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295621295621B001E5E1WSA1N32358AY0TZZS. Aghassy0051289001600Great tea, expensiveAwesome tea. I am not the biggest tea drinker, but of all teas I have tried, this is my favorite. It has a light, sweat taste to it. I just wish white tea was not so expensive or else I would be buying this all the time.
295622295622B001E5E1WSA2OVHUVMINVOIICSG0051267660800Fabulous light jasmine teaI tried Rishi teas recently, both the silver needle white jasmine and the green jasmine pearls. This is a wonderful light tea that can be infused at least twice (I seem to get three mugs out of a heaping teaspoon). You'll steep this a bit longer than green tea but it's really good stuff and relaxing. The green pearl jasmine is much more flowery and fragrant and I like it as well as the silver needle but it's not as subtle.
295623295623B001E5E1WSA15XSWG3ZX9SHSNeev0051264982400I Love This Tea!I love white tea in general, and Rishi Tea in particular. The jasmine is lovely and the tea is so fresh; full flavored, but subtle. It is perfect in the afternoon or evening (while all tea contains caffeine, white tea is supposed to have the least). I've signed up for the subscription service so I'll never run out. I highly recommend!
295624295624B001E5E1WSA2V2YJFE9KAN6QColeen E. Sams0051240617600Absolutely excellent white tea!I'm not a tea connoisseur, however, I can recognize quality loose tea and this is it! I usually mix mine, half and half, with oolong and find that it's good for about five brewings using a Zarafina tea brewing system. I'm actually surprised at how much I enjoy it with every cup!

Yes, it is a bit on the pricey side but at least you really do get what you paid for!
295625295625B001E5E1WSA3SYN8R6XMA2NSDr.J0051229558400I'm A Fan!!!! Of white tea, in general...I've always purchased the same brand of white tea from the same dealer, and I will continue to. But I will include Rishi brand teas as part of my tea purchases now.

Wow! Rishi tea broke my 4.5-years tradition of buying only one brand of white tea. It is a great tasting tea...give it a sip.
295626295626B001E5E1WSA2J19U8H5SSFCJLinda Dalton0041228089600Very enjoyableThis tea is wonderful to enjoy in the late afternoon when you want something not too edgy. The flavor is refreshing both as a warm cup (the scent in the air will make everyone around you jealous), and even over ice.
295627295627B001E5E1WSA2NYMBMFECA429barefootmountainmama0051227139200Beautiful Tea!This is fabulous tea. Delicate in flavor and aroma. A real pleasure to drink. The loose leaves & jasmine flowers are simply georgous. I truly enjoy this tea!
295628295628B001E5E1WSA3T3S48UAVTUE9JanFla "Martial Artist"0051227139200Delightful scentAs soon as this tea arrived, I had to try a cup. The scent of jasmin filled the air upon opening. The taste was just as delightful - pleasant, light, and relaxing. I have enjoyed several cups on a chilly evening just before bedtime, but also in evening after returning from a stressful day at the office. I would recommend this tea to those that enjoy a unique cup of tea, not the standard bag in a box.
295629295629B001E5E1WSA1YXEYOWESHVLJM. Bergeron "Muziclvr"0041226534400Surprisingly goodI was quite worried that the jasmine would overpower the delicate white tea, but my goodness, they got it right! The jasmine is there but so is the tea. Mellow, light but certainly present, a difficult balance and they nailed it. I'm not a huge jasmine fan but I am quite impressed with this tea.

295630295630B001E5E1WSA2AOW20EGSCAY2C. A. Boswell0051226534400Organic white teaThis tea was nicely packaged and tasted great. It has a very light, delicate taste, and is low in caffeine, so it is good to have before bedtime.
295631295631B001E5E1WSA2TTHN1UMO82VYElle Pece0051226275200This tea smells and taste so goodWhen you open the can of this tea you can see that the quality is excellent, you can smell the jasmine fragrant instantly, the taste is smooth and soothing.

Very good tasting.
295632295632B001E5E1WSAVZ1SYMD26S4RPeggy Jentoft0051225929600A poets tea, fine silver needle teaAn excellent tea a bit more boldly flavored than a lot of silver needle teas. Quite smooth without any harsh after taste or acidic edge. Packaging is excellent with an inner cap that prevents spillage and can double as a measure.
The jasmine flavor is very fine not too much but definitely present. There were not any actual jasmine flowers in my tin.

Jasmine scented silver needle tea is traditional for poets,lovers and casual afternoons and this version is quite suitable for those romantic traditions as well as being a pretty good all occasion and special occasion tea. Good for three steepings with the second being the strongest. This tea will not work for tea leaf reading because the leaves are all whole long needles.

I like this alone and with many different foods including clam chowder, tea cakes, Chinese and Japanese food. It makes a fine smoke for a jasmine tea smoked chicken dish too. I plan to try it for a tea smoked trout recipe I have too.
I probably committed heresy when I sweetened it, but I really ,really liked it with sugar and it was even better with honey. I did not try it with lemon or milk. The was also quite good as an iced tea though that is not a standard use for silver needle tea.
These leaves float for quite a while so using them with a strainer or filter might be a good idea if you would rather not get an occasional tea leaf in your mouth.
295633295633B001E5E1WSA21W7ZA2FZKOGPHope T.0051225756800Nice, subtle teaI really like the Rishi brand of teas and the Silver Needle Jasmine does not disappoint. It's a nice subtle tea that is good for mornings or evenings. I like Rishi's packaging and think that the tins of teas would be perfect in a gift basket -- I'd like to receive them as a gift!

Also, it's nice that this tea is organic -- that's a big plus in my book.
295634295634B001E5E1WSA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"0051225411200Vegan Organic Kosher ChoiceVegan. Certified Organic. Certified Kosher. Made with 100% organic white tea leaves and 100% organic jasmine flowers. Highest quality. Exquisite white tea leaves blended with beautiful organic jasmine flowers. When the time grows close, each day the patron or patronesse of each tea estate will go into the tea gardens to check. Then, one morning, it is decided that the 'pluckers' with the keenest eyes and most nimble fingers will be sent to begin harvesting the most precious of the 'first flush' of the season from the tops of the mature & most energenic tea bushes. Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had begun the look at marketing ultra premium tea around the world with one of my very good friends from India. We met in Hong Kong. The venture didn't go ahead, but wonderful memories and some tea knowledge remain. Rishi is an ancient sacred word from India which means 'seer.' The Vedas were written long ago by the first Rishis, most of whose names are not even recorded. [Received one 1.9oz (54g) can of this tea at no cost through the Vine program.] This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews and the vegancompassion Profile for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" & all the other helpful "Vegan Grocery" Listmania. Your input counts and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
295635295635B001E5E1WSA3FKPBNI7UWQFWWork of Life0051225324800Light and fresh.This is a wonderful quality white jasmine tea. Rishi has done a fantastic job of selecting tea leaves for this product. The quality is excellent. The whole leaves unfurl beautifully to a lovely fresh green while brewing. The aroma is so fresh and inviting (a light airy jasmine, not a heavy heady jasmine) and the tea is smooth and soothing. Very nice, I will buy again!

Is this review helpful? Let me know, please vote. :-)
295636295636B001E5E1WSA23E9ZPS2RQZS0S. Robbins "talking to a tortoise"0041225065600Very Fragrant TeaThis tea comes in a can with two covers that preserves the tea well. The tea is loose and looks like dried pine needles. Using very hot water and a small amount of tea in an infuser, it produces a very fragrant, naturally sweet cup of tea. I didn't have any acidic upset like I sometimes do after drinking tea. The tea smells so good,
you just want to hold a cup up to your nose and breathe in the aroma. I think it would be excellent for colds or sinus because it is so fragrant. My only complaint is that the tea is so fragrant that it reminds me of perfume and can be overwhelming. A small amount goes a long way.
295637295637B001E5E1WSA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.0051224892800perfect teaI brewed this with my automatic tea maker on the medium strong setting. The flavor is delightful. It is just perfect for white tea and the hint of jasmine adds a nice finishing note. Highly recommended for someone who likes white tea with a hint of flavor. Bonus this is organic and fair trade.
295638295638B001E5E1WSAKR4DH6WLF6GGLinda Bulger0051224892800Tea's rich, inspirational traditionTea is a winter drink for me, so I decided to try this Rishi Organic Silver Needle Jasmine Loose Tea offered on Vine. It came in a pretty and functional little double-capped canister and welcomed me with its rich herbal aroma. The leaves are "withered" and look quite unprocessed and natural. I followed the directions -- one tablespoon in my little tea ball, bring water to a rolling boil and then cool a bit, steep 5 minutes -- and brewed a cup to enjoy on a blustery cold afternoon instead of my usual coffee.

Rishi imports tea that is certified organic and fair trade. The company was founded on a basis of social responsibility and sustainability, to offer consumers fine single variety teas direct from their origin. This white tea -- very low in caffeine and high in antioxidants -- originates in China's Fujian province and is infused with jasmine flowers for a subtle fragrant product. My cup of tea had a light, slightly floral flavor with no trace of harshness, and as directed by the package, I used the same tablespoon of tea to brew a second cup and enjoyed it just as much.

I choose fair trade coffee whenever possible, but haven't explored the "artisan tea" world. This Rishi Organic Silver Needle Jasmine Loose Tea is very appealing and I know I'll enjoy it -- and now I'm eager to try some of their other varieties. Produced organically and sustainably, it's not just a cup of tea but a link to ancient knowledge and traditions.

Linda Bulger, 2008
295639295639B001E5E1WSA146H4KN4LFR60angelfood "neat, sweet and erudite"0051224806400A Delicate FragranceWhite tea is so delicate one can easily overbrew resulting in a bitter after taste. Jasmine in teas can often overwhelm the flavor and end up tasting more like cologne than a cup of tea.

The folks at Rishi clearly know their teas and how to blend them. This is the best jasmine tea I have ever encountered. I love tea, all kinds of tea and drink it every day, for more years than a lady cares to reveal.

The high quality of the long leaf is impressive. The jasmine is just right, a subtle fragrance that enhances the brew and does not overpower it. It would be easy to enjoy many cups a day and reap the health benefits of white tea thereby.

I don't know what it will retail for, but if it is reasonably priced I will certainly be a future purchaser. The fact that is is organic and fair trade is a win/win.

Recommended for those who appreciate a quality tea.
295640295640B001E5E1WSA2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff0051224806400nice flavor and aromaI'll confess that I'm more of a coffee fan than a tea fan, but I do enjoy tea on occasion. This Rishi Tea with a jasmine flavor/aroma is very nice. After brewing for approximately five minutes in my cup, I sipped the tea and was immediately impressed by the jasmine fragrance. At first taste, I was a bit surprised that the tea did not seem to be particularly strong even though I had brewed it according to the manufacturer's instructions, but after getting halfway through my cup I realized that the strength was just right for my taste. I finished my first cup quickly and made another using the same leaves in a teaball and the second cup was just as good as the first -- mellow, slightly sweet, and very satisfying. I would have made a third but I had to leave for work; the manufacturer indicates that a teaspoon can make several cups of tea.
295641295641B001E5E1WSA7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang0051224720000Superb!The first thing I noticed about this tea was the divine scent: flowery, but subtle.

The canister is designed with an inner lid, and looks as if it will keep the tea super fresh for a very long time.

Apparently, white tea has the least caffeine of the three types: black, with the most, green, with the next highest level, and white. I happen to be sensitive to caffeine, so this was welcome news. After having a cup that brewed for over five minutes I felt absolutely no buzz.

For those of you who care about this sort of thing, white tea is known for having a very high level of antioxidants.

Truly delicious and unique, it tasted like a more complex version of jasmine tea. There's a slightly dry after-taste, but it was pleasant and made me think it would be ideal paired with unctuous foods.

In an experimental state of mind, I made myself an open-faced sandwich on German black bread (the whole grain kind) with herring-artichoke heart salad in a mustard dill dressing garnished with sliced avocado. The tea was simply perfect with my lunch. The dryish aftertaste complimented the richness of the herring and avocado. It made me think this would be fantastic with sushi, and more interesting than the usual green tea offered in restaurants.

For dessert I tried pairing it with two types of chocolate: Dagoba's lemon ginger (68% cacao) and Lindt's Excellence Madagascar (65% cacao). The former was not such a successful match because the lemon competed with the jasmine; too much bitterness, I think. But, Lindt's Madagascar was made for this tea. The fruitiness of the chocolate against the floral flavors, and that dry finish as a counterpoint to the richness of the Lindt, was just heavenly.
295642295642B001E5E1WSAQ9T9A5WJXVA9Michael B. Richman0051224720000Delicious and OrganicThe increasing trend towards organic food products on Amazon and elsewhere is very encouraging. I have had many delicious green and black teas from Rishi but never before a white tea. It was excellent.
295643295643B001E5E1WSAU2DAD4WD5Z0CCheyenne Ann "Ann"0051224720000Aromatic and pleasantly flavoredI look for a nice aroma in Jasmine tea. That's what really gets it for me. This one did the job. Delicate flavor, not bitter. Jasmine, and a lot of white teas, need to steep for a few minutes, but sometimes it goes bitter. Not the case with Rishi Organic Silve Needle Jasmine. The aroma is heavenly--delicate and unmistakably jasmine. Floral, perfumey, but not overpowering.

I love loose teas. The problem with most is that they're pulverized and you get the icky crumbs that slip right through your tea ball or sieve. This is whole needle and is quite chunky. None got thru my strainer. That alone gets a nice rating. The tea is fresh looking and lightly aromatic before you brew. Nice light color after brewing. All in all, nice taste, nice look, nice size, nice aroma. A winner in my book.

The can is attractive and has a tightly fitting lid. Nice generous supply and not a bad price. This one is a keeper. I'll buy it in the future!
295644295644B001E5E1WSA2G2DXPFZKG48WAudio Maven0051224720000Great tasting tea and beautiful leaves to boot.This is high quality tea. The taste is light as to be expected from a white tea but the fragrance of jasmine is very present and pleasant. The silvery leaves are beautiful in the tin and worthy of appreciation after they've been brewed. Definitely a hand selected and picked tea. Great stuff.
295645295645B001E5E1WSA7Y9MP7H8LYUEK. E. Steelman "mommarock"0051224720000Excellent TeaI have been a long-time fan of Rishi Tea. They are a company that has a far superior product to most tea found on the market today. For years, I have ordered excellent teas, handpicked most of the time, from specific regions where only the best of its kind can be grown. This White Tea (called Silver Needle here) is the first blush, the very first tiny leaves to come out in the spring and they have exceptionally light and delicate flavor. The Jasmine flowers mixed in are just in the right proportion. I am not usually a fan of Jasmine Tea. Normally the only thing you can taste or smell is the Jasmine overpowering your senses. This is not the case with this tea. The mix is masterfully blended to give enough Jasmine without overpowering the delicate taste of newly leafed tea. I hope AMAZON.COM continues to offer these outstanding products from this special company. I have never tasted a RISHI Tea that I didn't like. Silver Needle Jasmine is no exception. If you are looking for a special tea to enjoy on a cool night, this is the one.
295646295646B001E5E1WSA1EE6LQS3OPY6RDynomiteWins "DynomiteWins"0041224720000Good overallThis loose leaf tea was a little bit stronger than I had expected from a white tea. The aroma of the dry leaves is soft and once prepared, the aroma is still very mild. Surprisingly, the flavor is strong and grassy - much more than I had expected based on the smell. It definitely tastes very earthy and organic. I wasn't a huge fan of this particular blend. The jasmine was a little too flowery and overpowering for me - but if you absolutely love jasmine, this is the tea for you!

The tea is very high quality, meticulously packed while still being easy enough to open. The brewing instructions really do offer the best flavor - although I'd stay closer to 4 minutes than 5 or it gets bitter quickly. Also, be sure the water temperature is 185 degrees when steeping. While I personally wouldn't purchase this blend again, I am definitely going to look into other flavors by this same tea company - the quality is fantastic.
295647295647B001E5E1WSA1WMEOGVZKO8MICST "Psybearian"0051224720000Ah JasmineI love Jasmine tea but always felt the aroma was oddly enough, overpowered by the tea. This white tea coupled with the Jasmine flower is a perfect blend. I even just sniff the can sometimes. Great brew.
295648295648B001E5E1WSA7JGEKN140F4SKeith "kc31824"0051224720000Very goodHas a pleasant, light, crisp, slightly sweet taste. I used it in ice tea and it is quite refreshing.
295649295649B001E5E1WSA10WN5CZWR6YKMD. Reicosky "artzebo"0051224720000white jasmine teathis tea is wonderful. it has a wonderful jasmine scent, and the sweet taste of white tea. it is loose leaf, but not too small pieces that find their way out of my tea strainer, which makes me happy. on one tablespoon of tea leaves, i had 2 delicious cups of tea. the can says you can use the leaves repeatedly. i did not try a third time. i love tea, and especially loose leaf teas, and this one is some of the best jasmine flavored tea i have had. there is very little bitter taste at all that i sometimes find with jasmine teas. it is excellent.
295650295650B001E5E1WSA22B13EJTZKCTMKarissa Eckert "Devourer of all books fantasy"0051224720000White tea with a smooth flavor and hints of jasmineI am a big loose leaf tea drinker, although normally I drink green teas. I love jasmine tea, so I was excited when I got to try this product through the Amazon Vine program.

The tea is nicely packaged. It comes with an outside seal as well as a metal insert that can be reused to keep the tea fresh.

For each teaspoon of tea you use, you can get a couple steeps out of it. I wouldn't use a teaspoon for more than a couple cups of tea though; it starts to get a bit weak. Although, this is not Oolong tea, so I am impressed you can get a couple steeps out of it.

The tea has a faint delicate jasmine odor to it. I was impressed with how smooth the tea tasted. There was no hint of bitterness and the tea rolls smoothly around your mouth and down your throat. The hint of jasmine is perfect. It is a subtle hint that I have come to associate with high quality teas; such as when I get hand rolled green tea jasmine pearls of tea.

All in all I am very happy with this tea and would buy it again. Some people have commented on the cost. All I have to say is some of the loose leaf teas you buy at Teavana (especially their hand rolled green with jasmine) is much more expensive than this tea. Additionally this is an organic tea, which probably costs more to produce.

I have a little bit of trouble buying teas online because I like to see and smell them first. Given the quality of this Rishi tea, I would be comfortable buying other Rishi teas online.

A great tea!

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