out 'Extra Bold' means enough in the K-cup to make a car mug (10 oz) of coffee instead of a teacup, and that most of the coffees are pretty average, else bitter.

Newman's is medium strong, 'Extra Bold' (20% more in K-cup), smooth and not bitter, and the best of the bunch. The price is in line with the others, too, while some brands charge more just for the brand name.
Buying bulk at Amazon sure beats the tiny 12 packs at the grocery store. There is nothing worse for a coffee drinker than running out of morning coffee!

I like most of Newman's other products, finding them better than the other comparable products at the local chain grocery stores, and the coffee is also equal or better than the competition in terms of quality and taste. Their buyers, tasters, and marketers are obviously doing something right.

A large percentage of Newman's profits all goes to charity, too.

So if you love Newman's sauces and dressings, and like Starbucks coffees, you will love Newman's Coffee.
295472295472B00196UAKEA2U4N0SDPQQ884Cecilia1151329523200Husband Loves This CoffeeMy husband is the coffee drinker in the house. He has tried many of the varieties of K Cups, but prefers this one above all the others. He loves an occasional flavored one, but for his morning get up and go, it's Newman's Special Blend! Try it, you will be hooked.
295473295473B00196UAKEA317V1SSBX1891Ginnyb0051341273600Love the coffeeHave tried many different kinds of k cups and this is by far our favorite. Love the convenience of 50 and 80 cup packs.
295474295474B00196UAKEA3AGTCCDW4Q8MXcshnyny0051337126400smooth and strongAfter having tried numerous extra bold kcups, I've decided this is my favorite. It's really smooth like Kona, but way less expensive. It's also got a "kick"...not at all weak (at least to my palate). Highly recommended.
295475295475B0045H267EA3HHJGE6G4AMAIBarbara Webb8931315353600Tupelo taste testI was so disappointed with the flavor. I've been searching for a "less expensive" Tupelo honey than the one I've been using. I've tried two so far and nothing can compare to the Savannah bee company!
295476295476B0045H267EA26SKJNV4VWJX7surata Kylienhaiyana81111322352000WarningThis the worst honey I have ever tasted. It does not taste like honey at all; I would know because I am an Ohio bee raiser. This stuff taste like cough syrup. When I try to get my family to eat it, they all agreed that this stuff was uneatable.In addition, when I tried to get my refund, Amazon refused to do it. Please don't buy this product. It is terrible, and Amazon will not do anything about. I lost $21 yesterday; please, I do not want you to go through the same thing.

295477295477B0045H267EA1WEBUBXM26VUUbrenda lewis1151321574400Consistenly good productI have this item to ship monthly. I think this is the best honey that I have found. I tried almost all local honeys, I wanted uncook & unfiltered honey for the best health benefit. I found this is by far the best flavor and consistency. My honey arrives on time and in good condition.
295478295478B0045H267EA1Z5JIFH21J4HYGrandMasterJ "GrandMasterJ"3431337644800It's AdequateI purchased this item to replace some Savannah Bee Company Tupelo Honey that I had received as a gift and thought was simply delicious. I thought "tupelo honey should be all the same since it comes from the same flowers" and I was most certainly wrong. This honey is a step above your standard wildflower honey found at the supermarket, but many steps below the likes that Savannah Bee Company (and I hear Langnese) make.

I'll try to describe it as best I can in comparison with Savannah Bee(since it's the only other I've had): It is mildly "buttery" and darker than Savannah's(Savannah has a more buttery flavor and texture). It still is pleasant tasting and sweet and mixes well with tea (my primary use); you don't find a glob of honey at the bottom of your cup. Neither of the two brands even hinted at crystallizing while I had them.

Tropic Bee is a decent honey, but if you're looking for the best tasting one out there don't just settle for this one.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone; I seem to find honey hard to describe.
295479295479B0045H267EA1SD0VMGD4LTVCmike0011350086400Tupelo Honey (nasty)Did not care for the Tupelo honey. A fairly bitter taste for honey. Two of the bottles leaked in the package.
295481295481B0045H267EA3S11V1S863RVCJD0051349740800Tropic Bee vrs Savannah BeeYes, there is a distinct difference in taste between Tropic Bee and Savannah Bee Company's Tupelo Honey. Tropic Bee is a raw unfiltered honey with a distinctive Tupelo taste. Savannah Bee Company's honey is refined and has only a very faint, almost indistinguishable, Tupelo taste. If you like the Tupelo taste, which is unlike any other honey, then you definitely want Tropic Bee's honey. If you want a refined, mellow-tasting honey, then Savannah Bee Company's honey can't be beat. I love both - but I have to say that I think of Tropic Bee as being real Tupelo Honey, whereas Savannah Bee Company's is just great honey. Neither one will crystallize, which is a honey-lover's dream come true.
295482295482B0045H267EA1BE8V5S9IYE9EEvgenii Puchkaryov "voyrakhcuP iinegvE"0051338422400Original taste, sweeter than averageThis honey has a unique taste that comes from Tupelo. It is sweeter than usual, so you need less of it to sweeten stuff. The packaging is also convenient. Try this honey.
295483295483B0045H267EA2V8V9ZFTBRU4TJoeTown0041337904000honeyReceived sooner than expected - love the product in cute little bottles

Tupelo Honey is the very best - this is the first time we have tried it
295484295484B0045H267EA2EYQXB9N8ZWRWVirginia Davenport "Mountain Granny"0051308268800weets to the sweetsI bought this as a gift for a friend. He is continuing to enjoy using it and I have heard no complaints.
295485295485B0045H267EA33EMI5C3KMHM7Ponte Vedra0051304726400Tupelo HoneyThis is the finest, natural, raw honey available. Honey & cinnamon taken daily will cure just about everything. Fast delivery - as advertised. Super!
295486295486B0045H267EA2HE4PCOOEGLL5Matthew Lashure0041298246400The real stuffI have always liked honey with my tea instead of any other sweeteners. This Tupelo honey, they type which has been my favorite for quite some time now, is just as good as several others I've tried.

The only reason for it being 4 stars instead of 5, is for such a great honey, I think it deserves a better bottle. I know the plastic squeeze bottle helps keep down price, and I do appreciate the company passing that savings on to us. Still, I would still like to see a Tupelo with a nice bottle, and a reasonable price.
295487295487B000QV4IJ2A1WGYQ7EDJTCMXG. Mould0021293494400Not very sourbought these for my wife for Christmas. She loves sour candy stuff. These were good gumballs, but not really sour at all.
295488295488B0033UMNN6AGAPUJ66H5NWAO. Prevas0021300233600disappointing flavorExpecting the bright flavor of passionfruit, but came away very disappointed. Also, the texture is more sticky than pleasantly chewy as in a nice gummy candy. The only plus was the natural content.
295489295489B000P1SDXKANSP5O1YI9YMZM. Daniel1141238025600Mandarin Orange/Passion FRuit Smoothie ReviewThe Jet line of products are awesome! I have ordered in the past and have been as equally pleased with the product. My family loved the smoothies. The only suggestion is to get rid of some of the sugar....we had to add lime or lemon to the smoothies because they were a bit on the sweet side.
295490295490B004776JL6A26NFIQ7KWI8Y7kt rose2241329696000another great Green Mountain coffeeI found this coffee flavorful and bold. I didn't experience bitterness.

For reference purposes my in store drink is a Starbucks Americano.

My favorite k-cups are:
Starbucks French Roast
Starbucks Caffe Verona
Starbucks Pike Place Roast
Green Mountain Xtra Bold Sumatran Reserve
Green Mountain Double Black Diamond
Green Mountain Revv
Green Mountain Dark Magic

Other k-cups I've tried: Coffee People Jet Fuel ,Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf, Emeril Jazzed up Decaf, Starbucks Caffe Verona, Coffee People Black Tiger, Starbucks House Blend, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Sumatra, Wolfgang Puck French Roast, Green Mountain Lake and Lodge, Green Mountain French Roast, Caribou Mahogony, Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya, Emeril Big Easy Bold
295491295491B004776JL6A22SY5TKNKUIECLarry1151311638400greatest coffeeIs so good. Lots of flavor and great coffee taste. Especially good to wake up with. Enjoy this coffee. I give it a plus 10.
295492295492B004776JL6A82K4W80VBMKTbobocaj0051345680000great deal!I love how fast my cups arrived. I will always get my k cups here! I can't wait to try something new.
295493295493B004776JL6A12Q6GZEMQOB8BHBW0041344988800Best in show for K-cup French RoastWe have several of these machines at work and I've tried lots of different flavors and blends...this is one of the few I can keep down without my body convulsing with an involuntary shudder. Lots of these instant coffees are very bitter or far too strong. This one is actually very tasty.
295494295494B004776JL6A38QMGAGI3S9CIMark van Brenk0051342483200Great coffee, great priceI've tried a handful of other brands of French Roast and I find this one and Tully's version to be both great and comparable in flavor. The difference is the price (this one is far more reasonable).
295495295495B004776JL6AL3U2XT77FL1FDaleen Haifley0041342483200One of my favorite coffeesI have had Green Mountain coffee before, but had not tried the French Roast. I am just realizing that there is a taste difference between different manufacturers, even with the same types of roasts. The Green Mountain French Roast has the flavor I like and was expecting. The price was reasonable and my order shipped quickly. My only disappointment was in the shipping packaging. I knew that I was ordering 2 boxes of K-cups but was surprised to see how big the shipping box was. There was room for 3 boxes, with the extra space filled with bubble-wrap, which seems wasteful to me. But on the whole, I am very happy with my coffee!
295496295496B004776JL6A1JLU3B870VZRCDonna0041339804800Great cup of CoffeeThis coffee has a nice bold flavor, not too strong, but smooth and bold enough that you know your having a wakeful, full bodied cup of coffee that is really enjoyable. If you like a distinctive, medium bold cup of coffee you will love this.
295497295497B004776JL6A2Z06VH8B20ZHFpaula aparis0051327104000excellent choiceone of the best choices so far. If you like bold coffee you will like this one Will definitely buy again
295498295498B004776JL6A1CODS7MVV1HS0mary B. floyd0041326412800Green Mountain K CupsI prefer stong coffee but my husband does not like it quite so strong. It works well for me. The way he made it work for him, he makes a cup and a half and that suits him. It also makes the KCup last twice as long!
295499295499B004776JL6A1VGXHHR08G044FlyingPolarBear0041323216000Green Mountain compared with Tully's French RoastOut of curiosity I compared with side-by-side with Tully's French Roast k-cups. These Green Mountain k-cups do not have quite the full bodied flavor of Tully's. Both k-cups are good, but if you're going after a French Roast with the most full spectrum and thickness of flavor then I'd recommend Tully's French Roast k-cups.
295500295500B004776JL6A1PL5SK7B42ATUgummiblinky0051319068800My FAVORITE K-CupFrench roast my green mountain is my favorite every day K-cup. Its a good coffee... bold yet smooth. NOT BURNT (I hate Peets and Starbucks because they taste like the burn the beans). If you like the nasty burnt taste, these probably are not for you. If you want a well balanced, bold, smooth everyday coffee these K-Cups will work!

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