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297466297466B000WKXVEUA2GLDGNRPAG0Z3G. Seidman "moxie58"0051329091200Great for diabeticsI've purchased this product many times before for my boyfriend who is diabetic. It's a sweet treat without the sugar..I highly recommend it.
297467297467B000WKXVEUAVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra0041326153600yummy, but tastes more like white chocolate to meTo me, this tastes more like white chocolate, which I'm really not so fond of. I prefer the dark chocolate version better, or the Russell Stover sugar-free bars.

Update - this stuff grew on me, so now I won't be buying more of it because it's hard to keep from eating it if it's in the house ;).
297468297468B000WKXVEUA28A317WII3624Jason K0041302134400Just like regular chocolateI was expecting this to be really low sugar like dark chocolate. I was expecting some difference. It seems like they kinda replaced sugars with sugar alcohols which gives you a small rise in blood glucose levels and it also says "adds a negligible amount of sugar." It tastes just like regular chocolate. If you like to buy regular chocolate, this product is great.
297469297469B0012BXRFQA2RXKPBMAVLCDNCadillacDave0051335398400Coffee replacementThis tea tastes good, and seems to give me a boost in the morning or middle of the day when I am dragging.
297470297470B005DMJQ4QA2PY7DQZTIWQOXkath0031342656000Zukes Z- Bone Giant Edible Dental Chew Clean Apple Crisp 5 ounce boneMy dog likes this somewhat but the odor of the bone as you hold it for him is horrible! I had to place it in a plastic bag but I guess since a human is not eating it or must smell it I guess it was worth the price! The biggest issue is the bone was expensive but adding the shipping which was more expensive I think other alternatives are better!!
297472297472B005HQUMX2A1KAS2W1TD8UOUsimple sellers0051345507200mmmmmm pink and punchyTaste strongly of vanilla cinnamon and cherries. Quite sweet like a dessert wine even though the bottle says semi sweet. Taste great with cheddar cheese and grilled food like kabobs and burgers. I guess the guy at the store said it taste even better if you put slices of orange in it. You can also make really killer cocktails with it by mixing orange juice and rum. ( I didn't try it. Cuz I am not a cocktail person) Very light and perfect for summer and fall. Reminds me of a Catawba or a White Zinfandel.Great for a bathtub companion or a get together. Will leave you and the people you share it with smiles all around. It is under ten dollars , but doesn't taste it.
Please serve extremely chilled for several hours. It is undrinkable at room temp.
297473297473B00141OX52A3QZ6JT0R1OWECM. Goldman "M_gold~"0011324080000Made in China treats still KILLING dogs - ABC NEWS 2012!Yes, dogs love these treats but educate yourself before you buy any dog treats made in china.

Per ABC News;
Just six months after issuing its latest warning about chicken jerky dog treats made in China, the Food and Drug Administration confirms it has logged more than 900 complaints from pet owners who say their dogs either were sickened or died after eating the treats.

The number of complaints has nearly doubled since the story was first reported by ABC News in March. The FDA says its investigation is ongoing and that it continues to test samples of the popular treats, which dog owners across the country say have caused kidney failure in their pets, resulting in severe illness or death.

297474297474B00141OX52A1IL6W1NK05UW9C. Baker "cbaker"0041277510400A Treat My Dog LovesHappy Hips are one of my little monster's favorite treats. She is a very finicky eater but she will obey and be sweet for a chance at these chip like treats.

This product was recommended to me by another dog owner as a healthy treat because it contains no fillers, byproducts, antibiotics, or added hormones. It also has vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy joints, which for a French Bulldog that has problems with hips and joints, is a plus. I feel better about giving the little critter a healthy treat instead of the garbage contained in brand name treats on the market.

One huge red flag is they are made in China, which certainly gives me pause, but I will keep buying them.
I have only tried the beef liver variety and will stick with it since my little creature likes them so much.
297475297475B00141OX52A11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell0041276819200Three out of Three Dogs plus one Cat love theseI have been buying these chicken jerky treats every month via Amazon's subscription for the past six months and the bags aren't enough for the three dogs and one cat who love these treats. All I have to do is shake one of these bags and all four come running into the kitchen. Even the well-behaved old girl walks in hoping for her treat.

These are the only treats I feed my dogs. They don't get junk dog biscuits or fake sausages that smell like turpentine. All they get are these treats, two a day per dog. When I take them out hiking, they get extra treats for extra energy.

The cat always insist on his own slivver, too.

These treats are easy to pack, don't spoil easily, don't smell and are a lightweight and healthy treat for any four-legged pet. Sure, the treats are a bit pricy but my pets are worth it.

UPDATE 24 Feb 2012: My subscription over the past year kept going up, from a very reasonable USD 19 to a shocking USD 28. That last price hike was just too much so I cancelled my S&S and am now buying a competitor's product that is much more affordable. I took a star away because this product is now longer affordable.
297476297476B00141OX52A45VR3HRDC8FSheba0041276387200Glucossamin and chondroitin in a snack!My 15 year old loves, I mean adores this treat! I can be assured that she's getting joint nutrients at the same time. Wish it were made in the USA. Maybe some day soon we'll have our own product.
297477297477B00141OX52A2DDW7U3VQXT39N. Unger0051274140800Happy Hips Lamb and RiceI have a Yorkiechon puppy that loves this treat. Being lamb and rice I think its great for his digestive system. I will buy it again.
297478297478B00141OX52A37XJ9MSC91RWIM. Joy Russell00412734496002 dogs, both like itI have 2 dogs and this product is used for 'treats'. I believe that there is some improvement in mobility with the one dog
that has a problem getting aroundl
297479297479B00141OX52A1O20OFG76354ZD. Hirschenberger "dhank23"0051272844800Great product at a great price.Great product at a great price. Subscribe and save makes this an exceptional buy. And oh yeah, my dogs love these too!
297480297480B00141OX52A3BI3RBSTKNKVZgator61000041271203200Dogswell Happy Hips - TreatsMy dog loves these treats and I have been buying them from Target. Found them @ Amazon in bulk and for a much lower per pack price. I got my father's dog hooked on these, too. Now he buys them from Amazon!
297451297451B001VNP2HGA7FGF4TWRREL4D. Davies "DRD"3351271203200good quality, good dealI make a dish from rice, lentils, cumin, cinnamon stick, and all spice. The cumin I bought from amazon is of great quality, came at a reasonable price, and arrived within a week. I'm fully satisfied with my order.
297452297452B001VNP2HGA2Y8MLODHOO5IDquanarose0051315699200Flavorful SeedsI am absolutely thrilled to have 2 lbs. of the Frontier Natural Products, Whole Cumin Seed, 16 Ounce Bags (Pack of 2) that I purchased directly from Amazon. They are delicious and flavorful. Since these are the whole seeds, they should remain tasty for years. I also have enough extra to make spice mixes for gifts.
297453297453B001VNP2HGA3ERTHGCYNZ1TAA. Thompson0051252454400Only way to make chiliFresh chili calls for fresh ground Cumin, and lots of it. Pre-ground Cumin just doesn't taste the same. 2 lbs of Cumin will last you a while, I give a bag to a friend that loves to cook.
297454297454B000JLF8YSAXG2OCYD5S2TNKaren Dawson7751275004800FabulousHands down the best vinegar I've EVER tasted. Subtle, nuanced, and compatible with everything. I use it with good quality olive oil (3 1/2 to 1) with kosher salt and white pepper.
297455297455B000JLF8YSA2J6SPSWZHY5GX"V" on the beach "Love Food Writing"8951231632000A good source for a great productThis is one of the best red wine vinegars available for those who want something besides the overdone balsamic vinegar. I first tried it at a Williams-Sonoma sale when they stopped carrying it. It has a wonderful flavor so I was pleased to find it on amazon and received 5 star service from Taylor's Market the seller who sent my order much faster than the promised date and very well packed so I recommend this great product and the seller.
297456297456B000JLF8YSA9BYJTV5UXRI8Wenceslao Miranda1121309478400Banyuls wine vinager from France, 5 years agedIt was supposed to be 750 ml each bottle and only has 500 ml. It was too expensive and don't recommend it to anybody. I am not happy with this purchase.
297457297457B000JLF8YSA3OZVML4OI7C7OEric E. Davis1241336953600Good vinegar, but not life changing.I've only put the Banyuls vinegar to use on a few salads thus far, but I'd definitely rate it a solid buy. It's not something I'd drink straight from the bottle, but it's definitely better than the majority of vinegar I've purchased from the grocery store recently.
297458297458B000JLF8YSA1XKRZGSM21W8JMaria T. Bonnette0151315094400Best red wine vinegar ever!!!!!Excellent!!! I keep buying it. Came well packaged. NO Broken. The food mde wiyh this vinegr is delicious, every body likes my cooking.
297459297459B000JLF8YSA1SHHQSPOWR00Fjust another customer2531287360000Tastes like red wine vinegarHave you tasted red wine vinegar from the grocery store? Well, this tastes like red wine vinegar that has mellowed a little. Still, it is clearly red wine vinegar - tangy and acidic.
297460297460B00016UUQ2AI2H34G2AY421Ian Bitner181951188604800Say goodbye to all other oil!My wife convinced me to stop using cooking oils and butter and try extra virgin coconut oil. After much reluctance, I did and am so happy that she convinced me to do it.

Coconut oil is an excellent substitute for butter when pan frying or sauteing. I've replaced butter in recipes with great success as well.

This product has great flavor, but does not overpower as one would expect. If you need to lower your cholesterol, this is the way to go!!
297461297461B00016UUQ2A18SMGVUU2843VVanessa Irvin Morris7751229731200Great to cook withThis is great coconut oil. I now use this oil exclusively for all of my cooking needs. It has a nice mild flavor that enhances everything I cook. I am very happy with this product and will continue to purchase it.
297462297462B00016UUQ2AVHCG14EWIHH5bard6651276300800excellent productThis coconut oil absorbs into the body without leaving a "layer" like I experience after eating butter with my bread. I feel good after I eat it. My boys and I eat it straight from the spoon. I use it as a butter replacement. It has only a slight coconut flavor. My friend who reccommended it to me gargles with it because it is "anti" bacterial, viral and yeast.
297463297463B00016UUQ2A6VJD1D0D39TUmickeyb3341322870400coconut oilwith all the hype out there about the benefits of eating coconut oil, this is certainly a delicious way to be healthy. It is a great oil for cooking. I highly recommend it!
297464297464B000WKXVEUAWK1DAKUIX38FB. Lafferty "crazy about costumes"0051339372800Sugar free Hersheys Chocolate - Great for SMORES!Our family was challenged with putting together a low-calorie/sugar free SMORES kit. We used these in conjunction with the LaNOUBA Marshmallows and some low calorie graham cracker squares we were able to pick up locally. The tasted like the real thing. My daughter did not feel deprived in any way and the calorie count was dropped significantly.
297465297465B000WKXVEUA1ZPXH8857Z6BQAutobuff0041336348800Chocolate delights!Since I am a diabetic I wanted to order some sugar-free candies by bulk and found these on Amazon's website. They are so delicious it is almost a sin to eat them. I have to be careful though because of the "sugar alcohol" content which can be high. All in all though it was a good buy other than my initial thoughts that all the purchases (4 or 5) would meet the free shipping criteria. They did not, so I had to pay shipping for each. Other than that, it was a very good buy. Note: check with your doctor as far as how much you should consume because of the sugar alcohol. Also note: that this is not a low-calorie food. It is my understanding that too much sugar alcohol consumption is not good. Love the candies!

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