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296761296761B00124YOFUA3OO14O8Q3F4CJTrisha0051336608000fresh and good flavorI got the gum because my dentist recommended it to keep cavities at bay. It arrived quickly and was in good condition. The gum was fresh and had a good cinnimon flavor. The intense flavor didn't last any longer than most gum. I'm chewing it after meals when I am not near a toothbrush and during the day when I would normally reach for a snack. So far I have no complaints but I have not been to a dentist to see if there is a difference in my teeth condition.
296762296762B00124YOFUA1E807WCM1PUPamazonop0051334793600love it!I bought these because I am addicted to gum and I need all natural gum because the crap they put in regular gum is super bad for you...I am not sure if Xylotol really helps your teeth like they say...but if your looking for an all natural sugar free gum that tastes great and won't give you headaches, this stuff does the trick...I will buy again and again...
296763296763B00124YOFUA30QLM9JFRERC5jlpohl0051319328000Great Deal and Good for You!This gum contains xylitol, a sugar that the "good" bacteria in your mouth like, so they can thrive and can help you avoid cavities. One piece chews down pretty small and loses its flavor fairly quickly but I only chew it to clean my mouth. It does its job and this pack is a good deal because you would find 1 pack for .99$ in stores.
296764296764B00124YOFUAYMHHTBVA0WHXSunshine0051319328000Perfect!This gum is awesome! Love that it doesn't contain all those bad-for-you chemicals that most gums have in them! The individual packages are fabulous and don't take much space in my purse.
296765296765B00124YOFUA1M1D1KIF7YUEDErin Leland0051319155200Best Gum EverThere's really nothing else to say. I'm a gum chewer. It suits my needs and is better for me than other gums. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good gum.
296766296766B00124YOFUA3SWV1SYADVTBVJulia0041317340800Eliminates bad breath, tastes great, handy packagingI was researching dental health one day and found lots of evidence proving how great xylitol is for oral health and teeth (although it is deadly for dogs so beware of leaving it lying around and don't litter! Unfortunately, over the counter gums have other ingredients that counteract or nullify xylitol's positive effects.

Spry is a great example of a gum that is really pure in its delivery of xylitol. If you get into the habit of chewing a piece or two after you eat (I prefer chewing two pieces at a time to extend the flavor) it's meant to eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth and prevent acidic foods from doing damage, leading to staining and cavities on your teeth. Plus, Spry is very inexpensive!

An added benefit I noticed is that it increases salivation, which is very good for me since I am prone to having a somewhat dry mouth.

I love the peppermint flavor- this gum doesn't give you an aftertaste and leaves my mouth and breath fresher than they've ever been in my life. I agree with other reviewers that the gum does lose the majority of flavor after a few minutes of chewing, but it's not unpleasant until about 30 minutes into chewing, which is better for your jaw anyway. I have not had any abdominal discomfort at all from chewing this gum.

I highly recommend this product
296767296767B00124YOFUA6Z70N6L1XSC4electriczipper0051314316800Xylitol sweetened Gum.Good product! If you are set on chewing gum this is the stuff. You can feel the difference, teeth stay cleaner between brushings. Sugar sweetened gum will degrade your dental health if you are a constant gum chewer like me. I just hope they don't find out something seriously wrong with xylitol down the road. ;)
296768296768B00124YOFUA3R33KMESG0XGQromevi0031313712000Good, but could last longer.I'm a gum fanatic, but usually I'm used to the sugary versions, or else the very minty alternatives. I'm trying Spry for the first time, and I think it's a fantastic gum, but I feel the flavor runs out very quickly, and it also comes in very small portions. The packaging is also frustrating, because I'm used to pushing into the tab for the gum to come out, but the packet that actually holds the gum is small compared to the sleeve, so you have to shake it out.
296769296769B00124YOFUA111W7L1E3NQZTBaloo0041312329600Good for you but doesn't last longI like Spry because I know it's good for me, but the gum size is meager, and the flavor, while good, doesn't last long. So I pop in two pieces at a time and just enjoy it while I can. I kind of assume that the reason it doesn't last is because it doesn't have a lot of the nasty chemicals in it to preserve it, so I am willing to accept the tradeoff for better health!
296770296770B00124YOFUA1BG0O5PPMW69SPratham Brashe0031310256000Not very greatThis product has xylitol in it and its useful/good for your teeth, I get it. But, at the end of the day I chew gum to freshen my breath up. The flavor of Spry lasts only for 3-5 minutes. Then you are basically chewing on flavorless gum. You need to chew atleast 2 at a time to feel the flavor. This product might be good for your teeth if used extensively but honestly I think its overrated. You will do as well with any sugarless gum like Trident, which has xylitol too and lasts much longer. Not to mention that its expensive too as compared to Trident or any other sugarless alternatives.
296771296771B00124YOFUA3H6NNGCINPLECA Customer0051234915200Xlear - Spry Sugar Free Gum CinnamonThe Xlear Spry Sugar Free Gum Cinnamon is one of our favorites. It replaced Dentyne because of its non-melting hard shell and sugar free ingredient.
296772296772B00124YOFUA37ZTFKGCWWHCJLeitha S. Talmage "leitha"1221210204800flavor let downAlthough the flavor is good it doesn't last very long. After the flavor leaves the gum is unpleasant to chew.
296773296773B00124YOFUA37U0Y35VCINGMAl Stinkfoot Bundy0141187049600good gumThis was a good price and now i don't have buy gum again all year. It's not my favorite brand but i know it's better for your teeth than Trident and Orbit
296774296774B00124YOFUA3V9VAX8X7ECT6Susan L. Weakland "Slash the Punk Lover"0251254182400Wonderful itemI will buy from this seller again and again. This item is good and good for you. Great price and fast shipping! Thank you so much.
296775296775B001UL493MA1VS8Z12MDBLZ9tierekisa101151264896000Got The Funny Bones "Jones."When I first bit into this chocolate-wrapped peanut butter creme-filled cake called a "Funny Bone," I was only 7 years old and lived in Middletown, N.Y. I was hooked from the first package that I ate. I wanted more, but as a child you're only allowed so much sugar (as is the correct way to raise a child to eat). Now that I'm old enough to eat more without going super-hyper, I can't find them. It's been hard looking for them in my previous home of North Carolina, and even harder trying to find them in my current home of Virginia. The only way to buy a box now would be to pay almost $30 for it!? It would be unacceptable to mark a less-than-$4 product up that high (w/shipping combined) if these cakes didn't taste so damn good. Drake's, if you can read this, stop playing and start creating more distribution points to sell these delicious (and normally affordable) cakes to more than just the great people of New York.
296776296776B001UL493MA36L6KC2SV6UK4huey6731286841600dates matter !!!I was concerned when my friend recieved the shipment of funny bones from amazon that I had purchased her for her birhtday. She called and thanked me for them ,they are her favorites,but informed me she needed to freeze some of them. I asked her why did she want to do that, she said that the dates of expiration on each was about to expire within a week or so. I dont have the exact dates but they were very close to expiration. They were fresh and tasted fine, but I believed that for the amount of shipping involved that they should be at least comparable to simmilar product in stores which had expiration dates at least 2 months out.Again the produts were still fresh and were not expired, but only for a week. my friend is a diabetic so cramming 40 funnybones into her within a week would have caused lots of nasty problems.I am only hoping that in the future if I am top order something offline with a high cost of shipping, I would get a little time to enjoy them befor they outdate. thank you , huey c wright jr.
296777296777B001UL493MA1S4WBO436OOK3Sarah3331323302400Two Days?My fiance has been searching everywhere for these, so I finally decided to order some. I wasn't too happy with the shipping costs, much like everyone else on here, but supposedly they're worth it, so I decided to order 2 sets. That's 40 Funny Bones. I guess the shipping was worth it, since the estimated delivery date was between Dec 8th and Dec 13th. The order came the 7th. Thank goodness, because the expiration date on 2 of the boxes was the 10th. Not quite sure what they were thinking on that one. Hopefully these are like Twinkies and don't go too terrible after the expiration, considering they were supposed to be a Christmas present...
296778296778B001UL493MA3M2KRBEDTAOFMK. Rummel3351273363200food that I grew up withLiving in California I do not get to go to the local store and buy Funny Bones. I am glad to be able to go on line and get this favorite treat of mine. I will be back to buy more.
296779296779B001UL493MA2XDET19AAL026B. Bennett "newyorker in wyoming"4551253145600i miss funny bones in wyominggrowing up in new york state we allways had funny bones. now living in wyoming we can not get them i shared them with my friends who agree that they should be sold here as well.
296780296780B001UL493MAR2IXMJA7JOEMerrilee Rainey1151329868800Awesome!!!Had a taste of home (NYC)that hit the spot. I can't wait to order Lindens Chocolate Chip Cookies. Thanks Amazon!!!
296781296781B001UL493MA16V3EYOUEWZFHNozzle1131322006400Short Expiration DateIt's great to get fabulous Drake's Funny Bones delivered; can't find them around my current address. The cakes I got were actually just days shy of their expiration date when they arrived, similar to at least one other reviewer here. Certainly still edible and tasty at the moment, but annoying to pay so much for near-expired stuff.
296782296782B001UL493MAVLF04K08IT0GJ. Angeles1151303948800Good eatingGot these for a friend from New Jersey. She wined that they are not available in CA so I paid $20 to get two boxes and stop the wining.
296783296783B001UL493MA7LGU8TZYQNDUBarbara J. Simmons3451281225600sweet childhood memoriesLoved these as a child growing up in New York. They are just as good as I remembered
296784296784B001UL493MA2B38YPH0SHF8XDiann David0051335657600Need to be available in LouisianaI grew up in Virginia and West Virginia. I remember eating Funny Bones in my childhood. I moved to Texas and now living in Louisiana and cannot find Funny bones anywhere in the south. I get them when I am in Virginia from time to time. I would love to be a distributor in Louisiana. These are the best snack cakes ever made. Why are they only available in the eastern part of the US. Dosn't make since.
296785296785B001UL493MA2TTJBCFS31Y8LCarol S.0051331251200Yummy, just like when I was a kid!Drake's Funny Bones, my favorite when I was a kid. I hadn't seen these in years so I ordered them and they are still yummy!! What a nice treat!
296786296786B001UL493MA26N3GLFUNS4NLMr. William A. Dispoto "gorilla-bill"71111267488000Highway robbery...I love Amazon, but sometimes their pricing strategies astound and disappoint with Drake's Funny Bones. If you can't figure out a way to distribute these for a reasonable price, then don't offer them.

I love Funny Bones, and if my rating was JUST for the product, I would give them 5+ stars...but at $27/box for a 20-pack, Amazon should be's downright robbery.
296787296787B001UL493MA2N5PG64SRI6YXBonnie35312977280005 stars for the product, 0 for the price.Drake's Funny Bones are the only snack cakes worth eating. As popular as peanut butter and chocolate candies are, it seems odd that there aren't more snack cakes made in that flavor combination.
Drake's Funny Bones ARE hard to find and ARE wonderful/ yummy/ nostalgic treats, but it still doesn't justify the pricing here.
I quickly found a seller online after Googling, 'Drakes Funny Bones', they charge less than $4 a box. There is no reason to pay more than $4 for a box of snack cakes.
I prefer to buy things on Amazon when I can, but not at this inflated price.
296788296788B001EW8H9EA3PYK2SAB3MV3LJason P. Jurado "jj"0051343692800Best Coffee Ever...I came across buywell coffee about 6 years ago and my wife and I have been in love with them ever since. They not only have great coffee that is organic and fair trade but is delicious. they do not dissapoint with their product or integrity. this decaf is great for a night time brew. we love the "full octane" for those mornings when we have a full day ahead of us.
296789296789B0012KCVDGAIK2YQXIQQOEBVicki O "Sewandsewvicki"2241238976000The only canned food my cat will eat!Our vet recently suggested trying to get my kitty to eat canned food in addition to his dry diet. My finicky Siamese will not eat canned food - except for this one. I think I bought a can of every cat food made and he turned his nose up at every one - except for Fancy Feast Yellowfin Tuna with garden greens. He loves the gravy. The only complaint I have is that some of the pieces aren't shredded too good, so I have to chop them up a bit for my elderly kitty. I subscribed to Amazon's subscribe and save on this one! So convenient and saves you money too!
296790296790B0012KCVDGA3RJAGS4FX0F2PTina1151315008000my cat LOVES it!i got 24 pack of this can food a while ago for my 7 month old kitten, he loves it! definitely gonna be his regular can food now!

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