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296521296521B0029JW7E2A23ZKYYPAFSGNTTexas Guitars1251344643200Delicious MurderI just tried Bridgford Hard Salami for the first time. I'm no salami expert, but I have been eating food my whole life, and this tastes really good in my opinion. The texture isn't grainy like some of the more gourmet brands I've wasted my hard earned dollar on. Surprisingly it isn't very greasy, no gristle bits, no bitter aftertaste, and it smells good for a salami. Their use of salt and spices are well balanced. You could eat this with a sweet beverage and there is no conflicting flavors. Overall I rate this 5 stars and will be ordering this from Amazon again.
296522296522B0029JW7E2AHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"4741339545600Other then greasy, an excellent salamiTo be fair, I didn't purchase this product. But I found it outside of someone's home as I was wandering the streets. What I found to be exact was 3/4ths of one of the salami, in some sort of pet food dish as if left for a pet or some wildlife. Well, since it was left outside, I decided that the owner might not care if I went ahead and ate it. So I did, and it was wonderful! I am only giving this product four stars since like "Mntijo" here with his review it was a bit greasy, and I also had stomach distress after eating it. But this product is still delicious! I do hope the owner of the home that placed this salami outside orders more, I'd love to get more free food of this caliber.
296523296523B0029JW7E2A3IQLUGR31XMKIMJT3631301529600Good Salami if you don't compare it to Italian SalamiGood salami compared to other hard salamis you usually get in stores. But nothing close in taste to real italian salami. Bland taste.
296524296524B0029JW7E2A1O0U03P2LVCY0Mntijo1511339200000GreasyThis salami was so greasy when opened it, it literary poured out grease. I tried eating on two separate occasions and gave me the runs and cramps so bad, I couldn't even go to sleep. I threw 5 and 3/4 of the salami away. The 3/4 portion I left out for the animals which roam around the neighborhood, they wouldn't even eat it. Save your money don't buy this salami.
296525296525B0029JW7E2A1R9SKERZWSO2TLyn Robie1511330819200YuckTastes like a rancid dishrag pickled in brine. No sign of spoilage - just bad tasting. I bought based on the rave reviews of others here so I thought I'd chime in with my opinion. I'm comparing this with the Fresh and Easy house brand - scarcely the premium - that costs less and is scrumptious.
296526296526B004NRJZ2KA100DQHSKU9TVQCharaudeau1151311897600C'est délicieux!
296527296527B004NRJZ2KA2X27YQS0BJ8IUDavid0251308096000c'est si bon!Je fais mon palais
dans les dents
d'un palmier sec.

Ce gout va parfaitement
avec la mediterrané
296528296528B005TJW2TOAOC0Z936PZ4ORI.M. Big2251320796800Love That Seasoning!It was our first time trying Chef's Fun Foods-was GREAT! We tried the different flavors on all sorts of things and they really made everything taste better. We had guests over who loved the seasonings and went home and placed their own orders on Amazon. Everyone couldn't get enough of Chef's Fun Foods in their mouths! It brings a whole new universe of taste. We'll be back buying more soon.
296536296536B007FREI5YAKGG1DDHNA7XWBud1151327881600Love it!The rooibos tea is very fresh & fruity, with pieces of dried tropical fruit. It does not come with Jasmine pearls, as someone mentioned here. But they do serve it that way in the teavana stores. But you buy the jasmine pearls separately.
296537296537B007FREI5YAFGQSS5UA2J7HE. Hays1151325030400This is the best rooibos teaI try my best to stay away from caffeine, and never really liked the taste of decaf black tea. About a year ago I tried drinking Rooibos (south african red tea) and I'm completely hooked. But this tea is the absolute best of all of the rooibos flavors I've tried from Teavana (I'd also recommend Adagio's Rooibos Jasmine and Green Rooibos Citron if you're looking for more flavors). It is incredibly floral due to all of the flower petals (including whole dried rosebuds) and fruity at the same time from all of the strawberry, with a slight sour kick. I drink this tea every day and it always cheers me up.
296529296529B0040HOQR2AFIUROGFK12O7Judith Muggelberg "Careful Shopper"1131321574400Fussy ShopperI purchased two bottles of Puremiel Organic Orange Blossom Honey by La Tienda. I prefer to buy and use organic productes in hopes of consuming better quality, safer, and more healthy foods for my husband and I. The bottles came packaged very well. I personally did not care for the taste of this honey and would not order it again. That is a personal preference and does not speak to the quality of the product which seems to be fine. I found this honey to be good in quality, mild tasting, but not orange flavored enough for my tastes. I would not recommend this product to a friend.
296530296530B0040HOQR2AMRULXGQX0RPEJ. Taylor0051340668800Rich & Decadent Honey from SpainWhile it's a bit on the pricey side, Puremiel Organic Orange Blossom Honey is rich enough that small doses will likely satisfy. My personal favorite way to eat it is with fine cheese and crisp crackers, but it's also amazing drizzled on apple slices or good bread. It's not overpoweringly orange-flavored, but has nice delicate citrus notes -- just the way I like it. I prefer my honey to taste like honey and not lavender or oranges or the like, which is almost assuredly a very personal preference.

As far as I'm concerned it was worth the full bottle fee, and makes a fantastic addition to cheese plates in particular. Delicious!
296531296531B000H23Z2QA2NTG2V7PHT2Q9R. Bernstein0051243641600chipotle sauceThis is great stuff. When our local natural food store folded, we were happy to find an online source. It's way better than chipotle peppers in adobo sauce because you don't have to cut them apart or seed them. Great smoky heat.
296532296532B005ZLR9PSAXY1Z3JAZ4WHGbdb7772351326240000amazingdont let the above reviewer's 1 star throw you. sorry her shipment was past expiration (which btw, I'm not sure that powdered hot chocolate can go bad,.. but whatever)
this wicked hot chocolate is really good. I'm not a big fan of spicy stuff, so the description at first didn't sound so hot (pun intended)... but my wife likes spicy things so we thought we'd give it a try. its hard to describe: yes, its spicy, but its not like a chocolate covered jalapeno or something like that -- its definitely, first and foremost, a rich chocolate, but there is just a bit of a spicy bite at the end.. though, again, not like the lingering "heat" after you have some hot salsa or something

I also like that its a little bit thicker than normal hot chocolate when you make it . I don't have the box w/ me right now, but I'm pretty sure I remember that it has cornstarch, and it would make sense; you have to heat milk to boiling and stir constantly, much as you would w/ a gravy or any other thickening protocol w/ cornstarch.. the point being that it is a nice thick hot chocolate and not just like a powdered cocosugar you dump in hot milk.

highly recommended. we've bought multiple tins of it and will continue to do so.
296533296533B005ZLR9PSA3QOARYCQ0TTRBAG Ag0031326758400Not as great as I thoughtThe package design looks really cool, and I had heard that this chocolate was "the best" but there wasn't much chocolate in the container for one, and it didn't blend well. As for taste, it was not spicy to me at all, but it was decent. I was let down because the high price and fancy packaging led me to believe I was going to get something special. Nope.
296538296538B007FREI5YAMJ4HZNWUW9ZNDaralynn M. Ranney2351264464000Great when mixed with Jasmine Pearl.This tea is excellent when mixed with Jasmine Pearls. It is my favorite tea ever!!
296534296534B005ZLR9PSAJ4FYOTA6VW4QRebecca Tafe0121324944000Bad best by date!The item was a gift and hasn't been used yet. The recipient noticed that the best by date on the bottom says August 2011, I purchased it in November 2011. It was pretty embarrassing to say the least. I don't plan on returning it because it would have to be shipped from Virginia to Connecticut and back to the sellar. Because of that I will never purchase anything from this seller again.
296539296539B007FREI5YA1M7WF2RIHR9HBGirly0051341360000FruityAdd this tea to the dragon pearls. The combination gives you a fruity sweetly scented tea that tastes great and gives you energy. You can brew it in the coffee maker and store it in the fridge. I use canning jars. Do not sweeten the tea until you are ready to use it.
296540296540B007FREI5YA1VC16U5101SC7Kristamo0051335916800Good fruit teaA great non-caffeinated beverage. It has a light fruity taste that makes for a wonderful cup of hot tea, or a great iced tea for summer. It has very small particles in it, only one of my tea strainers captures them all. The other two leave several particles in the bottom which is sad. Just a heads up if you don't have a fine tea strainer.
296535296535B004T72H88A115GQ3JX5Q84LHappyCamper1111306713600No tasteMy mother in law received this tea in as a gift for Christmas and I had a cup and it was delicious. It was in sealed packets. This tea is in paper packets like Lipton tea and does not taste any thing like my mother in laws. Don't be disappointed like I am and save your money and do not buy this product. Unfortunately I had to open the package to see and taste this so I could not return it. I would give it no stars but I had to give it one to post.
296541296541B007FREI5YA2W6J3IGDBIUQZStephanie W0051335744000The first Rooibos I have ever likedThis is the first rooibos tea I have tried that I like. I have always found the flavor too, I don't know what it is... This tea I actually got for my mother and figured why not brew one cup, I LOVE it, I will be ordering some for me. I added about 1 tsp tea to a cup of 191 degree water and steeped it for about 5 min. It was absolutely yummie.
296542296542B007FREI5YA3VV4PKKS19L6CSheldon1311261785600Most dissapointing rooibos I've triedAt home right now I have the following rooibos teas:

Salada Green Tea with Red Antioxidants (strawberry-orange)
Equal Exchange Wild Rooibos
Port Trading Cape Rooibos
Zhena's Gypsy Red Lavender

These are all bagged teas. In addition, I have some loose rooibos from a local tea specialty store called Virtuous Teas.

Of all of these rooibos (or rooibos-containing) teas, the Teavana Tropica is the worst by far.

Firstly, it is difficult to even tell if it contains any actual rooibos; any such flavoring is completely overwhelmed by citris. Given that the tea is actually *called* a rooibos tea, I find this completely unnacceptable.

It would be another matter if rooibos was simply listed as one of the ingredients. For example, the Salada green tea I mentioned doesn't pretend to be a rooibos tea. "Rooibos" is listed as a constituent (along with lycopene, anthocyanins and vitamin C), but the tea is called "Green Tea Fortified with Red Antioxidants." Although the Salada tea is not called a rooibos tea, it is much richer in rooibos flavor than Teavana's so-called "Rooibos Tropica." Teavana's tea should simply be called "Tropica" with rooibos listed as an ingredient (if there is any actual rooibos present ... I'm not convinced).

Secondly, the tea's "tropical" constituents manage to produce a cloying experience in a tea that is otherwise too weak. I have not been able to brew a pot that had any satisfying tea impact whatsoever -- it has always felt too weak regardless of how much tea I've used -- yet making it stronger simply imparts more of the bad tropical mix. And the tropical mix *is* bad, as if I steeped some orange peels and random flower petals in hot water.

This tea dissapoints on multiple levels. Also, the fact that it is marketed as a rooibos tea will make me wary of any other Teavana offerings.
296543296543B001D0GV5EA13IE5CRVZPUNIDonnie A. Brande5551232409600excellentTimothy's Chinese Green Tea is absolutely wonderful. The flavor is mild and aromatic; never too strong or bitter. Green tea is natually filled with antioxidants and therefore, very good for you. Timothy's if the best of the k-cup green teas I tasted to date. I highly recommend trying this one.
296544296544B001D0GV5EAV8BCM6YMV2ESLeroy D. Young4441256083200Green Tea Thimothy'sI had been drinking Bigalow green tea but decided to try Thimothy's green tea because of K-Cups. It is a little milder than Bigalow but a nice flavor to go with my breakfast toast. If you like a strong tea this is not for you. Since purchasing this tea I find myself drinking more than Timothy's K-Cup coffee. I will be reordering soon.
296545296545B001D0GV5EABUXAESDNAY17Meryl Lawrence3351235088000LOVE this green tea!This is one of the best green teas that I've had. In conjunction with the Keurig, I get a nice cup of healthy, hot green tea every morning to start my day! Green tea is a bit of an aquired taste but this particular brand has a very pleasant after taste! Not bitter at all!
296546296546B001D0GV5EA4X20Q81ZQ4DHMatthew Gooby "Oluker"6851193184000Take Tea and SeeExcellent brewed tea. We really like and use our Keurig and this tea is a nice change from coffee
296547296547B001D0GV5EAYQZGTGK77VHZGuru "noyoon"1111319414400yuk!taste so awful...never tasted green tea so bad. I have never drank anything as bad - in face I didn't enjoy any of Timothy's stuff.
296548296548B001D0GV5EAGLKENC7EJDYW4u2 "FAB"1111268092800Not the bestI found this particular green tea to be to bitter tasting. I will not order again.
296549296549B001D0GV5EAC5ASCE5D0APBEvelyn J. Sickler "cindersmom"2341239235200Very Good Green TeaSo convenient, and wonderful taste. Timothy's coffee and tea's always taste better to me than the other Brands.
296550296550B001D0GV5EA1GH8GCT0SN00PL. Dell2311233187200Green teaI tried this green tea did not like it at all. I normally drink green tea but I found it to be kind of bitter. It tasted like coffee to me and I am not a coffee drinker.

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