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296221296221B004JRSAJSA3P7KN9Z1N5OORS. Chilton131341307923200Good Rice SubstituteActually this is more like couscous, or risotto than rice. It has a softer, more pasta-like texture. But it fills the empty spaces left when you're trying to give up, or cut down on, rice. Like the noodles, this has an odor when you open the package, but a good rinse, quick par-boil, blot with a paper towel and you're set. Also, like the noodles, it has no flavor of its own, so it goes with anything. You do need to use something like a screen, instead of a regular colander, when rinsing and/or draining, otherwise you'll lose it through the holes :-)
296222296222B004JRSAJSAPKMKNDHL8680WindyCityGardener131351305072000Terrific ProductThis product is great. Has no taste or smell by itself. But add it to a dish with sauce and it's wonderful for dieting. I used it with a frozen low calorie Chinese beef and broccoli. Very, very good.
Microwave your main dish, rinse the rice and add to hot entree.
Also tried it with baked greek chicken. A little homemade gravy. Or package if you can't cook. It was excellent.
Let your dish sit for a few minutes before eating. This gives time for the rice or noodles to blend with the sauce.
I had a little mixup with the shipping and this company couldn't have been more helpful.
I would highly recommend this product.
296223296223B004JRSAJSA2N25AL7K5GMQKH. R. Toney111251302134400Great!Not really 'rice' like but a wonderful addition to soups, stir fry, or whatever. Takes on the flavor of the sauce and adds nice texture.
296224296224B004JRSAJSAMXWEKJL9PF1Jmiayercat7751310428800Excellent, Healthy Substitute...I've been eating these on and off for the past three weeks as part of a healthy eating plan my doctor recommended. While they do not contain any flavor, they really do take on the taste of the foods they are cooked with. Make sure to rinse them very, very, very well before adding them to your meal. I have found the "rice" is a great addition to soups, especially chicken soup. I made the mistake of freezing my soup twice and thawing them in the microwave. Both the noodles and rice shriveled up and looked really weird. Haven't tried to freeze/thaw again. Make everything fresh. These aren't bad and I think I will incorporate them into my everyday cooking for my family when the diet is finished. :)
296225296225B004JRSAJSA3513M2YMKD399A. D. "A. D."6651321228800Gotta be creativeI would not recommend eating this alone. But be creative. To me it tasted like rice. Here's what I did. I am on the HCG diet and the way I prepare it did not interfere with my weight loss. But see for yourself. Everyone's body is different. But it should work like a charm on any other weight loss program. I made miracle rice in a way that it really tastes good once you put out of your mind how it is packaged and smells before rinsing. I rinsed two packages and put it in a container with one can of 99% fat free chicken broth (that's what I had). Then I sauteed and lightly seasoned onions (in PAM and later added water to make tender since I was not using oil) and put it in the broth-"rice" mixture. Seasoned the mixture just a little with a non salt seasoning. I am really enjoying it. It isn't salty and tastes just like chicken soup with rice. It would be funny if someone else thought of this already. It's so simple I am sure someone did. But my hunger and curiosity kind of brought out some culinary creativity. I think half of this is was only 10-15 calories with the broth and the onions.
296226296226B004JRSAJSAFY10LAKGZ184Sherrye S. Fuentes "Ayla Fan"4451320364800Great way to cut calories!I have tried the "linguini style" but prefer the "rice" shaped Miracle Noodle. Since they have zero calories it cuts the total in any dish we substitute them in for rice. They don't need as much moisture as rice does, so we had to get used to changing that in the recipes, but we don't really lose any taste, even if the dish ends up a little soupy. My favorite is Spicy South West Chicken. We usually have that a couple times a month at least, so I got on the auto ship for Miracle Noodles from Just remember to blanch the noodles with boiling water to rinse off the fluid they are packaged in, then let them "dry" out a little while on some paper towels. That way they can absorb more flavor when you add them to the recipe.
296227296227B004JRSAJSAWYMAZNE1375DT. Guida "Rick325v64"4451311552000Just follow the instructions and stay with Asian theme receipesUpon opening and smelling I thought, hmmm this will be interesting. I use the word "interesting" when observing, doing, or tasting is involved and the results could be negative. Followed the prep, stirred fried them in a Asian based meal and was in love. For ZERO calories, more volume/quantity of meal and added texture this is a great product. Not cheap but very worth while to try and integrate into many of your Asian based meals. ++++ Go for it and FOLLOW the directions to the "T" for a very positive experience!!!
296228296228B004JRSAJSA17PGJU80JGBIHCharles111431305072000Rice? okay...Shirataki style noodles are always sold wet. I suspect they shrivel up to nothing if you tried to dry them. The extra water gives them body. Do not try to use this in any recipe that calls for loose, cooked-but-fairly-dry rice: pilafs, fried rice, just a simple side of rice. You want to use these where they will work wet, and where you have a flavor to add to mask any lingering flavor from the packaging water. Soups would be ideal, or served with/under a stew. The linguine shape worked pretty well for a Cincinnati chili 3-way.

In general, I recommend to anyone who has never tried shiratake noodles before to buy one package, not a case of 6. We bought a case, and ended up throwing most of them away because the smell from the packaging was so off-putting we couldn't bring ourselves to use the noodles. Yes, the smell rinses away, but can you get past that to use them?
296229296229B004JRSAJSA128Z6DWQKD9NXS. ATILES3351339027200This IS a Miracle!I was skeptical about this but tried it anyway. I was more than pleased with the results. I did not go into this thinking it would be just like rice. I was open-minded and took it for what it was. I used it in stuffed green peppers just as I would have used rice. The results were amazing! It worked quite well as the filler that regular rice would have, but no carbs! I followed the recipe exactly but replaced the regular rice for Miracle Rice. My husband made a small pot of regular rice to add to his, but it wasn't necessary. I'm going to try it next in stuffed cabbage rolls. I guess if you're a really big rice lover, this may not work as well for you, but if your looking for a really great substitute, this works great. If you think this will be just like regular rice, you will be disappointed, but when you consider the advantages, it's worth the difference. I'm just so happy to find something I can use instead of rice in my recipes!
296230296230B004JRSAJSA2GLWL9LG26YKLOrdinary Consumer3351337472000A great ideaTo the previous poster, Doomspore:

I love your idea of adding it to other dishes to bulk up a meal for zero additional calories. Brilliant!

I think the rice is great. It's kind of funny to read about the people who are disappointed that it doesn't have a rice-like texture. Hello? It's the same stuff as the rubbery noodles, only in a different shape....a shape that makes it more versatile.
It has no flavor and the smell leaves after you rinse well and give it a short bath in boiling water. The directions say to dry it on paper towels, but I opted to give it a quick saute in a non-stick pan to evaporate the extra moisture. In my mind it seemed easier than trying to deal with removing little rubbery bits from the paper towels.
This stuff is not for everyone, but for those of us who are trying to reduce our carb/calorie intake and who are willing to incorporate some unusual foods in that pursuit, it's a wonderful option.
And for other carb-conscious folks, take a look at CarbQuik. It's a low carb substitute for BisQuick. Compare prices online first.
296231296231B004JRSAJSA1OV2M0K6N0KLRJ. Goldfaden "diabetes and me"3351323388800Miracle Rice..only it is their Miracle ORZOI have been using Miracle noodles for a while now. What I discovered was that if you want a true rice substitute, get the Orzo..I think they only sell it as part of their variety pack or if you buy directly from them, they have a special "members" area where you can find the orzo. It is amazing..I often take it with me to the Chinese restaurant..I order vegetables and mix it with the has th same shape as rice and for some reason, it's texture is closer as well..I wish they just made and sold orzo for general sale..but they don't and they keep it a secret. I would write to them and encourage them to make the ORZO available to everyone, just like the noodles. I am a diabetic and eating whole wheat and whole grain is not an answer for me as it drives my sugar up..but not these little miracles..whether it is the pasta or the orzo, it hits the spot and keeps my numbers low, while I enjoy what I am eating without any guilt.
296232296232B004JRSAJSA35WYW1ZSUVKYGWest Side Jeff3341322697600Probably the best of all the Shirataki type productsI'm currently doing the Dukan diet and I am always looking for good alternatives. I tried this a few weeks back and have become totally hooked. For 0 cals, this product is amazing. It blends seamlessly into any dish, and has a decent consistency too. It's not exactly rice, but more like tiny pasta spheres.

Unlike other Shirataki pastas this doesn't need refrigeration which is good, but it still comes packed in that heinous fluid that smells like a corpse. Just pinch your nose and rise for a minute or two and it's fine.

Four stars!
296233296233B004JRSAJSAV0633EJ45QVUdbaz3351319328000Love it!The rice is filling and very easy to use. We like them even better than the noodles. A great addition to our diet!
296234296234B004JRSAJSA2M107FF5E9FMIJennifer Smith "~Jynn"3351318464000Low Cal/Low Carb Sushi!I love this stuff! add a little bit of cornstarch(to get the sticky texture) and some seasoned rice vinegar and microwave it for a few seconds and it makes a wonderful low carb, low cal substitute for sushi rice! I also love it in soups in place of noodles and in place of steamed rice in any curry dish. the texture is not quite rice, but in sushi rolls you wouldn't notice unless you're looking for it. in a soup, they feel more like little pasta balls, but are still really good and filling. I will definitely be ordering more of this, and will recommend it to any of my low carb friends craving sushi :)
296235296235B004JRSAJSA2ZY1RKY5IRUG8a.t3331317081600Pretty Good for what it is...It's definitely nothing as delicious as rice--but... I did make a mexican dinner last night and the miracle rice absorbed the juices and meat very well, so I will be enjoying the rest of my shipment.

The rice is a little messy--when you drain the package, the beads want to fall out with the water and when you dry it, they become rubbery and tend to roll everywhere--just a messy project.

Definitely worth the price and the preparation if you want to give yourself some extra room for calories on another item on your menu. They absorb any flavor you put with them so that adds a plus as well. Just couldn't give a full 4 or 5 stars because of the difficulty to drain and dry
296236296236B004JRSAJSA1US0ADAQKIQSZRoslynd Lunaire2251346198400Drop Dead Awesome and So Versatile!Ok, I first tried the spinach miracle noodles. They were gross, nasty, disgusting, smelly, tasted horrible, and made me queasy just looking at them. However, I am on a VERY strict diet for health reasons and I knew I had to try something to fulfill this carb crave I get.
So I VERY reluctantly tried miracle rice. Believe me, I did not have high hopes for it. I rinsed it like a mad lady though I didn't get that overwhelmingly fishy odor even when I opened the bag like what was there with the spinach miracle noodles. Then I cooked the rice in the same broth that I cooked my vegetables and shrimp in. Oh dear Lord above, this was probably the best meal I've had since being on this diet! I didn't feel like I was suffering in the least, I didn't feel jipped, I felt as if I were eating an actual bisque.
Yes, the texture is different from normal rice. However I LOVE rice (all versions), I dream of rice, I love sushi, I love fried rice, you get the idea. I'm a foodie and one of my greatest craves is rice. This product made me feel like I were having actual rice. The texture I could get over. It wasn't sickeningly rubbery like the spinach miracle noodles. I think I'll have nightmares about those for the rest of my life!
I very highly recommend trying the miracle rice. I'd still rinse it more than what the directions say to just because that nasty spinach version haunts me. (And I like spinach!)
Next, I'm trying this product cooked in low-sodium chicken broth to use as a side for a nice yummy fillet of rockfish. Nothing goes better with fish than rice if you ask me. Hopefully this will work just as amazingly in this preparation as in the bisque. I will try to remember to post how it goes.
But let's just say I'm ordering a whole lot more of this rice. It is AWESOME!!!!!
296237296237B004JRSAJSA35W91IRGOP43Hchristine a glatz2251335398400GREAT FOR THAI FOODI used these to make my pad thai and other assorted Thai noodle dishes. I actually prefer them to the normal rice/glass noodles as they don't stick together. They are a little chewy but take on the dishes flavors like chili, cilantro, fish and soy sauce. (I stir fry them in my sauce and they take on a fantastic flavor). The only negative thing to say is that they do smell a little fishy when opening them up. But I LOVE THESE NOODLES!
296238296238B004JRSAJSA11UIK5J5RWUBANDog2251334188800No calories! Fills the need for rice!Very different texture but I like it! Being a carb addict this is perfect for my weight loss program
NO Points/No calories!
296239296239B004JRSAJSA28LIGWCK9BNHXTanya2251331683200These are awesome...I NEVER write reviews but this was too good to keep quiet! I have been eating the Miracle noodles for months. Always ordering the angel hair. They are great but I always have to cut them up before cooking because they are too long! I decided to try the "rice" this time BUT I was skeptical! Last night, I popped 2 bags open, rinsed them and added to my homemade spaghetti meat sauce which was already cooking for about 30 min...I left it all together to simmer for 30 more minutes...delicious! Great texture and it felt more like I was eating pasta then when I prepared the angel hair with the same recipe! I will buy these again FOR SURE!
296240296240B004JRSAJSA399J67GEEXYCVDoomspore2251329609600Excellent 0-calorie filler!I love this product! Don't buy this expecting it to taste like rice on its own. I buy this and mix it with EVERYTHING, for added 0-calorie bulk. I feel fuller and eat less calories of whatever it was I mixed it with. The texture and taste is pretty much unnoticeable when mixed. I like to buy frozen diet dinner and mix whatever I got with an equal or slightly less portion of Miracle rice, and voila! Twice as much food for the same amount of calories, more filling!
296241296241B004JRSAJSA1XHHFE8GNZ7IKB. Sallen2241326931200terrific!I'm convinced I could use this product (consistency and appearance like Israeli couscous...)regularly and probably will
296242296242B004JRSAJSA1G12VKZ0S67EYJohn Doe2251325808000Weird but neat!This rice has the consistency of tapioca pudding, minus the pudding. To taste the true flavor of it, I prepared it according to the directions and tried it as-is, without anything added. It tasted 'neutral' to me. I ate the whole cup I made as it came right out of the package. It reminded me of eating only the small pasta balls you see in Italian Wedding Style soup that Progresso makes. Totally versatile, you could add anything to it to make it more interesting if you wish, however eating it as-is wasn't a problem for me! I also tried the noodles as well, same experience. I will make sure to purchase more of these!!
296243296243B004JRSAJSA2KTTDJTROI7OQJenny Y.2251322179200Wonderful & fillingI love the shirataki rice! I rinse them off in water in a small colander, then immerse them in boiling water to heat them up, and drain them again. They are delicious under rice, chow mein, or in soup. They will be a staple in my kitchen!

The rice & noodles are also perfect with my low-carb lifestyle!!!!
296244296244B004JRSAJSA3HVA6BTVB1UYPChristina A. Salemi "Stinarat"2251316304000when you are starved for rice these are greatWhen I say "starved" for rice, I am talking about people like me, diabetics for whom rice is like eating candy: ie: your blood sugar goes way, way up. So, no rice, it is a big no, no. So now I have lost 25 lbs on low to no carb. I no longer need insulin unless I eat carbs. But sometimes one wants this type of food. So, I finally tried these things and I say yes, yes, yes! They are great! They can be a comfort food that gives you your cake and you can eat it too. They are easy to prepare and I initially made a risotto with cheese. It was great, easy to make. I never did smell a fishy or other odor and they went down well without either a chewy or gelatinous texture despite the gelatinous look. They make a great mac and cheese substitute without the backlash that eating carbs give you. They arrived promptly and without damage in secure packaging. I will be eating these frequently and will now send away for and try the noodles.
296245296245B004JRSAJSA23MD057E4XEGNRyan "sconehole"2251316217600Works just as advertised.I just received my order of Shirataki noodles, and added a package to my red beans and rice Nutrisystem meal which is similar to a heathy choice frozen dinner you'd find in the grocery store. When I first opened the package I noticed a hint of a "fishy" smell, and thought "uh-oh" because I hate fish. However once I rinsed the product, and added it to boiling water for one minute as per directions, the smell was gone, and I mean GONE, or I wouldn't have been able to eat them. The "noodles" had absolutely no flavor, and only added volume to the meal which made it felt like I was eating more food than I actually was. And no carbs??? amazing!! I love them, and can't wait to try a package in a soup recipe.
296246296246B004JRSAJSA1NPAX0DMOG2XPlovemydogs2251314144000Finally found something low carb to use as riceIs it rice? of course not, or it would be full of carbs, but it sure is a great low carb substitute! It was so nice to have a meal that was more than meat. I followed the other reviewers suggestions and rinsed in a wire mesh strainer for several minutes. While it rinsed I browned some ground beef, drained fat, and added the "rice". Let it fry a minute or two and stirred in a heaping tablespoon of Goya Sofrito Tomato Cooking Base Sauce 12 Ounces (1 unit) with a can of drained chopped tomatoes. Then I cooked a few minutes stiring often. I made sure to let it sit about 5 minutes before serving to allow flavor to absorb. It was wonderful! My family wanted my dish instead of the real stuff I cooked them.
296247296247B004JRSAJSA2I8NRWCZKS5PNMari "Mari"2251310601600Not the Best Tast, but GREAT for the Diet !!!This is a great food for the dieters, as far as tast it will be what you make out of it !!! Just make sure you read on how to make them "cooked" :) before you disappoint your self with a fish smell it naturaly have, and could almost wash off with water. It is a great product 0 cal 0 fat 0 everything, and if you can just add a 20-100 cal of tast to them of anything you like to eat,it will fill you up for dinner !!! 100 cal Dinner !!!Great for diet!
296248296248B004JRSAJSAXT580Y08LQBUB. Clark2231310515200Just okPersonally I thought the rice balls sort of reminded me of tapioca balls you get in those smothies, they kind of burst when you bite into them. I will not be purchasing any more of the rice, I will however be buying a lot more of the noodles. The noodles are very similar to pasta noodles. Makes a very nice quick easy pasta. I only wish I could get it like a lasagna noodle.
296249296249B004JRSAJSA7S16NSA9R6Z5HappyMD2241310342400Super LOW Calorie AlternativeI ordered this product with the understanding that it was not actually rice, it has a very different consistency than rice but I am open to foods that are better for us.

Just be aware that it will take some pairing with a well seasoned or spicy entrée while deciding if this product will be a constant in your kitchen, my family is becoming used to the new rice and I am confident we will keep it on the menu.

This rice alternative may not be for the true rice lover and though I love a good plate of rice, keeping the starch and calorie intake down is worth giving this product a try.
296250296250B004JRSAJSA17CV4MNNIREU4Dajulad172411302480000ick!If you are looking for a rice substitute-don't try this one! You'd be better off using brown rice if you are looking for a healthy alternative.

The horrible smell aside, this was very very slippery and gooey. I tried it in a "rice dish" and the consistency was more soup like than rice like. Although it took on the flavor of the dish I made, it did not absorb as rice does and the whole thing was a fishy, sloppy slimy mess.

I have had the noodles and they are OK but this product-YUCK!

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