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295981295981B006X0S87IA4AH5HQF5OMFXMichele Radin1151342742400Pom loves this brandmy picky pom loves this brand. I rotate between 3 flavors (he won't eat same flavor more than 2 days). I love that they are grain free, organic, and small enough for his tiny mouth. He has rejected several other "natural" dry or dehydrated raw dog foods -- Orijen, Addiction (he liked this for awhile), Canidae, Stella and Chewy's, etc. No digestive problems, no stinky breath (why would I want pizza or even fishy dog breath?). I have tried all the Acana dry foods --I order the trial size so they stay fresh -- and the price is reasonable for the quality.
295982295982B006X0S87IA26ZQUATEV1CQISharon "sharon"1151337904000my dogs LOVE itI just started my dogs on this food 3 days ago and they love it.
No trying to add things to get them to eat, they clean their plates.
I have used Orijen in the past and my dogs have always enjoyed that food. It is a bit too expensive for me since I also have to buy very good quality canned for my diabetic dog.
My daughter decided to try this since it is made by the same company as Orijen. With all the food recall scares lately, this company has a very good reputation, uses quality ingredients, they have their OWN factory and they have had no recalls.
295983295983B002VC231YA1QIXPV1XB7GL4Saltchuck1151274918400Fresh and tasty with portion controlI always love the taste of dry-roasted peanuts right from a freshly opened vacuum sealed jar, so I wondered if these would have the same fresh taste. They do -- I received my order a few days ago and they are great! Just enough salt and a good size for a snack -- with the individual bag I won't be tempted by an open jar to keep nibbling.

There are a lot of bags in the box (18 pounds of peanuts) -- which should last me a good long while and enough for Halloween trick or treaters too!
295984295984B002VC231YA1TW5Z69JYT3J8D. Kane1141271289600A cheap fun alternative!!!After buying this box of nuts(which it tastes ok)i decided to try using it to feed the different birds in my area....all i do is open a bag and just pour on my deck railing every day and to my surprise do they love them!!!Iv'e gotton lots of blu-jays,scores of cardinals(male and female)which was cute one time when certain ones land and the male actually feeds the female!! finches,sparrows,and once in a while a woodpecker!!
And oh yes squirrels love them too!(grey and red ones)I have been doing this for a year now with no problems and at 144 bags for $19(which comes out to $.13 a bag)you can't go wrong and have purchased more than one!!!
295985295985B002VC231YA33I86E2VHM87SRudy Hassen0021324512000Maltodextrin and Corn Solids?Jeez! Does everything have to have some chemical in it? While I'm not terrified of ingesting these ingredients, I really don't understand why they are necessary. There are plenty of choices without them. Not the seller's or Amazon's issue. I guess I should have checked more thoroughly. Having said that, I really think it's time that Amazon INSIST on the ingredients label as well the nutritional label being displayed as MANDATORY on all foods that have such labels. Just my opinion. No returns on this item, so I'll just donate them to a food bank.
295986295986B002VC231YA27MLH6G94DEWKmfarmer0051303171200Exactly as Advertised, Great ValueThese are a great value. Just be aware that these are lightly salted, which might taste pretty bland if you are used to lots of salt.
295987295987B002VC231YA3VC3WVKWXA9VLSemper Fi0121264118400No salt taste at allOn the product description and package, it said it is lightly salted. The little packs say it has 50% of the regular roasted peanuts. The problem is that there is no salt taste at all. Just bland tasting.
295988295988B000LRHRDAA20A9P8EJ5BREGhasselaar "belgie"1151336176000A Great Feta!This is a superb Feta. It is shipped in its brine, and arrived in fine condition. The flavor is smooth and creamy, and at the same time it exhibits the correct amount of tartness for a real Greek Feta. I have enjoyed this Feta a great deal and plan on placing a repeat order. Try the real thing, domestic Feta doesn't even come close to the real thing.
295989295989B003ZXHB3SA1445OLXS14GZ0JAG2MOM0051326758400our favorite!Since going gluten-free casein-free over a year ago, we've tried ALOT of snacks only to be disappointed by most! THEN, we tried these.. my boys (4y & 2y) fight over these fruit snacks! They absolutely love them! And I love that they're getting a nice dose of vitamin C :) I recommend these to any parent looking for a great tasting organic fruit snack for a picky child! You will not be disappointed!!!
295990295990B003ZXHB3SA1K4AIPL0NFAGFConstance Cade0051316131200Wonderful flavor and texture!!!!!!Get rave enough about these. The flavor is wonderful and the texture is so much better than any other gummy product that I've ever eaten. Go for it! You won't be disappointed!!!!
295991295991B005Y2HEN0A1HPT3JY4HAMAYLeslie "Leslie"0051329696000Delicious!I just ate one of these cookies and it's really, really good. I wish I knew more about the caloric content and is "blue agave" better for you than sugar? I'll have to assume it is. Now I just need to find these cookies cheaper than $3 each. Bulk discount? Also, what's their shelf life?
295992295992B001E0VNAQA1APD6UJH9SUITT. Baldwin2231320624000Is what it is.. I've moved on to things with more dramatic effectsThe great news is I haven't gotten sick!

Unfortunately after a couple months of drinking this product daily I've not felt a huge change either... I've moved on to trying Amazing Grass which has been supplementing my daily vegi intake that I wasn't getting and has had more dramatic effects on my health. I've switched from this product to taking two tablets of Lifesheild mushroom blend at night. Overall I've seemed to have missed my yearly 3 day (or so) crippling sickness

Good will hunting,
295993295993B003WO1JGKAZGW5D26BX4L2AWB0111346284800Apple source from ChinaWe try to avoid food items produced from China. The apples and juice in this is labeled China on the cans. This is not disclosed in the Amazon description. We did not use them, we donated to a local food bank.
295994295994B001ELL50IA1Z1CS5TKHKTS2DM-GummiLuvr2251314576000GummiesYou all rock there at Amazon! I ordered gummy worms and bears for the 2nd time - not realizing it was going to be the hottest week of the summer and that the gummies would be in transit - outside in the heat during that time. They arrived an almost totally liquified and quivering mass. I called customer service immediately. And to my astonishment you all resent my order that arrived the next day at 10:30AM! I repeat - you all ROCK!! I have ordered from you in the past and I will definitely order again in the future. Thank you for your commitment to great service and great attitudes!!
295995295995B001ELL50IACYMT1PL5FO9CReverie1151212019200Sour Worms are YummyThese worms are great but they're huge. I guess I'm used to the small gummy worms you get at the drugstore. They do taste great but it's not any more spectacular than other gummy worms I've tried. I'm just a gummy worm fan!
295996295996B001ELL50IA2BXKUS799U1RCJim0041341446400I liked themI love soft chewy candy and decided to buy some bulk on Amazon. I had never heard of Albanese but after reading some reviews I decided to give them a shot. Let me first say that 9 pounds of sour worms is a lot! These worms are very good. They are pretty big and the sour taste is not over powering. The fruit flavors are all tasty but there are only 3 different flavor combnations and after a half a bag I got kind of tired of the flavors and they weren't as enjoyable. If you don't eat them too fast like I did though they are very good. If I could do it again I would buy a 4.5 pound bag of this and 4.5 bag of something else for more of a variety. Would definately reccomend if you need bulk candy for a party or something like that.
295997295997B001ELL50IA1KH5JOTGUPJDLG0051308614400They were a hit with everyoneeEveryone loved these but I find them a bit too sour. Everyone else loved the sourness. Would definitely buy other Albanese products.
295998295998B001ELL50IA33UTSFZQEK619Mrs. Carol E. Taylor "carol e"0051236384000Just what I thought it would be!I was pleased with this purchase. It was a gift for my grandson, and since it got there in a timely manner, I was satisfied.
295999295999B001ELL50IA3BSY48AUNHKMZJ. Dang0051217721600Worms!Nine pounds of gummy worms is a lot. The worms were packaged to me in two non-resealable unlabeled bags. They taste like your average sour gummy worms.
296001296001B00099XOQYA334Y4O42JFNNSwalknjo1151295913600best noodlesI've tried other flavers and ended up throwing them out. This is the best of all. Since I can't find the butter noodles in mn my local grocery stores, I'll be ordering them. these are a great side dish. FAST AND EASY!
296002296002B00099XOQYA2IX6S0R1D3IKZlindsey86770051299801600Great tasting!This is my favorite Knorr flavor. I could eat it every other day and still love it. Great value and taste.
296003296003B00099XOQYA38EDYJ6OFY99NBig Mac Real Investments LLC "Real Estate Mom"0051239494400Buttery GoodMy son loves these you do not have to add extra butter-sometimes I add leftover chicken-quick & easy
296004296004B00099XOQYA20T0VVOJUUYHFT. Riggs "Savy-Sally"0051220227200Great side dish!These noodles are excellent! Great side dish and quick to fix! Gotta love them noodles!
296005296005B000WS1H52A134MFHWTU8K52L. A. Smith "jetcitycoyote"0051333324800Great teaThis certified organic rooibos tea is of excellent quality. It brews perfectly for a smooth and refreshing caffeine-free alternative to morning coffee.
296006296006B003ZNRDT0AF6JS5ITQ300AJ. Silva141531311984000Made in ChinaMy dogs love this but it is made in China. Had I known I would not have purchased them. They need to reveal this in the product description
296007296007B003ZNRDT0A1VOYZC0FJ9VO9Wanda J. Bermudez2251308614400Peanut Butter Treat for DogsIf your dog loves peanut butter, it will love SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew. I purchased the 8-pack Mini and is my dog JJ's favorite treat. Product should be offered in larger quantities, maybe 12 to 24 in a package as they don't last long in our house!
296008296008B003ZNRDT0A22VWGFUINGLLFL. Solomon "lsolomon"1151343865600Much better and safer than rawhideMy dogs love these and so much easier on them than rawhide bones. I buy these all the time! And they love peanut butter flavor!
296009296009B003ZNRDT0A1B0VGPKJV8E1C10Cs0051350172800Smart Bones? What bones? Gobbled em' down!Seller had the product out and to us very fast, TY. The only thing wrong with the product was there wasn't enough to last!! My Goldens ate them up in a couple of bites:0) Better buy a bunch!!!
296010296010B003ZNRDT0A157LA0VW1U3ZFBow0011347148800MehThe price is good, size is perfect...but my dog doesn't like them at all. Would not buy again sorry. Not the products fault

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