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295531295531B004XY14JUA2UHHEP0J237RUturtleXings "bookworm chick"0041326844800Worth a try for older dogsI have a 75lb, 10 year old Doberman-Weimaraner mix. He's been having slight joint issues that I've noticed lately. He's stiff walking around, having a bit of difficulty with the stairs & getting into the car.

The main draw for me was the Glucosamine. I've been looking for a product safe to give a dog for the while and liked the sound of GreenDog. I've been sprinkling 1 teaspoon on his food once a day for the past two weeks. (The directions list a bit more for his size, but I'd rather err on the side of caution.) It's difficult to say how effective a product is from only two weeks of use, but he doesn't seem to mind it on his food. He doesn't go crazy for it either; rather he seems to not mind either way.

I was very surprised by the very herb-y smell! I almost hesitated to give it to him (it certainly smells more like human food than dog food) & took another look at the ingredients.
The ingredients listed:
Gluosamine HCI (shellfish source)
Proprietary Organic Antioxidant Blend (organic algae meal, organic alfalfa)
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
Proprietary Joint Comfort Blend (Meadowsweet, Bromelain, Stinging Nettle tops, Ginger, Tumeric
Green Lipped Mussel Extract
Proprietary Ocean-source Omega Blend
(Wild salmon, cod, tuna oil)
Inactive ingredients (Cinnamon, cloves, natural sweet salmon flavor, organic flax, silica, sprouted barley malt)

He's seemed a bit more playful lately. Though I'm not positive this was a result of the GreenDog Motion Powder I'm certainly not ruling it out. Overall, I will recommend this to friends with older dogs. I do encourage anyone to consult their veterinarian of course. If he shows improvement I'm more than happy to order more of the Motion Powder.
295532295532B004XY14JUA1VOPP2OFITP7DJune Bug0031326844800Nutritionally SoundI received this product in return for writing a review.

I appreciated the ingredients of this formulation, which are great for overall health as well as bone/joint health. I am not a nutrition expert but I am somewhat knowledgeable and though the nutritional requirements might be different in some ways, dogs are mammals.

One reviewer stated that it doesn't work well with dry food and I wholeheartedly agree. It falls to the bottom rapidly.

Now, I feed my dogs organic dog food (since they could eat solid food and they are 12 and 11. My dogs love vegetables, so I conducted a test. I dusted a vegetable with the powder. Yorkie #1 didn't know what to think and spit the veggie out but immediately after "contemplating" the taste and she returned to broccoli and ate the entire piece. Yorkie #2 didn't pause once she got her broccoli with the powder.

Next, I offered two identically sized broccoli pieces one dusted with the powder and one without powder. Yorkie #1 ate the coated one first. Yorkie #2 went for the uncoated piece first. Considering that they are a bit picky but absolutely love fruits and vegetables, if they didn't want to eat this food, I believe both would leave the coated piece behind.

I do believe that this is not "candy" but has some appeal.

However, that said, it doesn't coat even wet vegetables well.

I would consider buying the drops for regular use but I would definitely need to observe a noticeable improvement in their well being to justify the cost.
295533295533B004XY14JUA3006WHOAYJRLIPoogy0051326758400A Healthier Alternative For Your Dog's JointsMy dog is getting old and is just starting to have some difficulties with his hips. I've tried other products for dogs containing glucosamine, but wasn't very happy about the animal products in them, because I know too much about where those animal products come from and how they're processed, and prefer not to feed them to my dog. (One reviewer of this product, wishing for a chicken or beef flavor, asked, "What kind of dog eats salmon?" The answer: mine, every day. He loves it,and for twelve years old he's pretty darn healthy.)

Unlike some of the dogs mentioned in other reviews, my dog loves the flavor of this. The ingredients are exceptionally well thought out--they're not fillers. For example, ginger and turmeric are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, but dogs may not particularly like them in their raw form. Omega-3 fatty acids are also effective.

Does it help? After two weeks, I'd say maybe; since my dog doesn't have a major problem, any change wouldn't likely be dramatic, but he doesn't seem quite so creaky.

For a larger dog, the product, while reasonably priced considering the ingredients, can get a little pricey if you expect to use it consistently, and I believe with this type of supplement that's what you'll have to do if you want to get results and keep them. This 150-gram size will only last a few weeks. But I haven't found a better product of this type.
295534295534B004XY14JUA2E7RX6AFUDQEXElizabeth Finlay0021326758400Not the greatest :\I disliked the packaging and lack of information on the product itself and had to go hunting around the internet to find more information on how to administer/feed it to my dog. Powders are generally inconvenient and this powder is no exception. If they made it in a chew or tablet it would be easier to administer and less messy. Purely on the sake of time, I won't continue to feed it to my dog on a regular basis. I'm all about preventative care (as he is still somewhat young) but the hassle of the powder isn't worth my time.
295535295535B004XY14JUA1E55W6ES0FY17P. Breakfield IV "Tom Steele"0051325894400Really seem to helpMy in-laws have an older dog and she has trouble getting around. We tried this to see if it would help and it really seems to help her mobility and she has been going on longer walks with the kids again!
295536295536B004XY14JUA2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes0031325203200get the pills if you feed your dog dry dog foodI can't tell if this works or not, so I'm giving it three stars for the fact that I have to review it, but it's the wrong type to feed my dog who eats dry dog food. It doesn't cling, it falls to the bottom of the bowl and she picks through her food as she's an oldie and nibbles at her food. I could switch to wet food to get her to eat it, but I'm just going to go back to the pills. The glucosamine pills and the doggy cox2 inhibitor she takes have changed her life. She's old, so that's saying something. If you feed your dog canned/wet food this might be a good choice, but if it's dry food and they don't wolf it down, it defeats the purpose. Wish I could say more.But my final thought on this is that something in the product description should recommend this for wet dog food.
295537295537B004XY14JUATECU14VUIOJ0The geacher "Barbara"0041325116800157 pound Mammoth Lab got joyfully giddy at first tasteTo say Doogan likes this product is an understatement. It must have been the salmon flavor but we had 157 pounds of happy nose, happy feet and happy tail when GreenDog naturals Healthy Motion Powder was added to the food dish. Our Vet said that with a dog this big, who is getting up there in years, the addition of Glucosamine to the diet is a good way to insure ease of motion to the old joints. Of course the prospect of giving a dog a medication always instills terror in the hearts of well meaning pet owners. Giving medicine to an animal that has the power to pick you up and carry you off to the next county can be quite a feat - but - "HE LIKES IT" - yes, he really, really likes it.

The only reason that this product did not get a 5 star rating is that upon opening the box the label fell off & got tangled with the packaging & torn. This is not a good thing when you need to read the instructions and safety information.

All in all I'd say this was a 2 thumbs up product but since dogs do not have thumbs it will get the 2 tails up award.
295538295538B004XY14JUALRCAGJOJ9583Gabriel's Buddy0041324684800Visible difference in our dog's comfortWe have an 8 year old Great Pyrenees who was showing signs of age, especially when she had to sit down. She sat down very slowly and carefully because of hip/back leg pain. We've used the chewable tables in the past and sometimes these wouldn't be eaten, even though they were hidden in the food. The powder has wored much better as we can mix it in more thoroughly. As far as effectiveness, our dog seems to be more active and more able to use her back legs/hip for getting up and down. She seems more youthful, so this is definintely worth a try.
295548295548B004XY14JUA17A1KTVI3DG6UNathan A. Edwards0031323820800Get the tabletsOur Pomeranian has become increasingly less mobile over the years, and I have been looking for something to help him get up-and-at-um. Within three weeks of using Healthy Motion, I could see a slight difference in our pup's willingness to move around and, when he does get up, he remains standing for longer than he has been lately. In other words, I think this product is actually working; which is great! I could not be more pleased to see our dog act a bit younger.

The issue that I have with this product is not the formula, it is the powder form. The powder tends to sift down to the bottom of the food bowl and make a sticky paste. This paste seems to unfailingly attach itself to our dog's nose and then to anything in our home that our dog sniffs...which is everything. Beyond this, while our dog loved the flavor at first, after a few days he began to eat around the powder. This required some more inventive application measures to ensure ingestion.

The formula works and I will buy it in the future. However, I will be buying the chewable tablets, as opposed to the powder, and have to recommend that anyone else do the same if your dog is still able to chew a tablet.
295549295549B004XY14JUA2UVYN2FO7X43VMargaret H. Bonham "skywarrior"0031323820800Too Small for Big DogsI got a jar of this and decided to try it out on my older female Malamute. I can't judge it on how effective it is because you have to use 2 tablespoons of it a day as recommended for dogs over 60 lbs. It's gross looking but she liked it okay. Basically, it's not money well spent, unless you have a small dog.
295550295550B004XY14JUA1ZB1PM6HU7UM6Rand Thompson0041323388800My chocolate lab sure likes itI don't normally pay a lot of attention to canine supplements, however as my Chocolate Labrador Maggie, is hitting middle age, it is something that I am starting to pay more attention to. I would hope that using a supplement for joints now will help avoid any issues later.

The Healthy Motion Powder is one of those that is easy to add to her food. She eats Orijen kibble with a very small amount of canned food added for excitement. The Green Dog Naturals powder is sprinkled on top of each meal (I feed her in the AM & PM) I was a little concerned that since her food is dry, and the supplement is a powder, that not being able to "hide" it in the food would be an issue. Not at all; she loves the flavor and eats it almost like it is a condiment.

She has shown no signs of joint problems at her current age, so obviously it is difficult to say for sure that the product is beneficial to her at this time. There are however, a lot of glucosimine joint supplements on the market, so if you are considering one, I would certainly take a good look at this product.
295539295539B004XY14JUA35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny0041324598400Good stuff!I like this, our dog likes it on her food also. She seems to eat her meals more readily with this stuff sprinkled on. It has good, quality ingredients.

However, the only reason I give it four stars is it makes a bit of a mess. Opening and closing the container, there's no way to keep the powder from sticking to the sides, the lid, etc. It gets on the counter, on the floor, and I try to keep it as neat as possible! For the hassle, it loses a star. I think I'd prefer a chewable variety. Those are easier, with less mess.

But other than that, my dog likes it, so that's what matters most!
295540295540B004XY14JUA1GASYTBITRWV1Laura A. Crawford "AndyFan"0031324512000Ummm, I Don't Know...My 2-year old dog was born with a malformed ball & socket in her hip. As a result, she has a hard time standing up after running and playing. Eventually this will become hip displacia. Our vet recommended we start her on a glucosamine supplement. I tried giving her this supplement but she's not too crazy about it. I mix it in her food but I can tell she doesn't really like it. I don't care for the STRONG cinnamon smell so maybe that is off-putting to her. I will continue to give it to her in the hopes that it will help her but I really wish the smell was different.
295541295541B004XY14JUA3EZHMGGWY74HYMommaMia0021324512000Dog not happy, Mommy not happyGreenDog Naturals Healthy Motion Powder sounded like a great idea. I thought it would help my dog feel better, move better, she is 10 years old and I had high hopes. Perhaps this product actually works, I can't tell, because whenever I put it in her food, she won't touch it. I supppose if it came in another flavor I would have had better luck, but she just wouldn't try it. If she won't eat it, I can hardly see if it works!

Oh well.
295542295542B004XY14JUA3W1H0DC7KMRU6D. A. Dodd0041324512000Dog-approved and seems to workMy dog is very picky about her food, treats, etc. Other powdered medicines sprinkled on her food she generally refuses to eat. However, this one is an exception. Either she doesn't know it's there or doesn't mind it/the taste.

This does seem to help her mobility as well, but I also supplement this with glucosomine treats and food containing some glucosomine, so I'm not sure how much of an impact it really has. It definitely doesn't have any adverse effects on her mobility or diet, so based on her taking to the powder and its perceived effects, I'd recommend this to prospective buyers.
295543295543B004XY14JUAKJ3P4XK1KN5YPhoenixFalls0021324339200Far less than advertised.The packaging claims that the 150g jar of powder is a 30-60 day supply; however, for my 40-pound dog it only lasted 10 days. This is partly because the packaging instructs you to double the dose for the first 4-6 weeks; however, even if I had not been doubling the dose it would only have last 20 days -- and it's supposed to be used on dogs more than twice my dog's size. If you have a dog over 75 pounds and want to double the dose as recommended, you'll be through with the jar in five days!

In the little time before the jar ran out I did not notice any difference in my dog's joint discomfort.

On the plus side, I suppose, there's the fact that she really loved the taste.
295544295544B004XY14JUA2HW33PQSRHLNOJ from NY0051324252800Excellent for the doggie in YOUR lifeMy sister owns a baby pug who I consider to be like natural family and want to remain healthy. GreenDog Naturals Healthy Motion Powder is serving him well, I take it, because he ate half of the sample amount in one sitting. His energy was boosted and, frankly, he really doesn't need a ton more but I love to see him happy. Recommended for ANY pet owner.
295545295545B004XY14JUAY46DEOJJYFTWKerry O. Burns0051324252800good for my old dog...I like the fact that all the ingredients are natural and healthy. I like the fact that when mixed with my dogs dinner she doesn't notice it. I like the fact that she has a wiggle in her hips again. I can notice the difference in her movement when she has her healthy motion mix.
295546295546B004XY14JUA2BIJMB2BITQUMJames Ridgway0051323907200Great joint supplement - good priceour older dog has been on joint supplements for several years - and they work. When I saw this one, I figured why not give it a try.

The supplement is in a powder form and it is easily mixable into our dehydrated raw food diet for the dogs.

- easy to mix into raw/dehydrated dog food (see below on cons)
- plenty of supplement for the price - 60 doses for smaller (below 25lb) dogs and 30 doses for larger.
- MADE IN THE USA - no worries about contaminated products from overseas!
- apparently tastes good to the dogs
- ingredients list is there to see and all the 'good' joint stuff is present.

- If you feed kibble, the powder could potentially cause issues depending on whether or not your dog is willing to lick it all up.

Overall I like the product and the price point is good for the amount you receive.
295547295547B004XY14JUA10YPHHHEWW6R0Dressage Lady0041323907200Green Dogs Naturals Health Motion PowderOne of the reasons I ordered this product is that its ingredients look to very good quality. I hoped that it would be tasty enough to entice our finicky German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois to eat with a little more gusto. However, it didn't pan out for us. I don't blame the product for this, in the least. I still think it is good quality and could be of benefit to dogs. I just have a very picky eater.
295551295551B004XY14JUA3CNH1B178EVDLIn Memory of W. G. Simms0051323388800GREAT PRICE & HIGHLY EFFICACIOUS FOR OUR 13 YR. OLD SHI-POO*****

Tried it through the VINE and will be ordering more of this for sure.

We have a 13 yr. old Shi-Poo [Shih Tzu / Poodle Mix] and he was slowing down just due to getting old but is an otherwise super-healthy and super-happy dog. We had tried another product from Costco last year when our other dog - a German Shepherd / ??? mix was 14 and really having a tough time with arthritis. [She went to be with the other dogs in the Sky this past summer]

This product seems to work better than that product did
295552295552B004XY14JUA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.0041323302400Healthy Motion PowderMy 11 year old black lab has arthritis in both hips. This limits her mobility and can cause her pain. I have been giving her multiple supplements which has helped increase mobility and decrease pain. This powdered formula contains all the ingredients I used to give her individually. This powder is convenient and economical. She has been more active and less stiff. I would recommend this powder to anyone who has an elderly dog to alleviate pain or prevent it.
295553295553B004XY14JUA28WXDXJA1P0MCT. Casto0051323216000My dog will actually eat thisI've used another much more expensive powder that my dog wouldn't eat once on her food. This stuff obviously smells and tastes good to her because she eats it. It is a natural salmon flavor but doesn't stink. My dog has hip dysplasia and her vet recommended she take stuff with glucoseamine in it, like this powder. I like how it is made in the U.S.A. Since she likes it I will keep buying it. I haven't gone through the whole container, but she is 80 pounds and I use 2 tablespoons a day so I don't know how long it will last.
295554295554B004XY14JUA21U4DR8M6I9QNK. M Merrill "justine"0041323216000I think its workingKells is 11 this week and I jumped on a chance to try this for her. She still thunders down the agility course as fast as she can, and is in great happpy shape. Our walks are slower.
after giving her the recoomended does for about three weeks, she appears less stiff and more playful and rests in the middle of the room, instead of the padded dogbed. Wish she could tell me how she feels. But behavior indicates she is comfortable.
295555295555B004XY14JUA10Z8FC0SMU5VQDorraine M. Rooney0051323043200Old DaschaundI started noticing a difference after 48 hours in my 13 year old daschaund after starting has been 4 days and I am glad I got this from vine and am sure I will buy more for my old boy
295556295556B004XY14JUA3DD96LN8U1NMcitygal0041322697600All-natural ingredientsWhat I like about his product is that I recognize all the ingredients listed on the back. That's a lot more than I can say for most dog products. I also like that is is made in the U.S. Sorry, but I won't buy any products from China any more for my dogs---too risky. I haven't used it long enough to determine whether it really works for my dog, but the "yum" factor is there for him; I'll update the review later.
295557295557B004XY14JUA27NIKXEAD6BKFJohn P. Plummer0051322611200a good product with excellent resulsAs the owner of an older dog with joint arthritis, I have tried a number of supplements to assist her. She also has digestive issues, and I was a bit concerned about trying a new product. However, I was very pleasantly satisfied with the results. This powder is easy to mix into food, and my dog seems to find it quite palatable. She eagerly licks the remaining powder out of the bottom of the bowl. It also appears to be very effective in terms of giving my dog relief and increased mobility. I'll be buying more in the future.
295558295558B004XY14JUA2OCDK0BOW6UCYAntigone Walsh0041322524800Dog LIkes itI have a senior shepherd who takes glucasomine. Of late, she has been spitting out her pills no matter how well hidden. She'll disassemble a pill pocket, lick off canned food, even extricate them from peanut butter and cream cheese. I was gong to grind them into a powder but was afraid she would reject her food if she didn't like the flavor (or noticed what I wasa doing). So I figured I would give this product a try.

The canister contains a green powder that smells like pumpkin pie spice. One tablespoon contains 500 mg of glucasomine and 250 mg MSM. It also contains spirulina, green lipped mussel extract, an ocean sourced omega blend and a joint comfort blend which includes ginger, tumeric, bromelain, stinging nettles and meadowsweet. Ina ctive ingredients incude cinnamon, cloves, natural sweet salmon flavoring, organic flax, siica and sprouted barley malt. Dosage ranges from 1 teaspoon for dogs under ten pouns to 2 tablespoons for dogs over 75 pounds. The product should be refrigerated after opening and it is suggested that the recommended dosage be doubled the first four to six weeks.

So far my german sherpherd seems to like it and getting it down is the biggest part of the battle. I like the committment to using organic ingredients where possible and also the usage of recycled materials for the container. It is too early to tell whether this product is equal to or superior to the previous supplement. However it smells good and is easy to use. It is a bit pricey per serving, espeically if your dog is large and I wish they included a little scoop.

I think that natural supplements are preferrable to pharmaceuticals. I take glucasomine myself and have benefitted. My dog, like most older GSDS, has arthritis and the glucasomine seems to keep her mobile and active. This product gets plusses for palatability,ingredients and ease of use. I will be buying it again.
295559295559B004XY14JUA20A9P8EJ5BREGhasselaar "belgie"0051321833600Great for older dogs !The formulation for GreenDog Naturals Healthy Motion Powder is a perfect formulation for aiding in ease of joint movement for older dogs, or as a preventative for younger dogs. We use this every day for both old and younger dogs. They enjoy the taste and it is good for them. In the past we have had some older dogs with real hip problems, after a while, this combination of ingredients will make a real difference and allow the old dogs to become more supple.
295560295560B004XY14JUA1LHAXBM5GBJS2Scooter McGavin0141325030400Gave My Dogs an Extra Boost in Their StepsI have a ten-ish (I think he was older then what the adoption place said he was) Chihuahua who I like to joke sleeps twenty-three hours a day, getting up to eat and go for bi-daily walks which he rarely has problems trotting along for except for when the temperature drops below freezing. I also have a five year old poodle mix that is fairly active. As directed, I sprinkled the recommended dosage (about a teaspoon each) on their dinners and both ate it up with no hesitation. The powder has a nice cinnamon type smell to it. Almost instantly I noticed both dogs have a bit more energy than usual post dinner, roaming around and engaging me in a game of tug before their nightly naps. In all, I used up one can in about a month and a half using it daily at dinner for both my dogs.

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