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296701296701B007KFHOGGA1O0NM1GIK0AP9Kyle Waters "Maven"1821345507200From concentrateIt is from concentrate... I'm not sure how you can call it coconut water from concentrate. It's like taking spring water, concentrating it, then adding water at the bottling plant!
296702296702B003D8L5KAA3KL0DWTREYA7NMike BonDURANT "MUSEUMMUSCLE"4451271548800Tim Tam dark chocolate cookiesTim Tams are an icon in Australia. Great cookies (they call them biscuits) now available in the US. Do the "Tim Tam Slam" by biting off a tiny bite on each end, dipping one end in coffee and sucking like a straw. The coffee is absorbed by the cookie and the taste is wonderful!
296703296703B003D8L5KAA1KXR5TV22C3N6Angeliz33351346457600So yummy! Won't be disappointed! :)I haven't been to australia, but I have heard of this from a youtuber "itsjudytime" and she reviewed these which got me to want to try these out because she made them look that good! Luckily i read a comment that they are sold at "cost plus world market"! I remember passing by one but never really had the curiousity to go check it out until now. Found one near by, and tada...there they were! Wasn't called Tim tams but arnott's was the one i found and to my surprise...3/4 of the boxes were gone, only 3 left so that tells must be delicious! They were about $3.99 at the store and lucky I found them there or else pay for big fee of shipping (but then again, i suppose these would be worth the price for how deelish they are!) so check em out at your nearest world market! I made some hot chocolate and shabam....i was in heaven. I could only eat two in one sitting but if i could..i'd eat the whole thing :) I'll forsure am going to buy some more!
296704296704B003D8L5KAA1LNQBNNEQBPUDSamuel C. Powers "SammyK"3351257984000Tim Tams rock my face offTim Tams are the most amazing cookie ever created. Just bite off both ends and suck a hot drink through it (like coffee or my favorite, hot chocolate). You gotta wait until it's about to fall into the drink due to over-saturation and then SLAM IT! (That means put it in your mouth and eat it.)
296705296705B003D8L5KAA2LNOE7B1MMV88Brian Geber2241346544000The Third BiteThese cookies will surprise you, but only if you take at least 3 bites. I shared my box with friends and family, yet each of us noticed a pattern.

Bite 1 will remind you vaguely of other US cookies-candies yet you cant place the taste. Bite 2 you'll say, "This is pretty good but not worth importing it from Australia.". By bite 3, you'll be searching for more. Each of my friends who tried one vowed on their 3rd bite to buy them online or when the holiday season finally brings some to Target. My coworker tried a Tim Tam slam (bite the ends then suck milk through like a straw before eating it). She went from not impressed in bite 1 to asking me to help her order enough some from Australia.

This isn't a soft or gourmet cookie. Its similar to the simple joys of an oreo but far more addictive when you reach bite 3. The closest comparison i can give is BERGER COOKIES from Baltimore which are simple but beyond addictive.
296706296706B003D8L5KAA9FT3UVEHD9M9Annie2251256169600the best cookie everI had Tim Tams while traveling in Australia & New Zealand this summer. This is the best cookie you will ever eat. I highly recommend it***
296707296707B003D8L5KAA15CIBTYRG20DMarion J. Schaatt "toptraincat"1151322179200Amazon comes through AGAIN!My vet of over 30 years has a mom that still works in the hospital. I adore the woman and one day she shared one of these cookies. She told me another patient's "person" brings them to her from Australia. I knew I could find and probably at a nearby deli that I use often. It has a great international selection. Since they never bothered to return a call or answer my email, I went to my old friend Amazon. Sure enough, there they were! I bought my friend some more and also some for my Mother ( actually mother-in-law) who loves sweets. They are delicious. Worth every penny.
296708296708B003D8L5KAA2RDSPT23GR4ESKimmie1151314144000Tim tams are awesomeTim tams are delicious , I can eat them all day I wish that Tim tams are sold everywhere in the states I know they are available in some places but they're very hard to find !
296709296709B003D8L5KAA27Q8J6WZDI79IM. Conti1151313107200very addictive.Got hooked on these in Australia. Pepperidge Farms is doing a good job making a replacement for Arnott here in the U.S., but sometimes you just yearn for the original.
296710296710B003D8L5KAAZADSC5QQA19MElizabeth Jones "SerendipiT"1151271289600man these are goodThese are dangerously delicious. I could eat these every day. Their crispy, sweet, chocolatey goodness is beyond compare. Thank you Australia!
296711296711B003D8L5KAAU8D72EMBXD9KRon Greenwood1151267920000a great cookie!Love these and am glad to be able to get them here. If you're looking for a rich chocolate cookie, Tim Tams are it. Not sure which American cookie to compare them to, probably a chocolate covered Oreo, but with a chocolate middle. Lots of chocolate here. That's actually a downside for me. Too much chocolate. A little goes a long way with me, so these are amazing in moderation and with a big glass of milk.
296712296712B003D8L5KAA3NSQMHS8LY56QAustin from Houston "dp"1151261958400Great cookieMy son discovered these cookies on a trip to Australia and his suitcase on the way home contained several packages of these cookies. We've looked for them in stores but couldn't find them. I got him some for Christmas on and he was delighted.
296713296713B003D8L5KAA2U6J4UWIG7CDMarina Gokhtel "Marishka"1151256860800A piece of Australian heaven :)It's official! These are my new favorite cookies! You indulge yourself with a piece of heaven every time you have a bite....So crispy, so perfect, and the smell of the chocolate is oh sooo yummy!!!!
296714296714B003D8L5KAA1J070VZR4M6REpino "pino"3451278720000best tasting cookiei had these when i live in Australia for 2 years. they taste so delicious. I brought some in Australia at the wholesaler for $1.75 a pack. I ended up with a whole suit case(which is 75 packets). Within a week my family and i consumed the whole suitcase. These are the best cookies.

u can also find tim tams at Asian stores.
296715296715B003D8L5KAAR01C3SYL0MTPOzziesgirl4651255132800These kick Oreos in the BehindI'm not sure what "Hipcat 21" is referring to, but the Tim Tams I just ate from Australia would be pretty darn hard to suck milk through. They are a layered wafer cookie, and you'd have to have the suction of a Hoover vacuum to pull milk through those babies. But, they are amazing little pieces of heaven, even if completely worthless as a straw. They are crispy, and chocolaty, and so darned good that I would gladly give up my Double Stuff Oreos if these were widely sold in the US. Those lucky Australians!!
296716296716B003D8L5KAA2K8C1AFDOG2UKR. Mask0051344124800Oh man are these good!A month in Australia, a half-price sale at Woolies, an entire case of Tim Tams came back in our luggage. Should have brought 2 cases back since the sale price there was less than 25% of the price in the US. :-( Next trip to Australia check them out in many flavors, all delicious. Try the coffee straw technique described in other reviews.
296717296717B003D8L5KAA14CNB4T0N7HSBAndrea0011341446400Disappointing Out Come!!!I ordered Arnott's Tim Tam Crush Honeycomb instead I got Arnott's Tim Tam Sweet Wishes what happened? Also, I had the samething on my order form saying I oredered Crush Honeycomb not professional at all.
296718296718B003D8L5KAA29D9YX4WP8TJ2Ricojalapeno0041334534400Good snackThis is a great treat, but I tasted no difference between Tim Tam and the American version from Peppridge Farm. So I would stick with the American version to save money.
296719296719B003D8L5KAA3QGL4W4KC6I45Marke R. Weeks "Marke"0051320451200Shipping too high$13 dollars to ship an $8 product? They are the best I've ever had ! But it's a ridiculous price. I may buy them again, but it's a guilty pleasure and a wallet breaker for what you get.

I got $10 BONUS credit from Amazon and decided to get another nine bars, they are so good! My boss at work get's the Pepperidge Farm versions in Canada and they are tasty, but don't compare to the variety and subtle creamy finish of the Aussie bars. I guess $13 isn't too much to ask to send something all the way from down under. I LOVE THESE BARS!
296720296720B003D8L5KAA3V7ZQKX94GKXFJaz0041282262400Not 11 packets, but only one and it is damn goodWhen I purchased this product I thought I was getting 11 packets since quantity said 11 and picture had 6 packets in them. The 11 is actually the number of biscuits inside the packet. So its one and not six nor 11.

I informed the seller and he has promptly changed the picture, but the quantity needs to change or the term 'one pack with 11 biscuits" must be mentioned in the product description to avoid any confusion.

Seller offered to give a refund but refused since I couldn't wait any longer to have them.
296721296721B003D8L5KAAZM1SPAXYPMQXMiss Greener0051270857600The beverage has to be WARMJust to clear up that little misunderstanding about using TIM TAMS as a straw. The beverage (I prefer coffee) has to be warm, so the chocolate melts while sucking the liquid through. I only had TIM TAMS in Australia and from the World's Market. Never ordered them through Amazon. Just an awesome cookie! Also available in dark chocolate at the World's Market
296722296722B003D8L5KAA1I330RYAK82H4Samuel V. Schweizer "Sanateer"1251266883200SlamminIf you have never slammed a TimTam then you have never lived. Buy these and try one!
296723296723B003D8L5KAA3BFK1OSI8YU48G. crytser "hipcat 21"1251249776000AwesomeI had Tim Tams when I went to New Zealand I ended up bringing 5 containers of them back they are really good if you bite off both ends and then use it as a straw to drink milk turning the inside into a gooey chocolaty goodness:)
296724296724B003D8L5KAA16VR16P5YYPBUAlessandro Bellantuono0131344988800Tim Tams are great but you gotta wait for them.Tim Tam's are Australias beloved chocolate cookie. They are VERY good and are totally awesome used a "straw" for hot drink (just youtube tim tam straw). There is a catch with ordering them from Amazon: THEY TAKE FOREVER TO GET TO YOU. Mine probably spent 2 and a half weeks with Singapore customs. My friend who also ordered on the same day as I have experiences the same delay. By the time i got them I had forgotten I even placed the order. Cookies were great but not really worth the wait.
296725296725B003D8L5KAA2Y695A1DXMT1JDrew Samson0151331078400One of the Best Cookies I've Ever TastedDon't be fooled. It is a biscuit...but it tastes more like a chocolate bar, and has calories to match. Yet this is probably Australia's best treat. It is very good. I was surprised. It's fun to eat and it tastes very good. The level of sweetness is just right. While I describe Tim Tam as a dense malt chocolate biscuit, with a dense chocolaty creme atop, covered in milk chocolate, I must say that it's much more than that (as far as sweets are concerned). Try it out. I'm assured that you won't be disappointed. It's also fun to bit off two end and suck in milk to make it mushy. This is definitely a classic, up there with the Oreo, or higher.
296726296726B003D8L5KAA165ZDMP9JFGD3Salome0151278720000The absolute best cookie EVER!There is nothing on this earth that compares.

And, yes, you MUST reserve at least one to use for a Tim Tam Slam. It's easy and yummy!
Go here for a how-to video:

296727296727B003D8L5KAAFETA0A91VT2GRT0111261440000Seller lies about quantityLove Tim Tams, but as with previous buyer, I felt the quantity was extremely misleading, akin to a straight up lie. I am pretty sure when I purchased the item, it even had an estimated price per package as ~$2 (based on the ll packages number.) Very disappointed. Wish I had read the other review first.
296728296728B003D8L5KAA12F886O36KSF1J. Rudy0421260489600Misrepresentation: 6 packages, not 11Tim Tams are fantastic, but this deal isn't honestly represented on this page. The product information says "Item Package Quantity: 11" -- turns out this means there are 11 Tim Tams in each box. I thought it meant there were 11 boxes of Tim Tams. In fact, my shipment included 6 -- making the total cost for each box significantly higher than I had expected. I called the seller and they refused to send me more.
296729296729B00469VMO4A1CIRCCJFZGGXPStanding Bear0051338422400Had this coffee AMAZING!!!THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!
Best coffee ever. Smooth, rich, perfect. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but this will convert me.
296730296730B005DKIZAEA3N8RB943DMSH7Alisa Marie Fleming ""3341327363200Love the flavorsI am in love with the Rise Bar brand. My favorites are their breakfast bars, which have a chunkier and crispier consistency. The energy bars have more of a "Powerbar" like texture, everything is ground, with some shredded coconut added to some flavors for interest. Little bits of amaranth add some texture too, but they are still more soft and chewy than crunchy. That said, the energy bars taste pretty amazing too, and are a better alternative for strict vegans (sweetened with brown rice syrup and tapioca syrup instead of honey).

To note, the Rise Energy Bars are very sweet, and almost dessert-like in my opinion. I enjoyed them most as a mid-day treat, particularly when I hit an afternoon lull before a workout. Plus, they are the perfect size for a sustainable energy snack.

I love all of the "superfruit" inspired flavors, which are a fun change from the ordinary. That said, I think the blueberry and coconut is still my favorite - the flavors really stand out and are great together!

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