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297241297241B000EMD24KA49YGLHZ0KPXERRW "Antelope CA"1151263427200it truly is the best you can buyMake it with tomato paste and add garlic powder to the meat when browning it. It is the BEST and everyone will love your spaghetti because they surely rave about mine.
297242297242B000EMD24KA1A6NSA2WS682DG. Taylor1151213747200Better than anything in a jar!Add stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, beef or turkey, and it's better than most homemade sauces in a fraction of the time. My favorite touch... add sliced black olives.
297243297243B000EMD24KA3OL1Q31K981OBMary Hoffman3441195084800Good start to a great sauceI use this as my sauce base, add my own touches and my family loves it.
297244297244B000EMD24KAQG7WDYS8BTI7Leslie J Andrews0051349568000Lawry's Spaghetti SauceMy family loves my meatballs and meatloaf because of this awesome spice mix. I recommend it because it's a large quantity at a great price.
297245297245B000EMD24KARZQ2WYZRRUQHWar0051344038400The good stuffBest Spaghetti sauce i have used so far, tastes great and buying it in bulk saves lots of money.
Cannot usually find it in local stores seems to be always bought out.
297246297246B000EMD24KA3PC8DCJVL9FCCHolmesdoris700051315785600Lawry's makes the best in the west or anywhere else!Lawry's spagetti mix makes the best spagetti ever and I can only find it on Amazon. Try it .. you will love it..Lawry's make other good seasonings as well.
297247297247B000EMD24KA2MSTO579W8ZWDKWalter0051305590400My Favorite!My mom always used Lawry's in her spaghetti sauce and spaghetti was my favorite as a child. Several years ago our local grocery store stopped carrying this particular item and I cannot find anything that can compare. Amazon has the best price on the 24 pack that I can find and I am so happy to be able to enjoy spaghetti my mom's way!
297248297248B000EMD24KA3M5EXA9V2ZOBTLarry0051301788800Lawry's Spaghetti SauceOur family has enjoyed cooking with Lawry's Spaghetti Sauce for years, but have not been able to find it in stores for the past several years.
We were delighted to find it was available through Amaxon and have completed out second purchase. There will be more orders on the way.
Our only disappointment is that in spite of the fact that Lawry's makes two stylesof their fine sauce, it is available in only the "Original" through Amazon. It would delight us if Amazon were to make both versions available.
In spite of the fact that Amazon limits the selection to only one, we shall continue ordering and we wish to express great satisfaction with the promptness of delivery, etc.
It should be noted that if both versions were to become available, we would double our orders.
297249297249B000EMD24KA2L1ZSS95OI90CG. Deubel2451262822400Best SpagettJust add to ground beef, onions and some Rague sauce to make the perfect spagett.The perfect spagett seasonings. I have been using it for the last 15years and was shocked when I could"t find it in Vermont, (but New Mexico has it)!
297250297250B000ODV3AOA34752TXN3EIWGD. V. Brown3351235952000Hard to find in Central PAI don't understand why I can't find this in any of the local stores anymore. I thought it may have died off, but had no problem finding it on The vendor I used was DAB Nutrition, and it was delivered promptly with no trouble. If you have dental work, and you love to chew gum but it sticks and makes a mess in your dental work, then Freedent will probably do a great job for you. One more thing. The Freedent pack says won't stick to MOST dental work. But if I were you, I'd give it a go!
297251297251B000ODV3AOA120PZKEGSIFUVMarlene Eskin "mktvu"1151202601600It really is free-dent.Great to be able to chew gum and not have it sticking to dentures. Wish they'd offer a variety packageFreedent Winterfresh Gum Plen - T - Pack (12 count)
297252297252B007OXJM6EAZW9ZYJ2Z3FUKYitz4451306886400Great tasting coffeeI bought this on a Fri. sale. At 50 cents a kcup it was a nice deal and it's definitely one of the better green mountain flavors.
297253297253B007OXJM6EAQYQWHWR5DREIPatty131831296518400Too expensive on Amazon.comI love buying things on AMAZON.COM becuase it's easy and I typically receive quick shipment. I made the mistake, however, of assuming that, just becuase I found a product on AMAZON.COM that I was assured of getting a good price. Rather than check the price on these Keurig K-cups, I ordered my favorite brand, ASSUMING I was getting a good price. After receiving these, I learned from a friend that I had grossly over paid; I learned that I could find this product on coffee K-cup websites for half the price. I was very disappointed that AMAZON.COM did not gurantee the "best price". Next time, I'll be more aware.
297254297254B007OXJM6EA1VBM63R2IFMGJBetsy Brotherton2251294704000Keurig KcupsWe enjoy the 3 Kcups we received: Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Caramel Cream. The special for the 3 was especially welcomed.
297255297255B007OXJM6EA1ONVAUNNRCH5BZeus1151318204800Great coffeeGreen Mountain coffee is always amongst the best and most tasty of coffees on the market. Once again, they score extremely high with their hazelnut, which is possibly the best flavored coffee I have tasted.
297256297256B007OXJM6EA30KV6T3WB0WW3Melbettis1151313712000Classic HazlenutThis is one of my very favorite and most often go-to K-cup. The price is usually decent on Amazon but I've found it cheaper at Kohl's.
297257297257B007OXJM6EAJ2E9D8FBROCEGinger1111313539200Light roast not Regular!!!!!This is NOT the regular roast Green Mountain Hazelnut coffee that came along with your Keurig Coffee maker, but a much lighter roast. The picture is misleading and shows the k cup that matches the regular roast. The light roast has the word Noisette written under it. I ordered two boxes and received this lighter roast, I noticed the word light roast on the box as well. I complained and was told that they would send me the regular roast, but to my dismay they once again sent me the light roast. I find the light roast taste similar to run thru coffee and has a weak hazelnut flavor. I am very disappointed in this whole transaction and will order straight from the wholesaler next time. Sorry, Amazon I really love shopping with you, but ya'll drop the ball on this one.
297258297258B007OXJM6EA3OHIKZCFCX8MRSusan Thompson3411304640000Way too expensive!Green Mounain Coffee is fantastic, a great cup of coffee. It is the price that gets a poor rating. I can get this same box of k-cups from Green Mountain for $12.95. Amazon missed the mark on this one!
297259297259B007OXJM6EA19TRCEMTGT6JCDan0031350604800New to Keurig and fond of flavored coffee, but this stuff is weakI'm not someone who needs incredibly strong coffee, but after we received a Keurig as a wedding gift, Green Mountain Hazelnut and French Vanilla were the first two packs of K-cups we bought. We were disappinted with both. The flavoring is good, but the coffee itself is weak, even with the coffeemaker set lower. Recommend you buy Coffee People Jet Fuel and some flavored creamer instead.
297260297260B007OXJM6EA1NBK07JEBCFIJess0041348444800goodThis is pretty good. I also like the French vanilla. I have had some pretty gross kcups so I like to stick with the flavors I know are Decent.
297261297261B007OXJM6EA1QW50I3OZ3RNLmiller.l0051344816000Great coffee!!This coffee is so delicious and smells amazing! We are frequent purchasers of this coffee! We are always sure to have the hazelnut in stock.
297262297262B007OXJM6EA1IXCRG9K7WO8CLizzy0051344729600Love this coffee!!Best price I can find when you calculate what each K-cup will cost you! Favorite flavor from Green Mountain coffee. Nantucket is also very good.
297263297263B007OXJM6EAJJHKT1X7EFZOHarry T.0051344384000I love green mountain coffee!I love green mountain coffee! I've tried other hazelnut k-cups and this is by far my favorite hazelnut coffee for my keurig.
297264297264B007OXJM6EA24X8P2TG2AR02Cody0031341619200Decent, not as good as Green Mountain Coffee Brew Over Ice HazelnutI purchased this due to originally trying Green Mountain Coffee Brew over Ice hazelnut and loved it. I thought they used the same coffee and just slapped a Brew Over Ice logo on the product but they do not. The Brew Over Ice variety offers a better hazelnut aroma and tastes a bit more like hazelnut all around. While this Hazelnut K-cup isn't bad, it's not the best, it's definitely not the worst. I typically do not drink flavored coffee (Unless it's at Starbucks) but I was expecting a lot more hazelnut than this has offered. If you're looking for a good coffee with a hint of hazelnut flavor, this is great. If you want to be hit with hazelnut flavoring try something else or buy Torani Sugar-Free Syrup, Hazelnut, 25.4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
297265297265B007OXJM6EA1B4RVDPHBWRELMa-nus Gray0051341532800Just as DescribedOrdered on Sunday and arrived on Monday. WOW. We will purchase again and maybe try a different flavor next time.
297266297266B007OXJM6EA85OCYZA5D7OSdi19490041339804800Green Mountain Hazelnut K-cupsMild to Medium roast, on the mild side. Not quite enough Hazelnut flavor for me, but nothing wrong with it. Shipped quickly as always, packed well. Love it when my coffee is delivered to my door, and cheaper.
297267297267B007OXJM6EA136HPIIGCEXO5Diane "Diane"0051337817600The best!We love Green Mountain hazelnut K-cups. We've tried lots of brands and keep coming back to Green Mountain. Most K-cups are too strong and have an after-taste. These coffees are just perfect!
297268297268B007OXJM6EA7Y6AVS576M03gobirds20041334793600Good in a Pinch when on the Go at the OfficeI like Green Mountain coffee and have for quite some time. These K-Cup packs seem to lack the punch of freshly brewed Green Mountain in can get at your local neighborhood convenience store. This particular blend I found rather lackluster and just plain weak. Still, it was good in a pinch.
297269297269B007OXJM6EA3G69U858ZSCFIDiane E. Brockman0051334534400excellent coffeeCoffee arrived in record time! Just what we need when we have visitors and don't want to make a full pot!
297270297270B007OXJM6EA2TAMD6PENDZSWSSV0051331424000Keurig CoffeeI bought the Hazelnut flavor so my sister could enjoy her favorite coffee. I don't drink flavored coffee but she said it was good. If you like a flavored coffee this is good.Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count

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