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295711295711B003WLC4VCA3IW0L9LJIG94UK. Koval "Kelly"1151315612800MagicalCliff Bar White Chocolate Macademia Nut Granola Bars are BY FAR the most delicious granola bars I have ever tasted. I eat one (half a pack) right after a workout to help put some health sugar levels back in my body. A couple grams of fiber, a couple grams of protein, a couple grams of fat = the PERFECT snack for health blood sugar levels for me. Love them!
295712295712B003WLC4VCAHWQNLEQRFUYNColleen P. Perry "Peanutfish"1151288310400Excellent!I love these bars. They are lighter and crisper than the nature valley brand. Being that they have protein as well they make it a better choice to stave off hunger.
295713295713B003WLC4VCARZL0MKSVHNPISharon L. Faulk "linnefaulk"1151284422400Best crunchy granola bar!I have been trying to eat better. And I have been going on photo walks. I find that I need something with me in case I get hungry. Fruit doesn't travel well. Granola bars do well in my bag. But chewy bars get too sticky. And most crunchy granola bars are so hard I am always worried I would lose a tooth or two. I saw these at Nutrition S'mart yesterday and picked them up. I tried one before I got home. They have a great crunch, not too hard, and a wonderful flavor. Now I want to try the other flavors but my local Nutrition S'mart only had 2.
295714295714B003WLC4VCAV15W3FPLQPN0MikeDidIt "Have a great one!"1151283558400Yum-O!OK, I've eaten a lot of granola bars that supposedly contain peanut butter but these are the first one that REALLY taste like peanut butter. Probably the finest compliment I can offer is that if I was going to make a crunchy peanut butter granola bar at home, I'm not sure I could make them better than these. Anyway, these are highly recommended if you want a delicious crunchy peanut butter granola bar that just happens to have all the nutrition we've come to expect from CLIF. Yum-O!
295715295715B003WLC4VCA32K6WN17LBZHOphatso3411325894400crappythe best part was the white chocolate, but you can buy that anywhere for cheap

this crap crumbles into thousands of pieces when you take a bite, so you can't even anywhere with you. Gotta eat it over the kitchen sink as it is so messy

avoid this at all costs. Buy the chewy counterpart instead
295716295716B003WLC4VCAAFMY4T753D99markpittsnh2331312329600Amazing bar! Too expensive @ amazon!Why is the box of 10 $10 @ Amazon when I can buy this for $4 at the grocery store? Is there a pricing problem?
295717295717B003WLC4VCA3CMCXOQMENRDXkaoticrunner0041349481600crunchy crunchgreat snack, with a great price! I would recommend, I enjoy the cliff brand especially this flavor. It is neutral and not overwhelming.
295718295718B003WLC4VCALJLFJL98JRCS. Cahill0051345593600ExcellentThese bars are awesome. The White Chocolate Macadamia is the only one I've tried, but it's goood. The only complaint is they break part too easily, but I can say, much better than Nature Valley. I hope these stay around for a while.
295719295719B003WLC4VCA2YI0Z3R92B76PMeowser0051344816000Yum!These bars are the perfect crunchiness. I can eat both bars without my teeth hurting! Great for breakfast or snack.
295720295720B003WLC4VCA1NCL0TBDZZBPGRyan Young0031344384000Great taste but some drawbacksThese taste great but they are small bars. My biggest complaint is that I have to eat these while standing over a sink or trash to avoid making a mess. I've gone through 6 or 7 boxes and not one package has had two completely intact bars. Most of the time there are just lots of crumbles from the edges of the bars but occasionally you'll find a bar that was jostled around enough to be broken into three or more pieces. Certainly, this is a combination of the composition of the granola bar and lack of completely protective packaging. But be warned that you will have lots of crumbled Clif Crunch bars if you order this through Amazon.
295721295721B003WLC4VCA1WR13GFYD4TD8Janice M. Larsen "Jan's portrait dolls"0051344211200Great Granola BarLove, love, love these! My husband first brought one of these home from the New York - Five Boro Tour, and I am hooked on them.
295722295722B003WLC4VCANGFDOSY7R38LMonica A. Sloan0041341360000a dark chocolate lovers' delight, a blueberry lover's disappointment"Cocoa" is the ingredient on the label of the chocolate peanut butter Clif crunch bars but I found these Clif Crunch snack bars less overly-sweet than many others. They taste like they contain dark, as opposed to the easy-to-find milk, chocolate. I recommend them to dark chocolate lovers and ordered three more boxes, straight-away.

On the other hand, the blueberry bars are a loser, in my opinion. There is only a faint blueberry flavor. This blueberry-lover would just love one choc-full of dried blueberries, adding the appropriate blueberry flavor to these crunchy snack bars.
295723295723B003WLC4VCA3CBEWYCWBMJMUVtach0051341273600Great BarsI really liked these bars. They are really good. Finished them in a week and would definitely order again. I wish I could find a coupon
295724295724B003WLC4VCA1RC6AKHUZKRQSAmy0011339718400Don't buy from hereI was expecting two packs of these like the description said, instead I only got one box. It was a total rip off.
295725295725B003WLC4VCA25B2PE3R4W12AK. Snider0051333929600YumI came across these granola bars as part of the Subscribe & Save program. Much to my dismay, the subscription service option was discontinued. They are so good, however, I've continued to purchase them. Even my children really like them and they usually only like granola bars if they are packed with so much sugar and covered in chocolate to the point you can't distinguish them from a candy bar.

I like the Clif brand and what the company is trying to do, besides offering a more wholesome granola bar without compromising taste.

The granola bars are certified organic by QAI and packaging is made from 100% recycled material. Hey, every little bit helps when you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint.
295726295726B003WLC4VCAU6Z3CTNGMV57Nickie Bauman0051329004800So yummy!!!I wasn't real confident that these were going to taste all that great, but my expectations were far exceeded! These bars are so very tasty! Easily the best crunchy bar I've ever had.
295727295727B003WLC4VCAJD0X7ZQGXZ3YBenjamin0051328832000Clif never lets me downThis crunch granola bar is on par with every other product from Clif. It is, as the name would imply, very crunch and extremely delicious. My favorite granola bar was Nature Valley, but this definitely took the cake. Simply put, it's delicious.
295728295728B003WLC4VCAM1CDKKWWEL26MJ "MJ"0031327276800Pretty good for CRUNCHYI normally do not like "crunchy" bars because its a hit and miss proposition. Sometimes too hard, sometimes too soft (feel like Goldilocks). But the taste and texture gets a passing grade from me. Will buy more.
295729295729B003WLC4VCAXOK499498TW4sanj0041326585600Clif crunch barsLove the peanut butter crunch bars. Normally buy them at Walmart for 3.99 per box. Walmart has been out so I looked here. $15.75 is outrageous for 2 boxes.
295730295730B003WLC4VCA186TSUWYFQ2HRJ. Deveau0051326153600Great tasting bars!I've tried a wide variety of granola bars and I have to say, these are some really great tasting bars. If you like peanut butter, you will love these. Each box comes with 5 packages of 2 bars a piece. These are a great snack for the middle of the day. I'm looking forward to trying out the other flavors. If you get it with S&S, the price is very low as well. Overall, this is a great granola bar at a great price!
295731295731B003WLC4VCA35D62MHUHJXFQBeleg Cuthalion0051326153600Another Great Product from ClifI prefer these over comparable granola bars in both taste and texture, and the fact that Clif uses 'Organic' ingredients is an added bonus. I am an avid hiker, and these have held up better than other brands on my hikes.
295732295732B003WLC4VCA3DY462XT2G4N2L. Haskell0041326067200Yummy bars!My daughter loves these bars. The order came quickly. No complaints whatsoever. The only thing I would mention is that these bars are crumbly and do not "travel well" compared to the softer bars out there. So I think we will have some softer bars for travel and these bars when travel is not an issue. Hope that makes sense!
295733295733B003WLC4VCA3BPG7BARRAV8IV. J. Clark0041325808000Good bar, good priceThese snacks are perfect for the on the go exercise enthusiast. They don't taste too sugary and are a great pick me up for when I need to replenish on the food front. For the price I paid, I'm very satisfied.
295734295734B003WLC4VCA1NIX2WA2ZKLV7pushpin0051324944000Filling and taste great too!I like Clif bars because they taste good but not great enough that you want to eat a whole lot of them. These crunch bars are no exception. I usually have clif bars in my school bag to stave off hunger during classes before succumbing to the call of a vending machine.

The Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor is a bit too sweet for my tastes which was a little surprising for a Clif bar (but it is chocolate). I like that each packet comes with two thin bars rather than one big granola bar - great for sharing or portioning.
295735295735B003WLC4VCA24ENO0BGZVL2Yme0041324771200tastes greatPackaged well item tastes great can be messy when you attempt to eat that clif bar falls apart. However I want more of this product.
295736295736B003WLC4VCAJP7B53DREX6DS. Lee "AmazinBuyer"0041324512000Delicious! But Too Crumbly!I like Clif products in general and this one is also pretty good. It tastes good and it has better list of ingredients than the more processed ones from Nature's Valley, etc. But the thing crumbles too much. It doesn't hold together very well and from the moment you open the package, there's crumbs all over you. Just be aware of it. It's tasty and crunchy as they say on the package.
295737295737B003WLC4VCASGZWHJWXJPGEJ.0021323475200Too crunchy!The bars taste good, but they are REALLY crunchy! It's almost impossible to eat them and not make a huge mess of crumbs--definitely not good for taking on the go to eat in the car!
295738295738B003WLC4VCA1B1OB78L65E5ZXiaolangdi0051323388800Organic and not too sweetThere is a definite, crisp and crunchy texture to these bars. Some other bars have a slight chemical aftertaste. These are probably healthier then cereal.
295739295739B003WLC4VCAIKML9932XXD5Catherine G. Mayes0051322956800Clif Crunch BarsMy grandson, who is in special forces training in the Air Force requested these. Needs a lot of protein for his training. Asked me not to send cookies or junk food. Wanted these instead. Lots easier than cooking, packaging, and trips to the post office.
He said his favorite is the Blueberry bars.
295740295740B003WLC4VCA3F4MTHUH9F4U9Kim0051322870400Clif Crunch BarI love these things! Usually they go on sale on Amazon and I only buy them when they are about $6 - 7 for the pack of two. My favorite kind is the white chocolate macadamia nut. However, when I bought them I wasn't expecting them to be quite so messy. They are definitely crunchy, and you will get crumbs everywhere - so keep that in mind. Otherwise I love the things! I'm a college student so this is a good breakfast or snack on my walk to class.

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