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297061297061B00395DVQSA2SJ8E8C032733Amarantine0041339200000Creme Brulee K CupsA unique flavor that may not be enjoyed by all coffee drinkers. I serve it with creme brulee flavored creamer.
297062297062B00395DVQSA3AQZ4LDRWU8GPTina N.0051338768000Taste like perfectionThis flavor is amazing. I'm glad Walmart carries it now. I love how it tastes like a raspberry chocolate truffle in your mouth! Most flavored coffees just smell great this one tastes great. It's my favorite.
297063297063B00395DVQSA3QBXZDK9A8AVEAmazingSupergirl "AmazingSupergirl"0011332633600Incredibly disappointingThe idea of creme brulee coffee sounded so delicious. It took a week and a half to get here so we were REALLY looking forward to trying it for the first time. How disappointed we were. There's absolutely nothing that indicates a creme brulee flavor or even anything with a slightly sweet (or sweet smell). This is a smokey coffee and I think that makes a difference. There's a somewhat nice aftertaste but it's nothing like we'd expected. Now I'm pouring sugar and cream, or flavored cream, in it just so it's not wasted. We have the vanilla flavored coffee in this brand so we really thought this would be amazing. What's not amazing is that I'll never see my $33 again. I can't wait until we drink it all up just so we can forget it ever happened.
297064297064B00395DVQSA3R519XBYP4U17Tom Butler0021328486400Van Houtte . . . is this a discontinued item?I find it curious that you can not find this k-cup on Van Houtte's website. You can find the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle light but not this specific k-cup. Given some of the very negative reviews of this product, perhaps it is a discontinued item or maybe it is not a Van Houtte product.
297065297065B00395DVQSA19LUT6NUQZF3AD. Reinbolt "Dalton's Granny"0011327536000Don't waste your money!Awful, Awful, Awful! I like a lighter roast and I really love french vanilla so I was thrilled to find this one. With the first sip I was highly disappointed. It has a very strong artificial flavor that doesn't taste anything like french vanilla and it certainly doesn't taste like coffee. Like one other reviewer said, I'll probably just toss it in the trash and throw that money away because I don't know anybody who would enjoy it. YUK!
297066297066B00395DVQSA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0041327104000One of the best k cups we've tried so far!I really enjoy flavored coffees so when we opened the 12 pod sample pack that came with our new Keurig machine, I was excited to find a sample k cup of Van Houtte's French Vanilla. It ended up being one of the best flavors we had an opportunity to try!

Van Houtte's French Vanilla is not quite as good as some of the french vanilla coffees I've had fresh brewed at local coffee shops, but it isn't too far off either. It's a very mild, but flavorful coffee with a smooth finish and no bitter aftertaste. I don't like extra dark coffees with lots of acidity, so of that's more your cup of tea, so to speak, this blend isn't for you.

I will definitely be picking up more of this blend and if you're in the market for a french vanilla flavored coffee k up for your Keurig brewer, this one is an excellent choice.
297067297067B00395DVQSA3QBIXFB84MW9PCatherine J. Bitts "cat"0051326585600Great light coffeeMy husband and I enjoy "light" coffee and this is the best light coffee I have had. It doesn't even need to have much sweet added to it. If you are a "light" coffee drinker then this is a good choice to try.
297068297068B00395DVQSA2V2SL3JIOXYVMdoodle0011325203200What happened 2 my once-favorite coffee?I have been drinking this Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee for quite a while and recommending it to all my friends. I LOVED it! My first conscious thought every morning would be of that great-tasting cup of coffee. YUM! So what happened to it? The last few boxes have been absolutely tastless :( There is no wonderful aroma either. I might as well be drinking hot water. This is SUCH a disappointment. That wonderful flavor is now only a memory. Sadly, I am giving up on Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and will purchase another flavor from now on.
297069297069B00395DVQSAG2S7N7ZPPNW2jeciwall280021325116800Not for meI love all things Raspberry and Chocolate, but this did not do it for me. I don't like strong coffee and WOW is this strong. I only drank one cup out of a box of 48 k-cups. Van Houtte Creme Brulee CoffeeWow! This coffee is awesome and has become my husband's very favorite (I can't get him to try anything else!). Thanks Amazon for providing the best price and for the free, fast shipping! We wouldn't want him to have withdrawal symptoms!!
297071297071B00395DVQSA3SRGBRIHD7Q4DM. Allen0051319587200Love the flavorWe really enjoy this flavor. They were at a great price. The k-cups arrived promptly and they were packaged well. We would recommend this product.
297072297072B00395DVQSA3QW49D5UCDU5QGeroge L. Kelley "Cleokelley"0051318809600Great tasting coffee at a great priceThis coffee had a great taste and was purchased through Amazon at a fantastic price.
Wish I could get more.
297073297073B00395DVQSA1TNY6V547NPCVGina T0051318377600Decadent Coffee!Having never sampled this flavor, I took a chance and ordered a 2 pack because it sounded so delicious. I'm happy to say I made the right choice. It's an excellent combination of chocolate and raspberry, where one flavor does not overpower the other. It's my new favorite K-cup, and I will definitely buy more when this supply runs out!
297074297074B00395DVQSA3MLIAVPRRLPELH. Potter0051317168000AMAZING!!After seeing all the reviews for this, I had to try it and now need to order another box of them. The smell of it brewing alone is probably enough reason to want to get more, but it tastes just as good as it smells. I've come to expect the same aromatic results from other kcup flavors and every other kind I have tried hasn't come anywhere near how this one brews. I find myself sniffing other flavors while they're brewing to see if there is any smell at all and I'm generally disappointed. This is my favorite flavor thus far!
297075297075B00395DVQSA1BTDLRW30MIFKHolly0051316995200Smells great and tastes even better...I got my sister and mother hooked on this flavor. Is a deep flavor perfect for the Maryland winters and holidays.
297076297076B00395DVQSAMO6VEW553VSCjhbuxani0051316563200awesome,This is an awesome tasting coffee, I love flavored coffee, this is my favorite, I love the rich taste and the Rasberry flavor mixed with chocolate is great.
297077297077B00395DVQSA29OJLIQ46MGKXKelly M. Dunn "newmommy"0051316131200Drinking DessertThe best tasting K-Cups out there. It is like drinking an amazing dessert, but without the calories! Always stocked in the pantry.
297078297078B00395DVQSA1WOK60TXBVCF8S. Mulhall0051314230400Decadence without the guilt!I am happy to find that Amazon carries the Van Houtte k-cups, as the pricing is far better than other resources for k-cups. This k-cup flavor strikes a nice balance between coffee and the chocolate and raspberry flavors, and you can feel like you're enjoying a nice truffle candy without the calories or guilt.

The two box packaging is a plus if you're like me and have a Keurig at home and another at work. This way, a box can go to work and the other stay home. NOTE: these are the 24 count boxes, too, not the 12 or 14 that seem to fill the shelves of the local supermarkets, WalMart and department stores!

If you're new to the K-cups and want a flavored coffee that delivers the flavor in the title, you can't go wrong with any of the Van Houtte varieties. The Raspberry Chocolate Truffle and French Vanilla are my favorites, followed by Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee and Mudslide.
297079297079B00395DVQSA2JE4DO04OKDDNBarbara J. Henderson0041314230400Very tasty with a hint of raspberry.This coffee is good with a chocolate taste and a hint of raspberry. I think anyone that loves a chocolate taste would enjoy this one.
297080297080B00395DVQSA2XBUM8UEFJGIWPunkin' Lovin' Mooncat0021311206400Meh....I would actually give this coffee 2-1/2 stars, as I don't hate it, it isn't awful, but very "meh" for me. As others have said, nice raspberry aroma and noticeable raspberry taste, but that's it. The only flavor I detected (close to overriding the coffee altogether, so you could almost be drinking flavored hot water) is the raspberry. The coffee is WEAK, no buts about it. If you like coffee with body/"legs", you won't be happy. Very watery-tasting 'mouth feel.' I can say it's weak because in order to fill my 14 oz "cup" I brewed *two* K-cups - one 6 oz. and one 8 oz. - likely smaller than most people would brew. It was still weak. I suspect that if I had brewed two 4 oz. cups it would still have tasted like raspberry water to me, because of the flavoring itself. Not sure what I'll do with the remainder. Maybe try adding 4 oz. shots of it to a full-bodied coffee.
297081297081B00395DVQSA3YRTP55R31IZchaz0051311120000Simply the BestI like strong coffee and found that some of the other K Cups were too light tasting. This is the best one yet. This is all i drink now. I like mochas and sweet coffee drinks from Starbucks and Coffee Bean, so that should give you an idea of how my taste is skewed. I mix this coffee with International Delight "White Chocolate Mocha" creamer and it is the bomb! Perfect hint of raspberry with the chocolate truffle flavor. You will not be disappointed.
297082297082B00395DVQSA3D7I5L9THRL68A. Champion "frugal gal"0031308096000Meh, it was Ok but not GREATThe title says it all, the flavor is just ok, no real OOOOO factor.
It doesn't really taste like creme brulee, for those who know that that tastes like.
It's kind of caramel-ish with a burnt aftertaste, not my favorite.
We're stuck with a whole extra box that we'll probably only drink when we're desperate.
If you want a GREAT cup of dessert coffee go with Timothy's German Chocolate Cake, you wont be disappointed!
297083297083B00395DVQSA3N3MWX3SU3IAKFamily-Film Lover0051305936000Great Flavored CoffeeWith a name like Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Van Houtte's new k-cups already had my mouth watering. The first taste lived up to my expectations. It is now on a par with my all-time favorite, Gloria Jean Hazelnut.
297084297084B00395DVQSA1QQAGIDRJ1P2FS. Taylor0051305504000Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry-The Yummiest Coffee!!I am a huge fan of "foo foo" (flavored coffee) and this is by far by favorite. Lots of flavor. Not only does it taste makes your room smell really good! I wish it was still offered as an "automatic send"...please bring it back!!
297085297085B00395DVQSA2Z0UU1XYGFLC2EPRives2012 "Ezequiel"0041302825600a great deal and a good brewI must say that I bought this for two reasons. One, because the price was right and second, because it had CHOCOLATE. I actually liked this one better than others except it is no Cafe Mocha. What can I say, I'm going to search now for a Cafe Mocha here on Amazon. If the price is right i'll buy it.
297086297086B00395DVQSA1TWB4O0LEDJ1GTalljoe0051301875200Chocolate lovers will like this oneVery chocolate and raspberry just like the name says. Buy it and enjoy it. Smooth way to start your day.
297087297087B00395DVQSA2LMGTTWZZ6T73Debbie Delahanty0051301529600Fast, fresh and delicious!Great deal on such a nice morning treat! LOVE the flavor and taste - for a price that is well worth waking up to!
297088297088B00395DVQSA4RR6QMZZNTPBAndi0051301443200Yumm!I almost returned my cuisinart single cup brewer because I couldn't find any flavors as good as the Chocolate Raspberry that I would buy as whole beans from Gloria Jeans - then I found this. Smells wonderful and tastes great. My new fav.
297089297089B00395DVQSAHU1IETM8CKC9Judy in Md. "Mdlaxgirl"0051301356800Great taste in coffeeWe were a little leary when we first read the type of coffee this was but decided to try it anyway. So glad we did! It is wonderful anytime of day or night. We do not like strong coffee taste or after taste and this one fits the bill for us. Enjoy it while you can. We have been back many times and reordered in fear we will not be able to get it again. Thanks Amazon.
297090297090B00395DVQSA2PT5HN11RY1AFmarkm0021301184000More aroma than tasteAlmost no detectable coffee flavor below the raspberry aroma. Probably would go well for those that like flavored creamers. Mostly this is warm water that smells like raspberries. Very little detectable chocolate. I bought this as an alternative for my kids. It might work for them when the hot chocolate runs out.

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