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296251296251B004JRSAJSA1CDCIZPGDMPH7Houstonmom4521319500800Noodles are all Water!I was excited to get these noodles, as I am on a low carb diet, but was sadly disappointed when I opened the package, to find that the supposedly 8 oz. of "product" was actually half water, with half noodles. One bag is just enough for one adult portion size, so that equals to $3.00 per serving...for NOODLES!If it were packaged differently, with less water and more noodles, I might be tempted to buy these again, but I feel like I got scammed....big time!

As for taste, it tastes like nothing, and is kind of like the Asian Tapioca balls that you get in drinks! They are tiny, though.

In addition, one of the bags was leaking and smelled horrendous, so I was unable to eat it!
296252296252B004JRSAJSA3DJU0DZWA2P1Gsolarpluvia1151347840000Best form of miracle noodlesYes, shirataki noodles are an acquired taste, even though properly rinsed they have no flavor of their own. No, they are not like pasta, but there is no good true low carb pasta for everyone (Some people find that Dreamfields Spaghetti spikes their blood sugar or breaks ketosis, even in a 2 oz portion size). I'd rather eat Miracle Noodles and not have to worry about it. Shirataki act much like rice noodles and are best suited to asian dishes, or recipes specifically developed around shirataki noodles. I've found the rice shape to be the most versatile, so that is what I buy.
296253296253B004JRSAJSAX6R3YXCL9VPRMelissa Chase1151343001600Good Low Carb FillerI admit when I first open these noodles the smell is a bit fishy. I don't like fishy whatsoever, so I was relieved when I found a warm water rinse cures the noodles of their "BO". I saute these noodles using a bit of parmesan cheese to give them a bit more body, and throw in bits of lettuce or cabbage, small chunks of pork and a bit of sauce. It's more filling than the meat and veggies alone, it absorbs the flavors very well and it is very low carb and low calorie. The texture is nothing like rice, but I didn't find it hard to get used to. Though you can get used to anything if the right bikini is hanging on your closet door!
296254296254B004JRSAJSA1V5I4H3FZOJHMJ. Stowell1151342483200Much better than rice or pastaThis is a must for dieters to get the feeling of satiety with no extra calories or carbs. I think Miracle is a good description. Amazon has the best price I've found and you'll want to buy enough to take advantage of the free shipping!
296255296255B004JRSAJSA1Q6MC3PDL405IBoxofwyn1141338940800Best Miracle Noodle Product by farI have tried all of the Miracle Noodle products and this one is by far the best. Its small size helps keep your mind off of the odd consistency of shirataki.

When cooking FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and there will be no nasty smells or slime. In fact, I usually boil them for a little over a minute to make sure all of the smell is gone.

Using chicken stock makes a BIG difference in flavor. The noodles will soak up the stock and taste delicious.
296256296256B004JRSAJSAIZSW53C4W3BCdff1151336953600Shiritaki RiceNot at all like rice, but makes a great filler for ground meats, and instead of barley in soups. Love them.
296257296257B004JRSAJSA12V99A19RKUALB. Prendergast "BMP"1151332374400more pasta-like texture than rice, but still amazing substituteI thought these were more like pasta than rice, in fact they seem just like orzo...except are easier to make and have almost no carbs. I have been a big fan of miracle noodle, but this one is even better. They still stink though, so beware. After soaking in boiling water for 1 minute the smell is gone.
296258296258B004JRSAJSA1RA68NKGP5LK6Margarita Man1121330387200Not what I expectedThis product was featured in our local newspaper along with a recipe for Jambalaya so I thought I'd give it a try. The article said you would probably have to buy it online so I ordered the 6 pack from Amazon. As others have said the stuff comes in pouches packed in liquid. "Rice" packed in liquid, that's a little strange but the worst part is the God awful smell when you open the bag. I mean WHAT is this stuff packed in?? It's GROSS! I rinsed it forever in the hopes of getting rid of the smell, but never could completely. The finished Jambalaya turned out "OK". This product is similar to pearled barley in size, taste and texture so I think I'll continue to use that in recipes as my rice/noodle replacement. I don't think I can eat the other 4 packs and deal with that smell again!!
296266296266B004JRSAJSA21D6FQXMGKRU1CatiousConsumer3421312416000MiracleThis Miracle Noolde Rice is all right, very easy to prepare but really taste like nothing. I prepare 3 out of 5 bags I purchase, and I prefer the Noodle pasta, that is amazing, the rice has a text of small particules in your mouth, just a weird texture when you are chewing. It was okay, but I will stick to the Shirataki Noodles.
296259296259B004JRSAJSAW3H6DF0RG77EAmazonFan1151328745600Give it a tryOkay, the first time I had this, I HATED it. I expected something close to rice, but as another review pointed out, these are very small balls and are squishy (kind of like tapioca, or "boba").

I decided to give it another shot since I had bought the 6 pack. The 2nd time was bearable, and the 3rd time I actually got used to it, and was able to enjoy my meal.

So if you don't like it on your first or second try, persevere!! 0 carbs/ calories is totally worth it!
296267296267B004JRSAJSAMOR2VCFM5PH4Billy G. Strong5721304380800Shirataki RiceI do use a LOT of Shirataki noodles while dieting however the Shirataki rice is my least favorite form of the Konkac root product..
296260296260B004JRSAJSASZK3G9WTEO5QJayavanti1151326672000Not Real Rice, But Very NiceI bought this product after reading many reviews. I realized that I don't always agree with all reviews, so I had to try it for myself.

Does this product replace rice? Not in flavor, but in how I use rice. It actually seems more like couscous, risotto, or mini boba pearls. As long as you rinse it well with cold water, then boil it in a big pot of water, you can use it freely. I chop and stir fry onion, celery, mushrooms, cilantro, and garlic with ground turkey and spices, then I toss in the hot "Miracle Rice." Yummy...

"Miracle Rice" is fun to use, especially if you like to experiment with recipes like I do. I made a tabbouleh-like salad with it, and I even made spicy Thai salad with it. It is great to use hot or cold, but never forget to rinse and boil it first, and remember that the more flavorful and spicy your meal is, the better the "Miracle Rice" will absorb the flavor.

The best thing about "Miracle Rice" is that it bulks up your meals as a "carb-substitute," so you don't feel so deprived when you are dieting.

My next experiment is going to be to try to make a low-calorie dessert using "Miracle Rice." Good luck with your own kitchen experiments.
296261296261B004JRSAJSA3LWXM5LL0O51J. Kiernan1131325548800Weird TextureHaving tried Miracle Noodles previously, I knew what to expect when I opened the package (horrible smell which dissipates with vigorous rinsing; Klingon-looking food-substance floating in clear liquid). However, the "noodle" varieties look and behave like noodles once you have prepared them. The "rice" resembles tapioca in shape and texture. It still absorbs the flavor of whatever sauce is applied to it, but in no way shape or form did it feel like rice when I was eating it.
296268296268B004JRSAJSA2WZDLY1VOAEYTI am4611308528000Awful productNothing like any kind of noodle or rice I've ever had. One would have to be very committed to a diet to include this stuff in it. Like eating rubber.
296262296262B004JRSAJSA1U4N3V23OJRQFC. Danko1151316131200Great productI love these noodles - you can use them just like you would use pasta with hardly any calories at all.
296269296269B004JRSAJSA3FZEM6J7AXRH1Annie2341325721600Interesting ConceptThis product had no taste on its own, but took flavors from whatever you decided to cook it with. The texture is a bit like eating pearl couscous. It is definitely not like rice, but then again if you wanted rice, you would just eat rice. I wouldn't use this everyday, but it was nice to supplement with dinner on days where I had eaten more than I wanted to.
296263296263B004JRSAJSA2TUEYT7F39OYBHarold Sudak "Yiddish Maven"1151309478400Guiltless pastaLike to use it with low carb garlic alfredo sauce or with low carb/calorie chicken broth. It's like having your pasta without the added carbs or calories
296264296264B004JRSAJSA3VARN60B2ODP3mjj_is_here1141308873600Better than the pasta shapeI've also tried the fettuccine and was not very happy with those as they do not absorb pasta sauce at all. The rice shape is easier to use in a meal. I made shrimp with vegetables curry and the rice went well with it. These various forms of the noodles are great since they are carb free and do fill you up but in my experience about an hour or 2 later I am starving because my body realizes I've tricked it or because the noodles digest quickly.
296270296270B004JRSAJSA1XH4S45LJCCKXronna9992351312502400Miracle NoodlesI love these things! However, I prefer the angle hair pasta over the rice. I originally bought the Miracle Noodles to add variety to my strict diet. After trying them, I realized the only reason I am able to stick to my diet was because of the Miracle noodles. They are versatile, quick, easy, and fits into all diets! I love these so much that I have signed up for the subscribe and save feature for monthly shipments because I cannot find them locally. This is an excellent product, and I have recommended it to all of my friends!
296265296265B004JRSAJSASLJAR7ZSNJOARyan J Schroeder3411317254400HorribleHorrible texture to this product. Did not consume it or the vegetable stir fry that I normally love. Used in place of rice, but I do not recommend this product.
296271296271B004JRSAJSA10X1201RQESLQCrlyn2351311552000I will buy againThese noodles are packaged in a fishy-smelling clear liquid. Rinse in cold water. No fishy taste will be detected. I usually curb my late night appetite by dumping them a bowl, pouring on some tomato sauce, then microwaving for a couple of minutes. They are No-Cal!
296272296272B004JRSAJSA17DDZQ46Z60MOme2351309305600great for diabetics!Now, this is not rice, but can be used as a rice like product for soups or items with sauces. Perfect rice substitute for diabetics!
296273296273B004JRSAJSA29LABZUI8XWQ4stewiewin0011347148800bad texture no flavorthis is probably one of the most disgusting foods i have ever had, and i am pretty open minded about these things. it resembles nothing that of a rice. it has a disgusting gelatinous texture. the flavor is similar to piece of plastic if u have ever bitten on one by accident. my package had strange aroma to it. this shouldn't be classified as food. i highly don't recommend this product.
296274296274B004JRSAJSA1239COU7TVKY9M. Hopeman "mister M."0051342656000recipe for using rice miracle noodlesawesome product! Try the Campbells Healthy Request Chedder Cheese Soup w/ the miracle noodles (rice noodles) instead of using the regular rice suggested on the recipe on the back of the can. the recipe is for Chipolte Chicken and Rice. We follow the recipe w/
a few changes: saute onion and bell peppers (we use frozen ones if we're in a hurry for a quick meal) along with either Tyson's frozen pre-cooked and grilled chicken frajita , or 1 lb ground turkey. Add 2 tbs. tomato paste, 1 can whole black beans w/ a pinch or two of salt and several shakes (to taste) of any mediterranean or morrocan spice blend. we use "morrocan twist spice rub" or use a mediterranean spice mix we made at home from a recipe we found online. add 3 bags miracle noodles (rinsed and heated in a pan to dry them out a bit), and 2 cans of the campbells healthy request chedder cheese soup and you've got a delicious winner that is a satisfying
delicious soul food easily kept in the fridge for 5 days and heated in the microwave as needed. guilt free! Yum. hope you enjoy!
296275296275B004JRSAJSAR4G2UETHEV7GSharon0021342137600angel hairBeing on a low carb diet, I was anxious to try these "miracle noodles", so I ordered 10 pkgs of the angel hair pasta. Upon opening my first package, I realized that 1/2 of the "7 oz" was the watery solution they were packed in.. meaning that one whole package would feed only one adult... we might say expensive to feed two, or three people. I followed the directions to a "T" to remove the fishy odor, and to dry them out before adding my low carb marinara sauce. I also TRIED to cut the noodles in half to shorten their length, and to try and unglue the tangled mess, which was almost impossible to do! After my first bite.. I was pulling these jelly noodles from inbetween my teeth, but worst of all..... I found them almost impossible to swallow, as they stuck to the back of my throat like jellied rubberbands. I had no problem with them being tasteless, but the amount of time you have to spend rinsing, drying, sauteeing (to dry out more), the fact they are a tangled mess of glob, then to almost choke when trying to swallow them is just too much! I MAY give the "rice" noodles a chance, but I'll never buy the angel hair again. I had to throw the rest away because my husband couldn't chew, or swallow them well either.Shirataki Miracle Noodles -Angel Hair (198g) No Carbs! Made with Konjac Glucomannan Brand: Miracle Noodles
296276296276B004JRSAJSA2AG1HX4S11ZOWFostermom20100031341619200When is rice not riceWell I liked the idea of the noodles. I took seasoning from an oodles of noodles packet and put it on the Shirataki noodles. Still way to much sodium there, but I was just testing them out. They were just ok. I could tell they weren't real noodles. It was a texture thing. I haven't given up on them though. I still plan on trying some of the recipes out from the web site. I also plan to try some of my own recipes out using them in place of other types of noodles. Slightly expensive at Two dollars average for a seven ounce bag. But what diet food is cheap? I even decided to buy the rice noodles and want to give them a try as well. Will get back to you on my final opinion.
296277296277B004JRSAJSA3CDFIXXO0LXCUSean Jeffries0041339632000A Good Alternative to RiceIn general, I am a meat and potatoes man. I do not like a lot of vegetables, so for my side dishes I've always eaten things like potatoes, rice, or macaroni. This made things very complicated for me when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I tried the pasta alternatives (such as Dreamfields), but still got glucose spikes with them. I also tried using cauliflower as a rice substitute, but couldn't get past the taste. I was therefore not very optimistic when I placed my first order for Miracle Rice.

Upon opening the package, I did notice the fish smell that other reviewers had described. I rinsed the rice in cool water for about 15 seconds, then boiled it in a pot of water for about a minute. I drained the rice, then spiced it up with kosher salt, pepper, and a dash of Old Bay. I sauteed some venison tenderloins and made some brown gravy from a package.

The end result was a pleasant surprise. The texture was quite different from real rice; there was very little chewing involved. The Miracle Rice did indeed take on the taste of the spices and gravy, and was an acceptable substitute for the real thing. It's a little slimy, and loses heat pretty quickly, but is definitely edible. I will certainly order it again, and am glad to have an alternative for rice that is at least mildly reminiscent of the real thing.
296278296278B004JRSAJSA24H8XADEFB4B2Lupita0051339545600differentI read on my diet sheet abour miracle noodles and rice so I wanted. On the biggining was difficult to used,It was my frist time. I like more the noodle then the rices. Both rice and noodle can take any flavor that you want..and test good
296279296279B004JRSAJSA1HM99LO1QJN59the1cuttiepoo0021338854400Doesn't taste like much but smells badMiracle Rice doesn't taste like much. However, when I opened the bag I was overwhelmed with the bad smell of the product. It smelled like my cat when he has bad fishy breath then licks his dirty fur in an attempt to clean it. Rinsing the product as instructed on the bag didn't help the smell. Blanching the product like instructed on the bag didn't help either. My husband, not knowing I was cooking anything or had any food open, walked into the kitchen and asked, "Why does it smell fishy in here?" I won't order this again because I can't get past the smell.
296280296280B004JRSAJSA18K5IZVM3RMSRflossie18990021338163200NOT WHAT I REMEMBERI used this product a couple of years ago when I was on a diet.I really did enjoy it .So when I needed to loose weight again I ordered some more.The only thing I can think of that is different this time is I had been dieting about 3 months when I ordered them and I must have been extremely hungry or maybe my digestive system is just not as good(I am almost 61).They seemed to have stuck in my throat for about a 1/2 hour.They did not taste like a food at all.Maybe I need to diet a few weeks and try them again.Maybe then I will be hungry enough to appreciate them.

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