Amazon Fine Food Reviews

296861296861B000G176DMA1CXFYTA3884DQCynthia0041342915200Tastiest Refried Beans I've FoundFar and away the best canned refried beans out there. I must not be the only one who thinks so because they are hard to find even at Whole Foods. This specific variety is often sold out. So easy to buy a case at Amazon! The 12-pack I received was shrink-wrapped in a cardboard tray and packed in another box, but not well enough. Due to the poor packing, all cans were dented at their top...every single one! I'm happy to report, however, that the denting did not harm the fantastic taste and texture of these beans.
296862296862B000G176DMAACZB8KQJH29GSheila Livesay0051302652800So glad we could buy it from AmazonWe began using the Amy's Organic Refried Black Beans while living out West. Love this product!! This product is so tasty and better for you than the average refried beans. This is a home run at our house. Love the flavor, just the right amount of mexican flavor, not spicy, texture is appealing and best of all it is made from black beans.

Since moving to the Southeast coast, we were disappointed to not have been able to locate this product in any of the local stores. We could, possibly, drive a couple of hours and maybe find it somewhere else but with the price of gas it is not feasible.

Thanks Amazon for carrying this product. Soooo very happy to be able to purchase it through the Amazon site. Free shipping and delivered right to my door, what great service!!

Thanks again!
296863296863B000G176DMABSHD5PC5YEH6J. M Quiggins "Sole_Fish"0051194825600PerfectWonderful and creamy. Not too thick. Nice lightly spicy flavor as well. It came to me with over a year on expiration. Nice rich aroma as well. Spreads easily and is very enjoyable. I will buy this again!
296864296864B006MRHQAMA8P8KPVXCWV9RBryan J. Kautzman "BK"0031334620800Pretty decent stuffI guess I had no idea how used to drinking "bad coffee" I had become.

I use my Senseo single-serve machine to make coffee simply for convenience sake, and I had been using the Senseo brand coffee pods. Well, no more of that. I ordered through a third party to receive a bunch of samplers, and I received a package of this Baronet Cinnamon Hazelnut as a tree sample.

First of all, the pods are individually wrapped, which I think does quite a bit to preserve freshness. Now the flavor can't compare to cup of freshly roasted and freshely ground beans, but this was pretty dang tasty for a preground coffee. There was only the slightest hint of bitterness, and the delectable cinnamon undertones really made up for that. I've never had cinnamon in coffee before, but I have a feeling I will be having it again.

I have about 30 different kinds of coffee pods to try. I'll try to post a review of each one as I drink them.
296865296865B004BY5YT8ASHXEHASXRBBASusan Davis3351302048000Yummy snacks for little onesI have a two year old who loves cheetos. Since cheetos aren't the most healthy snack in the world, he wasn't allowed to have them very often. These "grilled cheese" puffs are an awesome alternative (obviously still in moderation). I've read other reviews saying they don't taste like "grilled cheese". Maybe not, but they do taste great. If you like baked cheetos, you'll like these. The 1 ounce packages are great to throw in a diaper bag and take to the park.
296866296866B004BY5YT8A16PS5ZA62C204Alexx LeVasseur "The Flag Chick"2251324944000Love these for my grandsonMy grandson, 19 months old, loves traditional cheese puffs, however, the adult version has way too much salt, dyes and other chemicals. The disaster of getting the orange off of his hands after some cheese puffs was something I always dreaded. One day when I was in a local baby buying warehouse store and my grandson grabbed a bag of these at the cash register so I bought them for him to eat in my truck. He loves these things and so does grandma...LOL They are healtier than traditional cheese puffs, they don't have all that bright orange dye on them and I was able to order them in bulk here on my favorite place to shop, Amazon!!! You just can't get any better than that. The only thing I would suggest is buying the smaller bags if you aren't going to eat them all in one sitting. Due to the lack of preservatives in them they become stale pretty quickly once they are opened. So if you buy a large bag and plan on clipping the bag shut to eat more later, you will come back to a bag of stale puffs.
296867296867B005AYDH92AF72GTWZGAC61Pinkhat2251330300800Very nice flavor and consistencyThis ketchup is excellent. Consistency, texture, ingredients, everything is as good as it gets. But what's particularly appealing is that wonderful flavor with its delicate hints of clove.

I'm glad to have found it here on Amazon because, unfortunately, not all products by this brand are widely available.

Excellent product. Highly recommended.
296868296868B005AYDH92AX95UCHK6FPWEKarl Kablisk1151338768000Best Ketchup ever!This is my favorite ketchup. The taste is totally different, not like heinz "organic" ketchup or regular ketchup, it doesn't taste like chemicals. You can actually taste tomato. Try tasting this one back to back with regular packaged or bottles of ketchup you are used to seeing in restaurants etc. My first thought was that I haven't been actually consuming ketchup in my life till now. Its THAT different.
296869296869B007IW47VQA1JKP9VOLYUQYFSandra Jane "TheBigCheez"0051349136000Wild Hare Teriyaki Jerky - Sweet with a bite!I purchased the Wild Hare Teriyaki Jerky as part of the add-on program along with the Cajun and Original Beef flavors. My family loves jerky and I thought it would be a good opportunity to sample something besides our usual grocery store stand-by.

Size: The 3 oz bag contained 10 square and triangle pieces of jerky - not the usual strips that we usually get

Texture: Thinly sliced, cut on the cross grain so you can shred it apart into smaller chunks for bite-size pieces. Looks like hand cut beef instead of something processed. It's very slightly crispy - maybe from the caramelization from the sugar

Flavor: The teriyaki is very subtle, slightly sweet - tastes more like it was marinated than covered in teriyaki sauce. Peppery like the Original Beef which gives it a bit of a spicy bite! I love pepper, so that totally works for me...

Value: I paid $5.52 for the 3 oz package which gave me the opportunity to try the Cajun and Original Beef flavors. Of the three, the teriyaki was my favorite and I will definitely try it again.
296870296870B007IW47VQA2VIQLU57RMFGGBryan C "Alibryan"0111347667200I GOT A WILD HARE...and bought these as an add on item for an inexpensive price. Unless you take into account that I bought three bags, opened one and tried it, then threw them all out. Not recommended.
296871296871B0002MLAEQA3DZBWPRH1BND3S. Davis7751192406400Saved my cat's lifeMy 6 year old kitty was losing weight, vomiting constantly, and had loose stools. The vet could not find anything wrong with her. She lost more and more weight, had poor fur and low energy. I was resigned to losing this very sweet cat. She was eating one of the most expensive cat foods. One day in the grocery store I noticed a display of all the Purina One products. I bought a bag of Sensitive Systems cat food. When I put some in her bowl, she meowed while eating it! Within days I saw an improvement in her energy level. She is now doing great, correct weight, good fur. For some reason, the store quit carrying this, so now I order it for her.
296872296872B0002MLAEQA1DC1O4VX6AHPPE. A. Jones "movie buff"6611312070400frequent problem batches of this foodWe were purchasing this food regularly for our four cats, mainly because one cat has a sensitive stomach and this was the only grocery store brand that sat well with him. Last year we got a bag of food that looked darker than usual. The cats wouldn't eat it. We purchased another bag and it was fine. The next bag again looked darker; the cats ate it, but all four vomited it up immediately after eating it. Again, we purchased a new bag where the food was the same color we were used to and the cats were fine. I hesitate to admit this, but I did test the bag of darker food and, again, it made the cat who tried it sick.

It was obvious that the food was bad, so I called Purina. They insisted that nothing was wrong with their food. They wanted to send me coupons for free food instead. I asked to please make a record of this food being bad -- I offered to send the leftover kibble to them, I tried to give the customer service woman the bag code, but she refused to do anything. She flat out said she would not take the batch code down because nothing was ever wrong with their food. When I got off the phone, I made a copy of the code from the bag and sent a letter, but never received a response.

When I called the grocery store, I got the manager who said they had already removed the food from the shelves because of so many complaints. He said they would send the food back to Purina. Because of the cat with the sensitive stomach, I kept buying Purina Sensitive Systems and spent 6 months checking the batch codes to make sure we didn't get another bad bag. Figuring that the situation had resolved, I stopped checking bag codes, only to find out the hard way the grocery store had not sent the food back to Purina but instead quietly put the bad food back on the shelves. That time only one cat ate the food, but he vomited so much there was blood in it. We took him to the vet and while there realized it was probably the food again, and sure enough, the batch code matched the previous bag that had made all the cats sick. (As far as I know, the cats did not have permanent health problems because of this food.)

I highly recommend avoiding this brand. We have had cats for 20 years and have used 3 brands regularly during that time; Purina is the only one that has caused this kind of problem.
296873296873B0002MLAEQANNRLY4QRASHCLisa A. Massee3351264032000best foodThis is the only food my cat can eat with out getting the poo's... can not beat it for the price!
296874296874B0002MLAEQAOP5TUC7TTEY0J1151330732800Sensitive systemsWe have four foster cats at a time, and one is always having a problem with whatever food we buy. So we decided to go with the sensitive system. Since, we haven't had any problems. And the main ingredient is turkey, overall decent, although not the best ingredients, but very effective for sensitive kitties.
296875296875B0002MLAEQAYHV81XTFKA22Sara M. Wollin0051344816000Cat loves it, noticed a difference right away with him!We originally had the Purina One hairball for my rescued cat (per their recommendation), but he does have a sensitive tummy and would have really loose stools, and have them at least 4x's a day. So I switched to Sensitive Systems, and I LOVE it. My cat had no problem with the change, he chows down on this, and after a couple weeks of using this, I have noticed that his coat is very sleek, soft and healthy. He hasn't shed in a while now, and he used to be pretty bad. Over the last two weeks since being on it (it did take him a good week for his system to "firm up") he is now only going roughly 2x's a day, and they are all normal, not wet or loose. Very happy with this purchase, it did exactly what I hoped it would with the benefit of helping his fur too! No complaints with the shipping or packaging either.
296876296876B0002MLAEQAKY2NIIS6VMLATormentrix0051327017600great for cats with loose stoolMy cat had gotten sick and I took him to the vet. We did all kinds of tests and couldn't find out what the cause was. I bought this food and it helped his little tummy right away!
296877296877B000N8N4IYAH5PWTZ8PEKJMArmadillo14451322956800Nice MachineI purchased this as a Christmas present for my 10 year old because he is always asking me for quarters for vending machines (as all 10 year old boys do). Assembly was easy but upon delivery, one of the two locks was inoperable. Gumball Machine Warehouse was great, as I sent one e-mail, had a response in less than a day and a replacement lock in the mail asap. This allowed me to have it assembled and under the tree before Christmas. Installation of the replacement lock was fairly simple. After that, the machine worked great. I filled the middle compartment with Double Bubble, the left with Runtz and the right with Skittles. No problems functionally after two dozen quarters or so. My son loves the machine and is showing it off to all his friends, telling them to bring quarters when they come over. I gave five stars because I think this machine is perfect for our use, but I need to note that for commercial use, I believe it only suitable in a supervised location. The locks could be defeated with a sturdy, large screwdriver. We are completely satisfied and it's a great machine for the price.
Triple Vend Candy & Gumball Vending Machine
296878296878B000N8N4IYA141P5I3VR9TIHspeedy0041332892800excellent !!!!!we have several of these machines we use in our vending biz . the all metal construction is nice , the spill tray is a wonderful touch that shop owners really like , and the red color is really eye catching . my only complaint so far ,is the coin mechanisim isnt easily replaced . thankfully we havent had any issues ( they are all metal also ) ,but we have other machines where the coin mechanisims pop right off after we remove the candy container , which is a nice touch if there is a coin jam, or mechanisim failure . one thing to note, if you get the machine keyed the same top and back ,it is soooo quick to service ( with one key) . coin trays in back make at all really quick and easy . removing candy ( if needed) is a bit of a different story . since the "clear out shoot" in the bottom dont really do anything ( dont work for us vending mike ikes-peanut mm) the only way to get candy out is scoop at a time . so if your constantly changing product ,definately look at a different machine . id suggest the lypc triple pod ( canisters remove ,coin mech can be easily removed OR upgraded to .50c) although i dont have any yet ...hmm ,i think i will order one now
296879296879B001E5E2FEA2422TU7CUU7K3Keith Macfarland "Keith3196"101051245024000Absolutely the best tasting GF pasta around!I've tried them all, Tinkyada, Mrs. Leepers, Le Venezienne, etc. Most were good to passable, but this pasta is the greatest and closest yet to real pasta.

Still retains a decent al-dente bite and even reheats fairly well as well, but you will need to a teaspoon of water in your container before nuking.

I wish though that GF pasta would cost less.. imported pasta from italy typically is on sale for .50 to .75 a lb, but corn pasta from italy costs roughly $4.50 or more a pound.. someday there will be enough demand or competition to drive down these costs.

Till then Schar rules and is worth the extra money when stacked against it's competition in the GF pasta market.
296880296880B001E5E2FEA38QECX6WG1OJSbdphelps5651279843200Far superior!All of Schar's products are noticeably superior to many other gluten free brands.
I love their pasta. I've never had problems with mushiness, crumbling or any other classic gluten free characteristics with this pasta.
296851296851B001Q54UIQA3710B30O9ABJRShirley A. Maples "miss humpety"4451255910400outstandingthese cinnamon bears were so sft, fresh and cinnamomy!!!! one of the best we have ever tasted I would recommend these little rascals to everyone!!!
296852296852B001Q54UIQA3KN8MDFJGJYQ1djwallace1151346198400Cinnamon BearsI have been looking everywhere for these cinnamon bears and couldn't find them at any stores. These were my favorite candy as a kid and they did not dissapoint. bought five pounds and the were very fresh.
296853296853B001Q54UIQA3C7M9JF53TKW6Rodeman1121341792000Very firm and odd smell/tasteI stick with the bears from the store after trying a bulk bag of these. They had an odd smell to them and they didn't have as much flavor as the Target brand or store bought brand. Spend the tiny bit more per bag and buy the ones in the store so you know they are fresh.
296854296854B001Q54UIQA3BANVBACMHJPJvtjeepgal1231308700800Not what I was expecting, but okay...I was expecting something more like a gummy bear. These are 3 to 4 times the size of a typical gummy bear and have the consistency of a gum drop without the sugar. They do have a nice flavor, they are just not what I was expecting. (I guess I wanted something I could just pop into my mouth rather than have to bite in half first! lol)
296855296855B000I1YJP8A21ZSSMN4OI30SA. Mulder "internet shopper"1151196640000Great teaMy husband, and his family, LOVE this stuff. I had to place several re-orders.
296856296856B000I1YJP8A2VBVZNEB18OHKC. Allen "partschick"0051338076800Creamy goodnessTried this tea at a nearby cafe. It was served hot with whipped cream. 1.95 per cup. My friend and I were instantly hooked. The cafe's gift shop sold the tea for 1.75 per packet. We came home and found this deal. Now we buy the tea here. We were told by the cafe owner to add very hot (to boiling) water to the cup. This mixture has to seep for a few minutes. Now we can have this great tea at home for less than a third the price. I took a few packets in my luggage when visiting my daughter. She does not care for chia tea of any kind. She was also hooked on the tea's spicy creamy taste. Beware of trying this one. You may have a new favorite hot and cold beverage!
296857296857B004AC28KOA2DSQBIM3T0LYGMichael Vandusen1151299628800Absolutely AmazingThe color is a rosy plum, and its scent, like most juices, indicative of the fruit used in it. (read: it smells like black currant!) The carbonation is perfectly fantastic, just like all Kristian Regále (see the link in the sidebar), with it's zesty bite that's not over the top, and full of tiny bubbles. It doesn't completely dissipate on your tongue like some of this style of drink does. Its on the drier side of Kristian Regále, which is quite dry for a juice, still sweet for a wine. It's fairly acidic, medium bodied and on the bold side. Fresh plums come to mind while drinking it.

It cleanses well, and it'd pair well with lots of foods. Steaks, pastas, pork and even some desserts. It's very versatile, and complimentary to lots of foods. The ingredients list is gleefully short. Water, apple & black currant concentrates, beet sugar, carbon dioxide, natural flavors and citric acid.

This is now my favorite Kristian Regále drink. it's more nuanced and sophisticated than the pomegranate, and a bit more versatile. it's as wine-like as you can get in the sparkling world, without going for de-alcholized wine. I'm definitely adding this to my table drink list, and with how often we use Amazon to order things, a case of this will be on my Birthday and Christmas lists indefinitely.

We drank this with Spinach Procsuittio Noodle Casserole.

My favorite Kirstian Regále so far, 10 out of 10
296858296858B004AC28KOA3D890OJDSO8ZAYowza0051350777600High qualityThe tiny bubbles and flavor choice makes this an above average non-alcholic beverage. Others tend to be more like soda pop.
296859296859B004AC28KOA3TB5MT5QQLIIQmusikengel0051331251200Wonderful Sparkling Beverage!!I love anything Black Currant and was delighted to find this sparkling juice. It's not too sweet and has a great taste. The bottle is really pretty too. The price can't be beat when you have it auto-shipped once a month. It comes out to less than $3 a bottle, which is cheaper than buying it in a store.... if you can even a find a store that stocks these.
296860296860B004AC28KOA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0051329523200LOVE this stuff !!I love black currant flavored stuff, and this is no exception. I can't have booze, due to medications, so I treat myself to sparkling drinks now and then. This is GREAT!! It has a definite black currant flavor, and not TOO sparkly... just right !! (Goldilocks said so) And, the packaging really is easy to deal with- once the tape is removed, the box is simple to "undo". No drama with unpacking :)

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