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297114297114B000HPVH5UAQAJYD5LB1VBYskippy2251288396800Highly recommended Frm Va.I have been trying to find this product at major & minor pet stores in Va and Delaware. Wow! Who knew that Amazon had them. Thanks. The Holistic pet store in Orlando carries only this brand and recommends it because of the nutrient value and no wheat. Plus they really do the job for my dog. He loves them and his breath no longer offends people. My Bone-A- mints arrived when expected and i was pleased.
297115297115B000HPVH5UA14H5GNH2EIPACKuromame's Mommy "Rose"2251260403200Yummy!!I first bought the white dental N Bone for my shiba inu puppy; however, he wasn't greatly interested in it and it took a while before he would chew on it. So when I found the Bone A Mints at the pet shop, I decided to give these a try. From the moment I opened the package and my puppy smelled them, his eyes lit up and you can tell he's in heaven from the way he eats these! However, I make my puppy eat the Bone A Mint while I am holding it as when I allowed him to eat it on his own, he was probably trying to get it down too fast and vomitted everything up a little while later! These are pretty expensive though so finding them on-line helped a lot.
297116297116B000HPVH5UA1DAFWS98LQD2Rmarriediimuzik "ilovehousemuzik."1141345852800My Dogs Love Them.Rawhides are nasty, these are a great alternative. Made with natural ingredients, they will keep your dog engaged for a while and give them nice breath in the process. I highly recommend this product.
297117297117B000HPVH5UA2IMF02ESIYFCKbigfatfrog1151332460800my dogs love itits they're treat after getting the bark collars on...they actually bug me to put them treats they're stomach good problems...i have a border collie and dachshund..and cannot find these treats in our local stores
297118297118B000HPVH5UA1P6WXWI5XDL29Smurfin1151327881600Picky eater loves theseMy dog is pretty picky - she won't touch the C.E.T. Enzymatic chews, but she gobbles these up. She also has a sensitive stomach and these don't seem to upset hers at all. I don't expect dental miracles from a chew, but I think this product does a decent job of keeping her breath fresh and helps fight tartar buildup.
297119297119B000HPVH5UA2HNE9EKGRMZGEbetty vargas1151319587200Best BonesMy dog loves these bones and I couldn't find them anywhere!! Imagine my surprise when I googled them and found the I could get them thru Amazon!
297091297091B00395DVQSATXDX08LIQLSLila B0011301184000Terrible waste of chocolate and raspberry flavorsI LOVE chocolate and adore raspberries (Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles were my idea of heaven). This coffee has been a major disappointment. I drink a lot of flavored coffees and decided to try this one due to the rave reviews and being a combo of two of my favorite flavors.

I've gone through one box, and am either giving the second one away (if I can find someone to take it) or just pitching it. The quality control on the flavorings is HORRIBLE. One kcup will be actually almost pleasant (though the raspberry overtones *always* have a "tinny" aftertaste), and the next will be so strong in both scent and flavor that it is unbearable and gets dumped.

If the flavor/strength of the chocolate and raspberry were consistent throughout, it would be two and a half stars. As it stands, it's more of a waste of water and electricity.
297092297092B00395DVQSA3FPCS4N1SAL91G. R. Rightmyer0021300924800I don't give a hoot about Van HoutteI tried several brands and definitely prefer the Green Mountian brand over Van Houtte, Gloria Jeans, or Coffee People. I suggest someone new to K cups to get the smallest samples of each brand and decide for yourself before buying any in quantity.
297093297093B00395DVQSA1CEQYKHBAYAJ9A. Painter0051300924800Delicious !If you love chocolate truffles and raspberries, you will love this coffee. Flavors are not overbearing -- just enough to enhance the coffee. The aroma while brewing is heavenly. Enjoy.
297094297094B00395DVQSA3NWJPIRABJXX3Priscilla A. Smith0031300665600Not bold enoughI love bold strong flavors and this is not quite there. The raspberry fragrance is fantastic! The chocolate is not present in the taste or the fragrance. If smell alone will suffice or you like mild coffee, this one is for you.
297095297095B00395DVQSA291Q9GA11R0SHBill S.0031300406400False InformationA while back, I ordered this product, and when it arrived I found that the coffee was a "Light" blend. The coffee was good, however, I prefer a medium blend coffee. This time when I ordered, I checked the listings closely, and noted that this coffee was listed as "Medium". To make a long story shorter, the coffee arived, and it is a "Light" blend again. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice and shame on you. I will not reorder it again.
297096297096B00395DVQSA2FXB425NB476GPRSAXE "PRSAXE"0051300320000Great Flavor Light RoastI prefe rthe light roast coffess and this is perfect with a hint of flavor. This will become a staple here!
297097297097B00395DVQSA2G40RTH4P16T6Peach "Dr Peach"0051299974400Coffee on the Lighter SideThis coffee is for those of you who like smooth, light roast coffee. If you don't care for light roast, this coffee is not for you.
297098297098B00395DVQSA1PJNEL3ARSRF1Kelly Miller "draperkel"0051299801600Love this flavorI love my keurig and this is one of my favorite flavors. I can taste and smell the chocolate and raspberry in it. Pair it with a good creamer and you have a lovely cup of coffee. It's just heaven to have my keurig and have differnt flavors!
297099297099B00395DVQSA3UGSFEDY2DKP5Carmela G. Mccall0051299715200van houtte choclate rasberry k cupsI purchased a sample pack at christmas time and it was excellent. This coffee is full of flavor and as a added bonus you can smell the rasberry while it is brewing.
297100297100B00395DVQSA3EZPHHD0LPJ3EElaine Lipski0051299715200Wonderful CoffeeAs I am a decaf drinker, I was amazed that this regular coffee did not upset me. Drinking this wonderful coffee is like eating chocolate covered raspberry candy. It is not bitter as some coffees are, and it doesn't leave an aftertaste as some coffees do.

My guests also enjoy it.

All I can say is that I am very pleasantly pleased with this great tasting coffee. A great pick me up.
297101297101B00395DVQSA3IVR56KL6GGMGMaxwellianation0051298851200Best Flavored Coffee...I generally do not drink the flavored coffee but our recent acquisition of the Keurig coffee maker I have been sampling many flavors. Of all the 15 - 20 flavored coffees I have tried over the past 3 months the Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee is BY FAR the BEST. Fantastic blend of flavors and it actually has flavor...most others I tried seemed to have aroma but fell short in the flavor category. I highly recommend trying this flavored coffee!
297102297102B00395DVQSA3T4UQRGKU4SPGCherlin "Artist"0021298419200Looking for and can't find the perfect Carmel and Vanilla blendThis isn't the one I had ten years ago (brand forgotten). It is nearly OK.
Strong after taste , flavor is fake.

If anyone reading this knows what brand is great, please post so I can try out. The original one I tried was incredible, thus my fruitless search for perfection.
297103297103B000UXY2FQA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"3341240963200nice rice crackersWe do not eat wheat and most brands of rice crackers are a lot more expensive than these were. They are just a bit on the sweet side, rather than the salty flavor one expects from a "cracker". But they are good, with soup or salad or which case topping them with a dab of peanut butter makes them even better.

A pretty good crunch for the money. Personally I still prefer Mary's Gone crackers, but my husband says those are too hard to chew, so now we have something crunchable for each of us!
297104297104B000UXY2FQA331T1MEPUCBYVSuzanna Davis "suzanna"1131247443200Edible, not especially yummyI purchase sesmark crackers regulary, the sesame rice being my favorite. These were on sale so I decided to try them. I will eat them, best with something strong flavored as these are bland. Will continue to buy sesmark.
297105297105B000UXY2FQA1S7T8ZVC1RFJEElizabeth Narvaez "Elizabeth N."1141233619200Rolan Rice Cracker - OrignalGood snack alone or as a side for salad or soup.
It has a different flavor from the every day cracker which I enjoy
very much.
297106297106B000UXY2FQA31SA82T93KIVVAngie0021323216000not so goodthey are Ok really if you do not try to compare them to other brands like sesmark, pretty plain testing and harder, but the price is good
297107297107B000UXY2FQA4NDPXCYKRCY2Janet R. Miles0111299024000ROLAND RICE CRACKERThis is a personal opinion: Salt is not my best friend, and these contain quite a bit of salt for me to consume.
297108297108B0043XEL2SA2BJEB2YSOS6JDesert Rose3441331251200Be careful - shipped by courier as perishable in refrigerated box!I'm feeling extremely foolish as I write this review. I ordered this wasabi to be forwarded overseas without realizing that if it is "fresh," that means it is shipped refrigerated (with dry ice in a Styrofoam container within a box). Of course my shipment was no longer cold by the time I received it in Oman - what a waste of good wasabi and a lot of money! Although I can't rate the taste, I assume it would have been wonderful. -sigh! - So, I'm rating this item 4 stars because the description does not make the cold shipment clear for us dummies.
297109297109B0043XEL2SA3N3N7O784S2ADGVK4651306108800Only Real Wasabi?Fresh Real Wasabi - Six 43g tubesAccording to informed sources real pure wasabi is very hard to find and very expensive. According Cooks Illustrated Dec. 2009 this is the only pure, authentic wasabi they could find. Most "wasabi" products are light green colored ordinary horseradish or horseradish with a minute amount of wasabi. (I have no connection with this company).
297110297110B0006G54LSA3PK5B6MXMLXJUShirley Carter "Sjc"0021261440000it's okI had some peanutbutter flavored dog treats before and my dog loved them but they weren't in their original package and when they ran out, I didn't know the brand. Apparently these are not nearly as flavorful because she hardly ever chews them, and I'm left with 2 big bags--guess they will last a looong time.
297111297111B0099PYUNUA24YHM9J7QFLIMCrissy T. Kawamoto "crispyteriyaki"0031350000000Very dry and not very savoryThese crackers/crisps are very dry and not very savory. They definitely bear the taste of the garbanzo beans that are baked into them (they kind of taste like hummus in solid form), but other than that, there isn't really any flavor, not even from the garlic or salt on the list of ingredients. These definitely need to be serveda s pictured on the package: with some kind of flavorful topping, like feta cheese -- and definitely also with a drink, at least a glass of water. The crisp alone will leave your mouth completely dry. I get that it's supposed to be healthy, but it definitely disappoints in the taste and texture department.
297112297112B000HPVH5UA2T222OVO4TUIHKaren R. Katanick4451184025600Bone A Mints are Otis's favoritesMy cock-a-poo Otis who has a sensitivity to many food items thinks Bone A Mints are the Bomb. He used to eat Greenies and still enjoys the ocassional Greenie treat but they don't sit well on his tummy. He and his sister Bessie Mae Mucho have been Bone A Mint consumers for the past year. They are softer than greenies and not quite as expensive.
297113297113B000HPVH5UAE76SRIXUSZKKRen Worlock3341254268800Mint BonesDog loves them and they give her a minty pleasing breath for a short period of time.

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