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297271297271B007OXJM6EA37D7UKWVKRPJ6redcellogirl0051331164800my favorite HazelnutHazelnut coffee is my favorite and this is my favorite K cup Hazelnut. Creamy and perfect amount of Hazelnut. Not weak and not too overpowering. Green Mountain Coffee is my favorite K cup brand. They just know how to do it.
297272297272B007OXJM6EA2GBSJKWLHC3I1Omar Martin0031330041600Green Mountain Hazelnut coffeeIt was a little weak for my taste however I do like the flavor of it. If you want a light flavored coffee this is a nicely flavored coffee. If you have more of a taste for a medium strength coffee as I do this might not be for you. I personally won't buy this one again but I can't recommend against it as it may be perfect for some people.
297273297273B007OXJM6EAHFRRZ6CJ5YD2Heather Vanosdol0051329264000Green Mountain Hazelnut KcupI love this coffee. It is one of my favorites. I keep trying other flavors but I go back to this one. I've also had several different Hazelnut kcups fromt he different makes and I prefer the Green Mountain. I don't like really strong coffee so this has the right amount of coffee flavor with the hint of hazelnut!
297274297274B007OXJM6EA1WNGU5ZNDGF01Don0041329004800I clicked "Like"It's a good tasting coffie, I all most didn't need to add any shugar. just don't tell my sister in-law or she might just drink it all.
297275297275B007OXJM6EA2YLKFBYYJ5KL6Elizabeth A. Hammock0021328400000Flavored coffeeHi I was so looking forward to this shipment. The coffee was flat with almost no flavor what a disappointment
297276297276B007OXJM6EA29D7XVSBCLFLDNA0011325203200BurntThe last SEVERAL time we bought this it tasted burnt...waste of our money to keep getting boxes of coffee that didn't taste we quit buying it!
297277297277B007OXJM6EA3SV8ODPHLPONBPT0051313452800ExcelentOf the flavored Hazelnut Coffee out there. The Green mountain one has been the best. I have tried a ton of different companies and I highly recommend this one. Also Amazon is the cheapest price I found to get this Coffee.
297278297278B007OXJM6EATVAXMCSYVATXM. Ellis "Superchop728"0051312156800Grren Mountain is GreatI like this company but liek any other company you shouls shop around. I persomally feel that I shouldn't pay more than .50 cents per K-cup.
297279297279B007OXJM6EA3ENJ73M41HM7Btaximom4evr0051310515200First cup to last, Always goodI love Green Mountain Coffee from Amazon, and Hazelnut is my favorite. Not too strong or too artificial like other brands, but a nice smooth taste.
297280297280B007OXJM6EA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer0041308268800I don't like Hazelnut, but You Might! I love every other Green Mountain K-Cup That I've Tried!I gave this a 4 because there's nothing wrong with it. I just don't like Hazelnut. I didn't know just how much I didn't like Hazelnut until a friend gave me a box of it because she didn't like it. I don't like it either.

However, if you are a lover of hazelnut coffee, this is probably very good. In fact, every other Green Mountain K-cup that I've tried has been very good. This one is just a matter of personal taste.
297281297281B007OXJM6EAS67S1XJ5V9TIK. Hogue0051308182400Love the flavorWe are hooked on this flavor. We buy some for our church because they really use it alot and we like to start our Sundays off with a smile. It almost tastes sinful
297282297282B007OXJM6EA237CMX15SM433Laura Taylor0031303776000Very mildThis one is okay. The hazelnut flavoring is very mild so I had a hard time discerning it at all, but it does smell good.
297283297283B007OXJM6EA32J0K0689EQOPNightly grinder0041300060800Drinkable but not impressedTurns out this isn't my favorite flavor. It seems to have a kind of hop-y, bitter after taste that doesn't do much for me, but for the price it's hard to complain.
297284297284B007OXJM6EA2FHHZ6DTSHLXGK. Sampson "sampson2269"0051295481600Good K Cup CoffeeGreen mountain makes pretty good coffee, this is my favorite out of the lineup. I usually have a couple of these a day while im at work love em.
297285297285B001EPPFPUASHE15M0G2YJDretired early6651243641600Omega 3 where are you?That's right. Just taste these Sockeye salmon. It's true I never had Sockeye Salmon before because of the price. I always bought the pink salmon (which is not bad) but the taste of the Sockeye Salmon is wonderful. So, wait for the monthly sale in grocery or if you can't try them you won't be disappointed . Taste, Taste, Taste Retired Early
297286297286B001EPPFPUADUFMYSEPKWHCChase C. Cho2241275955200Excellent canned salmonNot sure whether it's truly wild or not, but it's definitely one of the better tasting canned salmon products I've had.

A bit on the salty side, the wholesome chunks of salmon meat come with both skin and some bones.
297287297287B001EPPFPUA1M4HCAFYJIK1Ujlouise1151302739200FANCY RED. SOCKEYE is the best.This brand is just as good as what I'm used to from the store.

As an aside, I have always loved the bones for taste, texture (and now calcium).
297288297288B001EPPFPUA10QKFETTC46C4Waterphoneman "Waterphoneman"1151275264000best canned fishI had my doubts when I first ordered canned sockeye salmon but after mixing it into a rice dish I was very impressed with the flavor. Good flavor and a health food to boot.
297289297289B001EPPFPUAZ9VRD7T5O4KHJ. Khoury "Digital Joe"2321307059200Should be called "Salteye Salmon"The fish is ok but the sodium level is very high so you taste mostly salt. My suggestion is to order a sockeye product with no salt added such as Golden Crown and then you can always add seasoning to suit your own taste.
297291297291B001EPPFPUA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"132031274659200M I S S I N G......I N G R E D I E N T SROLAND FANCY RED SOCKEYE SALMON, 14.75 ounces,lists two ingriedients on its package: Red Salmon, and Salt. Missing from the ingredient list, is "water". It must be water that is the unlisted ingredient --what else would packers put into a tin of salmon that is liquid in nature? At any rate, before I opened my first can, I shook it -- and heard much liquid inside. When I opened it, I pressed the top inside, whilst letting water run, and squeezed the top down tight on the salmon. This practice takes out much of the salt of any canned fish. When I had finished doing this, I measured the empty space. It was approximately 1 1/4 inches! This, from a 4 1/4" long can! So much water had filled the can! And yet, "water" is not listed amongst the ingredients!

The fish inside was happily, (mostly), devoid of skin and bones. Of course, SOME skin and bones remained in the fish -- but somewhat less of these than I have found in other salmons of the same type and size can.

The "red salmon" inside was slightly less intense in colour than I have seen in other red salmon. Perhaps this is because this is NOT "Wild Caught" salmon. Nowhere on the tin does it say "wild caught", so this must be farm-raised salmon. Which is fine for those who wish to save a little money and buy farm-raised salmon.
I guess.........

This salmon has the "OU" of the Jewish Orthodox Union, the highest mark of kosher quality in the USA. It also has a nice long expiration date. The tin I am looking at expires in Sept., 2014.
The flavour is pleasant --but not as intense as some sockeye salmon I have had.

My advice is to shake ANY can, (of just about any food), before it is bought, to adjudge how much water is inside. This product, though not listing the amount of water present, (or even listing water as an ingredient, AT ALL), certainly had a lot!
297292297292B001EPPCBCAAQOH3IYYCG4KMent Eko1141268438400Great tasting infant cerealMy daughter didn't like it much at first (she preferred the plain wheat and milk) but after a day or two she ate it without a problem, it doesn't seem to give her constipation or gas etc. This is much better than the bland and tasteless rice, oatmeal etc cereals you find in store. It smells good, tastes good (even for adult taste buds!) and has similar nutrients.
297293297293B001EPPCBCA1G0UERYGT7H6EGinie1151191974400My baby loves it!I was so happy when I found this product on Amazon, because in Europe this is a common cereal babies are given. I was in Hungary in spring so I bought a couple of boxes but those did not last long. My son just loves this for breakfast or dinner. I could not understand why Gerber cereals are so common they tastes so bad especially mixed with water. And I am not giving formula to my breastfed baby.
So, I am really really happy that this product is available online. Saved my baby's and my life :)))))
Thank you!
297294297294B001EPPCBCA1M84786ZHC0KQdixitjiya0051341273600love itmy baby like this.He eat it very well , i think he like it.I gave him other cereals but he didn't eat well but this cereal he eat.
297295297295B001EPPCBCA27WSVKTJCA83Ifirst time mom0051207526400Great as 2nd foods for infantsOne of my friend got Cerelac for his little one and I just had my son taste it at her place. He just loved it unlike Gerber and Best earth cereals and foods which I have to mix with Breastmilk
297296297296B001EPPCBCA1WYFER5Q191NP N0051200355200Best in the market.I have a 9 month old baby girl and she is a very picky eater. Nestle Cerelac is a very popular brand in India and I was not able to find this in any of the Indian stores nearby. Accidentally, I found this in Amazon and since then meal time with my baby is fun. She enjoys this flavour very much and this is definitely better and nutritious than Gerber or Earth's best brands. I dont understand why Nestle has not entered this market in the USA, eventhough they market breast milk supplements like good start. My daughter would never eat the gerber brand cereals before and would be very fuzzy throughout the meal time. Cerelac is definitely a life saver.
297297297297B0001GCNXUA2RU9ORHAB9OV1sammy3351286928000Best ever.My husband is a complete hot sauce nutball, and this is his favorite hot sauce bar none. He likes to buy it by the case. Really. He likes heat, but says that his favorite part of Ring of Fire is the combination of heat plus excellent flavor.
297298297298B0001GCNXUA2KF007G6LZCZDBigjohn0051328313600Best bar noneWithout a doubt the best combo of heat and flavor i've ever had, I buy both the original and Xtra hot and use it in just about everything. Buy extra, when your friends try it they will steal your bottle.
297299297299B0001GCNXUA1LMGSNJS6QDLENameless10051312416000Terrific TasteJust love this sauce.....great flavor that goes well with anything. Best sauce I have ever tried. Highly recommend it.
297300297300B0001GCNXUA39W4544JIAWOJC. Shaw "Born2Shop23"0051305244800Best hot sauce!Ring of Fire has the best flavor of any hot sauce we've purchased. We put it in our chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. It adds a really nice flavor and spice to everything!

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