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296341296341B000VKADSSA2032LF6FWWK8EJay Riemenschneider2251248048000This is very high quality food and my cat goes crazy for it.Wow, I was surprised to read the other reviews here. After doing extensive research on this and other dry and wet foods, I found Newman's Organic to be one of the highest quality available.

I was disturbed over the number of cancer deaths in both dogs and cats occurring each year. The numbers keep going up and I figured it must be related to their diets. This food uses human grade natural chicken (no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides) in both their canned and dry food.

I wish this listing had the Nutrition Facts, but if you go to newmansownorganics dot com and read the FAQs you will learn a great deal about pet nutrition. My cat loves this stuff and had no trouble with the transition from its old food. She also loves the canned food.
296342296342B000VKADSSA3SEZJSFI22MG0Mr. Awesome4511270080000cats couldn't eat itI don't know what was wrong with this food, but my cats couldn't eat it. When they tried they would start chewing and it would fall out of their mouths. They tried for about an hour to no avail.
I don't know if it was the size of the food or what. They didn't seem to dislike the taste, they just could not eat it.
296343296343B000VKADSSA84J43O9S1RG6Sisyphus1151339545600finicky catLove the product with no corn, but my cat was not too thrilled with it. However, not given a choice he finally came around and now eats it just fine. Hunger outweighs finicky and I know he is much better off without the corn. The products out there for cats without corn is minimal at best, so the effort at out waiting my cat to come around was well worth it. It would be nice if there weren't as many veggies in it, but I'll take that over corn any day.
296344296344B000VKADSSA7Y6AVS576M03gobirds21151339200000My Cats Savor Newman's Own OrganicsIt took some time, but I finally got my cats to savor Newman's Own Organics Adult Cat Dry Formula. (The green labeled bag is just as good). My red tabby male had a penchant for upchucking his food and this has put a stop to that. The pellets are small and hard and they seem to love crunching on them. I also mix Newman's Own Organics Advanced Cat Dry Formula with small amounts of other dry cat food as treats for them. This is premium cat food and I love the packaging's very effective zip lock and the graphics to. I highly recommend Newman's Own Organics.
296345296345B000VKADSSA1Y08ACNJF2NVJTootsieM1151331510400Kitty and I both love it!Our 6 year old cat has been eating this food exclusively since we transitioned him from the Science Diet kitten food he was eating at the shelter before we got him. We simply leave food out for him at all times, and this food makes up 99% of his diet (outside of a few bites of bacon here and there). Once he reached adulthood, his weight has not varied more than a few ounces either way from a very healthy (for his overall size) 10lbs. Our vet says that the long-term maintenance of a healthy weight is one of the surest signs of a good diet in adult cats. He has a VERY healthy and shiny looking coat, is very energetic, and has very few gastrointestinal issues. Plus, you get the added bonus of all the good the Newman's Own Foundation does. Couldn't be happier!!
296346296346B000VKADSSAW68CSRWAL4FJHelena-Sophia Exel "The Better It Gets - The ...1151319414400The Best Cat Food EverBefore I started using 'Newman's Own Organics Adult Cat Formula' my Cats were already on a considerably supreme diet - 'Blue Buffalo Grain Free Wilderness Cat Formula'.
The sad story behind this change from expensive to luxury cat food is the wet dermatitis my youngest boy had for a while now. Even with Blue Buffalo food. As soon as I had switched to 'Newman's Organic' the fur licking receded and has basically stopped after feeding it for four weeks.
Every Cat Owner knows about how delicate and picky Cats can be when it comes to food. My Kitties love Newman's Own and they are all very beautiful and/or handsome.
296347296347B000VKADSSA3DMXJMKZ35TNXKate1151311379200great price and product!!!can't beat the price , esp. with regularly scheduled shipping. also, comforting to know that my kitty will be eating organic and healthy! it's nice to trust a company's product, in this market.
296348296348B000VKADSSAFD7TSLA6S5CPohia tree1141308441600Great Cat FoodThe only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating is the price. Best organic cat food you can buy, but it IS very pricey. A trusted brand.
296349296349B000VKADSSACIBWDGST5N9TMuchosOjos1141303344000Our standardOur cats like it, and it doesn't bother my cats stomach, which is great, because he has trouble with a lot of food.
296350296350B000VKADSSA2NH4AW5JQHORNJennifer Beall1151295827200Saved a lot of $$$ at the vet--be patient, though, it might take some time!I bought this food based upon other reviews from people who said that it helped their cats who had been licking off their fur. For a long time our cat had been licking the fur off of her back legs. The vet said it was possibly an allergy and that we could spend all the money for allergy testing but might not find anything. She also said that we could consider giving the cat Benadryl to see if that helped (but didn't necessarily see the need to do either at that point).

Eventually, though, the cat got to the point where she was pretty much licking off all of the fur she could reach--we literally had a half naked cat! She also had lots of small "scabs" (which she'd gotten before, but not to this extent), which was probably at least partly why she was licking the fur off. We figured the vet, if she saw the cat at that point, would recommend allergy testing. I decided to give this food a try first.

I'm very happy to report that it worked! Some other reviewers said that it worked for their cats in a couple of weeks. With our cat it took at least 4-6 weeks. At this point she's grown all of her fur back and the scabs are gone, too.

And she has loved the food from the very beginning--no problems eating it (as at least one reviewer mentioned), even though it is in very small pieces.

So if your cat is licking off his or her fur, consider trying this before spending all of the money for allergy testing (unless, of course, your cat is having other medical issues, too, that you're worried about). Great stuff!
296351296351B000VKADSSANJ0Z8D61FT0LSandra Brody1151293062400Cat Likes EverythingI like Newman's Own for my family due to its consistent quality and good ingredients
296352296352B000VKADSSA2RPC2P8CN1K6TLori Jean1151292889600Your Cat Deserves This FoodI've been feeding my six cats Newman's Own organic food for years. Their coats are sleek and healthy. They are healthy. This is certified organic food, not that phony 'all natural' stuff. Terms like 'all natural' and 'human quality' are meaningless. Take a look at what is in regular pet food--google '4 D meat.'
This is the one food I really trust.
296353296353B000VKADSSAEA36UQYJ2CCZRocky Moore1111283126400Cat hated it!!!Thought I would try it given the good reviews. But cat refused to eat it for several days. Had to switch back to his old brand - California Natural.
296354296354B000VKADSSAI6O8ZSTJWB2T2Irish4u1151281916800Yummy food that fills the feline belly...Our two 7 y/o female Scotish-Fold Ear and 5 y/o male Selkirk Rex really seem to love this food. They all have sensitive stomachs, and can get diarrhea quite easily, but this food has never caused them any distress. They get dry food cafeteria style and, while they really like this food, the bowl contents don't evaporate as must be more filling than other brands they've eaten. Moreover, the two girls harvested the hair on their bellies for years...the vet told us they were neurotic...within days of starting Newmans Dry Cat Food they stopped chewing at their stomachs. This food is hard to find locally now, and I'm glad, as I would have never discovered Amazon had it available for subscription at a fair price. Our cat masters and I thank you!
296355296355B000VKADSSAEZL4PHO93NYTmolly curtin miles "jeez-louise"1151263427200healthful food.i had always feed my two cats purina brand without any problems, but as the younger one got older he developed acne. looking for a product without fillers or by-products, i switched to newman's own.

the older cat (usually picky in tastes) had no problems switching, but acne-cat practically starved himself. now he won't eat anything else (call it acquired taste?)

the acne is totally gone & both cats are more healthy than ever, although keeping their weight in check can be problematic.
296356296356B000VKADSSA2Z36PK1JVPE4Aharmonyacresstudio@etsy1151253318400Price increase? Twice the price!I ordered on AUGUST 7th, 2009 Sub & Save. My cats LOVE this! But why has the price doubled?
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296357296357B000VKADSSA2RJO92YXNPAFQJohn Keenan1141252368000Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food[...]
I love anything that is organic and not "processed meats" or meat "by products"

My cats enjoy this when I feed it to them =:-)
296358296358B000VKADSSA1VQBEW0G4IH1JL. Knights1121248048000Cats can't stand itOf all the food I've tried on my cats in the last several years, this one is the only one they absolutely don't want to eat. Then when they do finally eat some, it tends to come back up again more than the others. Definitely a "don't buy". They really like Newman's Own canned food, though.
296359296359B000VKADSSA9WBWS6I4WRC7Pichan1141246838400My cat eats around the Newman's...but will eat it as last resort -)
296360296360B000VKADSSA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"11312460608003 out of 5 liked itThe 2 cats that didn't like it are older and I think it is because the smaller round shape is harder to hold in their mouths to chew as a piece would drop out of their mouth and they wouldn't try to retrieve it. The other 3 eat it fine without hesitation. When it goes on sale again I will purchase it again. One improvement to the bag would be for it to self seal like so many other products are now doing.
296361296361B000VKADSSA2DEPLEIB16BGYR. Rizzo3451222300800Healthy doggie food , too!This cat food is great. My big tom cat eats it as well as my two tiny doggies. Its all natural and doesnt make them sick or throw up. Nothing like that. That animals normally do with cheap processed pet food. And Amazon's price is much cheaper than the health food stores around. Good luck!
296362296362B000VKADSSA1ZZBAHWGTNMADC. Thomas "Straight to the Point In Colorado"4621244505600My cats wanted nothing to do with itI have two cats - one of which will eat dry cat food. (The other has had some teeth issues and simply won't eat anything crunchy.) The one the does eat dry cat food though - who seemingly will eat any dry food wouldn't eat this one and I ended up donating it to a local cat rescue center hoping that it would at least feed some cat somewhere.

I need to emphasize that my cat is not a fussy eater by anyone's standard and that she would not consume this says something about the product. So I guess it doesn't matter how healthy it may be if your animal won't consume it.
296363296363B000VKADSSA10O52QWKP8WOBSailor ""2351242950400Eliminated Tummy TroublesBecause cat health is so important, I mix Newman's Own with a variety of other premium cat foods (e.g., Science Diet, Iams). My cats like their mixture & we have eliminated a lot of tummy troubles.I'm going to continue to make Newman's Own a significant portion of their diet.
296364296364B000VKADSSA3FJ0YTQ4TR4QLRebecca K-B "RAK-B"0051349654400Quality cat food.We were looking for an organic food after the melamine poisoning of pet food debacle. Newman's Own dry foods for cats and dogs are manufactured in the US per their corporate veterinarian. Newman's Own is up front about their ingredients. For an organic food it is affordable. Also it has been great at keeping skin issues under control. Lastly Newman's Own is listed as a "More Responsible Pet Food Company".
296365296365B000VKADSSA3IXMUO7DVHCP6Shaysay010051348099200Excellent!I use Newman's brand of Cat and Dog food exclusively. The product exceeds every brand out there! I've bought them all, from Hill's Science Diet to every gourmet/high priced label out there. My Ragdoll loves it and she has less digestive issues and her weight is perfect.
This shipper, WAGS, Inc. they ship FAST! Each time I get within 2 days! I ordered Saturday and it was here on Monday!!! Everytime! Amazon is the place!
296366296366B000VKADSSALCG1JV25WTD2Mary Ann Martorana "memary10"0051345766400Delighted that Amazon has my brand!I have been feeding my cat Newman's Own for several years. She is 8 years old and looks and plays like a kitten. Her coat is soft and shiny and she is trim and muscular. I also feed my new dog Lucy the Newman's Own dog food. She came from the pound looking bony and angular and now she is shiny and muscular like she should be. Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula, 12.5-Pound BagIt's a bonus to find out I can order these great foods from Amazon and have them delivered right to my door.
296367296367B000VKADSSA75E89ET5UJ6FTigger0051306195200Newman's Own Cat fodI love the fact I can purchase this online and have it delivered to my door. My cat is really picky about her food and constantly regurgitates it. So far she likes this product. I will be purchasing again.
296368296368B000VKADSSA2JNHOTPMP1KB2Scott A. Marchiny0051291852800Newmans cat dry cat foodBought this for my cat after researching cat foods and finding out this was the most highly recommended. It even has flaxseed in it! The value of flaxseed has been known for years for humans, im glad to see Newmans putting it in his line of pet foods. Thanks Newmans!
296369296369B000VKADSSA2IEJBPKILUULGLeslie J. Brown "Leslie Brown"0051281225600Wonderful product for catsI found this food in one local supermarket; however, PetSmart only carried Newman's dog food. I went to Amazon and highly recommend this product for my 13-year old cat who has a repeated problem with hairballs. This is one of the many products that really works!!
296370296370B000VKADSSA3QRV9K9YKCUC0Lei Chen0051254355200Great food!This is the healthiest cat food I can find, my cat loves it, and it contains no byproduct which I will never feed my cat, the only downside is it's a bit expensive but for my cat it's worth it.

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