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295651295651B001E5E1WSAT9U5ZE5OO84CM. Kooiman "nerdette"0051224633600Olfactory heaven!Are you an occasional tea drinker? Do you buy the inexpensive off the shelf teas? If so, don't try this tea because you'll never be happy with a tea bag again. Rishi Silver Needle Jasmine Loose tea comes in a nice tin with an inner lid to keep the tea leaves fresh. I opened the tin and immediately my nose was in heaven. The jasmine scent was light and sweet and absolutely beautiful. I practically skipped to the tea pot so I could heat the water. I was making two cups so I measured two tablespoons of tea into the infuser and, after making sure the water was just the right temperature poured it through the leaves. I allowed the tea to steep for 4 minutes and then poured the tea. Once again my nose was in heaven and my mouth was not far behind. The tea has a light, slightly fruity, jasmine flavor. Because it is white tea it is not as tanic as other teas. It's smooth and soothing and refreshing. I can never go back to the off the shelf tea bags. I can't wait to try other varieties of Rishi tea.
295652295652B001E5E1WSA3GX6U4H2CRY71Ann Lee0051224633600Superb!The Rishi Organic Silver Needle Jasmine Tea was delicate, flavorful, and left the hint of a wonderful after taste. I'd classify it as an affordable luxury. Many loose teas I've used in the past have left noticeable debris in bottom of the cup, but this did not happen with this tea. The product actually appears to be pine needles. I've had many good jasmine teas at Chinese restaurants over the years, but this tea beat them all. The other thing I enjoyed: the fragrance when opening the lid of the can. Knowing the health benefits of green and white tea is a bonus.

This tea would make a great impression as a housewarming gift or something to take for a dinner hostess.
295653295653B001E5E1WSA1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser0051224633600100% Organic Tea!Simply thrilled with the ingredients: 100% organic white tealeaves, 100% organic jasmine flowers. No "natural" flavors and whatnot! This is a very mild tea with a perfumey taste due to the smell jasmine flowers. Thankfully it is not overpowering. Some jasmine teas make me think I'm drinking a bottle of perfume!
I over brewed this (like 20 min) it tasted fine. No bitterness. The jasmine didn't become overpowering. Because I overbrew, I don't reuse the tea, but you can if you brew it the recommend time of 4-5 min. This makes the tea last that much longer!
The leaves are packed right up to the top of the tin & they are beautiful! Long & slightly twisted green colored leaves with white velvet fuzz on them. No broken up little pieces that are almost dust that some tea companies like to call loose leave or full leaf.
If you enjoy jasmine in your foods, you are sure to be pleased. You can double your pleasure knowing you are consuming something clean, not loaded with pesticides & chemicals that are concentrated on non organic teas. Who wants a "nice" cuppa chemicals?
295654295654B001E5E1WSAORGKBNQZ83O8MacGuffin "MacGuffin"0051224547200Delicately, Deliciously WhiteBefore reviewing this product, some background about white tea might be helpful. I've been a serious student of tea for a few years now, so my intention is not to be pompous but rather to share what I've learned so that you can enjoy your tea to its fullest potential.
White tea is Chinese in origin, single-varietal, and the least processed of any tea. Once picked, it's allowed to dry naturally (preferably quickly, by sunlight) under careful observation--period. Because of this, it is extremely high in tea polyphenols and antioxidants, both of which are thought to contain health-promoting properties (it's believed by some that white tea is even more healthful than green). It tends to be rather delicate in flavor (depending on the grade) and has none of the grassy quality typically found in green teas (some find it easier on the stomach as well). The concept of merely drying the leaves has caught on because "white" tea is now being produced in other countries. And while the best of these are superb (Imperial Silver Tips from Darjeeling and Antler's d'Amour from Africa are personal favorites), they cannot in fact be considered true white tea, which must by definition be produced from Fujian's Da Bai Hao bush. I think of these other teas as "white-processed" rather than white.
The best scented teas are not perfumed chemically; rather, tea is combined with fresh blossoms (jasmine in this case) and allowed to absorb the fragrance over the course of several days, with new blossoms being added over the course of the infusion period. This is the method by which Rishi's teas are scented.
Now to be strictly accurate, Organic Silver Needle Jasmine Loose Tea isn't Silver Needle (Yin Zhen), which consists only of buds and is the highest grade of white tea. There are a fair amount of leaves to be found which makes me think this is closer to Bai Mu Dan (Preferred Peony), the grade just below Silver Needles). Regardless, it's nice tea with a lovely jasmine aroma (BTW, the Chinese drink jasmine tea to relieve respiratory distress). What follows is the best way to enjoy it.
White teas are usually brewed at lower temperatures that are similar to those used for green tea; however, the consensus among vendors seems to be that somewhat higher temperatures--185º - 190º F--are best for scented whites. I recommend halving Rishi's suggested brewing time and reducing the leaf a bit--2 teaspoons in 6 - 8 oz. of water for two or so minutes. Please take the time to warm your brewing vessel with boiling water, then heating the dry leaf in it covered for a minute or so after discarding the water used for warming. I also recommend brewing uncovered so that the tea doesn't "cook." (I've prepared a video review of the Bodum Canteen that demonstrate this, but my friend's husband has yet to code it so that I can finally post it). You'll end up with three good infusions of the same leaf, after which it can be soaked covered in about 6 oz. of water overnight in the fridge for a nice, light beverage. A lot of bang for the buck!
This is lovely tea, plus it comes in a reusable canister that's both practical and attractive. It's not as fine as my cherished Yin Zhu Silver Dragon Pearls (also white, not Rishi), nor do I like it as much as Rishi's green Dragon Pearls (which I reviewed some time ago, not for Vine), but I'm guessing that if bought on Amazon, it will be a good buy (it's unavailable at the time of this writing). In fact, I insist that my parents drink tea every day, and this is one I buy for them. Rishi carries some very good tea and this one is no exception. It's an excellent introduction to both jasmine and white tea, and the spiffy packaging makes it appropriate for gift-giving as well (in fact, it's the perfect size for a stocking-stuffer). Another very enjoyable Rishi offering.
295655295655B001E5E1WSA230PPNNJYJ6HRC. Day "Charski"0051224547200Rishi Silver Needle Jasmine - how do I love thee?Let me count the ways! ;)

First, I love the tins. When you open it up, you KNOW you are getting tea that has been properly stored! And I love the specific brewing instructions. If you're going to do it - do it the right way!

Second, the aroma wafting out of the opened tin is intoxicating. I LOVE Jasmine tea - or at least I thought I did - but I've never tasted any as delicate yet flavorful as this one.

Third, I love that you can get more than one serving from a spoonful of leaves. It makes the fact that this tea is somewhat expensive "easier to swallow" if you will.

And fourth, I love that this lovely beverage can stand on its own, no further accoutrement necessary - hot or iced it's just delicious on its own.

I like to use a French press, which is probably totally unorthodox but it works very nicely to make a good cuppa for me.

This tea definitely goes on my "must have" list of teas - which is quite long - but I think this will be at or near the top of the list from now on.
295656295656B001E5E1WSA19IHG3IZ8J967Frankritt "Regular reader"0051199836800YummySo delighted to find this on Amazon. Have previously been unable to find white tea anywhere in So. Colorado.
295657295657B001E5E1WSA2W4TICL8L21LMPortrait of Innocence "Sweet Cheeks"1251225584000Heavenly...Mildly jasmine, the overall taste is similar to silky honey, if that makes sense.
Following the directions, I brewed two cups in my trusty French press. I drank the first cup hot, and found it to be rather relaxing. The jasmine notes were not overpowering, but just enough. And it smells wonderful. I found it to be quiet calming. (This, in itself is a feat as I was in the office, surrounded by stupidity.) By the time I'd gotten to the second cup, the tea has cooled somewhat. I expected it to be a little bitter, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not. And the second cup was just as clear as the first.

This jasmine lends a mild sweetness to the tea. If you are one to add sweeteners, you may find that you don't need as much as you are accustomed to, it any at all.

Additionally, the packaging provides more than adequate protection for transit and storage.
295658295658B001E5E1WSA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"1241225497600FloweryThe tea is of excellent quality and is packaged with great care. I like it but I prefer the more bitter black or even green tea. I adore the scent of jasmine in the air when I'm out walking and pass a flowering plant so I thought I might enjoy it in my tea too. I don't dislike it, I just prefer unflavored green or black tea.
295660295660B001E5E1WSA1R1BFJCMWX0Y3KO1241224720000YummyI love Jasmine tea and the smell, this is a great tea and the fact that it's organic is even better. I would definitly purchase this!
295659295659B001E5E1WSAJ7XTRLI3EUC4Sid V "Sid"1241224892800Very mellow , very niceWhen I saw this white organic tea, I had to try it. The tea is smoother and a bit sweeter than green or black tea, which is a plus for because I do not put sugar or milk in my tea. The tea has organic lavender which adds a floral note to the tea. I probably would have preferred this tea without the lavender since, after one cup the lavender starts to become too much for my taste. Still, I highly recommend you try this tea. Remember, this is loose tea, no bags. Tea bags are usually just powdered tea leaves. When you enter the world of loose tea, you are entering another dimension of tea drinking. If you are just starting to drink loose tea or want to start. This tea might be a good option or you can try some of the other Rishi teas. They are all pretty good. Also, pick up a good tea pot like the Copco Ceramic Tea Pot With Stainless-Steel Lid and Infuser available on AZ.

Update: I have been brewing this white tea with some Rishi black tea. I put just a pinch of white tea with a teaspoon of black tea. The combination is most excellent.
295661295661B001E5E1WSA25KVM6GJBLISZJohn F. Wright0141224720000Very GoodI would prefer if they didn't include the Jasmine flowers, the slightly flowery aroma doesn't appeal to me. Otherwise this is an excellent tea. The taste is good and as it says, it is not bitter. The flavor is not really "mild". (some teas have tasted like warm water, this tea definitely has flavor and brews surprisingly dark)

With this type of high quality tea, I do recommend following the brewing directions exactly (185 degree water, 4 to 5 minutes steep time).

I use purified water to make this, and add some honey, a half dozen drops of lemon juice and a quarter teaspoon of vitamin C. The result is excellent.
295662295662B001E5E1WSA1PNK8D4LYAYIUH. Tran "Superman"0211334102400Big Disappoint and Cannot ReturnI bought this tea beause of the description 100% tea leave and Jasmine flower. However, when i brew it the only thing i see in my tea is that twigs and twigs and alot of freaking twigssssss i dont even seee a single tea leave. IM so very UPSET, and they wont let me return it.
295663295663B001E5E1WSA12XDEMP7PQPDTD. DEGEORGE0241224720000Good Chinese teaThis Rishi product is an attractively packaged loose tea with a delicate jasmine flavor. Organic and fair-traded, it is a fine alternative to other jasmine teas. The steeping instructions are no-nonsense and work well. It would be nice if this tea were also available in a tea-bag form.
295664295664B001E5E1WSA3I2XRSKNKDVWAD. Otero3831225152000Overpowered with JasmineI love tea!!! I also make it a point to buy organic products as much as possible. I was really looking forward to trying this tea but found it disappointing.

The jasmine is so strong that I found it overpowering. I tried making it again using much less tea and steeping only briefly but the jasmine was still too strong. I will not buy this product in the future.
295665295665B001E5E1WSA3D822N1K2IAQDKenneth Stuart2731224979200Still not sure why they add Jasmine...First, the positives:

- Very well packaged, with two caps to keep air and light out.
- Seems like a high quality white tea from its appearance.
- A pleansant, enjoyable tea

But, after all that, I'm not sure why they add Jasmine to this.

The point of a high quality single source tea, is to enjoy the unique flavor of that tea.

Instead, it is totally drowned out by the strong flavor of Jasmine. I don't mind Jasmine, in fact I sometimes order Jasmine tea at Chinese restaurants. But that is always added to a relatively average oolong tea base.

So, there is no point to using a very expensive and unusual white tea, if you are going to drown it in Jasmine.

Yes, white tea has health benefits, but so does green tea, oolong tea, and black tea.

White tea has a very nice flavor, so don't drown it out.

While I love strawberries, I would not want the juice of fresh strawberries added to 1982 Lafite Rothschild wine. That is what this is like. I don't know how marketing guys come up with these ideas...
295666295666B001E5E1WSA2RHV42BTJSVONLiolania "In2Jesus"3931224979200I'm a tea snob, and this tea is just subpar.When I had this tea I was just coming off of a bad case of food poisoning, so basically all bad flavors were inhanced and all good flavors were down played.

The key thing about any good tea is the grade of the tea. Most bagged teas have dust in them, which is the lowest grade of tea possible, and explains why most bagged tea is bitter and is akin to having manure in a cup. Of course over steeping your tea will also account for a bitter taste, but all you need to know is that most green teas are about 3 minutes, black teas are about 3 and a 1/2, white is about 3, and herbals really can be just about any legnth of time depending on the potency you want for your herbal. Although, usually I steep herbals for 4 minutes. This is of course measuring by the teaspoon, and you measure a teaspoon per cup (of tea, not water). A cup is measure by a traditional tea cup which is somewhere near six ounces usually.

White teas are meant to be subtle, if you want a strong tea, drink black, probably along the lines of assam, or maybe a nice darjeeling. So, kep this is mind with this tea, the point is a nice subtle flavor that is almost like drinking a lightly flavored water. So you may ask, why am I drinking a subtle tea when I can't taste well? Because I know that if it is bad quality tea, the bad quality will truly show, since I could only really taste bad flavors at te time.

When I drank the tea, I thought the bitter taste was just me until my friend (female) told me that hers was just as bitter, and then we deduced that the grade of the tea was very low. This is pretty common with companies that mass produce tea in stores. There are a lot of companies that mass produce tea and they taste great, but most of the companies are mail order or online ordering only, companies like Mark T. Wendel or The Cultured Cup, which has one of the most delightful teas ever, Wedding Imperial.

I love white tea and Jasmine so this tea was a huge disapointment, although not entirely unexpected. The Jasmine taste was lovely, but was lost because of the overall bitterness of the white tea, a great shame when it comes to white tea. Organic does not always mean great because it is all about quality when it comes to tea. Organic usually means better, but not in this case. And no, I did not burn the tea, I brought my water to a steam and only steaped it for 3 minutes rather then the reccomended 4. However, this tea was very delicious with peach tea. A combination another one of my friends (male) who hates white tea came up with.

God Bless ~Amy
295667295667B001E5E1WSA14G4Y8XFOQQQZJ. Campbell "consumer"0631226275200Nice floral flavors... but at such a high price!I really enjoyed this fresh fragrant Jasmine White tea for what it was, but I would never personally spend so much for it.

Perhaps I am not enough of a connoisseur to fully appreciate the subtle differences between this and other Jasmine teas I have also enjoyed. Maybe I am just a cheapskate, but I can't justify buying something 4-5 times more expensive for a moderate increase in (discernible) quality. My star rating is based on cost averaged against taste. Cost= 2stars taste= 4stars
295668295668B0006NI238A2MLXWU6GWF643E. Rhoades0051261180800Best Cookies ever!I ordered a couple different cookies from Scott's Cakes. I loved every single one of them. The are homemade for sure, none are the same size, or look exactly the same, so you can pass them off as if you baked all day. I ate so many cookies, I should have been sick! They were so moist, and delicious. I will order from Scott's from now on.
295669295669B0006NI238A2C6FTF0AVPFF4bebbaki0051252713600SIMPLY THE BESTIf you love macaroon texture and you love almond flavor - these are for you. They are by far the best cookies I have ever had in a macaroon. I order them one day, and they are delivered within 2-3 days. They come fresh, soft, well packaged and wonderful.

They freeze well if you get them frozen within a day or two of receipt. Also, wrap them very very well to maintain their texture.
295670295670B0006NI238A1DV05PJCWSRT0Mina3333 "Batgirl"1311262390400DisappointingI must admit that I did not taste the cookies, so they may have been fantastic. However, I purchased this item for a gift and when it arrived in a plain white pastry box sealed with Saran wrap... I was disappointed from the start. When I peeked inside to see if the cookies were individually wrapped, dry crumbs leaked out of the sides from the unwrapped cookies on the interior. I won't purchase this product or any other from this seller again.
295671295671B004I66L8WA3IBEVCTXKNOHKathy A. Welch "katwel"0041331596800training treatsLittle Stars are the right size for training treats. I have not offered the Cheddar Cheese bites yet but our dogs love the sweet potato ones.
295672295672B0017TX3VGA3HOZ6EWOZL51A_Snafu_101011302566400IrradiatedWas unaware this product was made and irradiated in China
Amazon should really have a country of origin for all products listed on
especially when irradiated

I'm quite uncomfortable with buying food products made in China. Even more so for pet products, where the track record is dubious at best.

I know the FDA approves of food irradiation, but I remain skeptical
and China's guidelines(on pet goods especially) are much more laxed than those of the FDA
295673295673B0017TX3VGA3219AR6UF18MNDachshund MaMa1151256774400Smokehouse Duck Tenders for my dogsMy little dogs love the Smokehouse Duck Tenders and they are a good weight conscious treat for them! I'm glad Amazon usually has them in stock. they are worth the price!
295674295674B0017TX3VGA18HNY48GV3ATBDebra C. Honerkamp1151256256000Smokehouse 100% Natural Duck Breast TendersMy dogs love most all of Smokehouse products. The Duck Breast Tenders will be loved by all dog owners. Dogs love them
295675295675B0017TX3VGA3ROW9JDOBD4WKUsable goods1151250812800Spoiled Pom Loves Em!My spoiled Pomeranian LOVES these treats! I like them because they are natural. No preservatives etc... They are a bit expensive but my spoiled Pom doesnt care about the price!
295676295676B0017TX3VGAYOPJM9VO22FII care about my dog0011331251200Smokehouse Dog TreatsIf you love your dogs do not buy this Smokehouse product ,Its made in China and any product made in China you can not trust to be safe , I only want to give quality products to our pets but i can not trust any product made in China . Do Not Buy
295677295677B0017TX3VGA1RHVY64TOPZ2KBill And Michelle Wolf "opinionated"0041328745600my dog has wheat allergies and loves these!These are hard to find in stores but worth the trip.
They're called "duckducks" at our house and the dog goes WILD when we say it.
The strips are long so I actually take time after each bag purchase and cut them with scissors into 1" lengths which stretches my dollar!
It only contains duck which is great for a dog allergic to wheat (wants to gnaw off her paw when eats anything with wheat).
Yes, I just read and looked at package and they are made in China but affixed sticker on package says "Lab tested in USA".
Aren't most things made in China? We're all looking for a bargain. PLUS it says "treated with radiation for your safety!"
WHO wouldn't want that!? Haha!! Anyway, I'm still getting these for my dog.
295678295678B0017TX3VGA1DOF8SDSGKF75A. Pacheco0011323043200Made In China, Will Be ReturnedUnfortunately, I read a review here that states these treats are made in China. I was not aware of this before ordering. My policy is to never, never, never give your loved ones pet products (or any kind of food products IMO) from China. They don't care about what goes into their junk. After the melamine and other scandals, they can't be trusted!! Here's more: [...]..
I will return this as soon as it arrives. I should know that if it doesn't say Made in the USA, it is likely from China and to be avoided. Search the literature yourselves if you wish.
295679295679B0017TX3VGA25CT0E53LE2TDnatausha0041320364800not badMy dogs like this treat pretty well. They are a little on the dry side, but I have bought other treats that were also dry and they seem to like these better. I would buy them again.
295680295680B0017TX3VGAIPT0A4UNNAPRanimal health0011299715200TerribleThis product was irradiated for preservation. I personnally don't like this type of method and consider that my dog deserves a better treat for his good behavior and certainly for his health.

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