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295510295510B001SB4QKUA3VE90HEW91KVCThubten Droling1151331424000Surprising and Amazing!I picked this up from Ocean State Job Lot for $3.99 and realized I'm in love with Irish Breakfast.
Its pretty strange to love a cup of black tea with just a lemon, and to brew black tea for under 3 minutes!
The tea has quite high tannin content, so if you let it sit for a while it will get cloudy... probably why most Irish drink tea with milk!
Despite the surprise at the effect of the tannins, its pretty much the only fool proof cup of tea, regardless of the quality of water, you'll be sure to enjoy!
Pick up a pack.. you won't regret it!
295511295511B001SB4QKUA1194J1H29WSVSweet Jayne1151304985600Great cuppa teaI've been drinking trader joe's irish breakfast tea for years and decided to try this when I saw it in my local grocery store. It's just what I was looking for ... a nice strong cup of black tea with a smooth finish. I paid $4.99, so the price on amazon seems pretty high, but worth trying if you can't find it locally. My new favorite!
295512295512B001SB4QKUA120P0MIV4OALCP. Gowen1151296604800WONDERFUL TeaI am a lifelong tea drinker--mostly iced and I love a deeply flavorful tea---this is it. I first found this tea at a liquidation store in Austin, Texas, decided to try it, and fell in love. It is the best tea I've ever experienced. I make it bold and strong and it is wonderful, refreshing, and relaxing. I sent an email to the company to let them know how much I love it and they sent me a thank-you note and a teacup from Ireland!! This is a quality product, made by dedicated people and I am ecstatic to have made the discovery.
295513295513B001SB4QKUA3MKIT3HCYPBCACareful Shopper2351313539200Good tea ... this price way to highPunjana Irish breakfast tea is a lovely tea. Good color and great flavor. It is flavorful and not bitter. It is becoming one of our favorites. Amazon usually advertises very good prices but this is just way way too high. I found it at for a much lower price and better shipping rate.
295514295514B001SB4QKUAN514QZTXRFWFLyn0051345939200DeliciousI found this at Ocean State Job Lot too, for $3.99. Just wondering why such a tasty tea would be at all the overstock and close out stores? I think I'll pick up another 80 pack before it disappears from the shelves. Often my favorite Job Lot finds are a one time closeout and I can never find them again!
295515295515B001SB4QKUA1JKWD1QTW6M74Readerease0051329955200love this tea!!A friend sent me some of this punjana tea it is wonderful
I found it here on amazon and will keep on ordering it. Pricey but worth it, smooth, bold favor. Clear or cloudy. Wonderful tea!!
295516295516B004XY14JUA3RFNCMOL3FSE8MRo2241321833600Good Ingredients Jack Russell loves it.
295517295517B004XY14JUA1H1BPKUMGVIA8P. Bergbauer "Reading Raven"1141323734400Healthy Motion PowderI have an eleven year old Labrador retriever that weighs about 65 pounds and we administered 1 ½ tablespoons a day.
He has hip problems, and spends a lot more time just laying down than he used to.

The container is half full after opening and it smells like a light grassy herbal tea and the powder looks like dirt.
The flavor is salmon which my dog was not too happy about. When I sprinkle it on his food, he mournfully looks up at me as if to say "I don't know what I did, but I am SO sorry. Why are you ruining my food?" He will stare at his food for several minutes and walk by the cats and "ask" if they are finished yet. Eventually, he'll give in and eat his own food - which is good because I have seen results.

I've noticed that he has a bit more pep in his step. He seems happier and doesn't lie down as much. This was especially noticeable on bath day. When it's time for his bath (and he ALWAYS knows) he won't come when I call. He'll just lay there and stare at me with bleary eyes - even if I slide his motionless body all the way to door, like he's Ghandi or something. After a few weeks of motion powder, he came trotting along - ready for bath time.

And instead morosely marching onto the driveway, ready for his walk, he comes galumphing out of the house and will even run around the block for a bit (which he hasn't done in years). If only they made this stuff in a more palatable flavor. What kind of dog eats salmon? It should be chicken, liver or beef flavored instead. I also think it would be better if it came with a scoop and in pellet form because the powder would fall to the bottom of the bowl. I think my dog would enjoy this with his food more.

Despite my glowing praise - this is NOT some fountain of youth for your dog. My dog still tires quickly and still loves laying around. However, I think it makes the little things in his life a bit easier for him. And after all, it's the little things in life that matter.
295518295518B004XY14JUA3NI3O51DH0UN8Julie Warner "Julie Warner"0051347062400My Dogs LOVE the Flavor - And It WorksI have a 7 year-old Border Collie mix, Abbey, who has arthritic knees. She had bilateral arthroscopic knee surgery about a year and a half ago to remove broken bone fragments in her joints. Our vet instructed me to give her an oral glucosamine supplement for the rest of her life. Abbey also gets a glucosamine injection, Adequan, every other week. My vet allows me to administer it myself (at home) to save on vet bills.

The injection turned out to be the simple part. Abbey hated the glucosamine supplement we got from our vet. I had to wrap it in cheese or something, and she usually spit it out once or twice before it went down. She tends to be a little overweight, so the added calories from cheese and other disguises were a negative. I tried several different brands of glucosamine tablets, and she refused every one.

A couple of months ago, my local Petco had a close-out sale on Healthy Motion, so I thought we'd give it try. I opened it and immediately noticed the spicy scent. It smells kind of like Indian food spices. To my great surprise, Abbey and two other dogs came looking before I opened their wet food. It turns out that three of my four dogs PREFER the Healthy Motion-sprinkled food to their otherwise identical wet & dry mixed dinner.

It works! After using it for 2-3 weeks, I noticed that Abbey has more energy and is moving better. Finally, something that is both effective and palatable to her. She looks forward to it and licks up every speck.
295519295519B004XY14JUA2POEZE9CZ7J7CPassionate Reader0051345939200highly recommendMy 10-yr old Golden Retriever had been having arthritis problems in his front leg. He's been on the Healthy Motion chewables for about a month now and I've seen a noticable difference. No limping and an extra pep in his step! I highly recommend this product for senior pets!
295520295520B004XY14JUA2RGZD1ZEBGEMFgreyhoundtom0041345766400Less gas too.I give this to my greyhound. He doesn't need it yet but it does help his joints. However the added bonus is that he doesn't have as much gas, and he really has a lot of gas.
295521295521B004XY14JUA12ANFNOSMW5VDPenfist "Dulce bellum inexpertis"0041342569600The dogs love itMy wife and I have 13 dogs, half of whom are older, and several of whom have severe arthritis. While my wife, who is a pet nutritionist, likes the ingredients, she doesn't like the price. That's why I had to give GreenDog Naturals four instead of five stars. If you can afford it, this powder seems to appeal when mixed with your dog's normal food. It also seems to help our older dogs move better after several weeks of use.
295522295522B004XY14JUA1XEJRNQSZPWAIAndrea L. Heyart0041340841600Great results, a little inconvenientMy 7 year old Lab has had some hip issues the last year and this powder seems to have helped with her mobility. She really doesn't like the taste of it, she eats her food with the powder on it almost begrudgingly. I've noticed since we started using this powder that she seems more active and playful then she had been in the months prior.
That being said, the powder is inconvenient and a bit messy, not to mention the fact that my dog doesn't enjoy it. If this were in a tablet or even liquid (like a tincture) form, it would be a five star review.
295523295523B004XY14JUA29VG90T649CSUSasha Q.0041336694400Some improvement.My older dog seems to have gained some benefit from this product, and I have had no problem getting her to take it (just mix it with the food). She seems to hesitate less when moving, especially when getting up from a prone (laying down, sitting) position. It may not be a miracle cure, but I am happy to report that it has brought a decent measure of comfort to my best friend.
295524295524B004XY14JUA1JDDX70A0XUFOshivatrance0051334880000Helping my 9 year old lab mix with arthritisGreat product that I really cant say enough about. One of my dogs has just turned nine and she sometimes is very stiff and sore when she gets up from her naps. After a month on Healthy Motion see is in noticeably less pain and she has resumed running herself silly outside again. Im so glad that the Vine program introduced me to this product.

When the Healthy Motion ran out I decided to order the tablet version. Same dosages of all the ingredients but much easier to mix with her dry food. Here is a link to the tablets I am using now: Greendog Naturals Heathy Motion, Natural Chicken Flavor, 60 Chewable Tablets
295525295525B004XY14JUA2AZIQJGBLU7WNDJ Deathwish0031334793600SupplementTo be honest my dog didn't mins the taste of the supplement but my vet advised to discontinue use die to lack of benefit and gave me something better.
295526295526B004XY14JUA14DNCG5WHM86ZJennifer0031332633600Dog doesn't mind the taste, haven't noticed a huge change.I have a 20# Boston Terrier (a breed known for knee joint issues) so I thought this would be a good product to try with her. Unfortunately, after using for over a month, I haven't seen any specific and obvious improvements. However, to be honest, she wasn't currently experiencing any issues when I started her on the powder, so I am using it as preventative care. She doesn't seem to mind the taste at all and even though it's going on dry food, she still manages to ingest most of it. I use it probably 4-5 times a week and have been giving her 1 tsp a time and we still have quite a bit of the powder for us it's not that bad of a deal. We will probably buy continue buying it off and on as she gets older and/or has actual knee issues (which come and go with her level of activity).
295527295527B004XY14JUA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"0051331769600fabulous product with continuous use.This is one of the few products I have found with green lipped mussel that really works to soothe my dogs arthritis. I have noticed even more benefits with prolonged use.
295528295528B004XY14JUA9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie0041329868800We saw some improvementsWe gave this product to a 5 year old Golden Retriever who has hip joint issues. We gave it to her for 2 weeks. We saw some improvements in her ability to get up more quickly after lying down as well as being able to jump onto the bed again. Before taking these supplement she really could not do either one of these things. I will continue to give this to her and give you an update on her after a few more weeks.
295529295529B004XY14JUA1JMR1N9NBYJ1XMad Ethyl Flint0041329782400Easy to feed and seems to workI've got a large overweight lab who's getting older and starting to have some hip problems.
We've given him baby aspirin and potassium gluconate which helps take the edge off.

Since we've been adding the Motion Powder to his food, we haven't seen any limping. That's a good thing.

You just pour some of the green powder over the food. Apparently the taste is okay because there's no problem with him eating it. You cannot mix it however because it makes it's way to the bottom of the bowl and sticks.

Seems to me this is a pretty good product.

Thank you.
295530295530B004XY14JUA1D2FXEWRIV1YVAnne Masterson0051327536000Put the step back in my senior dogI have given this to my senior (10+) Shepherd/beagle mix for several weeks now and noticed a definite improvement in the way she is moving. She has an old ACL injury that has previously made it difficult for her to get up stairs or jump on a chair (yes, she is spoiled). I mix it with her food at night and it either tastes good, or has little taste, as she is a bit finicky and has had no problem eating it. She is definitely stepping more lively. When this jar is gone, I will buy some more.
295501295501B004776JL6A1G63W7BKRF07VT. Smith0051315958400This is great French RoastThis is great French Roast. For whatever reason, it is also cheaper (in 24-count) than the other Green Mountain Coffee roasts.
295502295502B004776JL6A13PNJP7MSZ5FJMJM1251295913600Love this coffeeI find many K-Cups are weak and not what I am used to (Starbucks), but this french roast is a pretty good subsitute to the $2 coffee I get from the store.
295503295503B004776JL6A1SP0JKOZLVYNGM. Claude "Sala_matt_der"71211293062400Tastes like...If you love super dark, rich, bold and thick flavored coffee then this is the coffee for you...with one problem. Personally I love coffee that embodies everything I just said. I love esspresso and the like. To find a K-cup that is this bold even on the 10 oz. setting is great...but there is that problem again...

It smells, tastes, and leaves the after taste of burnt urine! Like someone torched a public restroom and mopped the floor with coffee, then packaged it. Yum!

There are other dark, bold k-cups out there that have a better smell, flavor and does not have a nasty after taste. You may not believe me, and that is fine, but get a sample pack before going for the 24, you'll thank me later. Try the Green Mountain Coffee Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve K-Cups. Better all around cup of coffee.
295504295504B000JG9PVAA158P1YE01K7Z4fitness junkie "Rosamic"0031330992000not greatThe basket was not what we expected, the products mediocre, I wouldn't buy it again. I rather pay a little more and not be disappointed.
295505295505B000JG9PVAA3DYWO71NZSMXWDeb0041329696000Nice gift basketThis is a nice little gift basket. The variety of items in it were great. The people I gave it to enjoyed it very much. My only wish is that it was a little bigger for the price paid.
295506295506B00264MIY4A1LIDXMYDZWP53VC Pro "cool"1151343779200WOW.....Plump bean with lots of pulp, aroma and flavor.....I never knew that India even produced vanilla beans until now. I came across this when I was looking for something other than Madagascar vanilla beans. With $1.50 a bean and free shipping, there was nothing to lose. It came vacuum-sealed in a plastic pack. It was more plump than the skinny ones you get at your grocery store - even the good brands. With my new Cuisinart ice cream maker, I could think of only one thing: Vanilla Bean Ice cream. And I slit the bean, there came - lots of pulp. Usually what you get with 2 or 1.5 beans. I scalded the milk & cream with this pulp and the bean, made the base and ripened the custard base. The next day, my custard was heady with vanilla aroma and lots of specks from the bean. OMG....The ice cream was the BEST EVER - Dear Haagen Dazs, please move. I'm now thinking of buying in sets of 3 or 6. Also, it is highly recommended to store beans in glass jars at room temperature in dark place. And the shipping was prompt and fast. THANKS BEANILLA. You opened the door to a whole new world of aroma and flavor.
295507295507B001E1113YAWNY3BOS00LXGkommish0051347840000Sportea RocksI ordered my sportea and it arrived within 10 days. I brew a fresh pint daily and drink it on the rocks with a slice of lemon or orange and a little bit of sugar. It is caffeine free but still is a picker upper in the afternoon. Refreshing and delicious! I would highly recommend it over any tea I have ever tasted.
295508295508B001SB4QKUA8OBMFJ210C3Robert W. Stuthridge "Robert W. Stuthridge Ph.D."8851321056000Wonderful taste and color, without bitterness. Superb tea!I am 56 years old, a Lancastrian and a lifelong 'strong' tea drinker. I am also a former owner of two very decent restaurants and tea rooms in a popular tourist area in the UK.

Being fussy about taste, preferring strong brews, but disliking bitterness, I had always considered Taylor's English Breakfast Tea to be my favourites among bagged teas. That is, until I discovered Punjana Irish Breakfast tea! At $3.50 for a box of 80 bags in a local overstock store (Big Lots), although I'd never heard of the brand, I figured it was worth taking a chance. I didn't expect anything special - I was simply stocking up on UK tea without paying the outrageous price typically charged here in Indiana for UK brands.

From the very first pot I made, this tea has been a revelation! Whether by the cup or the pot, it brews VERY quickly (under two minutes suits my taste), with a rich tan color, with some orange brightness. When drinking, it exhibits no bitterness, even if steeped for more than twice that time - far beyond the point where Twinings and Taylors become bitter and wasted. I really only drink tea with 'milk,' (for tea I use almond milk unsweetened, not dairy, as I am vegan), but I tried this with fresh lemon and it was equally delicious. Fabulous taste indeed. I will be sure to stock up on Punjana now, whenever I find it - this is the best tea I have EVER tasted, by quite some margin. Buy some - you won't regret it.
295509295509B001SB4QKUA3D9M9AWSR4W4BPaul Nevai "nevai"2251284854400it's quite goodThis tea is probably as good as it gets with teabags. I drink it when traveling or under similar circumstances when brewing loose tea is not practical.

No question that the company cares about their products and their reputation. When I wrote them, the friendly response came immediately. Thank you Ross.

P.S. I bought these, same size packaging, for $2 at a local discount store.

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