Amazon Fine Food Reviews

296161296161B000EQT77MA3091RP0SPZLMNBB0051343520000Soooo Yummy!I realized that when I bought a bag of Terra chips at the store, I was always picking out the sweet potato chips to eat. I was very happy to find the snack size Sweet Potato chips on Amazon. The smaller size helps me with portion control as well. The taste is mildly sweet and a better alternative to regular chips although there is 13 grams of fat. Keep in mind that the sodium is only 15 grams. I just hope the kids don't try them or they'll be gone even quicker. Great buy!
296162296162B000EQT77MAXJM8NAAQ6WFDKaren E. Bankston0041341705600Terra CrinkleCut Sweet Potato ChipsI had not been able to find the Terra Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Chips at any of my local grocers including health food grocers, so I was happy to find them available online. These are so yummy and are more satisfying than potato chips and regular cut sweet potato chips.
296163296163B000EQT77MA3REXMCRCSVMHWDanny Davis0021341532800Unique flavor/smell Explosive packaging
296164296164B000EQT77MAR3FQVK5RJGNQJim W.0051340323200Better than the plain version!We buy a ton of the Terra brand veggie chips. The Sweet Potato Spicy flavor is great. It adds a lot to the sweet potato chip that the plain ones are missing. We won't even buy the plain ones anymore. It is super nice to have a whole pack of 12 lying around to munch on. They came fresh and as described. I think the pricing is similar to what you can get in the grocery stores, if you can find the flavor you like.
296165296165B000EQT77MA378PKNG3GXYWMJ. Lehman0051331510400Captivating SnackThese things are really tasty! We find it takes effort to stop eating them. They are great with dips or alone. Highly recommended.
296166296166B000EQT77MA2ISZBMYV9VD3ZMaine Mama0051330560000Better than any other chipsWho knew that sweet potato chips could be so tasty! I prefer these over any other chips! I particularly love the Sea Salt variety! Definitely try them!
296167296167B000EQT77MAWDUH77N95QT2Audrey Henderson0051327968000So Good!Im just trying these this year and good! I wouldn't call them healthy (11 g of fat, 160 cal) but in moderation they are a great choice. 10 mg of sodium? No added salt? Perfect! And all-natural....can't beat that!
296168296168B000EQT77MA29MYFN6AJK9PTPhil Santomaso0051326326400Terra Sweet Potato ChipsWe enjoy the opportunity to purchase the smaller bags of chips and be able to eat them at anytime. Amazon allows for the different variety of Terra Chips to be enjoyed.
296169296169B000EQT77MA12OKUSUX0CVQ1kaste0051325289600Yummm!These spiced sweet potato chips are delicious! They're just spicy enough, but not so spicy that they burn. They're nice and crunchy, and there's that hint of sweetness behind the spice. They're so good, I could easily eat a whole bag in one sitting! Best chip I've ever eaten.
296170296170B000EQT77MA13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0051306713600These are seriously good!I hadn't tried these and took a chance because I wanted my family to have a possibly healthier snack..gees! these are good! Do have salt but not that much. You definitely are tasting sweet potato, but in such a delightfully different way. These are the best Terra brand chips I have ever tasted. I ordered through the subscribe + save feature on Amazon so save on cost and free delivery is included. Great product!
296171296171B000EQT77MAR7QO4E64SI4NLinda P.0051304640000Love these with sea salt!The Terra sweet potato chips with sea salt added are my new favorite snack! I don't care at all for the ones without salt, the only way I could eat them was with a salty dip. Now these w/the salt are great & they have ridges!! I really like the Krinkle Cut. Love that I can order them as a Subscribe & Save item. Can't find them in the stores where I usually shop & I've checked quite extensively.
296172296172B000EQT77MA9JOQYZ1Y1ANLGary F. Lynch0051302220800Fantastic!These chips are delicious, nutricious & healthy (no added salt!). We got hooked on them when Costco was carrying them, but now we can't find them anywhere locally. So we're very happy we found them on Amazon!
296173296173B000EQT77MA29EEBVT0DHN50Lynn0051300838400Great ChipI purchased these sweet potato chips at Costco. When they stopped carrying them I was going through withdrawal until finding them on-line. Great product!!
296175296175B000EQT77MA24CADWOB4QC2FMr or Mrs Kokopelli0051299110400YummmmWe love these chips. Just wish they were in the larger package because they are gone too quickly. lol
Costco had a larger package for a few weeks, and we got nhooked on them.
296176296176B000EQT77MA1XGFW5016CGQICathio0051297814400ALWAYS A FAVORITE WITH US!I especially have always loved these. I always bought the larger bags at the store before. It was too easy to eat one bag in one sitting that way. There are 3 of us plus our dogs, 1 parrot and 1 cockatiel who get one now and then too. I found out that sweet potato chewies are best and safest for dogs and birds and are sold at the Dr. Harvey's pet food site. I am ordering those for my animals now as I think they may be safer- less likely to cause choking. I am ordering some more of these , the small bags, for us now and it has been only 2 weeks. We went through 24 bags. Gotta have em! Oh and I was very impressed at the way these were packaged for shipping. They were insulated so well not one broken chip from shipping I guarantee! We use Amazon Prime shipping which is quick and free too.
296177296177B000EQT77MA35YSZNOF1ZI6TElizabeth Mark "Elizabeth"0051296345600AddictingFor those who love chips but are trying to eat healthier. These are truly addicting. Great flavor in a perfect serving size bag. Even though I do admit that I've eaten more than one bag at a time.
296178296178B000EQT77MA634EYD39XU07G. Best0051295654400AmazingI bought unsalted knowing they are better for me, also knowing salted would probably taste better... But wow, these are amazing without the salt! I really really like them, my boyfriend will eat the whole bag if I bring them over, and my mom, aunt and friends all like them too.
296179296179B000EQT77MA30H2335OM7RD6apoem "apoem"0051294185600Love ThemI love these chips. You can usually find the mixed bag in our local store. However, the sweet potato chips are much better by themselves. These are some of the best chips. They have a good flavor and it is hard to eat just one chip. They are crunchy and they are thicker than the non crinkle chips in a store but they not as thick as crinkle chips (at least I think that). They are so yummy.
296180296180B000EQT77MA1IRN1M05TPOVTSharon M. Helfand "Scrapper"0051287964800Sweet potato chipsAs an alternative to regular potato chips, these are GREAT! They are not greasy and very healthy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative to greasy chips.
296181296181B000EQT77MA1Q0VQ2TZTJAIMdivinika0051285977600Delicious!The Original flavor is scrumptious, not greasy, and crisp. It says "no salt added" and it was not missed at all. Unlike the picture on the bag, they are a beautifully deep orange color. The 1.2 ounce bag size is perfect, a nice snack without the worry of going over board on the larger bag since they are rather addictive. I bought the smaller bags as a part of a gift bag for wedding guests, which were well received.
296182296182B000EQT77MA2W1X3H67481N9kclab52 "kclab52"0051284681600TastyI purchased this item because I had previously purchased the larger bag of mixed chips. I love these because they are low sodium and really taste like sweet potatoes. It's nice to find a really good healthy and tasty alternative to the high-sodium snack items in the marketplace.
296183296183B000EQT77MA3QW94H0RFPB8Cchefpryan0051282608000Terra Sweet PotatoThe seller was very good at responding to email inquiries, shipping method chosen was honored, product received on time & undamaged.
296184296184B000EQT77MA273Z6IAEFBR8UA. j Hanks0051255564800So danged good, people keep asking me for some.These chips are delicious and impossible to find here in the grocery stores. Just good food, no additives. Crunchy snacking without guilt. Only 15 milligrams sodium.
296185296185B000EQT77MA2R291EJFGXUOEJoyce K. Lemmon0051252972800ChipsChips are great. My 11 year old son loves them in his lunch too.
296186296186B000EQT77MA1A2PW8A6ZJH9QL. E. Shaw "Chef Author"0051251244800I fell in love.....When I went to visit my boyfriend in Boston and he had a few large assorted bags of Terra Chips left over from a function at work. I have always liked the mixed Terra Chips but when I grabbed the bag of these it was love at first bite!

I was not aware that these are not salted until I had eaten half of the bag and decided to check out the ingredients. I am a salt fan and on a high salt diet so I was especially shocked to realize that I had not noticed the missing salt.

Within 24 hours the bag was gone and he had no opportunity to sample even one chip! He also hates beets but will eat them in this form. So, I figure a fried beet beats no beet at all!!

I also love that I don't feel guilty indulging in these as some of the other snack foods I eat are questionable in nature. So I keep these on hand and the other snacks drop by the wayside. These are my 'go to' snack now. The price here is also excellent as I'd pay a great deal more at the store per bag. They always arrive fresh and in very good condition.

Thanks Terra and Amazon!
296187296187B000EQT77MA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0051241481600Delicious and arrived with not a single broken chip!Thank you for these wonderful chips at a great price! They arrived in perfect condition. Although the box was a little smashed, the chips were pristine condition!
296188296188B000EQT77MA2DRLWOUYLZPEHKathy L. Otten "Cotten"0051228521600Very great snackThis is one of my favorite snacks of all. They are very delicious and have vitamins as with eating sweet potatoes other ways.
296189296189B000EQT77MA30CM8J9FYHNBY101Spots0051224201600I REALLY like theseThe second dozen bags seemed to be a little less spicey. I rather like the spice! I know sweet potatoes are healthier than white/red potatoes. I'm eager to see their new Parsnip Chips! I love parsnips. (FYI parsnips are offered in Terra's mixed veggie bag, but I avoid high-iodine content items like beets... not sure if I might be allergic to some of those other veggies like taro.. not willing to test!)
296190296190B000EQT77MA2FNKYE421PO6YDee0051199664000Sweet & SpicyMy case of Terra spicy sweet potato chips arrived perfectly! Speedy shipment, perfect packing, wonderful product! 5 stars all around!

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