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296071296071B001EO5PSIA3JRKGMYF3F09Znaware0011334188800Worst cake we have ever eaten in our lives.I bake very often. Usually, I bake from scratch. I felt lazy tonight and thought I would try this mix. My fiance and I both agreed that it was the worst cake either one of us have ever in our lives eaten. He took one bite and handed his plate straight back to me with these exact words, "Take this out of my sight."

This cake is dense, heavy, chewy, eggy, and yet dry at the same time. It has a very strange and unpleasant texture. It is not spongey or light. Besides the texture, the taste was also horrible. My fiance nailed it the next day when he said the cake reminded him a lot of cornbread. But a bad cornbread.

Nasty. I wouldn't feed this cake to a dog.
296072296072B001EO5PSIA6KCWLEG41R4JMs Sensitive1521318723200Odd taste and texture.I bought this for a friend who makes cakes for
children's birthday parties, however I do not
think children would like the taste. The cake
tastes very eggy yet not even close to a
sponge cake. Would not recommend.
296073296073B001PB8YE2A2TI40FPAYM8P7Lindsey Olson "Living Unrefined"4431304985600doesn't taste like natural limeI couldn't find lime extract in any local stores, so I ordered it here. I can't really compare this with other lime extracts, as it's the first one I've ever tried. The flavor seemed a little "fake" even though the packaging says it's 100% natural. I used it to make lime cupcakes, and after cooking the taste was nice. It just wasn't the same as if I used lime zest and juice instead...
296074296074B001PB8YE2A104RGYB31GWNKJacque1111321574400weird tasteit definitely taste like fake lime and it leaves a weird after taste in your mouth, wouldn't recommend it, sorry
296075296075B001PB8YE2A10I3GPBSB5MEEMichael L. Suter "FTIENG1"0041324944000Bakto Flavors Natural Lime Extract, 29 ml (1 Fl Oz)Flavoring was a little weak had to use additional ammount over previous flavorings from Bakto. Otherwise i would have given it five stars. shipped on time and in sufficient packaging.
296076296076B001PB8YE2A3SD6QVXA9IGU7D. McRae "onesillyme"0051322784000Smells wonderfulPlanning to make some sugar cookies w/lime instead of vanilla. Yum! Got this as a free trial with a purchase of vanilla but it stands on it's own.
296077296077B003Y61OKWA3LR9HCV3D96I3Gypsy Healer0011346630400AWFULToo sweet. Was not what I had expected. Will cut it drastically with balsamic vinegar and use as a marinade, but horrid as a salad dressing. If you like extremely sweet then you will like this. No garlic taste at all.
296078296078B00013C2L6A24633MM20CVW5DPL172051114128000Great Deal!!I sent this to a friend and with free shipping who can beat the price. My mom saw it and said it was wonderful. I will definitely purchase again.
296079296079B00013C2L6AP0DBZ8I4TIR1consumer5511198627200Very StaleI received this as a gift for my birthday, and as impressive as it looks, the products inside are pretty bad tasting. All the chocolates tasted stale, and were of bad quality. The additional candy is very cheap and not impressive. I felt bad throwing it out.
296080296080B00013C2L6A8H1JJGQAHM8OMyra Kazanjian7811197331200You'll Be Embarressed If You Send ThisRocky Mountain Chocolate Tower

This package arrived today and I am debating telling the sender how bad it was. Mostly packaging. The chocolates tasted stale. A few nuts...
296081296081B00013C2L6A2QH6LESI5RTO5Danielle5651149811200WonderfulI have to admit I was a little hesitant in sending this to my mom for Mother's Day. There were so many mixed reviews from most of the Wine Country Gift Baskets. My mom got it a few dasy before Mother's Day (which is better than after I guess. She absolutly loved it. Everyone said how lucky she was to have such a thoguhtful daughter. So Yay!! I am thrilled and I will order from WCGB again!
296082296082B00013C2L6A318XXUVY5SAG7Patrick Giesecke1141332633600Delicious Chocolates!The caramels were great. This was a great gift for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day - she loved it!
296083296083B00013C2L6A30LO4ZNPUTIX5Conan2351199577600WonderfulGreat gift for a group of people (such as far away friends for family). It gets there on time and makes everyone happy. Wonderful gifts with delicious food.
296084296084B0001VWG5AA26E6STZIFGT9QDenisse2251330905600Just what my food needed!!!!I am so happy I found this product!!! In Latin america it's called achiote, it's really difficult to find in powder form in the US. This is just what my food needed!!! Wooohooo!!!!
296085296085B000VQ9I92A35B4VHHGZT2TPThrockmorton Scribblemonger "Throckmorton"3341238025600Better with a simple additionThese are the classic Spicy Korean noodle bowl familiar to everyone in Korea, or anyone who's been there. By themselves they are good, very spicy, but the addition of a single slice of processed cheese melted in the noodles turn these from good to INSANELY DELICIOUS. Try it, trust me.
296086296086B000VQ9I92A1IOQ3A4DY1B52moe0051319500800Taste greatThese noodles are great I was stationed in Kuwait and had everyone eating them. I'm in dallas now, where can I find them?
296087296087B000VQ9I92A2SBVXOOCT18KFMiss Tierra "Miss Tierra"1431197331200yummyI do love this brand of soup very much but be aware of the packaging when you get it mine was crappy :(
296088296088B002ONOCBYA1VN7PA3TYI8ROIndolent0041316304000Perfect for Dunking!Rich Tea biscuits are really not the most exciting or glamorous biscuits in the world, if "exciting" and "glamorous" are even words that can be applied to biscuits at all. But they have one purpose in their un-glamorous existence, and that purpose is to stay together when dunked in very hot tea (with milk, of course) and to taste thoroughly delicious when devoured in that wobbly, floppy, milky-tea-sodden state. Basically, when you need a Rich Tea, you need a Rich Tea, and there is no other biscuit (that's "cookie" to most of you, I suppose) that will suffice. And when you need a Rich Tea, if it's not made by McVitie's, you really might as well forget about it. These are the dull, drab, boring, un-chocolate-covered, un-sexy, shy wallflowers of the biscuit tin, but dip 'em in a nice hot mug of English Breakfast and they are just incomparably (if un-glamorously) delicious.

I'm lucky in that I have a whole stash of the things my mother brought me over from the UK on her most recent visit, but that stash is dwindling already and I am very happy indeed that I can stock up via Amazon rather than having to wait until the next parental visit. Hmmm, this might just mean I can stop rationing the things out like it's WW2 or something and just munch my way merrily through half the pack with my cup of tea like I would back home!
296089296089B001UV1JYYA1MZNS0XJQKTXPQuido Sarducci "Quido Sarducci"2351246665600GreatI wasn't sure what I was getting in this package but when I opened it and tasted it, oh yeah it is a great product.
296090296090B002KG1WW2AA5XQNJR0XYT8Andrew K. Nieto "Misterblutarsky"101051253491200Best shoyu brewed in the United StatesFolks, if you're looking for a soy sauce that'll knock your socks off, skip over the La Choy and Kikkoman stuff. I was introduced to Aloha Shoyu when I was stationed on Oahu for five years in the Navy. Nothing comes close to the flavor and quality, and if you're looking for a low sodium version, Aloha is no ka oi (the best).
Mahalo and aloha!
296091296091B002KG1WW2A1GY6EPUNJAKL1Charles Moser "Chas E. Moser"4441258502400Soy SauceThis soy has all of the taste necessary to complement any dish. I have made stir fry two times with it and it is wonderful.

Chas E. Moser
296092296092B002KG1WW2A3T2YX5ST33QXVLeah G. "Sonic Diablo"0051346112000WonderfulSo much better than Kikkoman Low Sodium soy sauce. This has a slightly sweeter and less salty taste. Definitely worth the extra cost.
296093296093B0019QT4MOA2BKQ75LLKHWCAJenn0041328832000Great boost, taste not my favoriteHave used about 4 of these tablets and the boost of energy was so great I had to cut it down to 1/2 tablet instead and found that for myself that was a more desirable effect. Was a bit too jittery with a whole tablet. I will say that personally I do not care for the taste, but I also dislike sugar-free/artificially sweentend products as a whole. But I dilute 1/2 tablet in a very small dixie cup and shoot it down quickly and that works great. I bought this as a substitue for Red Bull and/or the Advocare Spark due to cost of these products - Eboost is a great alternative.
296094296094B0019QT4MOA3L9OLR6CAOB7IJosephPK1351287446400Time for some EBOOSTINGIt just amazing i am hooked and i cannot stop. Its healthy, good for your immune system and gives a great boost when you most need it. Tastes great and no crash later iam telling you this is the way to go.
296095296095B0019QT4MOAXRD8QGSS4NC0J. Taekman "Jet Setter"1551270944000EBOOST IS AMAZINGI love this product and always buy it on Virgin America. It is great for Healthy Energy and boosting your metabolism and all the Virgin America attendants can't stop raving about the product as well. I buy it online in large amounts because I find myself giving it to all my friends and family and they get hooked on it as well.
296096296096B00080OE1SAIKW484VYXPXDAzotus4451236384000More than I expectedThis Chai is very fresh, spicy, and aromatic. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package to find that there was far more tea than I had thought. 3oz. of tea is a lot more than I expected to recieve for this price. I will definately buy from Davidson's again the next time my (larger than expected) tea supply runs out.
296097296097B00080OE1SASC44GX6OWXM8Z man "Z man"2251238976000deliciousSpicy and delicious. This is what Tea should be. Large pieces of fresh leaves, spices. You can actually identify ingredients. Cool.
296098296098B0014GVXDMA2AOF5OU0XK1WKS. Fay1151215648000TortelliniThe Ferrara Tortellini if a very good value. I made it both hot with sauce and with meat and cheese in a cold salad. It is quite tasty.
296099296099B0014GVXDMA3Q6D01ZC7HWRSBobby Grigsby0051275868800Thats,a Good stuff !!!I have tried a lot of tortellini and this is one of the best and best price. I buy it by the case it is sealed in plastic in the box so it stays fresh for ever. Let it set after cooking about 3-4 min. in the hot water. Ferrara Tri-color Tortellini With Cheese, 8.8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
296100296100B0049ZP8TAAPMVQ67UKY4ZTKhaled Al-faheem "Innovator"0041334275200I like it but not Thatcher muchI like it and taste good but I think the tomato taste more better and this crakers can be use for people who is doing diet.

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