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296941296941B00395DVQSALIXP38ZUGZYWLynn0011296604800K-Cups not properly sealed - coffee all over inside of boxI was surprised when I opened the box and found that some of the K-Cups were not properly sealed. Coffee was spilled all through the inside of the box and some of the K-Cups were obviously unusable. This is the first and last time I buy this brand. Although the coffee tastes ok, paying for K-Cups that go from the box to the trash can is a waste. Very poor packaging... where's their quality control??
296942296942B00395DVQSA29COLYO7E4MO0ShortysMom20051296086400Delicious Coffee!!!Unlike my husband, I love the Creme Brulee'k cups. He hates flavored coffees. I got a Keurig coffeemaker for Christmas and immediately ordered this product having had it before.
296943296943B00395DVQSA3I4R03CNX1DVPWI Cheesehead in WA "WICheeseheadinWA"0021295740800Good Coffee, Bad PackagingMy husband loves the coffee, but this is the only one he's had that he has to continually clean out the machine because the cartridges don't remained sealed. The coffee grounds get inside the machine and in the coffee. After closer inspection, some of the cups aren't well sealed when they come out of the box. The price sounded good, but not for the quality and aggrevation. We will not purchase Van Houtte products in the future.
296944296944B00395DVQSA1CGEV7511XFIGMary L. G0041295395200Great Morning FixI Love the flavor Van Houtte french vanilla, it's not too strong and not bitter. makes a great morning start.
The price is right at $23.00 for 24 doesn't break the bank and delivers a great cup of coffee! I love the Shop and save also, it's just so handy.
296945296945B00395DVQSA2JZDH2GJJ4JEGDonna L. Gaddy0051295136000tasty french vanilla!have enjoyed drinking this flavor of Van Houtte me, it is a good smooth flavor and not bitter..will definately be buying this again.
296946296946B00395DVQSA3325Y4F55MG8Tkelbel55530011294963200yuckyI was very excited to try this coffee flavor, but when I did, I was very dissapointed. I think the flavor is too strong, especially since it tastes really fake. It almost tastes like there is alcohol in it. Since I ordered the double box, I gave one away to a friend who likes this flavor. I would never buy this coffee again.
296947296947B00395DVQSA38J0F87AYEA7YBiloxireb0051294963200YummyThis has to be one of my favorite coffees. It's really like eating a chocolate truffle! It's also not an overwhelming chocolate flavor. I don't really like mocha flavors. I gave my mom half of my order and she loves it too! I will definitely order more!
296948296948B00395DVQSA1E3HWL5LI6Z60J.L. "JL....."0051294876800YUM!I just recently got a Keurig machine and I have tried out many different coffees. I have tried different brands and different flavors, and this one has by far been one of my favorites. I don't always like flavored coffees because I often find them to be overpowering in their smell or taste....but this one is just right. It smells great and the flavor is smooth and tasty. I was expecting not to like it before I tried it because I am not usually a fan of flavored coffees, but I was so pleasantly surprised with this one. I love it! I went through the first box very fast because I couldn't stop drinking it, so I had to buy more. It is one of my new favorite coffees and I am so glad to have found it!
296949296949B00395DVQSA37QGAKTILENKQRachel0041294790400Yummy!Great tasting coffee. Exactly the flavor it says. Not too much flavor, but perfect. Great dessert coffee. Very pleased and will purchase again!
296950296950B00395DVQSA2E8J24DD0B8V7Brebel3590031294617600Good but not great.This selection was somewhat of a disappointment. The taste was good but it could have been a little stronger to suit me. The flavor is just a little too subtle.
296951296951B00395DVQSA2F7XE4EB2CRY2F. Dellavecchia "K-Cup Guy"0041294444800Just the right amount of flavor -)
296952296952B00395DVQSA2L70SJKDR04CIKaren0051294185600Van Hotte coffeeI received my order (van hotte flavored coffee) quickly and it was described accurately. Thank you Karen Van Den Berge
296953296953B00395DVQSA3QIUI53O5PA02Terri A. Gordon "Love those Breyers!"0021293926400Van Houte's Creme BruleeStarted a subscription to this coffee. After receiving the first shipment I am changing my mind. It doesn't have the best flavour, and it has a terrible aftertaste to it. Just not for me!
296954296954B00395DVQSA116MBJQU5SC8WChef Jenn "Jennie from NM"0021293753600Very artificial flavorI was looking forward to this flavor. I don't tend to like a very strong brew, but a nice light coffee flavor with a touch a vanilla is something I enjoy. This coffee was awful. The coffee reminded me of cheap Folgers with some international delights creamer thrown in. Typically that grosses me out, it's so artificial tasting and that is what I got with this. Glad it was just one in a variety pack and I didn't have money wasted. I think I'll stick to a good regular brew and add my own vanilla.
296955296955B00395DVQSA740KUBAB2GXLQueen Bee0051293580800Coffee with joyAs wine lovers say, this coffee has "nose". I serve this to customers in my salon who adore the aroma and the taste. Imagine, the taste and smell of a morning chocolate treat without extra calories. What's not to love?
296956296956B00395DVQSA5FCOCPOBE7UQSherry0051293494400Delicious!This is one of the best flavored coffees I have tried, I usually do not like flavored coffees, but this one is great, when I serve it to company they love it.
296957296957B00395DVQSA2SJ8E8C032733Amarantine0051293494400Found it on SaleI had sampled and liked this flavor K-cup coffee but was unable to find it at any store or website. Was happy to discover it on Amazon during a special sale.
296958296958B00395DVQSA2IVH1D3GLACL3Melody0051292976000Great, if you like K-cup coffee quality.If you like k-cup quality coffee, then Van Houtte is the best quality for a k-cup brewer.

All K-cup coffee, even Van Houtte brand k-cup coffee does not taste as good as regular style home brewed coffee or coffeehouse coffee.
296959296959B00395DVQSA1BB03CRRHU0RJJay Bird "An Independent Thinker"0051291161600Love it!This is now my new favorite K-cup flavor! Anytime I see chocolate raspberry truffle flavored coffee beans I buy some since it is sometimes hard to find. I was sooo excited to see a k-cup with this flavor. It did not disappoint! You can definitely smell it when it brews too. I do add sweetener, which may not be everyone's taste, but to me it makes the coffee taste like I'm eating a real raspberry flavored chocolate truffle. It is now my favorite afternoon treat/pick me up.
296960296960B00395DVQSA1RAITK46U5V2CSteve0031290124800Not my favorite- syrup artificial flavorI bought a 48 pack of this through Amazon when it was on special. I normally drink medium blends and stay away from flavored but my wife likes the flavored coffees. Her favorite is Pumpkin Spice from Green Mountain.

What we found is the flavor of this was artificial. I almost think it tastes a bit like maple syrup. Too would be better with less of the flavor. I tried making it on the largest cup setting on the B70 but that just waters down the coffee.

If you like the flavored liquid coffee creamers, this might be something you will like.
296961296961B00395DVQSA5Z2YD65URJ3MScott Van Rooy "Scott"0051289088000great coffeegood to the last drop. my wife drink it all in about 1-1/2 weeks(pack of 2) thats 48 k-cups. i guess it was good.
i guess i will get more.
296962296962B00395DVQSAL7N0L8AI7NH3Pete0051288742400Best Flavor - Super ConvenientOf all the K-Cup flavors we've brewed, this is the best. It is so good that we have actually subscribed (15% discount!) to receive these boxes every couple months. The flavor is great and it is extremely convenient in the morning to just pop the K-Cup in our brewer and 15 seconds later we have a hot cup of coffee.
296963296963B00395DVQSA2QB72NT6HE6WASarah0051288742400WOW!This coffee has a great flavor! I am not sure if I would say creme brulee but it is very good. Its not overpowering or weak. Its perfect!
296964296964B00395DVQSAQQ9TODOIIHJDAleisha "luna"0051288656000YummThis is my all time favorite flavored coffee. It doesnt taste artifical like many others.
296965296965B00395DVQSA29Y75MWKBDHUIKathy4KIDS0051288656000Indulgent treat!This is a rich and indulgent cup of coffee, yet not overwhelming with strong artificial flavor as so many other are. I have purchased many flavors and then don't want to finish the box, not so with this one. It is definitely not my morning coffe, but rather the type you come home and brew after you've smelled and resisted a local Starbucks! The main flavor is velvety rich coffee, with strong hints of raspberry and chocolate perfectly blended in. I strongly recommend a "cozy-up" with a cup of this and a good book :)
296966296966B00395DVQSA2VRG98AU8GWZ8Monika0021288051200MehNot that good, and it does have a very very strong taste. I think this would be my last resort coffee. It tastes like a cheap dark chocolate raspberry candy.
296967296967B00395DVQSA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0051287792000Definite Vanilla Flavor. Smooth, Medium Blend Coffee.This Van Houtte french vanilla blend has a definite vanilla flavor to it and is especially enhanced with a touch of sweetener or sugar.

It seems to have a slightly more vanilla flavor than Wolfgang Puck Vanilla Francaise (Flavored), 24-Count K-cups (Pack of 2) and about as much as Emeril's Vanilla Bean Bam!, Medium Roast Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2).

This one is solid medium blend coffee that is very smooth & not acidic. Recommended.
296968296968B00395DVQSARQ6H03GLTYLGVicki W.0051287446400One of the best K-cups!My family likes the Keurig coffee system very much. This one of our most favorite flavored coffees. And, we like AMAZON.COM's prices on K-cups.
296969296969B00395DVQSAQMOD8RW6RU0XJane D. Fraytet "Book Lover"0051287446400Chocolate Raspberry Truffle CoffeeThis coffee is so sweet you might not want to drink it everyday-but if you like chocolate and raspberries this is the coffee for you.
296970296970B00395DVQSA2E3VZQZXP74P3gran420051287273600Great flavorI love the variety of kcups flavors but this is my new favorite flavor. Great!

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