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297421297421B003SBRT2UA2R0R8NSB8U3AFEugene J. Hoenecke "graywolf"0151340582400Smoothie ExtraordinaireGreat product for those that want a tropical experience. Could be a little thicker base as the smoothies were just a little on the watery side. May have been the amount of ice cubes I used. But still made a nice tastey smoothie.
297422297422B001SB4MZEA2114XB3YD7NVUtvrfreak0051337644800Awesome, but too expensiveI got this for around $5.00 at my local Safeway. Awesome. Just the very best tasting bbq sauce. But now it seems they only carry the smokey one, not the sweet heat flavor that I love. And it's way too expensive on Amazon. Oh well.
297423297423B001SB4MZEA1YJP7UBZ32VIMM. C. Marsh0051285804800UNIQUE AND ADDICTINGI'm hooked. I first tried this on my scrambled eggs and now I can't have eggs without it. Now I always use it with eating chicken too. Love it!!
297424297424B000LRG196AADC82PF2CBKLove to travel! "katiemn"1151286755200Came home from a trip to Austria hoping to find this!Came home from a trip to Austria hoping to find this! It is the MOST yummy mustard ever! I really didn't think I'd find it but googled it and sure enough .. good old came up with a resource! I'm going to order some .. it was just TOO fantastic on Austrian sausages .. I'm positive it will be equally as good on any American sandwich I choose to use it with! YUM!!
297425297425B0007WKDV2A2URX7288UKHQTCooking Mama "I Love Cookbooks!"0051303257600Different Product than what I thought I was buying....The picture looks like the Kit Kat bar I typically buy at the store, but the product is actually extra crispy KitKat and is shapped more like a thick granola bar than the 4-piece-square I am used to. Price was right to try it anyway - I am sure my kids will still eat them! Expiration on the product is about 1 1/2 years from when I am ordering. Not outdated. Nice.
297426297426B0007WKDV2A3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051299801600Great chocolate snackThis is one of my favorite candies to satisfy my chocolate sweet tooth. The milk chocolate has a nice smooth taste, and the wafer has just the right texture--not too hard or soft or crumbly. The combination is delicious.

Shop for price. I buy these at my local Costco for twenty dollars.
297427297427B0007WKDV2A3CUZ5VY1CZD5GBlack Berry "cactus on fire"61551171670400Give me a break, nukkaGet this, I was hungry right, and then my friend told me about these thing called kitkat so i ate one and then i wasnt hungry anymore.....I swear to god.
297428297428B000PW0EC2A1CEVNVOODWNOXRachel Rules00413334112003.5 stars would be more accurateThis package of noodles is a nice size for one. You get a plastic tray with uncooked rice noodles, a fork, a packet of chili oil, and a seasonings packet. You put the rice noodles in the tray, fill with water and microwave for 3-4 minutes. then put the top on to drain the noodles. Then add the seasoning packet and chili oil. The finished product doesnt look like much, but it is delightfully spicy and somewhat filling although completely lacking nutrition. I scored them for a dollar a box, but would be hesitant to pay much more than that. For what I paid, I am satisfied, but probably would have been disappointed if I paid the regular price of $2.50/box.
297429297429B00511MLLEA36EK9QNCTIDYQP. Holden1151335744000Yogi Raspberry Passion TeaWonderful tea for a pick me up, I now prefer it to coffee in the morning and it is so refreshing.
297430297430B000F3EUAIA6PAO507CJNPZDokuga1151305676800Great Birthday GiftI got this for my father for his birthday, he and I used to go deep sea fishing before I moved across the country. He loved it, and the salmon was the first to go(as to be expected). He also told me that he loved the spreading knife with a fish for a handle, which I didn't even know the bag came with. There was much more than expected, so I'm very glad I got it for him.
297431297431B000F3EUAIA2BX6SKT3BDW5AC. Lockyer "Longtime Amazon customer"0051305158400Nice gift basket for Father's day gift.I bought this basket from Heartwarming Treasures for my Father-in-law for Father's Day.
He loved it and liked the nice reusable fishing creel basket as well.
297432297432B000VDQ0YQA143FQJ1VKVQK4BBC "BBC"5551216080000Blissful Sighs...I generally try to stay away from caffeine but like to sip on something warm periodically thru the day, I find it soothing. My usual is the Tazo Camomile with a few drops of rose water. When I saw this product on Amazon in my search, I immediately signed up to try it and just got it. I LOOOOVE it. It has a wonderful flavor that has a natural sweetness to it, enhanced by the rose flavor. Try it try it try it!
297433297433B000VDQ0YQAYZNQL27G7RHGJules5551208908800This tea is amazing and delicious!I was visiting a friend in San Francisco and had this tea for breakfast! It tastes wonderful and is so soothing! I actually had two cups in a row and looked it up on Amazon when I returned home to buy it! This is the best tea I have had in ages!
297434297434B000VDQ0YQABNHVY38EIZ0UMadre Perez "Maddie"1151285200000So NICEThis is my new favorite tea. Its so good I dont put anything in it. No sweetener or anything! its Sweet and tastes just like a rose! I recommend it for anyone who loves flowers and loves drinking them even more!
297435297435B000VDQ0YQA2494WANZHLB93Vicki "Vicki"0051244160000A Non-tea-lover Loves This!With a spoonful of honey, this is simply delicious. The smell is slightly strong at first (but not unpleasant) but the taste is smooth and very unique. It also has some rose I believe. I drink this tea every evening and I usually have to force myself to drink tea for the antioxidants because I don't usually like tea. This is different, however. A touch of honey is all you need. Perfect.
297436297436B000VDQ0YQA3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"1251299888000Rose Petal TeaOrganic India's Sweet Rose Tea is one of the most girly teas ever. It smells and tastes of rose petals, not unlike the amorous quail with rose petals in Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies. It's the perfect tea when little girls bring out their dolls, or women sip it over a book club. It's as refined to drink down while watching Pride and Prejudice (Restored Edition). It's from India and supports tea growing families. There's also tulsi, an herb revered in Ayurveda. One could drink this down while listening to India,Yoga, and Music From the Tea Lands. Sweet and nutritious!
297437297437B00394JNAWA12SP66QOK8KRZWilliam151551300579200Tried for first time last nightI tried this flour for the first time last night. Amazing results. I have been making homemake pizza for 20+ years now and always used bread or high-gluten flour. (Mostly King Arthur).

In the past I have read about using Italian "00" flour but have not tried it. King Arthur offers "00" flour but I always thought the protien content was tool low, looked more like cake flour then something I would want to use for pizza.

Surfing the other day I came across this flour and read about how much people loved it for making pizza. Seeing that it had a higher protien content (11% compared to KA's 8.5%) I though I would give it a try.

Well based on last nights results I'm a fan and may never go back to HG flour again for pizza.

The dough was very easy to work with (you will not be tossing this dough) very soft and easy to work with.

I used the following bakers percentages:

Italian "00" flour 100.00% (1 lb 4 oz approx 4.5 cups)
Water 57.00% (11.4 oz - approx 1.333 cups)
IDY 0.17% (.03 oz - approx .333 tsp)
Salt, Fine 3.00% (.6 oz - approx 1 tbsp)

I use two 16 Oz balls for two 14" pizza
297438297438B00394JNAWA6GREOYYUJKN3Kevlaw535551306972800Great results always, pizza or CiabattaI originally bought this flour for pizza dough when I bought two heavy baking stones for my oven. I was a total novice at the time, and the pizza dought came out superb. This is indeed the flour that is required for a true Neopolitan pizza, according to the international standard promulgated in Naples. When I found that I had a decent mastery of pizza dough, I decided to try my hand at baking ciabatta bread. Once one acquires the discipline to actually follow the recipe, even though the hydration ratio seems impossibly high; and once one has the confidence to attempt what seems like folding water, one will be rewarded with a truly magnificent ciabatta. The texture, the elasticity, and the airiness of the crumb are perfect, and the nutty flavor is addictive. I can't recommend this flour highly enough.
297439297439B00394JNAWA246JFJ9Q6N1OMNatalie5551304985600Love itThis is what you need if you want to make not good, not great but beyond amazing pizza dough. I've been making pizza for a decade and I thought I know what I was doing and what to use... and then, I tried this flour. Wow! Big deference: it has more elasticity to it so makes for easier tossing, and then the taste... poems should be written about the taste.
I've learned about Antimo Caputo "00" flour on Taylor's Ultimate episode - the ultimate pizza, it's where he goes to NYC, then to Italy, Naples and learns how to make pizza dough. The Italian woman who is teaching him shows him this flour and says that this is the only kind that pizzerias throughout Naples use. `Nuff said.
297440297440B00394JNAWA1JFFG7VZIP12YUpperDown3351329782400T A S T E - T H E - D I F F E R E N C EI took a cooking class when I visited Rome last year, and one of the things we made was fresh pasta. The chef/instructor explained that in Italy flour is classified as either as type 1, 0, or 00. This scale refers to how finely ground the flour is and how much of the bran and germ have been removed. The scale has nothing to do with the protein content - that is dependent on the type of wheat. Doppio Zero is the most highly refined - it resembles talcum powder - and is the choice of Italians for making both pizza and pasta.

After learning how easy it is to make pasta, I bought a pasta maker the minute got home, and have spent the past year perfecting my skills at making it - it's so fun and easy once you get the knack. I've been using all-purpose and semolina flours (or a blend of both) to make fresh pasta, and have been very happy with the results, but I decided to splurge on the authentic stuff. The first batch I made with the 00 flour took me back to that cooking class in Rome and the amazing silken pasta we made that day - the texture is noticeably different. I've also used the double-zero flour to make pizza dough, and the resulting crust was simply over the top.

All-purpose flour is a perfectly acceptable substitute for authentic Italian 00 flour, and it certainly costs a lot less, but if you're ready to take your pizza and pasta making skills to the next level, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.
297441297441B00394JNAWA2MX3OQ9DVVK1BRapidReader2251311897600Excellent pizza flourCaputo has a reputation as being the best for pizza. I my experience it's well deserved. The dough is silky smooth, easy to stretch and tastes great.
I use a dead simple formula, 1000 g (one bag) Caputo, 630 grams water (63%), 20 grams sea salt and say 10 g of IDY. I get 8 210 gram balls which make 10-12 inch bases for use in a wood fired oven. The crust gets rave reviews.

beats anything I've bought at the supermarket (including KA all purpose). Haven't tried KA's 00 since I'm happy with Caputo and KA's is no cheaper after shipping.

This 10 bag price isn't too bad on price. I'd prefer a 50 lb bag, but the shipping is death.
297442297442B00394JNAWAF0YQET2FS8GKkflaig1151327881600It really is as good as they say it is!This flour makes dough that is so easy to form into a thin, flat pizza that it makes me cry that I've wasted years struggling with dough made from King Arthur's bread flour. What difference!
297443297443B00394JNAWAIXRJV8JOT7H7Michael D. Subrizi1151325980800Taylor's Market Great Customer Service and ValueMy order from Taylor's Market showed up pretty fast with regular shipping. I even ordered with my old address and didn't realize it until the day after. I called them and they fixed it right away and in a friendly manner, which I really appreciated. Oh yeah Antimo Caputo il migliore farina da Napoli e' stato buonissima! - of course the flour's really good. People who say all flours are the same, sort of have a point, but Italian cooking has a lot to do with the ingredients - if you want to capture that sapore. Foodies that say it's the best flour in the world for pizza may get your hopes up a little(all though it may be - I think at least for bread a lot of it has to do with what you mix it with, the oven's heat, and how much you let it rise.) A skilled pizzaiolo can make a good pizza with anything and for a guy that only dabbles in the dough Caputo makes the task easier.
Caputo Rossa has the Italian taste that you're missing in the states. It's easy to find Garofalo pasta and Illy etc...etc..., but high quality 00 farina is kind of a pain even in NYC. Tonight, my pizza came out with more bubbles than usual. Tomorrow I'm going to make some pasta with it. If the price stays the same, I'm gonna keep my cabinets filled with Caputo from Taylor's Market year round. Buon appetito! Mangia bene...
297444297444B00394JNAWA2Z5CJRQA1IZHJLuca1151313280000Best Pizza FlourMade basic pizza dough from this flour and was taken aback by the rise of the dough. I made a simple Margherita pizza with San Marzano tomatoes and this dough on the grill using the Lodge cast iron pizza pan and I thought I was back in Italy. My results using typical American flour were always disappointing. If you want authentic Italian style pizza, you must use Italian ingredients. I love this flour and have it on autoship.
297445297445B00394JNAWAI5EIS34J73QBSam3451309564800Finally, perfect pizza dough!I don't know what changed but I was no longer able to make a decent pizza dough using King Arthur flour even with dough conditioner.

After a several year hiatus I thought I'd give pizza making another try and I bought this flour. I watched a large number of videos of how to make pizza dough but in the end I decided to take a slightly different route.

I found that all of the recipes are unnecessarily complex. I add approximately 600 grams of flour to about 1 1/2 cups of water, 1/2 teaspoon of yeast and 1 teaspoon of ordinary salt. I don't add any oil or sugar.

I knead the dough using a Kitchen Aid mix with a dough hook and add flour until the dough is no longer sticky. I knead the dough at low speed for about 5 minutes. This flour rapidly develops a very smooth consistency. You don't have to knead it for longer amounts of time.

I then let the dough rise in a covered bowl for 2-4 hours and punch it down to remove all the air bubbles.

I divide the dough into 2 even pieces forming a ball. I put the balls into a very lightly oiled large covered plastic container and let it rise in the refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hours. Rising the dough in the refrigerator is critical. The dough seems to get wetter when it rises in the refrigerator so if your dough is a little bit on the dry side after kneading, don't worry about it.

The dough stretches out beautifully. It doesn't tear and you can make it paper thin (but I wouldn't recommend it).

I've been using a BBQ unit to bake the pizza. I get the BBQ unit up to around 800 degrees and the pizza cooks in just a few minutes. I've also cooked in an oven at 550 degrees and while the bake time is longer, the pizza still comes out perfectly.

I drizzle a bit of olive oil on the cheese. This give the cheese a nice stretchy texture. Don't add too much sauce or you'll get soggy pizza.

Where I live, there isn't a single place that serves a decent NYC style pizza. Mine comes close.
297446297446B00394JNAWAMG7CMDS0KSEBCharles Edwards0051333670400Excellent ProductThis is an excellent product. I used the flour in several recipes.It makes the best pizza dough I have ever tasted. Also, very prompt delivery from the seller.
297447297447B00394JNAWA3EJUSZFJT313Vt30031332028800Pizza FlourSkeptical buyer at first after years of using King Arthur but tried a pack of ten and was delightfully pleased. Seems to be a lighter consistency good for pizza dough.
297448297448B00394JNAWA33VCTXMISIIXLherman0051324512000Demystify PizzaOnly the great pizzaiolas use this flour. If you want to be an amateur buy Kroger. You want to climb the mountain then this is the flour to use from now on.
Pizza is fun. Pizza is not fatting. Pizza is not Domino's.
297449297449B001VNP2HGA2IH8UUAUHMGLWJ. Wischkaemper8851307404800Great quality, but go in with someone else, unless you are preparing for a post-apocalyptic eventMy wife and I ran out of cumin. Where we used to live, grocery stores had bulk aisles where you could buy lots of cumin for not lots of money. Here, the same amount sets you back close to the cost of a meal at a nice restaurant. Obviously, a solution was needed.

I searched around and found two pounds of cumin on sale from Frontier. Prime shipping, no tax, why not? I clicked "order" and didn't think about it until I got home from a business trip and noticed two massive bags sitting on the kitchen table. I'm not sure exactly how much I thought I was buying, but two pounds of cumin is a lot. I'm pretty sure I won't need to be needing to buy cumin for the next two to three years. In fact, I might be able to sell some to my local grocer and supply them for the next two to three years as well.

That said, the quality is fantastic. Lightly toasted and put through the spice grinder, and there is a noticeable improvement over generic supermarket cumin. The price and quality are both fantastic.

All in all, this is a good way to go if you need some cumin - especially if you need a lot of cumin. Share some with your mother, grandmother, aunts, uncles, neighborhood watch society - whoever... you'll have plenty. But even if you keep it all for yourself, you'll be glad you ordered.
297450297450B001VNP2HGA2FD9B8CMYY78RGoodCustomer3351319673600Very GoodYeah, that's a LOT of cumin. But then, I use a lot. A pound is maybe just short of two cups. The foil bags promise to keep the unopened half fresh for a long time. The product is clean, plum seeds and very aromatic. It looks and smells better than the last grocery store bottle I bought. Can't beat the price with a stick.

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