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297637297637B00141OX52A2FTRXRNDDROA1Terry Wolff3411324684800Made in China, causes some concernsI have been feeding these to our dog for years to help her with her joints, especially her hips. Ever since I started her on these as a treat, meaning I gave her one in the morning and another in the evening she regained her active self and they helped her get interested in her regular meals. It was a win, win situation for our finicky eater.

However, I would like to note, that when I started her on these treats, they were being made in the USA. Resentfully I discovered that they are now produced in China. As we know, China produces some very high end products and some real crap as well. However, when it comes to food products that come from overseas a warning flag goes up in my mind, especially if they are coming from China. Personally I never noticed anything odd with our 14 year old dog's reaction to Happy Hips. Still, I decided that I did not want to subject her to a food product coming out of China.

Does anyone know of another product like Happy Hips with Glucosamine (for the joints) in it, that is produced in the USA? "Infowarrior"3411322956800Chinese ChickenPlenty of articles have been written about the danger and disease's caused by Chinese made dog treats. These treats are made in China. Plenty of healthy USA made treats available. Avoid these at all costs!!! After the latest information was released, I tried to return to Amazon, but they said no. Please do not buy these "treats".
297639297639B00141OX52A1ATN42JYCITLTJill Anderson "jillanderson"3411322438400Made in China - won't buy anymoreMy dog became very ill (vomiting, diarrhea, excruciating pain) in mid-Oct and spent three days at the Emergency Vet - and cost us $3500! They ruled out a bunch of things and were only able to say that he might have Irritable Bowel Disease but the biopsy to find out for certain would cost us an additional $1800. He did recover (without the test) and came home and is on a special gastrointestinal diet now. However, I have to say that I had a large bag of these in my cupboard when he became ill and used them regularly as the treat of choice to get him in his crate. I can't say for sure that these were the cause but I won't be buying ANY dog food products (treats or otherwise) that are made in China. Treats made in the USA only for us!!
297640297640B00141OX52A2NV0CXZGLXCY7Paul J. Stein "PJS"3451245974400Healthy Dog SnackI have been buying these treats for over 1 year and my Lab looks forward to this treat after finishing each meal. All you have to do is mention happy hips and just watch her smile.
297641297641B00141OX52A3QGZP0O9S1SMOM. Z. Hannel3451236470400Happy Hips = Happy Dog, Thanks Dogswell!Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast, Glucosamine & Chrondroitin, 15-Ounce Blue Pouches (Pack of 3)My dog loves these treats! Finally, I have found a treat that's healthy, not only for his hips, but for his teeth, also. They're nice & chewy.
I read food labels constantly, and it helps to be able to read the ingredients before purchasing on Amazon. Also, buying Dogswell in bulk (15oz./pks of 3) as Amazon offers, is the best deal I have found, so far. My 13yr. old, 33lb. dog gets 3 chicken strips a day. The rest of the 15oz. pkg. goes into the freezer, whereupon the next day I'm able to snap each strip into thirds - that's how Ranger Bob (my dog) likes it. Might not be a bad idea to offer it this way for smaller dogs. Oh, and one last thing, Ranger Bob will bury pig ears, real bones, biscuits,"green bones" etc. but not these Dogswell strips!
297642297642B00141OX52A2JWTX8EO8TT9XBarbara J. Guzzetti "SL Avatar"3441234656000Doogswell Happy HipsMy dogs are nuts for the Dogswell Happy Hips dried chicekn breasts but they are made in China so I hardly ever give them to my dogs.I wish the company would have them manufactured elsewhere.
297643297643B00141OX52A2XKRR4W9OH4UVC. J. Thomas "medical junkie"3451229040000great for older dogs and she loves the tasteGreat product our dog is loving a tasting treat that is good for her 14 year old bones
297644297644B00141OX52A1SR7BRL7SECQ8Carol Lovins "Margarita Lover"3451229040000Dogs loved them!My dogs loved them. I'm not sure if it's helped their hips at all.
But I'll keep giving them the chicken strips to find out.
297645297645B00141OX52A31AK27IZQIHMBA. Segall3451223596800Yummy treats for dogsI give these treats to my dog, and he can't get enough of them. This is his favorite treat by far, and since it's made of chicken breasts, I feel like it's pretty healthy.
297646297646B00141OX52A2PMYB1YTWFZYXAndrew Sigal2311322524800FDA Continues to Caution Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products 11/18/2011I ordered three packages because the price was so good, then I saw this. I am asking Amazon for a refund - otherwise, they are going in the trash unused.

Copied from FDA web site.

FDA Continues to Caution Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products
November 18, 2011

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is again cautioning consumers that chicken jerky products for dogs (also sold as chicken tenders, strips or treats) may be associated with illness in dogs. In the last 12 months, FDA has seen an increase in the number of complaints it received of dog illnesses associated with consumption of chicken jerky products imported from China. These complaints have been reported to FDA by dog owners and veterinarians.

FDA issued a cautionary warning regarding chicken jerky products to consumers in September 2007 and a Preliminary Animal Health Notification in December of 2008. After seeing the number of complaints received drop off during the latter part of 2009 and most of 2010, the FDA is once again seeing the number of complaints rise to the levels of concern that prompted release of our earlier warnings.

Chicken jerky products should not be substituted for a balanced diet and are intended to be fed occasionally in small quantities.

FDA is advising consumers who choose to feed their dogs chicken jerky products to watch their dogs closely for any or all of the following signs that may occur within hours to days of feeding the products: decreased appetite; decreased activity; vomiting; diarrhea, sometimes with blood; increased water consumption and/or increased urination. If the dog shows any of these signs, stop feeding the chicken jerky product. Owners should consult their veterinarian if signs are severe or persist for more than 24 hours. Blood tests may indicate kidney failure (increased urea nitrogen and creatinine). Urine tests may indicate Fanconi syndrome (increased glucose). Although most dogs appear to recover, some reports to the FDA have involved dogs that have died.

FDA, in addition to several animal health diagnostic laboratories in the U.S., is working to determine why these products are associated with illness in dogs. FDA's Veterinary Laboratory Response Network (VLRN) is now available to support these animal health diagnostic laboratories. To date, scientists have not been able to determine a definitive cause for the reported illnesses. FDA continues extensive chemical and microbial testing but has not identified a contaminant.

The FDA continues to actively investigate the problem and its origin. Many of the illnesses reported may be the result of causes other than eating chicken jerky. Veterinarians and consumers alike should report cases of animal illness associated with pet foods to the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator in their state or go to [...]
297647297647B00141OX52A2R6A1JJK1J7HKMariana2311322352000Happy Hips - made in ChinaJust a word of warning...This product is made in China where they may add a substance that can cause serious kidney problems in dogs. Read the blog on the topic of chicken dog treats made in China - [...]. After reading the many comments posted by dog owners who fed they dogs chicken treats made in China, I am discarding all of these treats and will seek an alternative product that is made in the USA.
297648297648B00141OX52A2XQM812361HN0KonaGal "KonaGal"2311321920000Nasty and questionable: MADE IN CHINA. Read the news!!!!FDA just issued yet another warning for dog chicken jerky treats made in CHINA..... dog lovers, you NEED TO PAY ATTENTION!!!! We just threw our stuff in the trash......Yet another health article appeared on CNN online re: dog chicken jerky treats. I re-read the reviews on Amazon. I contacted Dogswell customer service and got a lengthy, very informative reply that said, " A large number of our products are sourced and manufactured in the United States and only a small number of our treats, are made in China." (My package clearly states made in CHINA --- so, did I buy that "small number" of bags??). I carefully weighed all the information and still do not feel comfortable. I believe the manufacturer cares a lot about dogs but how about keeping the business right here in the USA?

We just made the decision to stop ordering this product. Yes, my dogs like the treats but I cannot, in my heart, say I can serve them to my pups. I am unconvinced that this is the best option for my dogs.
297649297649B00141OX52A1VOILC2JQAIZRB Clark2351303603200Happy with Happy Hips PurchaseMy dog is a picky eater, and this is the only glucosomine product that he likes. And he is always begging for more. (But I am careful to limit to his daily allowance.) It really seems to help his hips. I have been buying Happy Hips for a long time, but I am so glad to find it on Amazon, as it is much less expensive to buy it in the 3-pack!
297650297650B00141OX52AO1ZN3OKHD3JZGrace Collins "Healthy Dog Lady"2311272240000Chicken Jerky alternative (USA-made) to DogswellI don't trust dog treats made in China. As an alternative, there's a good chicken jerky dog treat made by Goodness Gracious - in the USA and using 100% human grade chicken. [...]
297651297651B00141OX52AYJX2CDOU5XUNS. Grant "skg"2351259280000My Dogs Love This and So Do I!!!This is one great product! Never again do I have to force a pill or some other disgusting thing down my dogs throat to give her glucosamine. Both my dogs love the Happy Hips, but chicken is their favorite! This one is a winner!
297652297652B00141OX52AI47WBE7PHESFJ. Collins2351235779200Dogswell - Dogs love them!It's more than a year that I daily feed Dogswell Happy Hips treats to my now 12 year old dog who has arthritis in her hips. Her moves are more fluid now, without the 'stiff' look to her stride because of the glucosamine and chondroitin contained in this product. Plus she looks forward to getting the treats every day (her favorite is the Duck Breast).
I also give my dog a Best Pet Health chewable tablet every evening that contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. These products really do help my arthritic dog a lot.
297653297653B00141OX52A2AY39JTK9CUYPBlondie0011351036800Has The Manufacturer Changed the Formula?I have been giving these chews to my Mini-Pincher and Mini-Dauchand for the past 3 years to help support their joints and hips. The last batch I bought is darker in color to the point of almost being burnt and smells a lot more. It made my Mini-Pincher sick to the point of vomiting and liquid stools. I am going to shop for a better product that is made here in the US . . . I have been looking at GNC products for Dogs and that is probably the route I will take.
297654297654B00141OX52A3S1Q3W01B79DNcoop0011350259200do not buyI bought these from a large chain pet store. after reading the reviews I checked the bag... made in China. I threw the whole bag away. I wish I would have read the reviews first!
297655297655B00141OX52A2WO120HF09ZI2Thoughtful Reader0011347494400WARNING-NO RETURNS ACCEPTEDI have been told by my veternarian that Glucosomin treats with chicken cause urinary problems in dogs and so I wanted to return 3 unopened packages (of 3 each)and the company will not accept returns. Ridiculous. They must know how bad they are for animals.
297656297656B00141OX52A26LT2ZMC3E0BKC. Fairstone0011346198400FDA Warns Chicken Jerky From China May Harm or Kill Your Dog.STOP USING THIS PRICEY JUNK NOW!! search "chicken jerky treats china" on google for more info and SPREAD THE WORD (some media coverage but way too little...) I am "fortunate"... my dog only suffered small amount of kidney damage-- others are not so lucky. Remember the Chinese pet food scandal of 2007 that killed 1000's of our four legged friends...TELL AMAZON NOT TO SELL CHINESE CHICKEN JERKY. I read that Dogswell was going to stop manufacturing in China tho dont know current status.
297657297657B00141OX52AJE7R9XV0S4QLGVT0011345852800dangerous treatI have been giving my dog this treat for a long time,I found it here on Amazon and it is much cheaper! Now I learned that ALL chicken treats for dogs (and also cats I believe) that are MADE IN CHINA are being investigated by the FDA because some dogs have died after consuming them. These treats and all Dogswell treats are made in China,I researched all over the web about this matter and bottom line is: why take the risk? A few sites say it is OK, most say to be cautious and others say don't buy.I threw out all the ones I bought and got new ones made in USA.I wish Amazon gave us the choice of "made in USA", for now I recommend everyone that has a pet to read the labels of the treats and food. Sorry this product, I don't recommend.
297658297658B00141OX52A2EKIWFTLDBZQYnikki0011345852800If you want your dog to get sick, buy theseThese treats literally made my dog sick, throwing up everywhere. And it wasn't a shock when i read the package which stated Made in China. Weren't chicken treats for dogs that are made in China recalled?
297659297659B00141OX52A21IW4MPGY88BYalohakoa77770051345680000Happy Hips Make My Dogs Happy!My dogs all love the Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Chews, they can't wait to get them and know where I keep them, they go straight to the cupboard where they are stored. I love giving them these treats because not only do they love the taste and gobble them up, I feel good knowing they contain healthy ingredients that will give them stronger bones.Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Chicken Breast,15-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3)
297660297660B00141OX52A3E7IFBWORHSHOUno0051345593600Great stuff - Uno loves it!These treats are a wonderful way for me to keep my old dog moving. He enjoys them and I enjoy being able to give him joint supplements and the benefit of real meat in his diet. Thank you Dogswell for this great product and thanks to Amazon the good price.
297631297631B00141OX52A1ZGNS0OCHONBMC. J. Brown1151298764800Same product, far less moneyMy dog loves these things more than any other treat we've ever bought her, but they are pricey. This supplier sells them for half what the pet chains do and shipping is free.
297632297632B00141OX52A3DVWBHLCOITDQghbtexas1131285372800Retired in TexasWe have purchased these treats several times for our aging Bichon and been well pleased. She loves them; however, this last batch is tough and really dried out.
297633297633B00141OX52AHF79VKP2GFRSwaywaycool1151283817600BEST COST EFFECTIVE !!! DELOUSEMy dogs can't get enough of these and they cost 3 times more at Petco. love this place. I am on their subscription it is so cool, i no longer have to be worried about running out. Every month here they come, it is so cool. I Love the conveinence and my Dogs (3)LOVE the goodies. AAAA +++++++++++
297634297634B00141OX52A2SZSDP4GSM0ZAwaldo1151283731200Dogswell Happy HipsMy dog LOVES Happy Hips. Because we have Amazon auto ship she now loves the delivery man because she knows he brings them to her. She gets very sad if we run out. You can't get any better than Amazon auto ship.
297635297635B00141OX52A1VV0WTOH2BG8CRandy Turnbow "Big Red Curly Guy"1141280793600Our Dachshunds love em!We've been feeding these to our dogs for about a month now and one thing is clear, they love them! We give them as recommended on the package, twice per day for each dog. We tried giving them glucosamine/chondriotin in a different type of treat but one of the dogs wouldn't eat it. Not so for these.

I recommend getting subscribed on a monthly basis if you want to save money.

Big Red
297636297636B00141OX52AIOTE8A7LN0NWSteveS1151279152000Happy HipsMy dog,Lucy, loves these. it's a great way to get her to take glucosamine and chondroiton.

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