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297601297601B00141OX52AF70ZHEJG39GWD. Leeds6611331251200Made in China??? WHY!I used to buy these all the time and had no idea the switched to being made in China! Not trusting this company anymore, they just lost another customer. BUYER BEWARE!
297602297602B00141OX52A30DDJ2ANV0UN1Grumpysgal in Va "grumpysgal"8911306800000TOO TOUGH AND STRINGY FOR SMALL DOGS-CHOKING HAZARDMy dogs LOVE duck treats and have been getting the chicken happy hips for years so I though I'd give the duck a try. Bad idea. The treat was too tough and stringy for my small female Westie to pull apart and she ended up choking and vomiting. I order by subscription and had to make cuts in the strips with a poultry shear to use up the 6 bags. I too hate the fact that these are made in China, but my little guys need extra condroitin and glucosamine so I'm back to the chicken formula.
297603297603B00141OX52A211IOH1YUHZP0Rebecca S. Dienno5511332028800Safety concernsMy dog absolutely loves these and she is very picky however I am returning them due to the numorous recent cases of illnesses and deaths occurring from chicken treats that have been manufactured in China.
It is NOT worth the risk to me, sadly to say I will have to find another brand.
297604297604B00141OX52AJ0I6W0X075VTREBECCA7811329782400OMG....CHINAMy dogs loved these treats!! Recently my 9 yr old hound that has never been to the vet got sick. Couldn't keep anything down and after 3 days of this we went to pet emergency. $1200.00 later it was concluded that it was something digested. Not possible, I spare no expense when it comes to my 3 furry buddy's! I grabbed the bags of treats and sure enough, MADE IN CHINA. Went to FDA web site in 2012 and they said chicken from CHINA bad but no recalls yet. DOGS have been getting sick from chicken products from china, advised not to buy. Called company and no return call.
Trashed them all!!
297605297605B00141OX52AR6NWBRQOARN5Mitch D6721329350400Not SureMy Shih Tzu loved these and I have been giving him these duck treats off and on for the past two years with no obvious problem even though they are made in China. Ordinarily I would not give my dog anything made in China, but I could not find any duck treats made in the USA. Well, recently I purchased a large package of these at a Pets Warehouse store. I would wake up and find throw up and diarrhea in the house seemingly every time I gave him a duck treat the day before. I didn't want to believe it. I thought perhaps his water bowl was slimy and cleaned it. All was well. I gave him another duck treat a few days later and he got sick again several hours later. Well, I stopped giving him Dogswell Happy Hips Duck treats and he has been fine since then.

So, I don't know if it's just a bad batch of treats or if he somehow became sensitive to these treats or if they are contaminated with something. Not going to take any more chances with this brand.
297606297606B00141OX52A16WG3WLJY3GC9sglewis5621329177600Great if only they were USAMy labrador LOVES all the treats from Dogswell ! However, all of the Dogswell Jerky treats I have come across are Made In China. As a dog lover, I cannot knowingly give my dog a product from China. It does say "cage-free", but really? I'm not sure. BUT DOGSWELL Jerky Bars are Made in the USA & my dog loves this just as much! So bad news on the regular jerky, but upside: Dogswell has some USA products too!
297607297607B00141OX52A1GHYJ84EPUEUFesheld015611329091200DO NOT BUYMy dog LOVED these treats. Then one day, i actually read the packaging and saw these are made in china! I feel betrayed by this company who pretends they use organic free range chicken, when really those words do not exist in chinese farming practices. They buy meat from one of the largest makers of dog food in china, a MASSIVE factory. And are fully aware of the FDA issued warnings about chicken products from China killing pets. They state they test for everything, but since the contaminant has not been pinpointed yet it is impossible to test for. Don't give your dog these treats! Do your research and read every label CLOSELY as they really try and fool you with the fine print.
297608297608B00141OX52AUNVGJO0F65CCcamino-gil5611324339200CAUTION!!!!I've been buying Dogswell chew treats for my dog for several years. She's always loved them. The most recent time I purchased them, however, she got seriously ill, with heavy vomiting and lethargy. I almost forgot about it, but a few weeks later I found them in the back of the cabinet and tried them again. She got very ill again. Especially since she's rarely sick, it's difficult to ignore the link between these treats and her illness. Unless and until there's some quality control on these, I highly recommend finding a different treat. As for the issue of 'made in china', I only looked at the packaging more carefully after reading some reviews, and in fact,the packaging clearly states that the product is made in china. I find that pretty incredulous, considering the claims on the packaging about all natural and even free range. Definately beware!
297609297609B00141OX52A10HYGDU2NITYQGregoryEEEE5611324339200Chicken From China . . . No Thanks!I wish I had come to the Amazon site before purchasing this product at my local Wegman's. The 'Product Of China' was printed so small it was easy to overlook. I am a little shocked that Wegman's (a local chain store known for quality) was selling these 'treats' in a big display. The half open package is going in the trash and unopened bag is going back to Wegman's for a refund and a piece of my mind.
297610297610B00141OX52A3IUW081KXD3PEpixels and bits7951236556800Dog went Crazy - Neighbor Dog Wants to Move In - These are Disgusting!!!!Ugh.

We've been buying Happy Hips treats for our 14 year old black lab/springer spaniel mix for about a year because they are SO beneficial for her arthritis. We bought a batch of the Beef Liver to add a little variety to the whole routine - and oh, my gosh!

The dog LOVES these treats! She's ready to put on a tu-tu and prance around the kitchen to beg for them. Forget the dignity afforded to canine senior citizens - this pooch is acting like her old juvenile self! I don't know if they are more potent than the duck or chicken treats, but they sure seem to pack some sort of punch!

I made the mistake of giving the neighbor dog a taste. Now she won't go away! Every time I turn around she's at the back door looking for more - she certainly never acted this way with the duck or chicken!

Did I mention that they were disgusting?? They ARE! Unlike the other "flavors" of Happy Hips these things absolutely REEK! And forget about them looking like "beef jerky" - nope! They're real dried out liver - mostly little dried square bits that remind me of mica or shale (they're almost crystalline). There's no pretending this is anything other than what it is - nasty gross protein of the variety that dogs LOVE! At least it's sanitary and not the dead stuff they like to roll in out in the yard.

Yes, I'll be forced to buy these again. My 14 year old is rather irresistible with her old-lady gray hair, sassy grin, and wagging tail! They are a healthy all natural treat with no added hormones, fillers or other nasty stuff. I just wish they didn't smell so bad!

December 2010 UPDATE:

I'm happy to report that Ceilie is still making her way around the yard at nearly 16 years old thanks in large part to the Happy Hips brand of treats. We were pulled out of town last winter for a family emergency and had to leave her with a relative for a week. She didn't do well adjusting at all, so by the time I got back home I was really scared I was going to lose her. I don't know if she had a stroke or just refused to eat, but she could barely walk and couldn't hold her head straight. It took a week of encouraging her to eat senior dog food (a cut up hot dog plus chicken broth helps) and regular dosing of glucosamine and chondroitin via these treats to pull her out of it. Now I have to be careful that I don't run out. If she doesn't get her dose of these each day she goes down hill really fast. The vitamin option doesn't sit well on her tummy so I persist in spoiling my grey haired old lady with these treats. Amazon's prices and delivery can't be beat.
297611297611B00141OX52A2CHX639I2RJP9Kumadoggie2251255824000Great supplement for Glucosamine and ChrondrotinHave been using this product for about a year now. My dog loves these chicken jerky treats. It's a great to be able to treat her with something she likes, as well as adding these needed supplements to her diet.
297612297612B00141OX52A1431FE27RXUENB. Stuhlmiller2251240704000dogslove dogswellThese treats look like black licorice and the dogs love them. Amazon's price can't be beat!
297613297613B00141OX52A2IT0J2HG84WAQJ. Love2241238025600Warning: May Be AddictiveMy dog absolutely loves these treats. We have tried many treats since we have had her, and she has never loved any of them as much as she loves these. When she is done eating one, she will stalk the bag and try to manipulate us into giving her another one. She literally goes crazy for them. I like the fact there are so few ingredients and that they do not have any grains in them. Our dog is getting older, so I feel good about the ingredients for her joints. The only reason that I gave them four stars instead of five is that they are made in China; I really wish they were made in the United States. I must warn you though; your dog may become addicted--just like mine :)
297614297614B00141OX52A2H2LJCQ5DJ5K3rc "Adopt a shelter pet PetFinder."2251232668800Great snacks!My dog, and the local animal shelter dogs, love these! Healthy and a good price on sale!
297615297615B00141OX52A2YFGCG401NPHXTracy P. "Tracy"4511329609600These 'treats' are Made in ChinaIn my opinion, its an outrage that these treats which used to be Made in the US are now Made in China. The company did not advertize anywhere about this and we only found out accidentally while looking at the wrap for ingredients.

Let me start my review stating that many of the current 5-star ratings here look suspiciously fake (made up). Its hard to imagine anyone writing something positive about them unless they fail to see reviews clearly warning buyers about these treats being Made in China. Hard to blame Chinese to manufacture them but its Dogwells fault for not realizing dangers of making them there with their poor record in food manufacturing from the past with food poisoning in pet food.
297616297616B00141OX52A3J5FVO3TJL6VZManny "MannyJ"4511327104000WARNING: These dog treats are Made in CHINA. (We gave these to our dog who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease & diabetes)We were shocked to find out that Dogswell a company we have been buying our dog treats for last several years have started outsourcing these dog treats to China. This is very disappointing considering 4-5 years ago when many pets in the US died due to food poisoning resulted from pet food packed in China.

It is very surprising why this product got around 4/5 rating. I am assuming either many buyers, like us, did not read where this is manufactured as the text "Made in China" is written in small alphabets and hidden in other text behind the cover OR most of these reviews in 2010 and 2011 look suspiciously 'fixed'...notice how many of them got 1 out of 1 likes.

We have stopped feeding our dog this food out of legitimate concern.


Feb 2012: Just to update that our dog died recently after diagnosed suffering from Hemolytic Anemia and Diabetes. We fed our dog these treats for number of years and now wonder just how much they contributed to her illness considering these treats are NOT made in USA but China.
297617297617B00141OX52A2J5RVYVNVXKHJB.A.4511326585600DO NOT TRUST THIS PRODUCT! MADE IN CHINAI had been buying my 2 year old Bichon Frise these Happy Hips Duck Treats for months until recently when I purchased a large bag that, upon opening it, reeked of some sort of chemical substance which smelled very much like chlorine or bleach. The smell was overwhleming and disgusting. Not knowing what was wrong with it, just out of curiosity I looked on the back of the bag to read the contents and sure the bottom of the bag were those dreaded words, "Made in China".

Up until this time I had assumed their treats were made in the USA, and some of them are. But after looking through all their products it seems that their duck and chicken breast treats come from China.

Do NOT trust this product!!!
297618297618B00141OX52A3D95HAI3E6OMEErin E. Leary4511323475200WARNING ---> MADE IN CHINA!I didn't mind paying the $20+ a bag because my dog loved them. These are so expensive that I didn't look on the bag to see where they were made until ANOTHER recent recall on Chinese dog treats/food that was killing dogs....when I looked at the Happy Hips bag, I was pretty ticked off to see that these are made in China.

I used to joke that my dog was addicted to these, but now I am actually a little concerned that there may be some addictive substance in these Chinese "treats"
297619297619B00141OX52A3K2MB2DZ2LJCNJ. LAI "jenlai1345"4511322697600has stinky chemicalsI used to get these instore and found a cheaper deal on Amazon. I recently realize when you open the bag, there's a strong smell (like plastic or chemicals). I tried a little bit myself and the smell is just so strong that I can't bear it. I tossed everything everything away and would not buy this again.
It's made in China. You don't know what they put in the chicken strips to get them addicted or .... sick.
297620297620B00141OX52A2QQ92LFVVHUJZP. Ward4511322352000Beware - Made in ChinaMy 8 year old Maltese loved these treats. I didn't know about the FDA warnings until after he died from a "mystery" illness that started out as vomiting followed by lethargy. He had been very healthy before. The vet did a necropsy and said my dog's liver was severely enlarged and his kidneys were also affected. Please don't feed your beloved pets ANYTHING made in China. If I had known about the dangers, I would never have given these to my dog.
297621297621B00141OX52A37FCU422V6Z9Zmark e4511318809600made in china. unsafeall of the veterinary products made in China are potentially dangerous to your pet. Do not buy pet products made in China. Along with the melamine issues of a few years ago, there have been reports of Salmonella on these so called "treats".

Additionally, there are no good studies showing any efficacy of glucosamine for the treatment of arthritis.

And Amazon should make it easier to find the country of origin of all of their products.
297622297622B00141OX52A3M01RT3M15Q1Dhippolytusartemis "hippolytusartemis"4511318809600dangerous productAs many others have noted, these treats made our dog extremely ill. We could not figure out what was wrong at first. Eventually we realized the treats might be making him sick. We stopped feeding him happy hips and he almost immediately got better. We threw them out. Stay very far away from this product.
297623297623B00141OX52A1EUHMS0VCAX31Karen "kawaiioni02"6851232496000the real reviewMy puppy loves these vitality treats. After reading the other two reviews I became concerned and quickly e-mailed the company with my concerns. Here is what they replied to me which immediately relieved my worries. They also sent me documentation of their checks on the products and pictures of the non-caged chickens.

Hello Karen,

Thank You for contacting us here at DOGSWELL®.

The DOGSWELL® manufacturing facilities meet the highest and most strict sanitary conditions. All of our plants have HACCP programs, have received high scores by independent Third Party auditors, have strict raw ingredient standards and continuously check our products during processing and when they are finished to ensure they meet our high quality standards. Our wet food for dogs, our dry food for dogs and our biscuits are manufactured in the U.S. and our treats are manufactured in China. We regularly visit our manufacturing facilities to ensure the quality and safety of our products. We are always looking to bring the manufacturing over to the United States, we have just not found a supplier who will add all of the vitamins and nutrients that we want at a price the consumer is willing to pay, once we find one, we will definitely bring it back over to the US.

We don't determine our source country for ingredients based solely on the country of origin; we find the best quality ingredient combined with the highest quality supplier and testing specifications and select them. You can be confident that DOGSWELL® products are natural, high-quality and provide the best for your pet.

Please know we certify that our products are safe and clean with regular testing and ensure that our products meet high quality standards. We test product from each batch that is produced and have never had our results come back positive for ANY harmful ingredients such as cyanuric acid, melamine, e.coli and salmonella. Moreover, please note that no DOGSWELL® product contains milk powder.

We regularly test our products for any harmful contaminants and to ensure that they meet our quality standards. Along with an in-depth knowledge of our supply chain, our regular tests assure our customers that we are providing their pets with only the very best ingredients. Tests are conducted at independent, third-party, U.S. laboratories that follow FDA and APPMA-approved methodology. Please see attached for an example of test results for our treats; I have attached one of our VITALITY(tm) products that were tested recently.

Our material suppliers are certified clean and clear of any contaminants. If raw ingredients do not meet their specifications and pass safety tests, then the ingredient is rejected immediately and never enters our processing facilities. Moreover, we strive to use products from suppliers that treat their animals humanely. Please see attached for an image of our chickens in their barn. I do not know of a reliable site that describes the process.

Please know that we honestly believe that pets are family too and we feed our products to our own pets regularly. Again, we test product from each batch that is produced and have never had our results come back positive for ANY harmful ingredients.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions.

Thank You,


Jeff Haluck

Marketing Assistant
297624297624B00141OX52A3IXMFF7SJGBHPAmazon Shopper1111341446400Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Beef LiverI placed an order for Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Beef Liver on 6/25/12. On July 5 when my current supply was used up, I opened the new batch. Started with one pouch and then a second pouch. For the first time the product doesn't appear to be healthy and fresh. Instead of being solid brown, hard and crispy, the beef liver pieces are soft, pliable and some have a whitish powdery covering on them. I'm afraid to feed these to my dogs or other dogs that I meet in the park. I've been buying this product for years and this is the first time it doesn't look and feel right. I'm going to try to get an exchange hoping that this is just a bad batch. One thing I did notice when the package arrived and that is the long, tall plastic bag was substituted with a horizontal short bag that didn't fit the 6 pouches very well. My guess is that another manufacturer is making this dog treat, not the original one and that's the reason for the inferior and unhealthy quality of the treats.
297625297625B00141OX52ABCPXWIXY5KLM3DogsRMyKids1121338768000Chinese Product Masquerading as AmericanI have bought these for a long time and felt better about the product because I believed them to be of American origin. I purchased several bags (strips, wrapped apples, etc) and now realize the country of origin is CHINA. With all the FDA regulations about packaging, it's about time it was mandated that country of origin be prominently displayed (like in 20 font type - not microscopic writing no one notices!!!) ON THE FRONT OF THE PACKAGE!!! As a result, I will no longer purchase Dogswell products. As an aside, rawhide is an even worse offender, since the dog can get a much higher dose of any toxins used in curing the hide (and you can bet there are plenty!). I even picked up a package of a brand named (something like) "U.S.A. Rawhide" and on the back, in fine print, was "Made in China." Why aren't our legislators doing something productive and cracking down on this? It's sneaky at best and intentionally deceptive at worst! Amazon, please find us products for our "furry kids" that won't make them sick or kill them!
297626297626B00141OX52AE3VA4Y3D0RPSL. Levitt "Audifan"1111336867200Quality has gone downhillI had been buying these treats for my cavachon for the past two years. He loved them.

The last batch was of noticeably lower quality...dry and crunchy rather than moist and chewy. I don't know if this is due to the shift in manufacturing from the US to China or coincidental. In any event, I will not be buying these any more and have switched to other treats.

Note, Amazon would not let me return this item, and I am within the 30 day purchase period. I'm not pleased.
297627297627B00141OX52A1SGCD4I3DE7P1Harmreduction1111334448000Poison! Poison!My dog used to LOVE these. I thought I was was giving him a great "treat", that was actually a supplement to improve his arthritis symptoms. Then, his liver enzymes were elevated, and he was becoming less active, and always thirsty. Thank goodness a friend sent me a link about the FDA warnings, 2-3 since, 2009!
Hundreds of dogs have died,very painful and expensive deaths. If you love your dog-go to the FDA website yourself...and Do Not BUY these "treats"!
297628297628B00141OX52A2494Q44JVT14YApple531111332460800Zero stars- my dog became ill after eating theseMy otherwise healthy Papillon was doing great before feeding these to him. He is normally pretty fussy about which treats he likes, so when I found these I thought I had hit a gold mine. However, over time, I saw behavior changes (a normally laid back dog getting first hyper, then lethargic). I took him to the vet and they saw that his liver and kidneys were being compromised in his lab work. That's when I started looking into everything he was eating, and noticed that these are made in China. I did not check for this initially because I purchased them at Whole Foods, and WF has guidelines before a food can get on the shelves. I am concerned that while these treats may not have caused death, they are having an adverse effect on some pets.

Three weeks after I took him off these this food, his lab values returned to normal.

I noticed several other reviews here from pet owners with similar issues to mine. I am giving them 1 star, because there is no button for 0 stars.
297629297629B00141OX52A2P4Y0FIZBQBICTeresa "T. Stephenson"1111331683200MADE IN CHINAOkay, a lot of chicken breast treats from China are causing dogs to be sick (see the FDA website for details). This is not one of them, but when I started buying it, it was made in the USA. Now it's made in China. Although my dogs have long loved this treat, I'm in the process of searching for a replacement made in a safe country.
297630297630B00141OX52A2A82G59GRC8ANew Iron Chef America "Love to cook!"1151315785600FAVORITE TREATBy far my dogs favorite treat, it is also very healthy. My crazy friend decide to taste it, he said it was excellent, a chicken jerky with less fat and preservatives.

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