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295801295801B000LKTXHAAWTY26R1ULAAYruss0051331078400Healthy and solidThis is the second time I have ordered the whole kernal rye. Delivery is quick. The bread is hearty, healthy and low glycemic. Very pleased and will continue to order due to convenience and quality.
295802295802B000LKTXHAA3M4L2TPEZ4UY4tiebreak0041326844800WonderfulFor many years I have been searching
for a bread, which is healthy and yet
great tasting. This is it.
295803295803B000LKTXHAAWTLQ951H3FJCSouthern Gentleman0051323216000Healthy and Tasty Bread with Relatively Long Shelf LifeMestemacher whole rye bread is a tasty and healthy alternative to "standard" grocery store bread. I found the bread to have a surprisingly good taste.
295804295804B0018QC8EGA2U7U9VZYLDENDPamela S. Dolber1151286582400Truly Indian Aloo MatarI was happy to find a source for this comfort food that I discovered in a grocery store while on vacation on Cape Cod.
It came promptly and in perfect condition. Thank You Amazon.
295805295805B0018QC8EGA2CKTXZ7FDPO1UJ. LIN0021338336000Not terribly great...I've had better "boil-in-a-bag" style Indian food packages before from other brands like TastyBite. It's not awful, but I'm not tempted to buy another flavor from the same company.
295806295806B000LQNK5UA3OA0HGD9OTX4Joni Ellsworth "Rowdy Texan"8841257811200Spicy and FishyLet me start off by saying, I love Nong Shim bowl noodles! At this price, I couldn't pass them up!

I prefer the original spicy, but decided to give the Spicy Seafood a try this time. There is a fishy scent, which I found unappealling at first, but have since learned to live with. Also, this variety is not nearly as spicy as I would prefer, and certainly less spicy than the original flavor bowls. There are bits of dried crab and shrimp in the bowls, along with nice size pieces of mushroom and green onion (and other vegetables as well). As with other Shim products, the noodles taste great and seem to be a better quality than other brands of instant noodles.

I add a few dashes of tabasco, black pepper and a pinch of garlic powder before adding the water. This takes care of the fishy smell (for the most part) and brings the spiciness level up as well.
295807295807B000LQNK5UA70BSERKJY06NE. Wilson6651289260800Great Seafood Flavor.These noodles have great seafood flavor, and just the right amount of heat. It's no wonder with all of the natural ingredients. Proof that ramen can be more than salty flavorless noodles.
295808295808B000LQNK5UA1UQUDT2Q0YENMMichael3351310515200Very good, not nearly as spicy as the hot and spicyI like these a lot but I was expecting as spicy as the Hot and Spicy variety. Nong Shim Bowl Noodle, Hot and Spicy, 3.03-Ounce Bowls (Pack of 12) Still I don't always want as spicy and my kids don't do well with the Hot and Spicy so these definitely have their place.

I like throwing a few pre-cooked frozen shrimp in and adding a little more hot water. Sometimes I'll add some frozen sweet white corn instead. I just think they make a great quick snack. I don't think they're as bad for you as some people say as long as you don't drink the broth which I don't do. I'm sure I pour a lot of the sodium down the drain!
295809295809B000LQNK5UA2BPDMGP2K1GFEAbbee J. Jacobsen "Abbee"2251313539200awesomethe noodles are great and the broth is ok, add some hot sauce and call it a meal. great buy for the money, i highly recommend if you like ramon.
295810295810B000LQNK5UA3EAOOTMSRA0L1An N. Nguyen2251291334400good stuffLots of MSG and sodium, not really good for your health but oh so yummy.
The bowl makes it convenient. Just pour hot water in, wait a few minutes and enjoy. The separate seasoning package is a nice touch, allowing you to season to your liking by putting in more or less of the powder to suit for taste. The bowl seamed to be a little less spicy than the package....but it is perfect for me. I am buying more as soon as I run out.
295811295811B000LQNK5UA10ZBR6O8S8OCYDat Hong2241287964800Tasty but not healty!These instant noodles pack a good amount of fat and sodium. You shouldn't be eating this every day but oh man is it tasty. I normally just make a bowl at night time when I got the munchies. You can reduce the amount of sodium by using less of the package of flavoring and not drinking the soup, but what's the fun in that? Great for a quick snack, but beware the sodium and fat! Try throwing a few boiled shrimps in with your noodles. Taste even better!
295812295812B000LQNK5UA258VG6CQ31Q1CSylk0041330300800Perfect for lunch or a late mealMy husband and I are working in the Middle East, he absolutly loves these. If we can not get away to have a meal, these are perfect. And since he is a seafood fanatic, it satisfies his cravings till he can get to where he can have some of his favorites back home. We will definatly be ordering more!!!!
295813295813B000LQNK5UA2CEOUMTN48ZLCJ. Chao0041316044800Pretty goodPros: Cheap comfort food that satisfy your instant noodle cravings. Definitely good for our current state of the economy. Doesn't spoil easily so its good to stock up in case of hurricane or other natural disaster.

Cons: You get sick of it if you eat too much of it meaning you shouldn't eat more than 3 times a week. Its not the healthiest thing for you. This is basically junk food.
295814295814B000LQNK5UA3D1UGMAKAB0LIAbue0031304380800Same base soup as the hot spicy nongshim product.I've tried these ones out and the Big Bowl Hot spicy, and they're almost identical in taste mainly because they use the main base soup. They're okay the first two times you eat them, however, the burning taste gets old quick. If I had known the same base is used for this one too I would have just bought the big bowl soup instead of this smaller bowl sized noodles.
295815295815B000LQNK5UA3QZHHPVT3DG8Badyc0041265760000good spicy noodlesthis noodle is surprisingly tasty. though it advertise as spicy but i don't think it is that spicy more like mild to me.
295816295816B000LQNK5UA1EFMSUWY6L9LYCarolyn J. Morris "Caroline"0031256601600Fishy NoodelsI really, really like Nong Shim Noodle Bowls. They're more substantial than the Cup of Noodles that I also like.

I found the seafood Nong Shim Noodles, just a bit too fishy for me. The flavor was good, but the aroma was not to my liking.
295817295817B000HQMZM8A3F5ZR7SYEIHY8Luis Villa "Oodles"2251235433600Oodles of NoodlesThese noodles arrived right away and the tase and condition was very good even right down to the flavor packet. I will purchase these again
295818295818B000HQMZM8A235CNBI5CWYKEBusy Mom2251219017600Good BuyYou can get these in the store for approx. the same price per package, however with Amazon you save on gas for pick up. Great taste
295819295819B00375LB2GA2BPB05QNCE00BStacey B.0051347580800Great for craftingI'm using these sprinkles for resin so I cannot comment on the taste or how they would stand up in baking.

I use these inside my resin pieces to add cuteness and they work great. They are brightly colored and I love that they come in such a large package. These will last me a while.
295820295820B00375LB2GA3EX8ZFNVDHGPMS. Mitchell "samintx"0051341100800Just what I wanted for my 4th of July cupcakes!I could not find red or blue locally. I wanted more than little bottles anyway because I decorate mucho cupcakes and cakes. Great to have a nice big sack for Christmas and other baking projects.
295821295821B002ZH9980A1IFKADK4PTPDRMaureen Keating "Moe"0051325030400Zipp FizzHas a really good flavor with no bad after-taste. This product has healthy ingredients and is low calorie, too. It's a good pick me up if you're really tired, or if you are trying to fight off an illness. I highly recommend Zip-Fizz fruit punch flavor.
295822295822B00168AE7OA3QK7TD8GMJ271M. Saunders0041225152000Taste of the PastWhen I was a child shopping at A&P, my mother bought Bob's Mints. They had small square boxes of little twists of red and white candy. We had the big poles in our stockings; they cost $.19. and large $.05 canes on the tree. Today it is hard to find good peppermint. I would have given this a ***** but now Bob's is made in Mexico. Dear owners of Bob's Candy, USA candy makers made your brand. Why did you go to Mexico and take the very jobs that made your empire. That was wrong. Clean up your act and make candy back where you started. BE SWEET!
295823295823B005BSR8OCA1F9DWYCZRDN27fst2241326844800very happyvery happy with price and taste of this coffee we rate it one of the better tasting coffees that we have used
295824295824B006UD2FEAAGNSNX5JC67MHFIRE WITCH0011346112000WILL NOT ORDER AGAINVery unhappy with this purchase, Arrived broken up and tasted stale. But the box came in looking fine and air packs inside were ok. I can only assume bad pkg from the malefactor.
295825295825B006UD2FEAAGNSNX5JC67MHFIRE WITCH0011346112000DISAPPOINTEDDISAPPOINTED!!!! Not returnable, too bad. Packaging from Amazon seemed great as usual. And box was not crushed or battered etc, air packets were in-tact. But they tasted stale and were broken up. No expiration date on package. Canceled my subscription post haste.
295826295826B00694HJNMA2GWIAK99OL2QSMichael Anne Kirschner2241340064000Great All-Around EVOOI received a sample of this as a member of BzzAgent, and I've been very impressed. Typically, I'm a bit of an olive oil snob, and I've tried tons of brands before this one, settling on the Whole Foods brand. Filippo Berio is replacing my every day cooking EVOO now. It has a great flavor, works well in the recipes my husband and I make, and the price is outstanding. I think it will do nicely as a dipping oil as well when I happen to not have any of the more expensive stuff on hand.
295827295827B00694HJNMA2O9UK5B50KKYBcharliebargain0051348272000We love this olive oilThis olive oil is very good and we love it.
I use it to cook chicken. That seems like
a novel idea, but it enhances the flavor
of baked chicken breasts.
295828295828B00694HJNMA165PNMNW5EDSPCarolyn Morrow1411346371200Olive oil in plastic bottle!I should have known, since it had the Kirkland brand, that it would be packaged in plastic. I do NOT normally buy the Kirland brand. I have cancelled my Costco membership due to their failure to be honest with their members concerning their notification of the way their organic chicken and other meats are handled.
295829295829B000EGUYO2A2CBTAU51FTUF9Lois Trembly "Loika"5551155686400Good Snack for DiabeticsThis is a good snack to carry in a purse for when I need a quick snack. It is high protein and low sugar which is good for my diabetes requirements. Also it is easy to eat because of its small size. I like the zip lock bag so that I can eat two or three and close up the bag. I am always looking for quick and easy snacks for my diet requirements. This hits the target and also hits the taste spot, too!
295830295830B000EGUYO2ARU3C5FWZ9SIXD. Johnson "DJ"3351170374400Great Product!I LOVE the white sesame crunch. It has just enough flavor to keep you munching. It's better than a candy bar or bag of chips. Hard to find in the area and no problem ordering it. Same good quality - same great taste.

I'd recommend it - but don't expect tons of flavor and spice - that it doesn't have.

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