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297211297211B000EUT8E0A2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0031345161600NOT %100 organic.... Per the box, they are %70 organic.The crackers are OK. I am looking (note present tense) for a graham cracker that is organic, and these taste fair but the big ding comes from them not being %100 organic; the description did say %74, to be fair. For $1.50, I can get the 14 ounce store brand box of graham crackers that use graham flour, and save some money if I'm not getting a truly organic product. YES, most of the ingredients are organic.... but one turd in a pool sends everyone running for the deck. BUT, they are GMO-free- and that does help somewhat.

The flavor. Hmmm. Well, they're OK. I'll use up what I got. Maybe. There is a mild cinnamon flavor that isn't awful, but not what I wanted. I like cinnamon, but I wanted more of a honey graham flavor. The texture isn't really 'crisp' either. They're not soggy, but it wouldn't take much to make them soggy if they were used in something like a pudding dessert. I won't reorder them. For a natural product, there's a funny flavor and aftertaste. Glad I got the Xylitol gum in this order to kill the aftertaste.
297212297212B002C7S3QWA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley1141338163200MUCH better than dried herbs but not as good as fresh, of courseI purchased one variety of this product at a local gourmet grocery store (this review is for the Italian Herb mix.) I cook with fresh herbs regularly and thought that I would give this a shot. Overall, I am glad that I did.

First, if you are looking for a fresh taste nothing can beat herbs that were picked as recently as possible. However, there are times when it is impractical to pick or purchase freshly picked herbs. Also, if you are just looking for a garnish this blend with work well and taste better than it's dried counterpart.

It is true that the herbs were a little stuck together when I first opened the box. I stuck a small, escargot fork through the opening and they loosened up just fine. I had no other problem with clumping throughout the life of the product.

The Italian blend had a nice, bright flavor. The chlorophyll was still present and strong. Again, no substitute for fresh but better than using dried herbs when the recipe calls for fresh (it's great in sauces, by the way.) However, if a recipe calls for dried herbs you will need a lot more of this mix since fresh herbs are not as concentrated as dry.

I have not used this company's other products but I plan on buying them sometime in the future and I will update this review then.
297213297213B002C7S3QWA3GW3UJI0HFNZJElmo Rutt0011282435200A disasterThe whole concept is flawed. Anything you freeze into a single container will quickly meld into a solid lump. That's exactly what happens with these frozen herb products - they form a hard, icy lump that you cannot dispense. There are much better products where the herbs are frozen into small cubes for easy dispensing. I have no idea why a company would try to sell something that is so obviously defective.
297214297214B002C7S3QWA1U4M0L6D8QS0TS. E. Hamilton1211279152000Quantity very small and caked together with ice.This product is very expensive for what you get. The herbs are stuck together in an icy clump which makes it difficult to dispense and then if you don't want the extra moisture/water in whatever you're making, you're out of luck.
297215297215B0001VNHKIAIYUWQQL62U9XRoxy Drew1151320624000Junk Food Lover's Delight!!Best little horde of junk food to eat watching television,or anywhere!
Arrived on time and beyond my expectations.Would recommend for junk food
297216297216B0054EDY8WA20WB5Z8O8I1W8Lucas Wiman0021350000000Not so greatThe gum texture is too thick, and seems to stick to dental work. The mint flavor is barely detectable, and the pieces of gum are too big (presumably because they are the same size as ordinary pieces of gum, which contain massive amounts of sugar). It's a good idea, but at least this flavor is not very good.
297217297217B001873GD2A3JCWGHCVC2ZNFSheri in Reho3341257292800This is the only orzo I buy!DaVinci brand orzo is different than any other brand I have ever seen. Orzo is a tiny form of pasta, but most orzo looks like long-grained rice. DaVinci's orzo is tear-shaped and much more pasta-like. My favorite way to make it is with chicken broth, either cooked in broth on the stovetop to a risotto-like consistency or baked with sauteed chicken pieces, herbs, spices and broth in the oven. In both preparations, the pasta soaks up the chicken broth and plumps up to become a mouth-wateringly creamy and comforting dish. Baked chicken & orzo is one of my favorite comfort foods for colder weather. In fact, I'm having it right now! Yummmm.

Unfortunately, I am not able to find DaVinci brand pasta where I live now. I'm considering buying from Amazon but, since it is sold by an Amazon partner vs. Amazon, the shipping is as much as the a result, I'm still undecided.
297218297218B001873GD2A3FVFF6WWCYU9TDottie Kurnow0051350691200like it better than the same old potiatoesit quite a change from the ususal straches at mealtime. we cook it in chicken stck to give it more favor.
297219297219B001873GD2A2IY9QE4ZXI3MWemb0011334620800NOT THE SAME PRODUCT AS THE PICTUREI have always purchased this orzo from the store because it is the only kind that is like round flat discs and not over sized grains of rice. The picture displayed here shows the shape I am used to and I was excited that I was able to buy it from Amazon because I haven't seen it in stores lately. I ordered it in bulk with expedited shipping since I was going to use it for an event in two days. Well, when it came in, it is not the disc like shape that is displayed, it is the over sized rice shapes that I did not want. So, I have 24 bags of orzo that I don't want but have no choice but to use since the event is tomorrow. I called DaVinci and no one there could explain why this was different, I will not order any DaVinci products again. This is not a slight against Amazon, however they are displaying a picture that is inaccurate.
297220297220B000261P60A93B4YN4BD3UKElizabeth Whitmire "technophile, pet lover, &...0041301184000I just wish they had more flavorsMy cat is indoors all the time, and he's 13 years old, so I have Indoor Senior cat food for him. I can't evaluate the quality of this product because I'm not qualified - that's for a vet to do. But Duncan seems to like it, and he's a healthy cat. My one wish is that someone out there would make indoor senior cat food in more than one flavor.
297221297221B002ARBE9WA1O1D3OU5BP96XPeggy "Peggy Davis"0051280966400Taste like homemadeGeraldine's cheddar cheese straws taste almost exactly like the ones we had as children. These are the best! All natural ingredients.
297222297222B000EMD24KA1MXE0ZTTZP5R1B. Lipman7751163030400The Sauce of my childhoodI was delighted to find this old favorite on Amazon. I grew up with this, and to me it will always be what spaghetti sauce is supposed to taste like. I use the tomato sauce version, not the tomato paste. It's great with or without some meat added.
297223297223B000EMD24KA34HS8OVMEQ0BDiana Dupert6651198886400As good as spatiniIf you wrer ever a spatini fan and miss it as much as I do this is a great substitute. Highly recommend this product.
297224297224B000EMD24KAI2SUCJP40G3IP. Wiltberger "Sassymaru"6651163030400best spaghetti sauce in the worldThere is no match for the flavor of Lawry's spaghetti children will not even eat it in resturants because the flavor is no match.Great product Thanks!
297225297225B000EMD24KA35NO6FJSJ81Y5H. Futhey "amateur chef"4451232236800Like HomemadeI enjoy this sauce mix because it doesn't have all the sugars and sweeteners in it like the bottled sauces. Very authentic in taste.
297226297226B000EMD24KA1C9HWSAL8876MR. Tripp3351277337600Lawry's Spaghetti SauceFor over 30 years my wife has bought Lawry's Spaghetti Sauce Mix from the local grocery store. For some reason the grocery store we shop at no longer carries this product..So for the last year plus, we have ordered it thru the internet. We share the 24 envelopes with our 3 daughters so we all can enjoy this great product. We have tried other spaghetti mixes but none of them come even close to the quality & taste of Lawry's Spaghetti Sauce Mix.
297227297227B000EMD24KA23FJJZCBZHXSBSenior Citizen3351197417600Lawry's Spaghetti Sauce and Me.I looked everywhere locally for it, but couldn't find it. I was so delighted to find it here on Amazon. I hadn't made this dish in years, because I wouldn't use any other sauce. My church group loved the dish I made, and I attribute that success to the sauce. Thanks for selling it.
297228297228B000EMD24KAWQ9XU0GJLTI7ec "bookworm"2251294099200A delicious classic.I've been eating Lawry's Spaghetti sauce since my childhood. Now I cook with it. I like to add stuff to it, but it's great on it's own. I add an onion, about a teaspoon of sugar, a heavy dash of red wine, and garlic, along with ground sirloin. It's fast, easy, and delicious.
297229297229B000EMD24KAX5U570Y0QZMCJack2251287014400Spaghetti Sauce MixHave been using this product for thirty years, unable to obtain it thru retail grocery outlets. Thanks for your help
297230297230B000EMD24KA1GO3SI47Z0ZV0Allen2251283904000Great stuff --makes unbeliervable spagettiBought based on the reviews and they were right--this stuff makes delicious spaghetti sauce. Just follow the easy directions on the package and it comes out perfect.
If I run out, I will definitely order some more on Amazon ASAP.
297231297231B000EMD24KAZ99IWUG8MBG3shoenut2251270252800try it, you'll like it!I am from CA and I fell in love with this product while living there. We moved to KY and this product was no where to be found so I have begun purchasing on line. It is great when making spaghetti, meatloaf etc. etc. Just mix in with meat, tomato paste and you have a delish meal.
297232297232B000EMD24KA3HKF4O33DTG3MSay Why2251257897600the best spaghetti sauce EVER!This is a family favorite that had been discontinued when Lawry was sold about two years ago. I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw a package at a gourmet store during the summer. When I checked the date to make sure it was not "years old" I just knew I would find it at Amazon. Try it! You will love it.
297233297233B000EMD24KA3CZIQISJY8KO3Rita2251252540800It's the best!I've been a fan of Lawry's Spaghetti Sauce Mix for years. In fact, I like all their products. I've made it the way they suggest and add ground beef and Italian flavored ground turkey. I've made many other variations, such as using tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, or adding fresh tomatoes or fresh basil. It's always a winner. Being able to buy 24 pkgs. at this price makes it even better. Thanks, Amazon, for bringing us good prices.
297234297234B000EMD24KA2I6KFP8QMFK3BIsland dreamer "Island dreamer"2251233187200Thank goodness!I've been using Lawyer's Spaghetti Sauce dry spices and seasonings all of my adult life. Recently I couldn't find it in my local stores. YEA, I found it at Amazon! The process was easy and I got the product quickly. Another spice packet that I ordered is on backorder, so I'm anxiously awaiting that, but I know now where to get "anything" that I can't find locally - AMAZON.

Lawry's Original Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning 1.5 oz 24 count
297235297235B000EMD24KA1C9QXAXBYEZNFNJ Native2231213747200Tastes nothing like SpatiniI purchased this based on other reviews. Like the review title says... it taste nothing like Spatini, but it's an okay spaghetti sauce. If you're strictly Spatini and nothing else will do, then don't try this. However, since they no longer make Spatini and you like spaghetti, depending on your taste you can easily doctor this up with your home-made or jar with good results.
297236297236B000EMD24KA1I7GCTFR15JATD. P. Risley2251202428800Great Spaghetti SauceWe used to have to order this from California, but no more. If you haven't tried it, then you need to it's great.
297237297237B000EMD24KA29Y5KPRCZBPUGD. Piet2251202169600To have on handThis is one of the food products that I have bought here and I love it. I ushally buy it at the store but I noticed it was cheaper getting it here at amazon.
297238297238B000EMD24KAUXDFE1H7T9NUElizabeth Lindsey4551283040000EXCELLENT SECRET INGREDIENTI cook more than the average person by far, and I love to share great things I find with others. So, trust me when I make this recommendation. Add Lawry's Original Style Spaghetti Sauce Spice & Seasonings to your favorite homemade or store bought Spaghetti Sauce, and you will be amazed at the difference. It kicks it up a notch! You will be pleasantly surprised.
297239297239B000EMD24KA108YJS2AQ65NMMARK BERRY1151311465600Very Good Spaghetti SauceI have not found a better sauce for spaghetti than this one. It has a rich, spicy taste that really enhances a dish of spaghetti. It works out very well when you add your own spices as well as onions and green peppers.
297240297240B000EMD24KAY53JVN1HGV3MGeorge Manoogian "Mr Nice Guy"1151297382400The VERY best sauce!I've made spaghetti sauce from scratch but this packet makes it so easy and tastes just as good! Just follow directions, but instead of water, add canned [or home grown tomatoes as I did]. The sauce will be thicker and with out any additives or salt as in the canned tonatoes. You'll really enjoy the flavor after it has simmered for about one hour, at very low temperature.

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