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296901296901B00126B014AZUJ0G3FRVOG1JediEmpress7741211155200Tastes fine!Like many people who have heard about the benefits of fish oil, I tried taking Omega-3 fish oil capsules. All was fine and dandy except that the fish oil capsules make me feel nauseous, and despite trying everything, I ended up belching up the disgusting taste of tuna ALL DAY LONG no matter how much food I ate, what type of food. The regular capsules were disgusting.
My stomach is sensitive to vitamins, so I have been taking the regular gummy vitamins, along with an iron supplement.
Seeing that this brand has worked so well for me in the past, I decided to purchase these gummy fish [...].

Yes, they do smell and taste faintly of fish. But hello people! It's FISH oil. Of course it's going to smell and taste that way! If you're like me and find the "grown up" version of these to be absolutely stomach churning, then the gummi version will be a welcome addition to your vitamins collection.

They are fruit flavored, and the fruit taste is what lingers around, not the fish one. Yes, it's weird to have fruit and fish together. But these do not upset my stomach, or leave me tasting fish all day long. So it's worth it.
296902296902B00126B014A27HH26NPONR21L. Lau3351201737600These Omega 3 gummies taste GREATI've just purchased this product today and have taken two gummies myself, just to taste it before giving them to my sons, a 7 years old and a 5 years old. The good news is: they also like the gummies. The taste didn't bother us. I don't think it tastes fishy at all. It tastes just like a regular gummy, except, they are much softer than the regular one. If they can make it a bit more tender, that would be perfect.

There are no such thing as "smart pills", as we all know. However, Omega 3 fatty acid does support and enhance the functions of our brains. After I read the nutrition facts label on the bottle and did some researches online and read books, I decided to give it a try. Hopefully it would help my kids and give their brains some "boost".
296903296903B00126B014A16T7S8IOKN6GEDoria2321232928000Definite fish taste!!!I bought these for my niece and nephew (3 and 6) who are ADHD. The 6 year old would take them without too much of a fuss but the 3 year old refused to eat them. She took one bite and spit it out. This is a child who eats EVERYTHING and rarely dislikes food. I decided to try one and they are fishy tasting. Like another reviewer, I was disappointed and felt it was a waste of money. I am going to try the Coromega brand next and hopefully I will have better luck!
296904296904B00126B014A185US3A3IIE5LTuluzek2321213920000No Lab tests?My kids have no problem with the taste. They both like lemon gummies better. I was disappointed because I couldn't find anywhere (even Lil Critters web) the information about the test ( mercury levels and other emelmets etc). I do think this is an important issue. That's why we switched.
296905296905B00126B014A2PGYTFQBQYCOEKristine McCormack0011304035200yuckMy kids didn't like the taste (liked the yellow the best) but they took them anyway. About two weeks after starting them, my son started having problems with constipation and my daughter had back pain. Can't say for sure if it was related to these vitamins....however I stopped using them and everything seems to be fine now.....coincidence, maybe?
296906296906B00126B014A389J2QB9TCHCREnan Mendez "Enan Mendez"0011302739200this people did stolen mei paid for omega 3 but their send me another vitamin with a price more low than omega 3.

i am still needing omega 3
296907296907B00126B014A1ZDYQLZ9YIE00C. Mckenzie0011292284800Do Not Use if Child Has AllergiesOur 2-year-old daughter is allergy sensitive to many foods and had horrible, blister rashes after consuming these on a regular basis. They use an extract from the chia seed (salvia hispanica) as an herbal fatty acid. This extract causes diarrhea, hives, skin rashes and the mouth, tongue and throat to swell. Our daughter had all these symptoms and her pediatrician thought she had scarlet fever until the antibiotic he prescribed had no effect on her horrible poin-ivy-like rash that itched like crazy.
296908296908B00126B014A3IZ8NT6920N4XJennifer Machin "who says i can't be free, re...0021286928000Fishy Fish OilThese taste and smell VERY MUCH like fish. My son tried one and told me it was like eating the Ocean. (we live near the ocean)
I tried one as well and they are very very fishy. I understand they are Omega-3 fish oil, but the Omega-3 orange packets I take taste like orange cream soda. We only bought these because he loves Gummy anything and I thought he'd be more likely to take them.
I'm sure they work great, but just be aware that they are very fishy and kids might not want to take them.
296909296909B00126B014A1IK9FF8CQNLCCmomof40051281052800All Four of My Kids Like Them!I am pretty surprised at the other reviews. I have been buying these gummies from L'il Critters for at least a year, maybe longer, because I knew that we weren't including enough fish in our diet at home. The kids (ages 4-11) have NEVER balked at them and happily gobble them up. These are pretty picky eaters. Except for my youngest, these kids cringe and make faces over all vegetables and any other things that I might desire for them to eat, including the Coromega fish oil supplement that I tried to get them to eat in the past. Basically, three of them are highly sensitive to anything that they think might taste gross. And what I am telling you is that when I get them out, the first one that sees them shouts "GUMMIES!" and all the others come running to get theirs. As an added bonus, the product is also made in the USA. What's not to love?
296910296910B00126B014APPOI8A1QSKEFJ. Lyon0041266710400Not badThese are actually not as bad tasting as some other reviewers would lead you to believe. My 5 and 7 year old children really like them. I sampled one myself, and there is a faint fishy taste, but nothing overwhelming at all (and not even noticeable to the kids). I have purchased Nordic Naturals in the past, and they liked those as well, but that brand isn't available at my local grocer. I started my kids on fish oil supplements because my son has asthma, and studies have shown that fish oil is helpful. He has been on a daily supplement for about 5 months now, and I am amazed at how much better his asthma is. It has also cured my daughters eczema (I have no idea why but she has had horrible eczema for months now and it went away within a week). Amazing.
296881296881B001E5E2FEA2QTSZOFJDM8I7Q. Hunt ":q!"2251298851200Tastes like real pasta! (Tricky to reheat)My husband and I bounce back and forth between Schar and Ancient Harvest for gluten free pastas. Schar is more similar to standard pasta in taste, and we love the penne shape, but we haven't figured out the trick for reheating it. (It doesn't taste or feel right reheated for some reason. We tend to throw the leftover sauce on top - so maybe keeping them separate and adding water to the pasta dish will help.)

If you're looking to try a different brand though -- one that reheats normally -- I recommend Ancient Harvest e.g. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Organic Pasta Gluten Free, Elbows, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12).

Hope this helps!
296882296882B001E5E2FEA1Y23S418988R8Zanne2251272672000This is GF?I just tried to do this review and the computer did something weird, so if it shows up twice, sorry.

This brand is the absolute best! The fact that it's the best selling GF pasta in Europe should tell you something. I like rice noodles for Asian cooking but need Schar's for my Italian recipes. I have tried all the major brands of GF pasta and this beats all hands down.

I keep trying to make extra each time I cook so I can have leftovers for lunch, but I end up eating all of it - OINK! It also seems lighter on my stomach and I don't have that heavy sluggish feeling after eating it, like what happened with wheat pasta in the past.

If you are still stuck on Tinkyada etc., give yourself a break and try this - you will be pleasantly surprised.

They have a great website and their nutritionist is very helpful (and GF too).
296883296883B001E5E2FEA11LWOSNJFYK6GJ. Delaney "photobuff"1151335484800Without a doubt, the BEST GF pasta out thereI don't normally write reviews, but this product is an absolute must if you need to be gluten free. It really tastes like regular pasta - we have tried every other possible brand and this is the hands down winner by a mile! It is expensive, but worth every penny. I won't every go back to any other brand. Enjoy!
296884296884B001E5E2FEA29SDTTPMASNVNA. Jackman "Misc. et al., etc..."1151311638400Great GF alternativeOne of the most disappointing things about switching to a GF diet was the quality of the gluten free pasta that's more readily available at the standard grocery. When I found Farmo pasta at a high end grocery store here, I fell in love-- but came to Amazon to find better prices. Once it was discontinued, I was led to Schar pasta. It's equally delicious. Both the Farmo and Schar have a texture more like wheat flour pasta and less starchy chaos when cooking. It's actually possible to use in baked pasta dishes (a nightmare for corn- or rice-only blends for me). I do wish it was available for Subscribe & Save. But, I'm happy it's available at all!
296886296886B001E5E2FEA296KHMWUBESHVKathy Behlke1151277510400Awesome Gluten Free Penne PastaThe Shar Penne pasta is awesome tasting! Have you been trying a lot of different brands of pasta looking for something that taste like the old pasta that you used to eat before being diagnosed with Celiac disease? This is the pasta that you have been looking for, a light and tasty gluten free pasta. The rest of my family prefer to eat this pasta then regular wheat pasta which makes it easier to cook a meal. I don't have to worry about cooking regular wheat pasta for them and gluten free pasta for me. Also I like that this past is 12oz unlike many other pastas that only gives you 8oz for the same price.
296887296887B001E5E2FEA1QFJWV0A526EDBaklava No More "GF Mom"1151260230400The Best So FarWe have been a gluten free family for almost 2 years. We have tried many different gluten free pastas and so far the Schar pastas are the best. They hold up better to cooking and taste most like our old pastas (prior to needing a gf diet, we used both regular and whole wheat pastas). I have used the pastas in making dishes for adults and kids and everyone likes them. I will say, I haven't found a gluten free pasta that holds up well as leftovers, as the wheat based pastas did, but my kids don't seem to mind it as leftovers.
296888296888B001E5E2FEA9MYEFIQ2U46IK. Schatz1151255305600Best Gluten Free Pasta!Finally a gluten free pasta that tastes great. It cooks just like regular pasta. Al dente every time. Makes a great pasta salad. Warm or cold it tastes great.
296889296889B001E5E2FEA1FW0ODZ2MUTKJBontagne0051347148800Great G Free PastaI was very happy with this pasta. A lot of the gluten free pastas are good when you first make them then they become unable to eat for a reheat which is not the case with this.
I am happy with this product and would order it again!
296890296890B001E5E2FEA271H2L5XI48YHtblast60 "T"0051346371200Absolutely the best pasta hands down!!I am Italian and the first thought that came to mind upon finding out I was gluten intolerant was "OMG no more pasta"! 15 years ago there was nothing on the market for us. Slowly products were introduced, by people who knew nothing about flavor and gluten intolerance or Celiacs but were out for a quick buck. Read the history behind Schar's and you will realize why their products get a 5/5 rating. Simply the best!
296891296891B001E5E2FEAAXQC3CO1MQJJnadine0051342310400You can't tell it is GFThe Gluten Free Penne from Schar is by far the best gluten free pasta out there. You can't even tell the difference from normal pasta, it tastes so delicious.

I am excited about this product, because now I can eat my favorite dishes again and do not have to feel left out. Once you tried them you will know why this brand has become the #1 gluten-free brand in Europe. Their quality is really great and I look forward to trying out more of their products.

Also, they aren't as pricey as other gluten free products that I have seen around. Especially, not here on Amazon - good product and good price!
296892296892B001E5E2FEA1OYDALE5D7QHSKimberly Balogh0051338422400Top Notch!Just as good as the gluten laden product that it replaces. We need more of this type of product. Is spaghetti possible?
296893296893B001E5E2FEA13GDNS8N0XHPVMiller1510051334016000Great noodlesI love these noodles. I was buying another brand which my son liked but when you drained the water it looked milky. These noodles look just like any other noodle your family would never know they are gluten free. My kids love the taste. Plus I love how they come in all sorts of varieties of noodles.
296894296894B001E5E2FEA37O1RUG1IBSC1W. Tanijiri "WKT23"0051333756800Tastes Just Like Regular PastaThis is the first gluten free pasta that we found that tastes just like regular pasta. The texture is also just like regular pasta. We liked it so much that we will be ordering the other different styles of pasta.
296895296895B001E5E2FEAK15PRLS7J7EILaura Hastings "ametrans"0051331251200This is good!I was really hoping that this pasta would live up the its good reviews, and it did! Very tasty, not quite like wheat based pasta, but very tasty in its own right. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs or wants to go gluten-free! So glad I found this product!
296896296896B001E5E2FEA2C49175IKF9IOTinkey "Tinkey"0051320019200Couldn't tell the difference from regular penne pastaI was recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease and purchased this pasta to try. I've always been a big pasta eater and was expecting cardboard flavor in this product but honestly, I could not tell the difference at all with this compared to a regular wheat based pasta. I added a little real butter and grated parmesan and it didn't taste any different then what I normally eat. Picked up a few more boxes at the store last night as this will be a staple in my house from now on. Highly recommend
296897296897B001E5E2FEA1V4CQTD0QS0FHgraciecooks0051318032000best pastaThis is the best gulten free pasta ever!. It cooks perfectly. The results are al dente, not "hard" and "crunchy" like some gluten free pastas. I made dinner for a friend, a very picky eater, using the fusilli. He said it was "fabulous" and asked if I used organic pasta. He was surprised when he found it was gluten free. Will continue use these products. Just terrific.
296898296898B001E5E2FEA3T473STZ1GCA9COYS!!0051310256000The best of the gluten free pastasI've tried several different types of gluten free pasta and this one is by far the closest thing to "real" pasta. Their spaghetti is fantastic too!
296899296899B00126B014APN23IMFWZ3NYJ. Ramos181921273017600Where are the mercury test results? Try Nordic Naturals instead.I contacted Lil' Critters customer service several times to request that they provide test results for the mercury levels in their Omega-3 supplements. With some relatively recent news suggesting that actual levels were higher than those reported for some manufacturers, I was concerned about what amounts my kids were ingesting.

My initial request for information was responded to with someone in their customer service organization named Hollie who essentially said the same thing their website does - that these are tested very carefully and that they are safe. I requested that she forward the test results.

No response.

I waited a couple of weeks and asked again.

No response.

I asked again, indicating I wanted to continue purchasing these items from Costco if I was satisfied with the results and that I did not want to post my concerns in a public forum.

No response.

Given they are marketing these items for consumption by young kids at an age where their bodies and brains are so dependent upon proper nutrition, I would think a manufacturer with faith in their products would respond to a customer request pretty promptly.

They haven't. So I will be switching to another manufacturer who is a little more transparent with their product information.

Update on August 9, 2010

For those of you who have read the post that these gummy bears only contain plant-based ingredients, please check the container for yourself. On the one I have, it says in bold italics underneath the ingredients list that the product DOES CONTAIN FISH! Specifically, the product contains anchovy, sardine, mackerel and tuna.

Note that the Environmental Defense Fund has a list [...] which outlines their recommendations for the maximum number of servings of various fish species that kids should have per month.

Mackerel and tuna are on this list and are almost unsafe at any consumption level.

In my view, this product should not be trusted unless the company provides testing results, and as far as I can tell, they have not done that.

Update on August 15, 2010

I just received my first shipment of Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Gummies, and my kids love them. No fishy taste whatsoever! They test their products vigorously and meet more stringent European standards for contaminant levels. Yes, they are more expensive, but having the peace of mind of a better product is worth the expense. Check them out.
296900296900B00126B014A5Q3SRQKMW1IJLuv2BMom "H.G."8841201046400Probably the best taste for kidsWe bought this after my daughter started refusing liquid omega-3 cod liver oil. It's OK- it's softer than a regular gummy and does taste about as much like candy as an oil can probably get. I do not like the taste of it myself as it does have a subtle hint of fish taste in it, which is wierd in something that tastes otherwise like candy, but my daughter does not seem to notice the fish. It is VERY subtle so I am not sure many kids would notice. I do not like that it only has about half the amount of omega 3 as a liquid, but if you are having trouble getting your child to take omega 3 liquids this might be a helpful solution.

I had to edit this to say that after the second day my daughter started to refuse this, saying it is yucky. She tasted one of the yellow ones on the second day and had to spit it out. 3 year olds can be very finicky. We're trying the nordic naturals strawberry flavor next, LOL!

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