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297541297541B00141OX52A2O01660873VW2Truth Seeker "truth seeker"1251238371200Great Stuff!This stuff literally smells like bbq'd chicken! It's actually that good.
My dog will do anything to get these treats, plus they're totally healthy.
Will be buying these again.
297542297542B00141OX52A1NPR4880ZBGM9Joan Wasserman "Pug Lover"1251236211200Natural Dog Treat - wonderful and dog lovesMy very fussy pug, Zoe absolutely loves the chicken strips and I feel comfortable giving them to her since they are all natural chicken, and easily digestible.
297543297543B00141OX52A1I39PS6MDNXBSdori1251235865600my dog's favorite treatmy german shepherd loves these. he's very picky about both his food and treats so it was a relief to find something he likes. the package recommends giving him 4-6/day but that seems excessive--usually two or three throughout the day makes him happy. they are in small strips, much like jerky--much less disgusting than some of his other treats, such as pigs feet/ears. i will definitely continue to purchase.
297544297544B00141OX52A3NSEOY8J6UQSFDean W. Colley "PersonalShopper845"1251231977600DOGS LOVe THEMNEVER MET A DOG THAT DIDN"T LIKE THEM & THEY ARE GOOD FOR THEIR HIPS!
297545297545B00141OX52A3KRCYY697J5ZREmily Rostel1251231891200Perfect- even for a finicky eater with allergies!My 60 lb dog LOVES these. She is very picky about food and treats, but eats this readily. She needs the glucosamine/chondroitin for her knees and even if I hid the pills in cat food, peanut butter, you name it- she wouldn't touch it. She also has allergies to a lot of common ingredients (chicken, beef, wheat), so really this treat is a lifesaver!
297546297546B00141OX52AXUVMVEU7WXWOJoan Delahoussaye "wanna be cook"1251231891200Dog's choiceA hands down favorite of my dogs. Glucosamine & Chrondrotin is a favorite recommendation from my vets. No better way to get it than in a tasty chewy (not hard) treat.
297547297547B00141OX52AFA506P2CG3BKNY Baseball "NY Baseball"1251217635200Great ProductMy dog is 11 years old and has a bad back. He is a VERY picky eater. He LOVES these treats and asks for them if we forget to give him one. (Which is seldom because he is so spoiled) There is a bit more of a perk in his step since we've discovered this product. The cost here on Amazon is fantastic too because the stores have been charging me $7.99 a bag. (NYC prices yikes)
297548297548B00141OX52A1DYID4CJR5S01Joel Simkhai1251213920000Best dog treatsMy dog goes crazy for these. And looking at the ingredients they look good for him too.
Joel Simkhai
297549297549B00141OX52A1IBUK2BK6TB6JRichard Butler "houseofstraps"2451302048000doggie ice creamI don't know what they put in this stuff but my dogs go absolutely crazy for it and the Amazon price was by far the lowest.

297550297550B00141OX52A2GJLY27F83MZHSuzanne Colon2451301788800Happy Hips=Happy PetsI purchased this item for our 11 year old dog on the recommendation of our vet. Our dog loves these treats, and they seem to help her joint discomfort. They are a good size for a treat. I give her one or two a day and have noticed an improvement in the way she moves around-less limping. Try them. Your dog will love you for it and you'll like what it does for your dog!
297551297551B00141OX52A3G3W5F8VVLZ25starfishbysea2411295136000Made in ChinaThought these were healthy treats, but found out that they are Made in China. Noted on back of bag. Concerned that it may fall into China made Jerky treats suspected to cause kidney problems in pets.
297552297552B00141OX52A2VXD6WHKCT5GCKeith Pearce2451259366400Great made in China product for dogs.I've noticed that quite a few people don't seem to believe the labels of products made in China, when it is usually a U.S. company that dictates what goes into the product. Besides read the labels of products made right here--a vast majority of them contain toxic to humans & animals ingredients--everything from paint & varnish to the food is tainted with these toxic chemicals & all made right here in the U.S.A. So, if you can trust a U.S. label--why not trust a Chinese label? These treats are sure a hit with our dogs--all 7 of them love the chicken, lamb & rice, & the duck with glucosamine & chrondroitin. We buy this type because of our older dogs with severe arthritis. Our 15 yr. old was almost beyond walking until we started feeding him these snacks & our 9 yr. old Chihuahua's hip problems are much improved. On S&S these snacks are the cheapest price that we have found & with free shipping--Keep 'em coming Dogswell & Amazon--yes, even from the dreaded China.
297553297553B00141OX52A380B1XGCTZT1QAnne L. Niles ""grannie annie""2451249603200Happy Hips are a lifesaver!My little Schipperke could hardly walk in the morning because her hips hurt so much. Even though she is only two, we worried that she would need surgery to get around. We started her on Happy Hips and in less than two weeks, she was a pup again... running around and enjoying life. And, she runs to the kitchen in the morning to beg for her "treat" because she loves the taste. What a great product. Thank you so much.
297554297554B00141OX52APUJMLHZ3NBTXSharon Bryan2451249430400Even the fussiest pooch will approve!I have given these treats to an array of doggies: english bulldogs, a boston terrier, a hound mix, and several mutt breeds...the overall consensus? Two very enthusiastic paws up! Not one of the dogs turned it down. Pretty impressive. No matter how fussy your dog, or how limited his or her dietary restrictions, these treats not only drive them wild, but have added goodies to improve their health. Ya' can't go wrong! I also would try the other varieties (heart health, breathies, vitality) each has a lil' something to address your dog's specific needs, and above all, they will love 'em.
297555297555B00141OX52A3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"2451248566400Dogs love these, and great vitamin addinsI am always feeding my dogs chicken jerky, I love how this product has Glucosamine and Chondroitin in it. I am not sure how many I would have to feed though to get the true effects, I only feed 1 a day to each of my 4 dogs.

They love these, as they love all the Dogswell products. For smaller dogs, make sure you break up into smaller pieces as I had a pug almost choke on chicken jerkey ( not this brand )
297556297556B00141OX52A3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"2451232236800Dogs love thisThis is great product, but for small dogs make sure you break it up in smaller pieces. Almost lost my dog due to impaction due to him eating too fast. I feel good feeding this to my dogs!
297557297557B00141OX52A22H5J7OO0TAY7D. Teigen0111275696000consumer lab report on dogswell happy hipsconsumer lab reports that in dogswell happy hips the condroitin level is not acceptable, to low
297558297558B00141OX52A1JCC2Y0H3WZ6CMarilyn "a Baby Boomer"0151273795200My five dogs love these!I used to buy these from a local pet store but this 3 pack is the best deal going. I intend to continue purchasing this product.
297559297559B00141OX52AK27Q1G5R44SIL. Von de Veld0151272672000Happy little pappiI got a sample of this product at an expo. My papillon loved it, so I decided to purchase more. This has turned out to be such a great product for her, as her hips and neck were so sore and stiff prior to her experience with Happy Hips..... The doctor had told us she had disc problems in her neck, she would walk around and scream in pain all the time. She seemed to just be deteriorating right before our eyes. Now, after just a few weeks of giving her one to two a day, she is running and bouncing and playing just like a puppy again. She plays with our other 2 dogs and it's a joy to watch. We used to give her liquid medicine for this, and it never made her feel THIS good. This is a product I will continue to buy over and over......
297560297560B00141OX52A2KDXHRBO3A9WQWalter R. Courtenay Jr. "fish biologist"0151271203200An outstanding productI have two dogs who have had some hip problems. This product has truly helped their recovery. I can recommend this product without any reservations. They love the product and it has worked.
297561297561B00141OX52A7PMDO655L0S6P. Pasda "artwings"0151268784000it gets my dog to eati have a service dog who is in kidney failure from birth and she is still ok but ets her nutrition form my cooking and these treats give her the supplements for her bones. I am a cancer patient and i think they are of good wuality so far.Autumn of Blessed Acres service dog
297562297562B00141OX52A2RH1DVZ0VESDBSheri Cooper0151268697600My dog loves themThese treats are great, my dog loves them. I can't say for sure they do anything for her hips but she really enjoys them. She recommends them highly:)
297563297563B00141OX52A5L504DA1XL6FChristian Stone0151267660800Good deal on a great item!Well first, my dog loves these. I made the mistake of giving one to him at night before bed, and now he flat out demands these before bed or he pouts all night. Why? Well, it's basically a healthy chicken jerky. The ingredients are good, and so is the quality! I am very sensitive as to what is in pet foods I buy, and this is a great treat!

And I do have a comment about the person who mentioned that they are made in China. My response is so what? I actually think it is a good thing! We treat chickens (as mean as they are) so poorly here, and their waste pollutes our rivers and streams. Land is a whole lot cheaper and easier to come by in China, and they don't tend to pack them as densely as they do here. So thanks to China we have a great product with a much cheaper price point then we would normally have to pay for. We are one world people, and if another country can make a quality product with a lighter impact on the environment then we can, I am happy to share whatever the profits are with them. Sure they made many mistakes industrializing, and I am sure they will make more... just as we will. However, they are very sensitive to maintaining quality at a good price point, and I have more faith in chicken coming from China then I do from the US... sad to say but true.

So back to the review. While the quality and look of the product is great looking, the smell indicates that the flavors are probably stronger then just regular chicken (think of beef jerky). If your dog has a very sensitive tummy I would buy a small pack first and make certain that it digests easily. As for my dog, a Golden Retriever, he would likely gobble the whole bag if he could, and not think twice about doing it again the next day.
297564297564B00141OX52A364DHK3SA6HEEEllie0151267488000My dogs are loving these, thinly sliced so easy to chewI don't think everything from China is crappy, though I do think it pays to be vigilant EVERYWHERE these days. But cage free in the US and in China doesn't mean happy chickens either place - it just means they're in a barn (usually without light) - check out Food, Inc. and many other documentaries. If it were natural for my dogs, I'd have them go vegan too, but right now I do what I can with the humans in our family and try to pick what seems to be the least harmful to all other sentient creatures sharing this planet.
So that being said, this product compares to other chicken jerky products for dogs out there just fine and to boot does not have hormones. Also, the individual slices are thinner than many other brands which helps the dogs chew these properly (fewer larger chunks swallowed). The price is great to boot - I highly recommend these and will be buying more (at least until there is some healthy vegan jerky for dogs that I can afford!)
297565297565B00141OX52A3UMYHPG4TB3TSF. Sassi0151236902400Happy hips/Happy customerProduct came in as expected, timely, and well packaged. I knew already the product from the local stores and I was happy to find at a cheaper price at
297566297566B00141OX52A2EJW3RARV12HYRobert Bowles "The Video Dog"0151236038400Our Dogs Love 'EmWe've got 2 golden retrievers and these are one of their favorite treats. We've been getting this brand of treats from Amazon for almost a year with no complaints: either from us or the pups!

And you can save an extra 15% with Amazon's Subscribe and Save feature. It's free to cancel once you've purchased if you don't want to keep getting them.
297567297567B00141OX52A2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.0151232841600The three dogs loved theseJust like the other Dogswell treats, my three dogs approved of these, and can't get enough of them. I think this makes our eight year old black lab (who has arthritis) a little peppier, and less stiff. These treats have all natural ingredients. I would definitely buy again.
297568297568B00141OX52A1VYSP5EZH4YNIE. Zorzi0151229385600Byron's favorite treatThis is the best dog treat for the best price. Totally pleased with the whole shopping experience through Amazon.
297569297569B00141OX52A3GMMFE6K6OR95Laura E. Taylor "Laura Taylor"0151229212800I Have Happy Dogs NowMy dogs love this product. Finally, someone who cares about my dogs as much as I do. The product is not only loved by my precious babies, but it does not smell bad, it is easy to store and handle, and makes a difference in the way they feel. One of my dogs has some hip problems, I have noticed a difference in the way he gets around. Truly a WONDERFUL product. I will continue to buy these products and try more of the other things made by Dogswell!
297570297570B00141OX52AXUVMVEU7WXWOJoan Delahoussaye "wanna be cook"0151227744000Ten StarsHaving multuple dogs to feed snacks to I can tell you this is their number one choice, hands down. Helping with hip relief is an added perk. This item should get a TEN star rating.

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