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295861295861B000LQNK5AA1LJEZ5CYQD1S1Pete2251249516800Best Noodle Bowl YetI gotta say this kimchi noodle bowl taste great.
It has very deep kimchi taste. Its not too spicy so you can acutally take the soup flavor instead of the spices.
I would recommend these to all kimchi lovers.
295862295862B000LQNK5AAV3WP7MHSRIZJuan Cardenas "JCC"2251249084800kimchi = yum!wife's favorite noodle bowl
295863295863B000LQNK5AA2T6Y46LE5FU6ZKelly L "whiztig"1141252713600Spice up your soupThe Kimchi bowls from Nong Shim are much more flavorful than other dry noodle soups. The spicy flavors are great when you have a cold. I buy them regularly as well as other Nong Shim soups.
295864295864B000LQNK5AA38NHXL5257E3BBig Dawg "Big Dawg"3451242691200Great instant hunger fixer!Being at work for 10+ hours a day, this is under my desk in case I get hungry. It has been great emergency food, it is tasty and spicy (but not too spicy). If you are looking for an upgrade from the cup-o-noodles from 7-11, give this a try!
295865295865B000LQNK5AA3NDO2FC0GOWCHLee D. Stamper3451238457600Spicey asian noodlesThis is really nice for a quick lunch or dinner, just add hot water and let set. This is also very good with a peanut butter sandwich. has the lowest price anywhere. I highly recommend trying this product.
295866295866B000LQNK5AATQAUU0NXDOKIGene C. Evans0031323216000Not Bad, Not GreatFairly tasty and filling, however there are other products from Nong Shim that I would recommend over this one. The noodles are not as good as those in the packaged soups, don't know why, and there is not a great deal of kimchi. It is nice and hot though, as I would expect from Nong Shim.
295867295867B000LQNK5AA2IOKA7AQYLLZUA. N. Kershner "Igloolik"0041255219200Spicy!I've been a fan of the Cup of Noodles type things for years now. They're cheap, and they're usually pretty tasty. Recently, my local grocery store started carrying the Nong Shim bowl noodles, so I tried a couple flavors, and absolutely fell in love. I'm a huge fan of spicy food, and these are as spicy as they get. I would give it 5 stars, but, like most freeze-dried products, they don't always cook very well. It depends a lot on the temperature of the water, and how long you let it sit. Not really this company's fault specifically, but it is an inherent flaw in the concept of freeze-dried food. Still, this is the best brand of its kind, and the Kimchi is the best flavor.
295868295868B000LQNK5AAWBA6E5E1FIR8CorpsePenis0041254614400Tasty, filling ramen, but not every-day.I bought this box after trying my first Nong-Shim noodle a few weeks prior. These have lots of taste and aroma. They make a great quick lunch or dinner. Although not advertised on the packaging, these are still spicy and hot; however, not nearly as hot as the ones labeled 'spicy'. I do enjoy these, however they are not something I can eat everyday. However, its probably not healthy to eat instant ramen every day anyways! The size is plenty for me. They fill me up well. Keep a box of tissues around though, as you may experience 'running-nose' due to both the temperature of the broth and the spiciness of the soup. I look forward to buying other Nong-Shim noodle products in the future.

Overall: Excellent noodles. Flavor is strong but not over the top. Not nearly as spicy as other flavors(You decide whether that be a good thing or a bad thing). Actual noodle taste of Nong-Shim products is much richer than other brands, which is what I love about Nong-Shim.
295869295869B000LQNK5AA2YMS9UK1A9OF2Jeff0041252713600Spicy and a good base!Nong Shim noodle bowls are good quality and have nicely flavored soup bases. This Kimchi flavored choice has good spice and balance with a pinch of the usual dehydrated vegetables and good quality dry noodles. The preparation instructions are clear and accurate. I usually add stuff to soups for more substance. Leftover beef, veggies, tomatoes, or chicken work fine and can add a "meal" status to this product vs the "snack" status. I find the Nong Shim soups to be better than the usual cheaper ramen fare, but usually you get what you pay for! If you want the next step up, try Annie Chun's brand. The Nong Shim noodle bowls are very convenient but none can compete with your mother's or grandmother's homemade versions, in my opinion!
295870295870B000LQNK5AARVHYJCA9XA76ginalulu0141276819200Not badJust like Top Ramen, but spicier. Not too spicy, but not plain either. I'd have this rather than Top Ramen, if I had to choose.
295871295871B000LQNK5AAJGY89N8LUBANC. Courter0141265500800My lips feel the heat more then my tongue...Which is kinda odd to me. The taste isn't all that spectacular, nor is it so hot that I can't finish it with out something to drink near by. It is nice to have when its really cold out though, but any hot liquid can say the same thing. My coworker really liked it, as it made her cry from the spices. I'll buy her some when it goes on sale again.

Wish it weren't so nutritionally bad for you.
295872295872B000EUINE6A2PUJW3I43NMX1Robin Murray "mrshogrider88"1151192579200Terrific Product!!When I got a kitten and took it to the Vet for it's exam and shots, they had given me a sample pack of this product and my kitty loved it-he even learned when I said" kitty want a treat" he would jump up on the counter where his treats are kept! That's why I looked for more and ordered them. He loves them!!Butler NutriSentials Lean Treats Nutritional Rewards for Cats (six 3.5-oz resealable bags)
295873295873B000EUINE6A1Z16XWBCKHB93April B.0051341360000My older cat loves these!These are a hit with my older female kitty. I used to get similar treats at the pet store, but either they don't carry them anymore, or PETCO charges about $7 per bag for a 2 oz bag! She LOVES these, and I like that they're healthy.
295874295874B000EUINE6A3J39KX08PTO61Patricia0051333238400My cat will eat it!My cat will eat this. I use it like a pill pocket as my cat will eat this but not the pill pocket. I think it's cause there's liver in it?
295875295875B000EUINE6A2OY6FD3OC5MD1abarton0051325635200kitty treatsMy cat absolutely looooves these! We found these at our vet and so i looked online to find them. She really doesn't care for many treats at all but these.
295876295876B000EUINE6AY24K1TAWFF2GRose "tea lover"0051319241600cat loverI first got this product at my vet. My cats prefer this to anything else out there.
It does contain wheat, which is not naturally what cats eat, so they only get it sparingly.Better ingredients than the other treats out there. The only thing they like more is freeze dried salmon and shrimp, which is very pricey.
295877295877B000EUINE6A32XZE27I68AWAK0051310515200My cat LOVES these!!!My cat loves these treats and they are good for him. Buying them through Amazon was way more reasonable than buying them through the vet's office, and I could not find them in any stores.
295878295878B000EUINE6A1IHVI25IA0400Doreen C. Jensen "DeeDee Jensen"0051259625600Great cat treatsOf all the cat treats out there in the market, this one is by far the favorite for my cat. She always got a package at Christmas time from a friend and I finally found them here on Amazon. It's a product I could not locate in any store locally, so I bought a whole case of them. I don't think you (or your cats!) will be disappointed.
295879295879B003FX3VYQA3GN1KG9L4ORQCC. West1151319760000Warning Candy Cigerettes Seriously AddictiveI have loved these since I was a young kid. I ordered these a while back and can't seem to get enough. I LOVE THESE!!!
295880295880B003FX3VYQA5O8Z7AYPY2RDHelen Lopiccolo0051343001600candy sigarettesThese tasted just as I remembered them as a child. I bought them for my daughter's wedding candy bar. They were packaged well, and arrived quickly after my order was processed.
295881295881B003FX3VYQAGTIRB7J320YUcandy lover0051334102400AWESOMEThese candy cigarettes are awesome. They will last for a while because there are so many of them. They are at a great price. Overall I think these candy cigarettes are worth more than the cost and you should buy them.
295882295882B003FX3VYQA26S97PITLTSA0NeffieNishwash0141342915200Better than the bubble gum kindWhile you can't blow rings of smoke from these, and they don't look quite as realistic, they taste much better than the bubble gum kind of cigarettes, and last much longer. Definitely recommended for kids and adults of all ages. Lots of fun!

Edit: I purchased a box of these cigarettes from this seller, and while the candy is good, 50% of them were broken in shipping. I bought these for mainly the appearance of the cigarettes, which doesn't work out too well when most of the candy sticks are snapped in half. In an attempt to fix this, I went through all 24 boxes of candy, dumped out the ones that were broken, and filled the boxes with as many whole cigarettes as would fit (about 25 in each box), which left me with about 6 boxes of 150 whole cigarettes. I still give this product four stars because there were still many whole cigarettes left, and while the fragments can't be used for show, they are still delicious and don't have to be thrown out. In the future I plan on buying this product at a candy store instead of online, to avoid the broken candy.
295883295883B001ELLBC0A2JCPVMTBCVSFCLuv_bn_gma0051293667200Christmas treatEnjoyed Mackinac Island fundge on memorable visit to MI in 2008. Received coffee as a gift on return visit to MI for birth of Grandchild 2009. Deeelish!!! Found online and bought as treat for myself and family this holiday season 2010.
295884295884B001ELLBC0A1NYHGRDZQ8KSBKurt R. Larson II "KII"0051248134400Best coffe around!!I now live in Colorado, and my parents brought me this coffee from michigan. I love it!! Very Flavorful, light coffee, great with a little milk!! Can't say enough about this coffee. If you are thinking about trying it, and you like flavored coffee, give it a shot! I know I am happy with it, and the house smells GREAT when brewing!!!
295885295885B001ELLBC0A2T79GUCQE6VGPMarilyn B. Martin "hip grandma"0051240358400chocolate fudgeI remember drinking this Makinac Island coffee in Saugatuck and searched for it on the internet. I found this cite and will probably keep ordering three at a time! Chocoholic to the max.
295886295886B000UXUKK2A30IP3E4MDQ36J. Brooks1141217203200Great snack but be careful when eating...These rice crackers are an awesome low calorie snack that packs a nice punch of flavor.

The crackers themselves are nice, crisp and crunchy, great for when you want something that goes crunch but don't want potato chips or something else that is less then healthy for you.

They taste great, somewhat sweet at first, then the wasabi flavor kicks in and it's this perfect balance.

However the only complaint I have is that the wasabi flavoring is in a somewhat powder form, so if you are inhaling as you take a bit, the wasabi flavor will rush right down your windpipe punching and kicking as it goes down, possibly causing you to cough every once and a while. So you kinda have to be careful when popping this tasty little treats.

I just loves these because they curve your appetite and give you that crispy, crunchy thing you want in a snack, all without them being horrible for ya.

Great flavor.
Really fits the bill when you want something crunchy to munch on.
Low in calories, fat free, and VERY few ingredients.

Wasabi dust very hazardous to your health, use caution while eating these.
295887295887B000UXUKK2A2ZXHT773QPQCIMolly0031296172800Good crackers, bad supplierI LOVE these crackers, especially with sushi (I get the fresh-packed from the grocery store). However, after ordering a carton of these crackers, I had to quickly put them all in freezer bags because ALL of the packages had a hole in them and there were cracker crumbs all over the place. I should have been able to take the packages out of the box and store them away in my cabinets without worrying about roaches crawling into the rips in the bags and getting a wasabi high.
295888295888B005P0M89QA8KVPARHF90Ycoffeeaddict0011344816000Yuck!This is the worst Stevia product I've ever purchased... tastes nasty! This one is headed for the trash can...don't waste your money on it. Not sweet, not concentrated, very bitter.
295889295889B000NMHZKSA2AENU9NP5UAD3Jennifer A. Klemple "Jennifer Klemple"3351221350400Awesome product!I ordered a package of the corn nuts (18 count) for my husband.
We had found them on a vacation after not having them for years. When we returned home we couldn't find them anywhere, not even at Walmart.
Thank you! They were so fresh and the service was great.
295890295890B000NMHZKSA3OL75UEKNPV6Christine Williams0051278720000i loved itthis order was sent very fast ,was very good.i would be happy to use this seller again.

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