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297481297481B00141OX52AVHGBH48YCA4CJ. Park "new dad"0041270080000My dog loves them!My dog always loved these. And now I can buy them in bulk on Amazon, instead of overpaying for these at the Vet's office. Am still concerned a bit that they are made in China, but as long as my dog is doing well and still eats her dry food, we are ok with them.
297482297482B00141OX52ACXGH5AVHMD53Michael Liberte0041268784000The only thing my dog will eatMy 3-year old Akita is very picky when it comes to food, and usually refuses most of the standard dog treats. This is the only thing he visibly appreciates; BTW, when offered Chicken Happy Hips of the same brand he's not as interested.

The only downside is the price; don't ever buy it in retail stores - they charge 2-3 times more than online retailers. Even then it's rather expensive.

Hope this helps.
297483297483B00141OX52A1SA6XSUDV9XH8Deborah R. Dickinson0051266883200My dogs love theseI have large breed dogs and these are a great way to add valuable joint supplements to their day. They are their favorite treats, too!
297484297484B00141OX52A2UVATCLGYKFV3J. K. Wasoff "luvlonghorns"0051266537600GREAT results with continued use at the prescribed dosage!My 10 year-old black pug has problems with her back left hip and knee. Sometimes, the leg goes out on her and she ends up on her butt, unable to get moving again. I started feeding these Happy Hips treats to her a few months ago, but did not realize that I was not feeding as many as prescribed which is 1 jerky treat for each 7.5 pounds of body weight. She did show some relief at the lower level. However, after realizing my error and increasing the dosage to the recommended level, she now shows FANTASTIC results. After 3 weeks, she chases her squirrels, she and her cat brother play chase, and she hops right over puddles. She has not had her back leg go out on her this entire past month. She's a real dog again! Just know that you must be patient - it took 3 weeks of daily use at the recommended level to see the full results. This product has worked so well, I now have it on auto-order.
297485297485B00141OX52A3T6D0CSYAEC3O325win0051265846400Great productMy dog loves this jerkey and since he needs glucosamine, it's an easy way to give him some.
297486297486B00141OX52A2JKR2KYQ9QC8XS. perkins "S.P"0041262304000Pretty good treats.I came across these treats months ago in Target when I was looking for things to make my dogs first vet experience a more pleasant one.

They were the healthiest things in the store, believe you me!
My dog really liked these.

I did go on the site and everything looked kosher but I was eventually scared away from them b/c of the whole 'Made in China' issue. She is eating other treats right now but...I'm willing to give Dogswell another try.
H*ll, look at all of the recalls occurring within OUR borders....and the bulk of us are still eating beef.
297487297487B00141OX52A1J0U2E9JVA6X5L. Slaughter0051260921600Waggin TailsMy dog has a delicate stomach and she can eat these without bothering her and she loves them. I keep them on hand and she shares them with her friends when they comes to play!
297488297488B00141OX52A6CF2SPHRU7O7Westie Mom "Westie Mom"0051260835200happy dogs= Happy Hips treatsIf your dogs need glucosamine and chondroitin, this is the product for you. It must be tasty because my 14 1/2 year old Westie loves it as does her much younger sister.
297489297489B00141OX52A302EYUTYTOTZ0Sue Hardin "Sue"0051259539200Both my dogs love this productI have an older dog, medium size mixed breed with back problems. We also have a tea-cup pom who has had knee surgery. They love this treat. The ingredients are good for them and it is an easy way to get them to take the Glucosamine/Chondroitin that they need.
297490297490B00141OX52A3S9EZ8TZZ8MQNrobertLA0051257292800Two Paws Up for Dogswellmy shelties love these treats and their breed is known to have hip problems, so happy hips is always on hand in our household.
297491297491B00141OX52A1KA1UNKJYNEF3doodle bug0051256428800Wonderful......These treats are the best! I break them into smaller pieces and use as training treats. I would recommend dogswell to anyone. My dogs LOVE these and the chicken jerky. I love them because they do not cause any digestive "issues"...
297492297492B00141OX52A2N1RUR0A4PLGLCecilia A. Fritz "Charity's mom"0051254873600The Best for the moneyI have been using this product, as well as the duck breast, for well over a year. There is no comparison to Tail Waggers from [...]. This product is the only one that my 3 dogs will eat without hesitation. They have put their noses up to all other treats, except this brand.
297493297493B00141OX52A2ZYX6MQ972W0GMiss Lucy0051253318400Price is right and my dog loves themMy Jack Russell has problems with patella luxation. I decided against surgery after researching the success rate of it and 5 years after it was diagnosed she is still OK. I keep her weight down and give her plenty of long walks to stengthen her ligaments. The vet told me she would probably have problems with arthritis so I give her one of these chicken strips daily and also give her liquid glucosamine choindroitin on a small piece of bread. My dog loves the chicken strips, the price on Amazon is better than me buying the indivdual packs from the store and having the glucosamine in it is another way for me to administer glucosamine to her in a way that is tasty.
297494297494B00141OX52AMFMQ6P76F9WQMark J. Gittler "meddguy"0051252713600Outstanding dog treats (Not)My dog loves them. I purchased them way cheaper at Amazon than at the market.
Theoretically, they have an adequate amount of glucosamine and chondroitin.
My dog won't eat the pill (even in a ball of peanut butter).


Follow-up to my review of Dogswell Happy Hips. Since my original review, I have checked this product at Consumer Lab. According to their lab results this product has only 6% of the glucosamine and 14% of the condroitin that it claims. Don't buy it expecting to help your dog with joint problems

297495297495B00141OX52A1LGSA7Q2LFTPCBruce M. Appel0051249171200This is a terrific productThis product is great. First off, the dogs love it, they get it the same time in the morning, and they go crazy when I take out the bag. One of my dogs has very bad allergies, he can only eat certain foods, specifically lamb and rice, and not chemical fillers. The Happy Hips fit the bill, they are quite wholesome. My dogs are getting a bit up in years also, and it is good for them to get a dose of glucosamine and condroitin.
297496297496B00141OX52A2BDG49XUETPERSandra E. Smith0051246752000Yummy dog treatI have been giving my dog Happy Hips for several years. It contains glucosamine and condroitin which is good for the joints. Amazon has absolutly the best price out there too. Your dog will beg for these treats.
297497297497B00141OX52A3HJHV83O2U8BLrobgman0051246665600Duck is very good for dogs that are prone to skin conditionsWe have three dogs. One (Shaunty) is a Bishon Frise. Shaunty has had a tendency of developing "hot spots", a dermatitis type problem. Our vet recommended we switch to a duck and potato dog food, which we did. All three dogs love the duck and potato dog food so the switch was easy...although the dog food is expensive. Anyway, when I saw these duck jerky treats I had to try them. We've been buying them monthly on Amazon's subscribe and save program and all our dogs look forward to their daily treat. You can buy this product with confidence.
297498297498B00141OX52A8QVLAONJ49E1J. Germanier0051245283200Dogs love them!My dogs can not wait to get this treat everyday. I think the glucosamine helps my older dog's joints. If your dog has allergies I would go with the lamb and rice over the other flavors.
297499297499B00141OX52A2D6H3OE31ZGBSKelly Hartley0051245024000These are GREAT! Superior Service !My Dobes would barely let me put the box on the kitchen to open it! Terrific product at a great price and superior customer service.
297500297500B00141OX52AGW4IAYEBG549E-Dog0041244160000My dog loves theseMy dog is only 2 but has a bad front leg. I wanted to give her a treat that she will love but will also help her leg for years to come. This seems like it's the one! She absolutely loves these treats and I feel good giving them to her. I have not met a dog yet that doesn't like the taste. The 6-pack is the way to go - SO MUCH CHEAPER than buying them in the store. Bone appetite!
297501297501B00141OX52A36P06J3XULVWVal0031242950400Did not work for usMy dog refuses to eat these snacks. I was expected that these snacks have a strong liver smell, however they smell like plastic...
297502297502B00141OX52A38OSM0A4QRMC7K. Barnes0041242864000Great treatsMy German Sheperd loves this stuff. I do wish it came in bigger pieces as they are brittle and tend to break up into small pieces.
297503297503B00141OX52A1O2NRPHD3OPDBKate "Scotty Dogs!"0051239062400Must be good!My dogs are on a special diet so there are few treats I can feed. These are their favorites and cause no problems for them.
297504297504B00141OX52AZP3WAZVREFLPL. Janasiak "Hip Mama"0051238976000Happy Pup, Happy Mom!My lab mix with hip dysplasia and a sensitive stomach was happy to see the large box of treats come through the door. They are easy on his stomach and certainly can't help in aiding his hips. The price was unbeatable for a flavor that is harder to find in stores. As a bonus they are natural and high end!
297505297505B00141OX52A3TDNYKID3WLUEDeborah L. Sopher0051238803200lamb and rice reviewI was very happy with the speed of the delivery and the quality of the treats. My dogs love them.
297506297506B00141OX52A3QP8P739PE7E1Shirlie M. Slater0051237766400dogfood umameOur adopted Jack Russells have had eating problems related to going from junk food to organic, We grind this product and the liver "terriyaki" in a coffee grinder and sprinkle it over their pellets to get them started. Works every time.
297507297507B00141OX52A3118W3ORYC6CTKyle L. Fitzgerrel "Franticfitz"0051232841600Dog loves them, I haven't tried them.My dog (a greyhound), loves these treats. Seems like these have really spoiled him, he rarely eats his other treats now. As for how good these are for him, I really have no idea. Other than him not eating his other treats, there's been no notable difference. He's just as lazy as he was before.
297508297508B00141OX52A2XKRR4W9OH4UVC. J. Thomas "medical junkie"0051229040000wonderful natural product for older dogsour dog is 14 years old and this product is part of an arthritic regiment and it is WONDERFUL she walks like she 6 yrs old.
Thanks you
297509297509B00141OX52A258MLSJC3KVPCC. A. Bethke "dog mamma"0051228176000healthy treats at a reasonable priceI have a very fussy Yorksire terrier and a miniature schnauzer and both them absolutely love these treats. I give them to them after they finish their breakfast and they bark at me if I forget! I like the fact that they have no fillers or artificial ingredients because my dogs have food allergies. These treats are the greatest!
297510297510B00141OX52A3TJHPNEGHR7Z4Susan Miller "MillerBates"0051223942400Dog treatsMy dog can't wait to come back from her walk to get her treat. She is allergic to a lot of things and these are just perfect. I love using Amazon so I don't have to go out.

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