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296401296401B000GFYRMGA33EVUJ9V4KUWSElizabeth G.0051243900800BIgelow Raspberry teaI have used this product for many years and my store does not carry it, so I order it here!
296402296402B000GFYRMGA23Z51FSZBUOWZellenb0051231200000Great Tea!This raspberry tea is really good, and with no caffeine you can drink it anytime. Also great brewed with the Bigelow Peach Tea.
296403296403B000GFYRMGA12ZWENTS1XYHRobert Beard "PhotoMan"0131328313600Raspberry TeaI've looked for several years to find a Raspberry flavored tea, when I discovered this one. Thanks. It tastes really great!
296404296404B000F3Q6Q4A2TVHENMZ51TZNReviewer from KY "Online buyer for everything"101051275436800Great Product!I recently purchased 12 bags of this gum. It took several weeks to get here (backordered). It is a wonderful product, but still unclear as to why you can no longer buy it in any stores (only online). I paid over $50.00 for 12 bags of bubble gum for an uncle who loves it. I'm sure I will purchase it again, but it seems that something this popular should be made available more places (especially for diabetics like my uncle).
296405296405B000F3Q6Q4A2T8JZXQ79TKB4LK4WRD1151348790400Five-Star Rip Off!!!I found out alittle too late...that the very Same 3.5 oz Package is Sold for $1.89 at Wal-Mart at ALL Locations! and at the Dollar Store, guessed it ,a Dollar! For the same 3.5oz. Pack Good Quality ,but to Charge the Public OVER $7 Bucks a Small Bag...Never Again (in a V.A. Hospital, wanted to give something to the other Vet's on my Ward)
296406296406B000F3Q6Q4A1EKKETW1HB1GKMichele Crump0041337558400Bubble GumJust the way I remembered it when I was a kid. I like having the sugar free rather than the sugar. Flavor does not last too long, however.
296407296407B003C5SOCQA1ZDVRAWB3KY4Ttgirl485651301270400What A Find!When I saw this product I was elated. With the desire to add more fiber to my diet and not being excited about some of the products on the market these seemed ideal. Swallowing pills is unpleasant, mixing and drinking is not ideal to me and seems messy so the idea of just eating something in gummy form appealed to me right away. These fiber gummies are WONDERFUL! I only wish every supplement I ever choose to take would or could come in this form. No worries about chalky texture, bitter after taste if you don't swallow them right away and they begin to dissolve on your tongue and above all they aren't the horse pill size of some supplements on the market. I will be purchasing this product from now on.
296408296408B003C5SOCQAUPT8NBXVWLT6James H2251336780800Best fiber ever!Fiber is good for you and I don't get enough of it in my typical diet. The obvious solution is to take fiber supplements but I HATED those chalky, nasty things. Then I found these! Fiber gummies that actually taste good (even the no sugar added ones) and I actually enjoy eating. When I first got them I actually ate too much fiber unintentionally because I suddenly didn't hate taking the supplements. Plus, check this out, 2 tablets of the nasty, chalky ones generally have 4 grams of fiber. But 2 tasty gummies have 5 grams. These are awesome, if you need more fiber you can't possibly go wrong here. One thing to note, their shelf life isn't fabulous and they start getting a bit too stiff and chewy if you keep them around 2-3 months or longer. In other words, do buy them but don't stock up in bulk.
296409296409B003C5SOCQA3ENHO1VFF0F8FMei Mei2241311206400Love me some fiber!I purchased these for my son to help you with going to the bathroom and they have worked so wonderfully. They taste really good and I've actually started to take them as well and I really like the results. One thing to think about before you purchase this item on line in the heat of the summer is the shipping. I ordered this item a week or so ago and when I received it, all the gummies had melted inot a big lump, I assume due to the heat during shipping. These really need to be packaged in heat resistant package or temperature controled environemnt. I had to return the product and will probably be purchasing this at my local Costco instead.
296410296410B003C5SOCQAZ90TWUZHPXK0T. Nguyen "dynerebon05"0021350000000Taste great, good value, but give you the gasThe gummies taste really good but it gives me a lot of gas. Everytime I eat some, my stomach would growl and the gas would follow. Maybe it is the ingredient in the gummies?

Oh and by the way, this item is heavy and the seller will most likely ship with parcel post. I would recommend grabbing some at Wal-Mart if you don't like waiting 2-4 weeks.
296411296411B003C5SOCQA3PURJZ1ZAJU1Hodethzacarias0051348704000Excelente productoThey are very delicious and actually help improve digestion! Is an excellent choice for digestive health of children and adults
296412296412B003C5SOCQAGS50N6WTZJCJAmy H0051348099200Tastes amazing and a great way to add fiber!These things taste really good, so good that you may be tempted to take more than the recommended amount-do not make that mistake! I would suggest these to anyone trying to add a little extra fiber in their diet.
296413296413B003C5SOCQA3H7087YTQO9POOzgard "Oz"0051347148800Why not enjoy your fiber.Think about it. Fiber Gummies. Now doesn't that sound a lot better than fiber wafers or fiber pills. Gummies are great. Recommended.
296414296414B003C5SOCQA3P70UHSEUEQLUJ. Adams0051330992000Yummy GummyI purchased my first Bottle of Vitafusion Gummies (multi-vitamin) at my local supermarket. I have since become hooked on Vitafusion!!! I can't take a regular multivitamin in the morning or any other pill I must swallow. For some reason they upset my stomach and I have been known to throw up all those precious vitamins. So, when I tried this and have no nausea, I was hooked!! Not only does it taste awesome, but they sell all kinds of different vitamins and Fiber!!! Believe me, once you go gummy, you never go back!!! I have Fiber, Multivitamin, Calcium, Omega+ and B complex and LOVE them all!!! Thanks Vitafusion for answering my prayers!!!
296415296415B003C5SOCQA1QUZADCQO84ICS. Evans0051309046400Yummy!I can't get too much fiber and these are so much fun compared to other options. I still use my fiber capsules - but these are truly a treat - like Gummy Bears only better!
296416296416B003C5SOCQA30QH68NY1FXOWK. Littlejohn0051308009600Awesome productI was fortunate to buy this product when it was sold as a 3 pack (660 gummies) for the same price as the one bottle listed now. The gummies are awesome tasting which is a Vitafusion constant. I also take their gummy vitamins and they have the same great taste. My little boy and I have constipation issues and after taking these gummies for a couple of weeks now I can already tell a difference. I'm excited to find what I hope continues to be an easy fix for us. Thank you Vitafusion for another great product!
296417296417B003C5SOCQA3V69P7H0OQWIGTrendy Pencil0151318982400Tasty Fiber in a gummy? You bet!I'm a huge fan of Vitafusion products because they taste good and make taking vitamins really easy, if not, enjoyable--it's almost like eating candy without the guilt. The only draw back is potentially eating too much of it, so I would keep it away from children. Like other fiber products, eating excess can cause gas or upset stomach. There is also a regular version that is not sugar free, so if you are not too concerned about sugar, you have that option too. Personally the sugar free and regular versions taste pretty similar so no big deal either way. Overall, a good buy especially if you want to increase your fiber intake without the hassle or unappetizing of traditional powders, pills, and drinks.
296418296418B003C5SOCQA39945ITP1ZBKBMarilyn M. Davis1931299456000Fiber GummiesFiber Gummie

On the bottle, it does not state that the product helps with weight management, but the advertisement does. I haven't lost any weight since starting the product.....I have gained........However, it does have a great taste.
296419296419B003OB6BMIAQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.4451290038400wonderful Ramen, and SO CONVENIENT!!If you're like me, you eat Ramen noodles in cycles -- none for a while, then several Ramen-based dishes over several days, and so on. But if you prefer the non-meat-based flavors i.e. Oriental or Mushroom, they can be hard to find locally, and I have a habit of starting my consumption cycle when my supply has already dwindled and then being frustrated when confronted with only Beef, Chicken or Shrimp at the grocery store when trying to restock in a hurry. Amazon to the rescue!! This is a case of 24 of the regular Ramen noodles you see on your grocery store shelves (my favorite is Oriental, but this Mushroom version is also great). Versatile, because the choice of meat hasn't already been made for you, so you can combine with anything you choose to stir-fry or any leftovers you're adding to a soup or noodle dish. And ALWAYS IN THE PANTRY!! At a GREAT price, too. This is now a regular purchase at my house!
296420296420B003OB6BMIA22I7MDM7F462CJACharron4551317340800Great vegetarian option!I haven't had ramen since I became a vegetarian 5 years ago. Then I found this while browsing on Amazon. It tastes good, it's cheap, it's vegetarian....I'm happy.
296421296421B003OB6BMIA32K81VU4OXU2GLaw Librarian1121348185600Product image not accurate!Well, color me embarrassed! I saw a picture that said "Chicken Mushroom," which is what I wanted to buy.

Yeah, the title just said "Mushroom," but so many of the product descriptions are a little inaccurate, so I didn't think anything of it.

So I ended up with a whole case of the wrong ramen. Don't make the same mistake I did - this picture is not worth 1000 words!
296422296422B003OB6BMIA1DO769WJ3ZSGHfrugalgreengirl0041348963200Its Mushroom Ramen!The picture shows "chicken Ramen" but its not, its just mushroom flavor. It is vegetarian too! The other (2nd) picture shows the correct item.
296423296423B003OB6BMIAHSEC0R1MR78UAnthony0051342656000Too Good!!I have wanted these for a long time and have got it is the best flavor and cheap so if you like ramen and don't have a problem with salt you will love it.
296424296424B003OB6BMIANOK1TYNGVD12carol0051328486400Ramenive been eating Ramen noodles a long time and like most flavors including the mushroom. ordered it by the case and when its gone will order more. so many things you can cook with ramen.
296425296425B003OB6BMIAS2LLJOWA4LAQElizabeth0051325289600I missed these soo much!!I'm so glad that I found this flavor on Amazon! It's been years and years since I've had it and it is just as good as I remember.
296426296426B003OB6BMIA33PZDDZ9SWLSGMother Nyx0051321660800One of my guilty comfort foods...I still have over half of my recently purchased stash. My consumption, too, runs in cycles. I have to be in the right mood for it, but if I'm in the mood and caught without it, heaven help my poor husband! Late at night when hubby's fast asleep and the cats are busy chasing one another, I grab a pack of noodles from my hiding place in the computer room, grab my special noodle bowl from the shelf behind the ramen, sneak into the kitchen, and three minutes later I'm in heaven.

I never share my ramen. Take my coffee, take my chocolate, I'll give them up without a fuss. Just stay away from my mushroom instant ramen. Best tasting of the bunch, in my opinion.
296427296427B003OB6BMIA1R49U9AF3LBNKBen6800051317600000Always love ramen noodles, but all the salt is a challengeGrocery stores are usually around 20 cents per package; however, the selection is less than stellar for Nissin and Maruchan. Amazon's price is sometimes a little higher, but considering there's a better selection of Maruchan than I can find elsewhere, it is definitely well worth it. I can't even find the Maruchan mushroom nor the Nissin mushroom in grocery stores. I got these Mushroom noodles on Amazon for around 22 cents each.

The Maruchan mushroom tastes different from the Nissin mushroom, but both brand's mushroom is really good. No matter which flavor, they're a bit too salty. I sometimes will use one seasoning packet with one noodle package, because it tastes so good, but once in awhile I'll use half of the seasoning packet for one noodle package. I usually eat two noodle packages, so I just put in one seasoning packet. I put in about half of the suggested water in the frying pan to cook the noodles and all the water simmers away with no water leftover. I add the seasoning packet at the very end of cooking, so the flavor of the seasoning is still prominent, even with half the suggested seasoning.

I like the noodles in various ways. I sometimes will add one or two eggs while cooking the noodles. Other times, I'll mix in a half cup of mixed frozen vegetables while it cooks.
296428296428B003OB6BMIA3AOX1M73JK9LRbhoff0051315526400after looking to the rescue. i love mushroom top ramen and amazon is the only place that I've been able to find it. They stopped selling it in the store more than 10 years ago and i thought i would never get to taste this wonderful flavor again. thanks amazon. :)
296429296429B003OB6BMIAMXQYDU8M8KXZJennifer Shrawder "that girl"0321335744000salty!i thought this was going to be a great product, i was wrong. They try to fool you by making it two servings, so you think it's 40%drv, but in essence, it's 80% your drv, which is insane from such a little package! way, way, way too much salt, and very unnecessary, they could have toned down the salt and still come out with a great product. Who eats half a package of ramen????
296430296430B007A38XD6A31JCZRACON8QSHootie0051345075200The Best Ever!I have always loved Lemon Bars and many times I have made them from scratch. It is a time consuming process and I hate spending time in the kitchen. I found Krusteaz Lemon Bars and since I had tried other Krusteaz products and was very happy with them .... I felt good about the Lemon Bars. These were every bit as good as the lemon bars I have made from the homemade recipe. I will definitely continue making these for as long as I can find them in stock.

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