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297361297361B004WJAUFAA3U7Q41SJ4PWIE. Maddox0051322524800Really goodI am sure I will buy again though I think it is pricey, but the flavor is very very good. The pods are so well packed with coffee that I have a problem at times closing the Senseo to brew. I guess it's better to give us more than not enough. I would recommend to people who like flavored coffee. It is really tasty.
297362297362B003SBRT20AUICIB1WWCAQ7Jukeman "jukeman"2251286323200Great tasteReally quenches your thirst, but you need to like seltzer water; I do. Top of the line.
297363297363B003SBRT20APJ6NYM5DJRDWNightOwl0041348358400Very Refreshing...The beverage was very refreshing. However, I wish they would've posted how much sodium each can contains. It's 10mg per can, just be aware of that. If I had known that, then I wouldn't had made this purchase. But nevertheless, it's quite tasty.
297364297364B001SAVYFGA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans2241295827200good black beans, suitable for vegetariansAfter visiting Guatemala several times, I developed a particular fondness for black refried beans. I now prefer black refried beans over the typical pinto refried beans. Unfortunately, finding black refried beans that taste good (i.e. no metallic aftertaste) and don't have lard can be difficult.

These beans when cooked, are of a slightly more liquid consistency, which is great for dipping bread or chips. The ingredients for these beans include: black beans, water, salt, onion powder and garlic powder. A 1/2 cup of these beans has 120 calories and 1 gram of fat. Per 1/2 cup serving, there is 440 mg of sodium (estimated at 18% of your daily value). Please see the image gallery for this product to see a photo of the nutritional label.

La Preferida refried black beans meet my dietary requirements, have a great consistency, and boast an excellent flavor. The only place I have been able to find this particular type of refried beans is Amazon. Other brands of La Preferida are readily available in stores so stock up on these fat free beans on Amazon.

These beans are a product of the United States.

UPDATE January 2012: I still utilize La Preferida black beans for cooking purposes. They have a great consistency. Since writing this review, I have found another manufacturer of good refried black beans. If you cannot find La Preferida, try San Miguel refried black beans. San Miguel refried black beans are not presently sold on Amazon but can be found at some supermarkets (I buy mine at Meijer). I actually prefer the San Miguel beans over La Preferida but La Preferida's beans are a bit more economical, especially when buying in bulk from Amazon.
297365297365B001SAVYFGAH1GN1MTEX04LGlenna C. Eldridge "Glenna"0051325462400These Are The Best! Peiod!!I've tried several different brands of refried black beans...none of them stack up. These are the best! The flavor is so much better than any of the others I can't even remember one that came close and the consistency isn't gum. There are actually pieces of beans that you can see, feel, and teast when you eat it. It's so good you can eat it alone (I do) and it adds to any of your recipes requiring refried black beans. Try them!
297366297366B0069GOKGEA2JPFBXBQ5TQAWArt History Professor0051313452800Very happy! Length:: 3:35 Mins

When I first reviewed this, I gave it four stars (I'm a hesitant five-star giver), but having now used it for two weeks, it gets the fully approved 5-star love.
297367297367B0069GOKGEA1B4MIXYVIKMU2D. Truong "Duke of New Mexico"55956251314921600Works great! But how does it compare to Solofill?.... Read onThis Ecobrew reusable Keurig K-cup is great for brewing your own coffee. It seems to have been very well designed and is easy to use. One of the things I felt bad about when I bought my Keurig coffee maker was the fact that although it was a great convenient coffee maker... it does tend to produce lots of waste when you buy the disposable k-cups. I think this product also ends up saving you lots of money in the long run too. K-cups can be quite expensive. I really love this product and I really can't find anything bad to say about it. There is another product called the Solofill that essentially does the same thing but is made from another company. I own both products and if you're curious to how they stack up against one another, check out the paragraph below. You may want to do research to make sure that your Keurig coffee maker is compatible with the EcoBrew or Solofill. I know that some K-cup coffee makers are not compatible with these products. I own the MR. Coffee single K-cup coffee maker and can say that it's compatible with both of these products. If you want to know more about the Mr. Coffee Keurig coffee maker, feel free to read my review on that as well :)

EcoBrew VS Solofill

First off, I'd like to state that I purchased both the Solofill and the Ecobrew. Both of these products are really great reusable Keurig filters that let you brew your own coffee in a Keurig coffee maker. These essentially let you make your own K-cups with your own coffee... and they're reusable! I would rate the Solofill as 4.5 Stars out of 5 and the Ecobrew as a 5 out of 5 Star Product. The Ecobrew is a bit better than the Solofill because it is easier to rinse out. The Solofill tends to collect grinds at the very bottom and it's very hard to get the few last grinds out. The Ecobrew also fits better in my Mr Coffee single cup K-cup brewer. The Ecobrew seems to have a slightly larger capacity for coffee grinds too, which may mean it's capable of brewing slightly stronger coffee. And lastly, the Ecobrew has a flat bottom that can sit on a counter top by itself. This makes it much easier to fill than the Solofill. With the Solofill, it couldn't be balanced on a table-top so I had to cut out the bottom of a small dixie cup to make my own "stand" in order to fill it properly.
297368297368B0069GOKGEA10PV6AP8SXEDIJ. Goldman47247751312848000This filter works PERFECT!Seriously, I love my Keurig. I love the convenience and the coffees. But what I don't love is buying $50 dollars worth of coffee every month. I tried the filter that Keurig gave me with my Platinum B70 model and it made my awesome Guatemalan Coffee I used to brew the "old fashion way" into a watered down mess no matter how fine I ground the bean or how much I reduced the cup size.

I was skeptical about buying another kcup filter when I saw this offered on Amazon, but the video add on the ekobrew website had me sold. I bought the ekobrew Cup before it was available for sale with high hopes, and it has totally lived up to my expectations! My freshly ground coffee tastes better than any Kcup I have ever had! I forgot how good some of the beans I bought were. No Joke. If you are like me and have a few roasts of beans you just love and don't feel like breaking the bank trying every kcup under the sun to find blends that please you then get it. You won't be sorry.

The only negative part is you have to rinse it out but that is no big deal. Just pop the top and tap it on the sink and the grinds come out then rinse. No scrubbing or anything. I may buy another to have one handy to fill while the other is brewing since I make about 3 Kcups worth of coffee in the morning to fill for two travel mugs for the wife and I. THANK YOU ekobrew!
297369297369B0069GOKGEA26LHX89KA88DGGregg23223541322524800Ekobrew Washer HackWhen first ordering a couple of ekobrew cups, I had high hopes that they would make my recent hand-me-down Keurig B44 a viable alternative to my Cuisinart drip machine. But, my hopes were quickly dashed upon first use. The second cup wasn't much better. Third time's a charm, right? Wrong. Things were just not good.

I experienced many of the same problems that are mentioned in other reviews: leaky, messy brew, and weak coffee. I was pretty disappointed in the prospects of my new Keurig adventure, but was also determined to make this work and, after some experimentation, I did. The solution is a tiny washer.

If you look inside the upper clamshell of your Keurig machine, you'll see the injector needle that punctures the top of standard k-cups. Around this needle is a gasket that presses against the top of k-cups to form a seal. This gasket is the problem. It does not put enough pressure on the cap of the ekobrew to form an adequate seal, causing water and coffee to spew out from the cap. To fix this, slide the gasket down and off of the injector needle (use caution as the needle is sharp), slide a washer up onto the needle, then slide the gasket back on. Your leaky, messy brew should now be a thing of the past.

The washer hack also made my coffee noticeably stronger, but additional solutions may be required to satisfy your desired strength. Prior to putting in the washer, I began tamping the coffee in the ekobrew cup. That helped, and I still continue to tamp even after the installation of the washer.

The washer I used is rubber, 1/16" thick, 5/32" inside diameter, and 3/8" outside diameter. Specifically, I used a washer from Lowes with item number 136493.
297370297370B0069GOKGEA104NBZOSZODEQB. Spoon888851313712000Good Product and Excellent Customer ServiceAt first, we did not get along. It spit and spewed in our B60 and made me mad that I had paid full price for two of these new K-cup replacements. Good coarse grind, check. No grounds around lid before closing, check. Not too full, check. Seated properly in Keurig, check.
My best guess was that the lid was not sealing properly because there was a little wiggle room when closed, so I contacted the company by email and asked if a replacement seal would help. I was delighted when they offered to send replacement Ekobrews. The next morning, we tried something different. We removed, cleaned and replaced the rubber piece that surrounds the needle that inserts into K-cups in the top of the machine. That helped, a lot. The next cup we decided to try turning the Ekobrew around so that the hinge was at the front of the machine. Perfection! I cannot explain why, but it worked. I did let them know right away that replacements were not necessary, but they were already in the mail!
We now have an alternative to K-cups that makes a great tasting cup of coffee, can handle enough to brew a nice strong travel mug full and is easy to fill and clean. We will continue buy K-cups when the price is right, but when it isn't we can still have great, single cup coffee without breaking the bank.
Just as a note, we tried the Solofill, which is a good product, but it just did not hold quite enough coffee for a happy mug.
297371297371B0069GOKGEA3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding13513951312848000great designJust got the Ekobrew today and tried it out. I have been a Solofill fan since they came out but the Ekobrew design seems to beat the Solofill. First off, the flat bottom makes it easy to fill. I usually run two cycles for a larger cup of coffee. With the Ekobrew the lid stays shut and doesn't leak water at the top. I was surprised how easily the grounds came out and just a quick rinse and it was ready to go again. Seems to be the best choice around for avoiding the high cost of K cups.
297372297372B0069GOKGEA1YYWOLUF6I4G1D. Kiser "Dave Kiser"565651313193600Perfect!This one is well thought out - perfect in every way! I threw my old "My K-cup" out in the trash. Did you know that some of the new Keurig brewers, such as the B-40, were redesigned a little? Yes, and the new brewers don't allow the My K-Cups from Keurig to fit properly. I called Keurig on this - and their customer service team says "some of the brewers were redesigned with slight changes that don't allow the My K-Cups to fit. You have to move a small gasket down each time you switch between your K-Cups and your My K-Cup. We don't have a new My K-Cup that works - so you need to just use this "work around" for the time being." Now with my Eco-Brew - problems solved! That's because it's the exact same size as the K-Cups! No more changing the adapter in and out. It works better too! Coffee is stronger! No more "hole down the middle" with weak coffee and wasted grounds that were never used. Whoever designed this was a genius..... and too bad for Keurig they didn't think of it!
297373297373B0069GOKGEA15DJHT9VECM95K. Murdock "shoppingAddict"848751313020800AH-MAZING!!WOW - we got our keurig as a gift and with the gift was a big box of the k-cups with all the eh, average tasting coffees...but once those ran out we would never be the people to spend that much money on coffee every month. so we have been using the solofil for about 8 months. we hated it and because of it, hated the keurig. the coffee we buy (the strongest roast from starbucks) was always watery and the solofil would leak all the time and it was such a pain to clean. but we put up with it. ENTER the ekobrew! omg this thing is amazing. i don't know what makes it so much different and i don't care -i just care that we get an amazing cup of coffee from our machine now! SUCH a difference. we used to use the solofil twice for one cup of coffee - we would make two of the smallest cups to make it as strong as possible. not anymore!! highly recommend! buying 2 more!
297374297374B0069GOKGEA27HYAB5IYG0JScharlotte crawford697151312761600Techno-BESTMy disclaimer- I'm a coffee geek. There's a few precursors to this Keurig brew basket, including what Keurig sells at Costco with the machine. The advantages to all of them is getting the coffee you want, getting it at less than 1/2 the price and saving the planet with less waste. Most people just want the convenience of buying and throwing away the K-Cup, so all of these options are for a limited audience. Where the EkoBrew shines is cup quality- more coffee in the cup. This comes from really nice saturation of the coffee because of the cone shaped water dispersion. It's easy to hold and get out of the machine. The puck comes out clean without digging out crevices as an earlier. This is the first one I've seen with a rubber O-ring that seals the cup shut. Ingenious. Kudos to these guys.
297375297375B0069GOKGEA1ROUMJOGO4QMBSteve444551312934400Excellent brew, economical too!With the price of coffee continually rising, I've been on a search for a replacement to the expensive K cups for some time. Their recent price increase is outrageous IMHO (I mean, how much coffee is really in there to justify the recent 15% or so increase?). I've tried the My K-cup from Keurig. It did ok, coffee was a little weak, and it was a bit of a hassle to swap out the holder and then cleaning out the grounds as well.

I moved onto the EZ-cup pod holster, using tea filter bags. This eliminated much of the mess, but the coffee quantity is a little low resulting in a weaker cup (but similar to the My K-cup). Plus, I had to buy the bags and we're trying to save money here.

Next came the solofill, but again, the coffee quantity is a little lower than I like. Cleaning out the solofill isn't hard, but it takes longer than it should, due to the nooks/crannies in there. Still better than the My K-cup as you don't have to pop out the holder.

Ok, on to the the ekobrew. They obviously put a lot of thought into the design of this thing. The cutouts are exactly where they need to be and the water flows out more evenly thru the grounds. Because of this design, there is a little more room in there for the grounds resulting in a better brew. I've only used this a few times, but cleanup is easier than the My K-cup and solofill. I would guess it's because the design is flatter on the bottom and the sides seem straighter. Not quite as convenient as the EZ-cup, but it's a better cup and cheaper.

I'll be looking into getting another one of these!
297376297376B000LR7QUOAD7CVEBA0WKJCBar 7R Ranch0051344902400Delightful pop!This salmon roe caviar is both affordable and delicious. Each little pop of salty roe atop a blini or water cracker is devine. Also good paired with raw quail egg, ponzu, sake, scallion, sea urchin roe and tobiko for an "uni shooter"...Yummmmm...
297377297377B000NPVDKSA19BTNH6WPXE5HAndrea L. Millar "Tightwad copywriter"6651277164800Beefy, spicy, peanut-butteryI love peanut butter M&M's. I love that they contain a ton of protein (relative to any other candy), the existential crunch of their thin candy shell, and their laxative effect when you eat enough of them. With more substance and punch than the peanut M&Ms and lacking the acrid tang of the originals, they're the perfect food for road trips, the slopes of Kilimanjaro, or nervous trips to the doctor. I always take some along on first dates, just in case. They are an all-around classy candy, sometimes not safe for work, and that's the way I like it.
297378297378B003EPT03QA2GA26AEIRRJVYandorm0051339977600Love this coffee!Makes a great cup of coffee in a regular French press pot. Never bitter, never sour. I prefer medium roast, the other ones are too strong tasting for me. I wish Amazon had this available for subscription so that I could have this shipped automatically.
297379297379B001FPWYFSA134M8GHW35L42Tomboy Chic "SJ"3351226534400Finally found it! We love theseI bought these mint drops as a souvenir for my friends when i traveled to Europe last year. They loved them so much that they asked if I could find some more. After looking around, I finally found these on amazon. I have already gifted these to friends/family a few times.
The minty flavor isn't overpowering like other mints in the US (eclipse mints etc). Its just a hint of flavor and very hard. Don't try to bit into it - you might break your teeth.
I will buy this product again for sure!
297380297380B0005YM5WMA1SYLII0808HD6M. Allen Greenbaum335110808000041/2 * You Gotta Like Tomato SauceMacaroni and Cheese Purists will NOT like this product. Let's get this straight--this is macaroni (organic semolina, specifically), it is cheese (organic cheddar cheese made with organic cultured milk, enzymes, salt), but it is also TOMATO!(tomato puree made with organic tomato paste).

I can only recommend the organicity and quality of this product; the flavor experience is an individual one. However, if you like tomato mixed with your macaroni and cheese, they've done a good job of blending the flavors into a natural and good tasting product. Perhaps the addition of organic cornstarch, organic evaporated cane juice, sea salt, citric acid, organic onion powder, organic paprika, and organic garlic powder helped.

Note: This is an organic product.

Nutritional Information:
In a one cup serving (two servings per can), you get:
150 calories (five from fat), 1 gram of fat (none of which are saturated!), NO cholesterol, a fairly big 680 mg, of sodium (28% of your daily requirements on a 2,000 calorie diet), 31 gr. total carbohydrate (a mimimal amount from fiber, < 1 gram, and 11 grams of sugar), and 4 grams of protein. Also, 6% of iron, 4% of calcium, and 4% of Vitamins A and C.

You can heat BernieO's (a pun on "Bernie Mac?) on the stovetop on microwaved in a microwave-safe container. For questions, comments, etc. write

Late Edit: It turns out that "Bernie" is the name of the bunny featured on Annie's products. Please go to for more information.
297381297381B007GFY5DKA1AZZJ83P39K3TVero0051350604800Agar AgarI am happy to have found this product,and especially this brand.I am interested in molecular cuisine,and especially in recipes from Adria Ferran. I have two Isi siphons and I prepare espumas or other recipes inspired by the chef of the now closed El Bulli. Agar agar is great because it is an algae that replaces the gelatin to make light recipes. This brand is great because you have the exact amount you need for the preparations and consequently you do not have to bother with a molecular kitchen scale.

Agar Agar, 10-sachet box
297382297382B0038IA9ZMA3AEGUHVTC5YF4Joshua Smith "joshism77"0051282521600Best low carb Hot cereal option yetThe wife loves it. Its ok, a bit bland to me.

We don't really dig the other flavors, but maybe someone else does.
297383297383B004HFT7IKA2F5AXFBLPQ3SJguyfriday0051348444800Good stuffGood curry. It is good mix of spices with better flavor than most, not super hot. Many other commercial curries need help. This one works as it is. Delivered promptly.
297384297384B002LDABS0A1PTCOT13F3J8VP. R. Elliott1151283040000BEST BAKED CHIPS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have been eating Guiltless Gourmet Baked chips for years and years and I only purchased this flavor because it was the cheapest. I never tried the artichoke and spinach chips. This flavor is by far the best but beware....They are so good you can easily finish the entire bag in one sitting! They taste like chips that already have the dip in the chip! omg so good in fact just talking about I have to go rip open a bag so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
297385297385B002LDABS0A2BPFPVOWCTKDJJo Ana Starr "Mind-Body-Spirit"1131265414400Not Bad...Not GreatOK, let's admit it. Baked tortilla chips as a rule aren't that great, so this review reflects both my feelings about the basic concept of this snack as well as the specifics for this particular one.

Like most baked tortilla chips, these are kind of large, hard, and thick. The seasoning is very subtle, so if you like baked tortilla chips in general, don't shy away from these because you're concerned they'll be too spinach-y, too salty or too artichoke-y because they're not. But also don't expect them to taste like that yummy appetizer dip you can order in most restaurants. They don't....this is very subtle seasoning.

This brand of baked tortilla chips is a bit different from some others I've tasted because they are harder and thicker than some others. However, in terms of nutrition alone, they are probably better for us than most of the other options. In fact, I gave this product an extra star because I feel that this company does have a genuine commitment to making snacks as healthy as possible, so I trust that these are as good for you as tortilla chips can be.

Personally I'd rather save my tortilla chip experience for those rare occasions when I go out to a Mexican restaurant and enjoy those thin, home-made, yummy tortilla chips. But that's just me. If your family loves tortilla chips and wants to eat them weekly at home while watching TV, these aren't a bad choice at all.
297386297386B001T73QEUA16VOC68VH0JLDSharon Luther "SharonL"5551275177600Very pleased with purchaseFlowers were exactly what I ordered and delivered right when specified. So glad I came to Amazon to order.
297387297387B001T73QEUARH4JEZ3R709RG. Stuart005132762240020 Blue IrisThis was a Christmas gift for a 99 year old friend of mine who lives 1000 miles away. An iris is her favorite flower. It is a gift she can enjoy over a period of time as the bulbs gradually bloom.I was pleased when she called to tell me how beautiful they are.
297388297388B001T73QEUA1IIXU4PNIWYZYAteya0051311120000For A Dear FriendSometimes its just great to put a smile on someones face when they are sick. I ordered these for a dear friend I can call my family...sister...and this arrived on time and she loved them.

Thanks so much! I will use you guys again

297389297389B001T73QEUAWHQBB4PTXH01Walter B Sinclair0051307059200Score!We sent the 20 Blue Iris arrangement to our daughter this week because she has had a few bumps in the road lately and wanted to surprise her with something fun and beautiful. This was a home run, she loved receiving the package (on time and easy to track) with instructions for arranging them and that they were buds so she will get the whole cycle of the flowers. Will order these again. The experience has been exactly what we were after and how often does that occur at such a great price!! Thanks Amazon for offering this vender as well as the concept. The Sinclairs, Texas.
297390297390B001T73QEUA191M27RSLNB97Deborah A. Basa0051297641600Beautiful!The flowers were delivered fresh and were as expected. Only problem, I selected a card to be enclosed with a message and there was nothing enclosed for the recipient.

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