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297181297181B0049S5B3AA2W6IYBHS0UUAHrmk111151330560000Great subtle flavor, electrolytes, and no sugar - yes!A household of athletes, we love Nuun.
The flavors are all refreshing and subtle (you can always tweak how much water you add to make it more or less robust too) and never taste artificial. What's especially great about Nuun is that it's in quick dissolving tablets so you don't have to pre-mix or measure anything. Just take a tube of tablets on a longer bike ride or run without hauling all the water or a big tub of mix -- just one bottle and a water source along the way is all you need to mix up multiple servings as your activity goes on.
297182297182B0049S5B3AA1D02VBWMSOGPZMicheleC0051317254400one of my favoritesI am a huge fan of Nuun. This is one of my favorite flavors. Mellow, not too tart. I buy this 8 tubes at a time.
297183297183B0049S5B3AAVTXGH36OSV0YBarbara E. Long "barberic"51011296345600Don't be fooledYou do not get a pack of 4 for 6.50. They are 6.50 each tube. Imagine my shock when I ordered 4 packs of 4, and that is the way it reads out...and only 4 tubes arrive in the mail. This is false advertising and you can get them more reasonable at a grocery store near you.
297184297184B0082PHH56A3TRB11C1SV15Mkristina barker222251323648000Best coffee replacementIf you have to, or just want to, give up coffee, this is the product that can take its place. I loved my coffee, and I was very sad to have to give it up, but I don't feel like I'm missing it at all with Ayurvedic. The moment I tasted it, I knew I wouldn't want to be without it. I didn't even finish the sample before I ordered more. I have been sharing this with anyone who is interested.

I tried Pero, and I thought it tasted like sunflower seeds, plus it has MSG in it. Ayurvedic is all organic and contains no MSG and tastes VERY much like coffee. Customer Service is extremely friendly and helpful, and I look forward to being a long time customer. [...]
297185297185B0082PHH56A2945Q3Y4SVO8NKim Sinton151551326931200The best substitute coffee I have tried.I have never really thought much of substitute coffee. Actually I am pretty picky even with real coffee, unless it's really good fresh roasted organic espresso. But the Ayurvedic Roast is something else. It has a rich round flavor that is significantly better than anything else i have tried.

Thanks for creating such a great product
297186297186B0082PHH56AMLTPKANM52A1sekina1151551326931200Beyond Shocked!!Okay,okay.. I must admit, I was skeptical. After years of drinking coffee and than having to stop....oh my goodness, I thought I'd have a melt down. I tried several coffee alternatives and each time I was so disappointed, so much so that I gave up looking; knowing that I'd have to get use to drinking Pero, you feel my pain, right?
Last week I was introduced to Ayurvedic. I was BEYOND SHOCKED! Can I just tell you, it was like an answer to prayer. Seriously, this coffee alternative is so close to the "real" thing that if I were blindfolded, I don't know that I could tell the difference.
Thanks Ayurvedic for restoring my faith.
297187297187B0082PHH56A2HA3EWWCD068OEli G "Eli G"101051328659200Unbelievable - I do believe it would pass for coffee...I had to give up coffee some years ago when I became caffeine sensitive.

That was hard - I really loved my morning ritual of deciding what I was in the mood for, grinding the beans, boiling the water, running it through my old drip-cone straight into the cup. Ahh, what I wouldn't give for a handful of half Illy and half New Mexico Pinon Roast, ground as fine as it will go, brewed strong, and sipped black. Coffee drinkers will understand.

I have since found any number of other things to drink, but still miss my coffee sometimes. For a while, I tried decaf, but yuck. I found a perfect decaf tea (PG Tips decaf is indistinguishable from the regular tea), and have come to enjoy a number of herbals and other brews, but have never a decent decaf coffee or coffee substitute.

I found this stuff by accident online and bought a sample out of curiosity. I liked that it was organic, and there's nothing in the ingredients that turned me off. I really didn't expect it to be anything like coffee (they never are), but I thought it might be good in its own way.

When the sample showed up, I ran a cup through my old drip-cone, and it was just ok. A little watered down - I think I didn't use enough for the big mugful of water. The funny thing though, was that it tasted like watered down coffee. Just the way coffee used to taste when I didn't use enough for the amount of water.

Second cup I used two big spoonfuls directly in the water and boiled it for 5 minutes. After a minute or two, it started to smell like... well, coffee. When poured, it had the same dark brown color and opaqueness I remember, and suddenly I was holding a cup of coffee. I drank it black. It was a passable cup - very satisfying - I actually stood there and gulped it down in the kitchen.

It's smoother than I remember coffee being, less "bite" - probably because it doesn't have the same acids and oils that coffee does - but it does have a comparable taste and richness. I never really liked flavored coffees, but the vanilla is very light - more a scent than a taste - and doesn't bother me at all.

In fact, if you'd handed me a cup of this when I could still drink coffee, I might have looked at it sideways and asked where you found such a smooth roast, but I wouldn't have questioned that it WAS coffee.

That's pretty impressive - kudos to whoever developed this stuff. Don't know how they did it, but I'll keep on drinking it. I also look forward to giving it to some coffee drinking friends and waiting until after they drink it to mention that it isn't coffee =o)
297188297188B0082PHH56A20BUYUSR96DV9Kenneth Haggett "Vermont Musher"7751329177600Good Stuff!I gave up coffee about six months ago and had been drinking various types of teas and herba matte since then. I stumbled across Ayurvedic Roast on line and decided to order a bag to see if I liked it. Like it? I love it! I really like coffee and don't mind tea but one thing I really missed with tea was the full body texture of a cup of coffee. Ayurvedic Roast comes very close in texture and I really enjoy the flavor. Just ordered myself a 4lb. bag so I don't have to worry about running out anytime soon.
297189297189B0082PHH56A8UAPQY1K1PVRPaula Grace3351332892800Tastes LIKE COFFEE!!!!Awesome Product! It tastes like coffee and brews like coffee! This Herbal Coffee offers a parallel experience to drinking coffee - it has a deep color, a creamy texture and is so close to the real thing!
297190297190B0082PHH56AZNAXW7FVLHAIM. Zijlstra3351327536000I don't actually like normal coffee, but I love this!As a very health oriented person I've never really been very interested in normal coffee, but have at various times dabbled in different coffee alternatives.

Although many of the other coffee alternatives aren't bad, I can't really say that I was all that interested in them. Where Ayurvedic Roast is different, is that I really enjoy drinking it; it has a wonderful vanilla aroma, and a deep rich flavor.

Interestingly enough, my mom, who very much _is_ a coffee drinker actually really likes it too, so I always make sure to keep a good amount in stock in case she comes by :)
297191297191B0082PHH56AVBQ9IW7PGH6Rthis_is_my_pen_name3351323648000Aromatic roastThis is a very aromatic roast; you can feel that the herbs are fresh. We used it to make cappuccino cheesecake and used a brew of Ayurvedic Roast instead of the cappuccino. The results..well the results were delicious :) Also, the roast has a slight vanilla aroma.
297192297192B0082PHH56A3B9AOW0JE6KFQDavid A. Snyder2251335484800Amazed!!I've tried a few of the other alternatives to coffee and this one is by far the best i've tried to date. Very convincing taste... I can't wait to try it as an iced coffee.
297193297193B0082PHH56A37Y75ZT0DL23DBoilerwillie1151347926400I'll take it.I can't drink coffee anymore because I have a caffeine allergy, so I was hoping to find a product that had a similar taste to coffee that I could sip on throughout the day.

I've tried a few similar products, but this is the best. Does it taste like coffee? Put it this way... if you walked outside your house and saw an elephant doing back flips while drinking Ayurvedic Roast, your focus would remain on the elephant instead of thinking "what is in my coffee cup?".

I guess a more useful analogy is, it's like a veggie burger vs. a real burger. You need to treat the two separate. I like veggie burgers, but I don't order one if I feel like a hamburger. Temper your expectations with this product and you'll really enjoy it. I drink it with a little bit of milk and a splenda. I'm looking forward to trying it iced.
297194297194B0082PHH56A18BQGDFM8UWCTheavenscent "blessed2Bloved"1151347667200Love it!!!I've tried most coffee replacements on the market and this is my favorite. It has a great taste, it's mild, not overpowering or bitter. The flavoring is spot on in my opinion. Some of the others taste too artificial or overly done with their flavoring. I can't really say that it tastes a lot like coffee, but it is very pleasing to the palate and it's my favorite morning hot beverage without a doubt!
297195297195B0082PHH56AHXEF2V58AY2CMrs. B "Judy Borowik"1131345680000Organic Caffeine-free coffeeThis would be my 2nd favorite choice for Caffeine-free coffee. My 1st for Organic. Would buy again. Priced right. Flavor could be improved.
297196297196B0082PHH56A14HOS00JRF6YQS. M Mix2331344643200Good for you, but does not smell or taste like any coffeeI really wanted to like this stuff because I need to cut down on coffee consumption. I was very excited to receive this "coffee." The minute I opened the bag I noticed it smelled nothing like coffee at all. It was interesting to recall that one of the reviewers stated in a blindfolded taste test you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and real coffee. Hmmmmm. Anyway, I made it exactly like I make my regular coffee, and it tastes nothing like any coffee I have ever tasted anywhere (and I've had my share of desperation java in the past). I was very disappointed in the taste.

The flavor is not really "bad," just totally different from that rich coffee aroma and taste. It looks like coffee, though. What I ended up doing is mixing it with regular coffee. This helped a lot, and it reduced my intake of cafffeine and acid. It tasted okay mixed with regular coffee, and that's what I will probably do in the future. Will I buy it again? Probably. If I feel okay and my symptoms improve I will try to stick with it. Like I said, it's not bad, just different. It is possible I will get used to the taste.

I did a lot of research on the ingredients in this product. They can be good for your heart and help you feel calm. This could be a good thing. I just wanted to take the time and post about the taste and aroma.
297197297197B0082PHH56A27W6DJGA1GU88Aubrey T. Cutchin0051350172800Better than ever expected! Delicious!I have never left a review before; however, this wonderful "not coffee" as I like to call it is deserving of a review. I love this not coffee :) my husband and I were actually able to stop drinking coffee by switching to Ayurvedic Roast and when customers came into my shop the other day (I had also switched from brewing coffee at work to your "not coffee) and many were skeptical but were in love with it after trying it! Wonderful! Thank You
297198297198B0082PHH56A910R7MHON9ZGsandra0031349740800it's okI bought this coffee substitute hoping I could replace my caffeine intake. I'm not sure this substitute is the one for me. Some reviews stated that they couldn't tell the difference but in my doesn't taste like coffee really, so I'm unsure why it would be mistaken for coffee. That said, it is drinkable (the vanilla flavouring takes a little getting used to)& I intend to perservere with it so I may get to like it better.
297199297199B0082PHH56A2DQKKMWQB7PJMJ. Lody0041349136000Not the best in my opinion.This coffee alternative is not my favorite. It has a funny aftertaste like burnt bread. But if you are a black coffee addict and like the taste of old black joe, this is probably your best bet. I myself have never cared for the taste of unsweetened, uncreamed coffee anymore than I prefer unsweetened cocoa. To me, it's not good coffee unless it tastes sweet and creamy. I realize that this is not what most coffee hounds prefer, but I also know that a lot of us like cream and sugar in some degree. Another problem with this otherwise excellent blend of roasted grain and herbs, is that it soaks up a lot of water and tends to clog paper filters, not allowing all of the hot water to brew through to the cup. It swells up quite a bit more than coffee, and tends to overwhelm paper filters.

One of the best alternatives to coffee, but not the best I've tried.
297200297200B0082PHH56A1EC3U23FWDQMZCHARLENE BEDAW0051347667200AYURVEDIC ROAST - ORGANIC CAFFEINE SUBSTITUTEMy Mother-in-law loves her morning coffee. Because of medical conditions she could not have caffeine at all, which the products for non-caffeine on the market do contain caffeine. We found Postum on line, which just did not do the trick and is very expensive. We tried another substitute which was barely better. When I ordered the substitute from Ayurvedic it was a big hit once I adjusted the amount. She loves it and is now enjoying the start of her day with a good tasting coffee drink. Thank you Ayurvedic!!! I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for an excellent coffee taste with no caffeine. Charlene Bedaw
297201297201B0082PHH56ASVLLQUMDHXK6WildFly0041346198400Tastes OkayIt tastes good for being a coffee substitute, but after few cups I don't care using it anymore. Taste is obviously not as your normal coffee, and there is absolutely no effect, since it's caffeine free. So, I don't see a point drinking this stuff.
297202297202B0082PHH56A119KJD9UG5J5HKaren0051345420800Great taste - close to coffeeI ordered this for my husband who is trying to quit coffee. I didn't like the taste of several of the other coffee replacemenents that I tried on Amazon.

I wanted to see if he could tell the difference between this and his regular coffee.
I brewed a cup for him, and he remarked,"oh, is this some new brand of coffee?". He really thought it was regular coffee!

Someone here mentioned that it tastes like weak coffee, but I think they just need to adjust the amount when brewing. I used 1 tablespoon to one cup of water, and that proportion suited my husband well (he doesn't like his coffee too strong).

Obviously this didn't taste 100% like coffee...after all, this is a coffee substitute, made from grains and herbs and not real coffee beans. However, I was satisfied and would recommend it to my friends who are trying to quit coffee.

I brew this for myself with milk and sweetener, and I'm not claiming to be a coffee house gourmet, but it tasted just like a real latte to me!
297203297203B0082PHH56A3TYIF3J43EI9EBrett0041342569600Good substituteThis product tastes like bad coffee. And bad coffee that doesn't upset your stomach is wayyyyy better than the alternatives.
297204297204B0082PHH56A25V25WIQLLK55windahm0051336003200Amazing ProductIf you have acidic limits in your diet, this product is for you. Same great coffee taste, and medicinal as well. I highly recommend it to those coffee lovers, who cannot take the negative side effects of traditional coffee. Amazing product.
297205297205B0082PHH56A287VU7ENJATTjnjgoss0121347494400Not as good as the reviews.After reading the reviews I was excited to try this coffee substitute. When I received it I tried to brew a cup in my keurig k-cup. It would not brew in the k-cup, I think its too dense when it gets wet. So I then tried it in a regular coffee maker. I followed the directions on the bag and the beverage came out weak. It was undrinkable. So I tried the coffee maker again, but this time I added extra grounds and it still came out weak. Last I tried my French Press and it worked pretty good. The taste is not bad, its similar to coffee, but it does have an aftertaste. Whats missing is the bitterness in coffee that I like. I actually prefer Teeccino over this.
297207297207B0082PHH56A1CAAFWC6S3WJNvegaslovesliz1811344729600this is nto coffee, dont get yoru hopes upi was really disappointed in this "coffee" the flavor was weak- weaker then gas station coffee and the french vanilla flavor made it taste even stranger.. gross even. i was really hopeful because i need to cut all caffeine out of my diet (i have SEVERE anxiety) but id rather dink tea, nothing at all or just deal with the little buzz from defcaf.. then again, alot of people love it- i had to return mine so i just thought i should let you all know my opinion!
297208297208B001F8N170A25VFHVGI4CFTPDiana Robinson0011335744000Warning! WARNING! -ALCOHOL SUGARS!Buyer Beware Please! This sweetener is not for everybody. Maltitol is an alcohol sugar and can be undigestible in the body. You will know a short time after consuming it if you are one of the unsuspecting many who cannot digest it by the extreme intestinal bloating and cramping and massive amounts of gas a person can experience. Nausea, diarrhea & headaches can also be experienced. I learned my lesson the hard way years ago when I fell in love with the sugar-free chocolates suzanne sommers used to sell. I thought I'd found sugar-free chocolate nirvana at first taste but the bliss was short lived when the terrible side effects of maltitol kicked in. The discomfort was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I blew up like a balloon and had very painful abdominal cramping. As the symptoms passed, this too was very unpleasant. Though hard for me to believe a low calorie sweetener could be the culprit, all symptoms were gone when I stopped eating the chocolate. My hunch it had something to do with the maltitol were unfortunately confirmed for me about a year later when I purchased some delicious sugar-free popcorn at my local market. The taste was amazing and while I was looking at the label wondering what could possibly make this yummy, new sugarfree treat taste so good, my heart sank when I followed the little asterisk next to sugarfree sweetener* down to the very bottom of the label and read "maltitol" in tiny little letters! Thank goodness I'd eaten only a little. I still ended up with all the same side-effects but for a much shorter duration. Some people can use maltitol to their heart's content but others, like me, can have a bad reaction to it. In case you're like me, ... it's not you's the maltitol!
297209297209B000EUT8E0A1WRER20SW50P6Morenike Carter "MoZeke"4441275350400Product quality and conditionHeath Valley graham crackers vary in quality. The last batch I ordered was cooked perfectly. But the packages had been dropped or kicked and therefore caused some of the crackers to be broken. Moreover, the second to last order for this product was low quality in the crackers were overcooked and therefore too hard.
297210297210B000EUT8E0A39P0SC0ASOX7PEmjaye "Emjaye"1141335484800Good quality healthy snack.Product arrived in good condition and crackers are quite tasty. The price is a bit high though so that is why I am giving this 4 stars.

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