Amazon Fine Food Reviews

297121297121B000HPVH5UA29TMZM2T2RTKSBizquik0051349395200Loves them!I found out my dog is allergic to chicken and chicken-by-products. You don't realize how many dog treats include chicken ingredients. These Bone-A-Mint treats are perfect for him. Nice balance of ingredients. Highly recommend!
297122297122B000HPVH5UA369EVZAKFOCB2Max0051337212800Wonderful treat for my pekingeseMy Pekingese is remarkably picky about what she eats. If it's not up to her tastes, she'll just spit the food back out and walk away. My first week after adopting her was going back and forth between the pet stores trying to find the right food. Even harder, was finding the right treats for her. I wanted to stray away from the popular branded stuff that had "by-product" in the ingredient list, but she also doesn't have a strong bite so I could get the Greenies brand.

This is the perfect breath freshener treat that my little dog can actually chew through. She's only 14 pounds, so I break each bone in half, which helps make the bag last alot longer. All in all, a great treat that picky dogs will love and tiny dogs can bite into (if you're dog can bite a carrot, they'll be fine with this.)
297123297123B000HPVH5UA700OACGL4OR4K. Willis1251295222400Great product - Enough review reading already! Just click the "Two-Day 1-Click Free" purchase/deliver button.Dogs love them. Mess free. They work - clean teeth and fresh breath. I'm an ingredients label reader when it comes to food and that's true for my dogs too. Straight forward product that does what I need. Look [...] for a better price.
297124297124B001EO5UZ6AY3XPKRAMKKY7C. G. King8851256256000Beats the others by a mileI'd settled on this brand as my favorite quick polenta and was sad when I couldn't find it in my regular stores. I gamely tried the other quick brands to find a replacement, but they just didn't compare. The texture and taste of this brand is much superior and by far the most authentic. The flavor is rich and clean, not 'doctored' tasting, so if you want to add your own enhancements nothing gets in the way. The texture is not mushy as some of the others are. One brand reminded me of baby cereal. It pleased me to find this favorite brand here on Amazon and I stocked up. This is great stuff.

While it is called 'quick' polenta, it's really pretty much instant and is ready almost as soon as you reach the consistency you like. I boil some salted water and pour it in slowly while whisking (you have to do this lest it clump since it absorbs moisture so fast). When I reach a slightly thickened loose consistency, I remove it from the burner and set it to rest after adding whatever suits me such as chopped herbs. It will thicken further, so you don't want to get it too thick to begin with. That's all there is to it. A scoop of this polenta under a duck breast is pretty close to heaven. If you want to save some to sauté later, spread it on a cookie sheet before it thickens too much. It cuts nicely into rounds or squares for a later meal.
297125297125B001EO5UZ6A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet8851187049600Almost as good as from scratchNothing can beat making polenta the old-fashioned way. But, if you want to save time and a lot of stirring, this is the best instant I've come across. The texture is 90% as good as from scratch, and it cooks in just a couple of minutes. Perfect for when you want polenta, but are pressed for time. Nice price as well -- cheaper than what I've seen it in grocery stores. Each package is vacuumed packed, so if you don't open it, it will keep fresh for a very long time. Good stuff!
297126297126B001EO5UZ6A3R5H3XZXWIRFSNancy0041316217600PolentaThis product is very good and easy to use. The usual rolls of polenta are too stiff for some applications. Also I could not find instant polenta in my local stores. Buying on line is easy.
297127297127B001EO5UZ6A18M4W3U291DXNHoneybeeinTN0051296691200The Best PolentaOur local supermarket quit selling this brand so I was so thrilled to find it here and at a great price. It cooks up very quickly and is just yummy!
297128297128B001EO5UZ6A1JCPM4WCHSEWDRonald C. Jenkins "kitchen kid"0141304899200polentai really haven't had an opertunity to us much of this priduct. made it mixed with squash and honey. It was a little dry, but good.
297129297129B007N04AJ2AFPT0X3I2NPXOAngie "angiet75"171851335312000Tried them all and love them!! but price is too highLove the taste and so quick and easy. normally i am a made from scratch kind of girl but wanted to try these flavors and i love them. but so high in price 2.08 each? wow tha tis high. My grocery store has them for 1.25 each. I will get them fromt here.
297130297130B007N04AJ2AWQOIWODJOBVEPrincess7751335830400Yummy and convenientI first bought the Cherry Pistacio from Meijer and really liked it but when I went back for more they were sold out of that flavor. I then tried the Berry and the Apple and liked those too. I went to two other stores but haven't been able to find it anywhere else. I was happy to find them at Amazon and ordered a dozen in each flavor including the Peach. I do have to say that at least for me, the cooking directions need tweaking. I add more water and increase the microwave time or it doesn't seem to be cooked enough and is too thick. Having said that, I think they taste great. They're not mushy and have lots of texture, not to mention the convenience of having it all in it's own bowl. Great to take to work since I'm always on the run. It's true that the price is a bit more from Amazon but at least I can find it when I run out so I'm okay with that.
297131297131B007N04AJ2A15QL568RW7UVPN & K's mama "imperfection16"5551336262400Great new optionTried the berry blend after seeing it on display in the grocery store. After trying it I went back and bought the remainder of them (10), and keep checking back for more. I LOVE them. they are sweet, but naturally tasting sweet from the berries - real whole blueberries, and pieces of raspberries and strawberries. I will continue to get these, I make them part of my healthy, low sodium diet - try and you will probably like!!
297132297132B007N04AJ2A3NID9D9WMIV01Louie Arrighi "Lou da Joo"6751341532800lots of fruit Length:: 0:40 Mins

To compare with the Quaker Express Flavors, these costs double, but also has .5 ounces more with a lot of added dried fruit. I tried to demonstrate this in the video. If it's still available, clip the coupon.

Update 09/21/12: As of 09/21/12, my local grocery store sells the Real Medleys for $1.79 a piece. I just tried Apple Walnut. Apple Walnut tastes like a hot apple pie from McDonalds. Peach Almond tastes VERY delicious as well. I'd still rather have them shipped to my door with free shipping (Amazon Prime) paying no tax and getting a free sample snack bar. Please always check to see if a coupon is available. Recently, there was a $4.00 clip this coupon. It's a shame you can't use the coupon multiple times for one big shipment. Finally, the expiration dates from Amazon are better than the grocery store. I have a month old shipment with an expiration of 01/13 from Amazon, while a local grocery store has the expiration dates mostly in late 2012.
297133297133B007N04AJ2A16RZG7YR6XUAJLyssaBelle2241337126400Delicious, a bit over priced, but grateful they ship to Afghanistan!Ordered all 4 flavors, so far my favorites are the peach almond and apple walnut. The cherry pistachio is a bit sweet but still just as good. I love the fruit in it, because its real fruit not the fake kind that is in traditional fruity oatmeal. I also like its the perfect size to fill up on. The food here in Afghanistan is not up to par come breakfast time so I ordered these to help make better choices over sausage and donuts for a young woman trying to watch her health/weight. They are a bit pricey, I can only hope they are cheaper on the shelves, but once again I was just thankful they ship them to Afghanistan. Will definitely be buying more once I run low. They are absolutely delish!
297134297134B007N04AJ2A2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans4531336176000I love sweets but this is too sweet for breakfastI saw the Quaker Real Medleys at my grocery store for about 2.50 a container. I loved the thought of pistachio and cherry in an oatmeal. When I made the product, I found it to be robust on sweetness, skimpy on cherries, and fairly generous with the almonds. The overall sensation was that this product was really nothing to cry home about. The flavor was fine but the brown sugar and sweetened cherries yield something that is a bit too sweet for me to turn to again as a breakfast option, especially at the current price point. I hated that the manufacturer used a plastic 7 container. Plastic 7 containers - unlike plastic 1 and plastic 2 - are not easily recycled. I'll stick with Dr. McDougall oatmeal (Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Non-Dairy Hot Cereal, Peach, Raspberry, Oatmeal & Barley, 3-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6) and Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Non-Dairy Hot Cereal, Cranberry Oatmeal, 3.1-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6)).

Note: This product has milk derivatives and is therefore not vegan.
297135297135B007N04AJ2A2696CFF1SBXH0California_Girl1151341360000DeliciousIt is as close as cooking it from scratch. Everyone at work has asked me about. Once I add very hot water to it, it makes the room smell as if it was being cooked on the stove top. It almost smells like out of the oven apple pie. I would suggest that you fill it up with very hot water all the way to the top. Being careful of course not to burn yourself. I usually place it first on a saucer, so I can carry it that way. If you fill it to the line, it is very thick. By filling it all the way to the top, it makes it taste like it was freshly made and just thick enough but not thick as glue, like it would be if you only fill it to the line. Also, I like to leave it covered with the lid that comes with it for about 5-7 minutes and then enjoy it. I would definitely buy again. I do recommend it.
297136297136B007N04AJ2AAWB9VTU5C2RCHunter Hadlock13191133729920019 Grams of sugar!!! Wash it down with a coke why don't youOver half of the calories in this come from added sugar. While oatmeal is healthy for you, Quaker dumps a ton of sugar in to these things to make them palatable. 19g of sugar to be exact. A can of coke has 39g of sugar! Yuck, if you are looking for a high nutrition, healthy, low calorie food, look elsewhere. Over half of the calories in this come from added sugar.
297137297137B007N04AJ2A3FXV00S4YN6IKJ. Hilton101511335312000Would not buy againI love oatmeal and I usually eat the Archer Farms organic brand from Target. Thought I'd give these a go, but it was nasty. I couldn't make myself choke down the whole carton. This was the second flavor I tried -- the first was the Cherry Pistachio, which was even worse and gave me a stomach ache for the rest of the day.


Part of the problem, for me, was that they're just too sweet. But part of the problem was also that they had a "weird" aftertaste. Kind of metallic and "off." I don't know how else to describe it. Something that doesn't taste like oatmeal or fruit or nuts. Maybe it's from the "natural flavors"?

Of course, individual experiences will vary from mine. But I think I'll stick with the old-fashioned way. It's a lot cheaper and healthier to just make regular oatmeal and add your own "flavors" -- fruit, nuts, maple syrup, whatever -- and it won't leave a bunch of little cartons to recycle or go in the landfill.
297138297138B007N04AJ2ACELC7PJJLJGPA. Elliott0021350691200Convenient but way too many carbs and too much sugarOn its face, this seems like a quasi healthy alternative for breakfast, but no. This is something I ate before adopting a healthier lifestyle. Now I pay attention to labels, and I encourage you to read the nutrition label before making your purchase. If it still reads okay with you, then great.

As to the actual taste, these are very sweet, especially if you add less water for a thicker consistency. They do keep you full for several hours, and hold you over.
297139297139B007N04AJ2A1CNIDRB01VADDJessica0041350345600These are pretty greatThey have sugar and probably artificial whatever, they're not organic, blah blah blah. They're tasty and super convenient (I have them delivered to my office via subscribe and save; doesn't get much more convenient than that). That is what I was looking for, and that is what these are. They have big fruit pieces and crunchy nuts and... oaty oats. I think the apple is the best flavor, though the peach was pretty good and the berry quite acceptable (if a bit tart). Haven't tried the cherry because I don't like cherries.

I do recommend using more water than to-the-line; I fill it to a good centimeter or so (it's kinda imprecise) above the line, and let it sit awhile to absorb.
297140297140B007N04AJ2A18PFE3GYSTX1Laura0051349827200Great oatmealDelicious. My favorite of the series. I love the flavor combinations, real fruit, and crunchy almonds. I don't think you often find real peach flavor in oatmeal, but you find it here.
297141297141B007N04AJ2A19LUSO1KVIZOL. Patyk "LP"0041349049600amazon primeI saw these items advertised and thought they looked like they might be good and would like to try them. I looked at the Amazon item and found them @ 12 for 24.75 and thought WOW!. If I bought them and did not like, I was out a bunch of cash.
I went to the local Mart and found them for a buck fifty, bought one each of three flavors.I found them to be quite good, liked them and they are quick and easy.
I will buy them again but not from Amazon.
I am a prime member and after a year I found that, for the most part prime is a scam that needs to be looked into by the Gov.
The inflated prices on items more than pays for the cost of shipping and handling.The Prime membership fee then is pure profit.

I will probably, buy from Amazon, one time items but not items bought on a regulsr basics.
Any one who has an over abundance of cash, please post here and I wll contasct you asI could sure ise it. Thank You!
Louis Patyk
297142297142B007N04AJ2A3LWC833HQIG7Jaustin_Larry0041348876800Better than expected, generous amount of peach, and mostly whole oatsThese are fast, convenient, easy, and tasty. Sized about right for a good breakfast, especially if you add an apple or other fruit, or some cheese. What I was not expecting was how good it would taste, the amount of peach, and the whole oats. There is enough peach for some in every bite, although not as much almonds. The downside as others have stated is how much sugar there is. But overall for getting me to eat my oatmeal and for being satisfying and tasty, this is a definite recommend.
297143297143B007N04AJ2ACS1187BYDTQUMichael E Wilson0051348531200Good oatmealI tried this kind for the first time through Amazon. I am very limited when it comes to grocery shopping and use Amazon to get the stuff I can not find. This product was very good. I liked the containers and will only buy these containers again. The berry flavor of the oatmeal was delicious. Very easy for a person like me to prepare (handicapped). I would recommend this oatmeal to everyone.
297144297144B007N04AJ2A1FYFUEUWZ2PMNLittlerabbit0051347926400Absolutely deliciousThe Real Medley Oatmeal is the best I have had. Each flavor is packed with fruit (some have almonds, pistachio's, walnuts), seriously.... These are really delicious. Stop and Shop has them for $1.69 and they are worth it... Try them!
297145297145B007N04AJ2A36WNNENHOO5XGeny0051347926400Oatmeal gone wild!This Quaker Oatmeal with wild berries is the most delicious oatmeal I have ever eaten. I received some a few months ago as a food gift.
I was unable to find it locally. I called the Quaker Oats Company to ask where I could purchase it and was told it was unavailable in my County. I was so disappointed. I went to and typed in the product name. Bam! There it was ! I was so excited I had to order a case of it. Buy it, try it, you WILL love it!
297146297146B007N04AJ2A20QITYONK2VNXAPBC0011342742400To much cinammon and sugarI bought this oatmeal at target trying to save some money on my starbucks oatmeal. The price 1.50 was perfect. Im on a diet so im trying to cut on sugar. This oatmeal would be perfect if they separated the fruit and nuts from the sugar cinammon to add depending on each people preference.
297147297147B007N04AJ2A2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy0051341187200Best tasting and easiest instant oatmeal we've tried!We adore this oatmeal. I was surprised at how good the ingredients list was and the taste is wonderful! Large dried cherries, plenty of pistachios and I believe there are even almonds as well as multi-grains. We reordered in different flavors hoping to find them as tasty. We even ate it uncooked with milk...still yummy and quick as we are always running out the door to work, some class...whatever. Great, quick breakfast item!
297148297148B007N04AJ2A2GM9FD2N4QCZQJC0051337731200DeliciousI bought a few at my local grocery store for $1.50 each to try them. Took them to work the following day and loved the peach almond. I signed on to Amazon since I thought for sure they'd be less expensive but they're actually more - I will buy more as they are so convenient for work, but I'll do so at the store since they are over $2 each here.
297149297149B007N04AJ2A6R3IC1OVGQELElizabeth Bullock0051337731200DELICIOUS - LOVE THE TASTE & CONVENIENCEI just tried the peach almond this morning and love it. I can't wait to try all the other flavors that I also purchased. The convenience is great and you don't have to find a cup or bowl for microwaving. Due to the cost, another reviewer mentioned to make your own. I do not agree with this at all. By the time you purchase the oatmeal, peaches, nuts, etc. that are in each of these, you would be spending a lot more than what these cost. I will continue to purchase these for breakfast at work!
297150297150B007N04AJ2A1JVWKDSBX85VOCheryl L. Boswell0051337644800Delicious but . .These new Quaker oatmeal go-cups are delicious, convenient and nutritional. However, Winn-Dixie has them for $1 each. And, Winn-Dixie is not a discount super store.

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