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297511297511B00141OX52A18OUXLIXAXA9SBrian M. Butler0051213056000great treat for our yorkieThis is a great treat for our yorkie. She loves the duck and it is good for her. Please read the amount to give your size dog.
Thanks, Brian
297512297512B00141OX52A1J3WCQP8UFWAFfitz "fitz"3511323475200FDA Warning ! Poison! Made IN China !PLEASE research, on the web! This product nearly killed my dog! All of Dogswell jerky treats are Poison!! Made in China! This Dist. does not seem to care he is killing our pets. Fda told me 70 dogs have died from these kind of dog treats. BEWARE! I have over 1,000.00 in vet bills. Amazon please don't sell this line to us, talk with the FDA,Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Chicken Breast,15-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3) find another product made in the USA, before more of our furry friends get sick or die.
297513297513B00141OX52A2DFX17P9VGZNVA Dog Lover3511296172800Caused diarrhea in one dog, vomiting in the otherI honestly don't know how this product could have garnered so many five-star reviews. I bought it for my senior dogs (14 years old) when their usual joint treats (Pet Naturals of Vermont soft chews) were out of stock, since one of my dogs is very finicky about what glucosamine supplements he'll take, and I had tried everything else available without success. I gave both of them the recommended dosage, based on their weights (15 and 24 lbs), and was delighted to see that they happily accepted the treats. Within 12 hours, though, my Yorkie had raging diarrhea and my Eskie-poo had vomited forcefully, which was very unusual for both of them. Not realizing it was this product, I tried it again a couple of days after nursing them back to health, with the exact same effect. Internet searches confirmed that other users have similarly reported nasty GI side effects with this product.
297514297514B00141OX52AN75PQ88GVDCNMary Murphy "new york mary"3551240617600Happy HipsThese are great treats, even for fussy dogs. The glucosamine and chrondroitin realy do help older dogs with their joints.
297539297539B00141OX52AXKBVH699Z045Peggy /G1211251072000Not so sure becauseI hope this may help others whose dogs love this treat like my fussy Lhasa Apso but she's nearly 16 yrs. old and I found she suddenly developed an insatiable thirst
297515297515B00141OX52A25JMYLCBYKEKLGriffin Girl3551235433600Great treat for your precious critters!Dogswell has continued to live up to its stellar reputation with these additive free, wholesome treats for dogs.
I give all of my four footed babies these treats and it adds to an organic diet already rich in good food. I have yet to meet any pup who doesn't love these treats both for the chewy, crunchy needs that dogs need, but also for the total nutrition it provides. If you are worried about the latest pet food recalls from China, these treats have never had to be recalled.
297540297540B00141OX52A2290K041EW07Xdesiree1231242086400not as good as the chicken stripsMy dog is crazy for the Dogswell chicken strips but these she's not excited about. These are crunchy like a pressed cracker, not a meat strip, and not as chewy.
297516297516B00141OX52A2U9E2JE39CAIIB. Dixon "medic"3511234224000Dog Won't Eat ThemMy dog loves chicken breast treats. That is, until I bought these. I'm sure this is simply a matter of taste. I don't know if the additives smell different or what's turning him off but he'll pick it up and then just drop it. He refuses to eat them at all.
297517297517B00141OX52A3973OMNAU9U2ZS. Carrington1251323043200Dogs love themWhat else can I say? They are great, healthy treat. Dogs love them. Apparently I need 20 words to say this treat is yummy and the ..umm.. dogs love them?
297518297518B00141OX52A312SLTW5MTAYLindy B. "Lit Lover"1251322179200Great price for a favorite treat.Our three Chihuahuas love this treat and it is good for them (especially the 14 yr. old), but it is expensive in the stores. I am so glad to have found it at Amazon at a much lower price!
297519297519B00141OX52AZMTHQIU02OGBBrightpixie1251320796800Good treatsMy dog doesn't like most treats, but loves these. She gives them 4 paws up!

The product arrived quickly and saved me a half-hour drive to a pet store.
297520297520B00141OX52A3CYFZTHEX58OFpr1251319932800happy hipsmy "big man" is a 90 lb boxer with hip displasea who needs help when it comes to exercising at full speed, especially in cold weather. he was also born with a jaw bone problem. Happy Hips gives help with his chewing and simply yawning. also has proven that i cannot EVER fail to have HH on hand to aid his movementsDogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Chicken Breast,15-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3)
297521297521B00141OX52A2ZF1VR81N9VZWCristina Bernardini1251316736000My dogs love them!We've been buying happy hips for a while - online and at stores. I feel that if I'm going to give my dog a treat, one that's closest to something "healthy" should be it. My dogs LOOOOOOVE them, I think it's their fav. Treat by far. I'm subscribed to Amazon's delivery so you do get them for a little less money and you don't have to think about going online and buying them, you will automatically get them. I love that feature - would recommend using it if you buy these regularly.
297522297522B00141OX52A12YUFOQZPYXNCsusan wright1251310860800DOGS LOVEThese dried chicken breasts are a healthy treat. They are expensive so my dogs each get 2 a day. Happy Hips are $16 a bag in grocery and pet stores so 3 bags for $30 is a real deal and they are worth it.
297523297523B00141OX52A140U7CLCGSMFUhealthy kitten1251305676800My Kids Love ThisI like the Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast because of the quality and lack of chemical additives. And both my cat and dog would eat only this if they could. Ordering auto ship saves even more from Amazon's discount pricing.
297524297524B00141OX52A1V4VWSVYHZG8GElsy Elena Shallman "animal lover"1251300579200Dog snackMy dogs eat this product every day, and I rather other the pack of three because I have 4 dogs. Thanks again Amazon.
297525297525B00141OX52A22RMVO4OIP86ZAnners1221299542400Liver treats seem off...I have fed the chicken and duck version of these--though now the reviews regarding china I find disturbing.

Regardless, the beef liver version of these are not a hit with my pup and seem to be a very odd, plastic texture.

The duck and chicken are both great--but I will be investigating the source of the food.
297526297526B00141OX52ALPQOXCRF3SSHC. Scibetta1251296604800Exactly as promisedI got exactly what I anticipated I would. My dogs start every single day with a Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken strip.
297527297527B00141OX52A1I3MNEDM72PW1T. Devlin1251296345600My dogs love these!My dogs all seem to love these and will choose them over other treats. They have the added bonus of being fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin which are great for my aging dog's hips and joints. These are the best value that I've found for these and with Subscribe and Save, they are even a better deal!
297528297528B00141OX52A38AAD3R2ZKUGDDebs Phelan1251294704000Happy for Happy Hips!I have 3 very active McNab...working cow dogs. The oldest two have shown a vast improvement in their flexibility and agility. Kessler and Hootie are "just like new", and they are 13 and 14 years old! Rita, our 4 year old loves Happy Hips too. I think it's good to start them on these while they are young. These "treats" are so pure and nutritious. I don't ever give my guys rawhide, but like rawhide, the Happy Hips are a little tough to chew and that helps clean their teeth. Our guys like the duck as well as the chicken. I'd like to recommend that you subscribe to these so you don't ever run out! I get a monthly shipment of each flavor and we're good to go! Thank you Happy Hips for helping my guys live a happy, flexible life!

Deb Phelan
San Luis Obispo, California
297529297529B00141OX52AQ5DOLCW77FEEChristinaJoy "Christina"1251294704000These treats are dog favoritesThe treats are my dogs' all-time hands-on favorite. Buying them in the three pack makes sense: I always have them on-hand for them. They are packed well, and arrive quickly each time.
297530297530B00141OX52A2KXDX83S11WELDebbie L-D1251294185600Healthy Snack.My dog loves these and everyone I have shared with agrees it's a great snack. Why feed grains and "dog bones" when you can offer a high protein healthy snack that promotes good health!
297531297531B00141OX52A1R1VOX6K2BNIFDaryl Williams1251294099200ExcellentMy Dog loves Dogswell Happy Hips duck breast strips. I put a couple in his kong ball and he plays and plays. One of his favorite treats. good for him and not fattening.
297532297532B00141OX52AZ4IFJ01WKBTBK B1251291680000our dog loves emour dog, biggie, loves these things. and never seems to get tired of em. these are the treats that make him do all his tricks with gusto cuz he wants them so bad! i dunno if the glucosamine/chondroitin really helps their joints but we're hoping it does.
297533297533B00141OX52AZBR6R068GR6BAnnie1251290988800Helps aching jointsMy thirteen year old Yorkshire Terrier loves Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken breast strips and the glucosomine has helped her arthritis a great deal. She jumps and runs like a puppy again! My five year old yorkie loves them too! I highly recommend this product.
297534297534B00141OX52A2WZ02UPJ6GJY5L. Apley1251288656000The Healthiest Treat for Dogs!Dogswell has the best treats for dogs, wholesome ingredients, free of chemicals and hormones, and even my finicky dogs love them! I always have several varieties on hand. Amazon is one of the best places I've found to buy them at a reasonable price and free shipping. Excellent product, highly recommended!
297535297535B00141OX52A1Q98GWIC8OQHZM. Murphy "swimming4ever"1251287532800My dog is addicted!!!My great dane has two torn acls and has arthritis in her hips... and she is ONLY three. Well we have done one surgery and will be doing the second next spring when she is healed. In the mean time I needed to find some DIFFERENT way to provide her with Glucosamine. Since she is so picky I needed something in a treat form. These are her FAVORITE thing to eat! I went to Petco and was going to buy ONE bag for $35 and realized this offer was for THREE bags at the same price. I could not be happier and neither can she. She has only been eating them for three weeks and is not even limping on her surgical knee (its been 8 weeks and it takes 12 weeks to fully heal). Even our vet is surprised she is doing this well and the only change was these treats! I recommend them to anyone who needs to help their pet enjoy their life to the fullest! BUY these! You wont regret it!!!!

PS - I also bought the duck and she loves those too :)
297536297536B00141OX52A2ZQFOCV3UKYX5R. Klarner1251283990400Old DogsWe have two Great Pyrenees. One is 13 and the other is turning 9. As with all large breed dogs hips are a problem. What is more of a problem is getting them to take medications. Happy Hips is the solution. Our doggies love the taste, and they get the meds they need.
297537297537B00141OX52A2HZFCI50VR99AJefferson Davis1211276560000Too dry and sharpI had previously purchased the chicken and the duck from this line so I wanted to try the beef liver.
Well, my dog likes the flavor but I don't like how dry they are. They have very sharp edges and I had to be creative to soften them a bit so that my dog wouldn't suffer from a rapture in the esophagus while eating them as they are. The other 2 (chicken + duck) are a little chewer than this one. I would not buy this again unless texture improves.
297538297538B00141OX52A3TY3MPD7X03BVIrish Dane1221265068800Ok for an expensive treat not for a supplement

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