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297721297721B000JWIC5YA3BVQVB8RH13IPRaul D. Martinez Jr. "rdm90660"3341278374400good taste but small portionTired of not getting the dressing you want? I am!! this works perfect, keep in wallet or office, car, etc. taste good however not enough in one pouch for a normal side salad, let alone a normal size salad
297722297722B000JWIC5YALUDZ2O08RPVJBargain Mama2241312848000Good but Expensive!The Walden Farms products are very good tasting but they are way too expensive on Amazon. Go to the Walden Farms website and get their stuff MUCH cheaper!!
297723297723B000JWIC5YAIRH7SDIXGSAFLinda B2251300838400Linda bWalden Farms Creamy Bacon Salad Dressing, wonderful taste, easy to carry with you for social events. Replace dressings in restaurants to save your calories & sugar on salads. No refrigeration needed for this product. I would buy again & again.
297724297724B000JWIC5YA2MH45450030H0Shana Banana1141331337600Surprisingly goodVery thin but tasty. When I ordered this I thought - how good can it be with no calories. Actually pretty good. The imitation bacon bits are good. It is a bit too sweet but I will probably buy again. One packet will do a good sized salad.
297725297725B000JWIC5YA31P69TMRP9Q8PL. Erickson0051350777600Very good for having no caloriesI didn't expect much when I bought this as some of the low calorie salad dressings taste gross, but this was actually pretty good and I am giving it 5 stars because for having no calories, it has a very good flavor. I would definitely buy again.
297726297726B000JWIC5YA209PPY5Q25UWZGlinskit0241327881600Great for carrying with you to resturauntsTruthfully, I haven't tried it yet. But I bought this to take with me when we go out to dinner. Everything is always high calorie, so I thought I'd try it since there are no calories. I like bacon and ranch flavors, just hope it really tastes that way.
297727297727B00474639CA1IX8Q4OJIIW8Mmaax mom6711320624000over pricedI must be out of my mind to pay this much for almond milk. I meant organic almond milk at whole food and trader's joe is about $2 a piece. I didn't pay attention, I've always assumed that I could get a better deal from amazon. In this case, it's not. Lesson learned.
297728297728B00474639CA2L1ZMZ8DDVS89Bean1111340841600Wtf? 6 for $34??? You can 12 for $34!! :/ EDIT 10/12/12: $22.00 SHIPPING!!!!!!MY EDIT ON OCTOBER 12, 2012 - THE PRICE HAS BEEN UPDATED:
Price: $19.00
SHIPPING: $22.00!!!! (jeez! wtf?) PLEASE BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Previous review:

Wtf? 6 for $34???


You can also get 12 for $34 on Amazon!! :/

Do not buy this unless you have diligently searched for the deal I usually buy (but unknowingly bought from a different link, ugh). I normally buy 12 boxes of this at $34! (and it is CHEAPER $31 if you auto-ship)

I LOVE this almond milk!! It is the best, in my opinion. Only thing better is making your own.

To your health!! :)
297729297729B00474639CA2P80QL4JD89IEFrank Frank "Frank"1151324684800Best unsweetened tasteI have tried a half a dozen unsweetened drinks. All taste like water except this one.

It is great. I think Amazon sells it for half somewhere else.
297730297730B00474639CA3FE4MUM0S4OQLrswlovinglife0211331769600DisgustingThis taste like water and ground chalk. Do not waste your money.
I originally purchased Almond Milk at Wegmans. It was delicious, but they didn't carry it for a few weeks so I decided to try Amazon. I am really disappointed with the quality Amazon is selling. It is water. I will never order this again from Amazon.
297731297731B000VZQTXGA2Q5Z9RB4AJF84Edward D. Poncin "Infrequent Reviewer"111151240531200Always A TreatTreacle toffee is always a treat. I first found it years ago while
visiting relatives in England. At first, I really didn't like it,
but at some point decided to try it again. Since then, I've sought
out places in the U.S. (stores or online) where I can buy it.

Treacle toffee generally wouldn't appeal to Americans; most seem
not to like it. BTW, "treacle" itself seems to be (nearly) equivalent
to "blackstrap molasses".

Am glad I can usually get this toffee online.
297732297732B000VZQTXGAT17C6CLPGIQDPj Dupuis3351326067200deliciousThis stuff is great. Put it in the fridge, then smash it to bits. If you do like it softer, leave it at room temperature. This is treacle toffee and it does have that great treacle taste.
297733297733B000VZQTXGA30J8KM3H9TDBUClasina Gm Oneill "Maria"3351274572800Delicious!This is the true English toffee: Sticky and chewy. It has a distinct molasses like flavor (treacle). Love it!
297734297734B000VZQTXGA3K98GERRFRE07Mom of Three5651299974400Rich and chewy - very addictiveI bought some of this when placing an order with Fiona's Sweetshoppe. I was hoping to find it locally, in a bricks and mortar store, but no such luck. It has a distinctive flavor. When I ordered it, I was expecting a different flavor and wasn't as keen on it, as I'd anticipated I would be. Surprisingly, I have really come to crave it though... Yum - now if the company just didn't share the same name as our unethical governor here in WI...
297735297735B000VZQTXGA1090G5ZAABMGKDionne W. Boyd2251290384000Perfect delivery and packagingProduct was everything I expected. Tasted this candy on a trip in Vermont and the first thing I did when I returned to Chicago was look on the internet to find out who was selling this treat. The first place I checked was And why not? Amazon has everything.

Only let down was that I had to wait because it was on backorder. But, somethings are worth waiting for.

Worth the wait. Best toffee I every eaten.
297736297736B000VZQTXGA14C63AS3DGV7Haries "jewelry lover"1151312156800Toffee LoverThis is the best toffee every. I would recommend that you try it. Its too bad that they don't sell it locally.
297737297737B000VZQTXGA190WD324CGNBFRAM0051343865600Great Stuff!My grandmother (who immigrated from England a lot of years ago) would always bring with her on a visit to us a box or more of 'Callard & Bowser' candies that she got stateside. She said as a young girl in England, she would always get these as a treat! As I recall, they were more of a butterscotch than a toffee, but they too were made with butter and were VERY good!! Well, unfortunately, Callard & Bowser are no more...why Nestle, why?? Well ,anyway, I bought these hoping to get a 'little bit of heaven' from the Walker Treacle Toffees. I did, I did! They aren't the same as the C&B candies, but they are in the same league! I love these, and it is very difficult to not eat more than one should! I highly recommend them! Just a footnote: they have a stronger flavor due to the Treacle or molasses in them. They really are oh so good tho'...
297738297738B000VZQTXGA1101O39CXUFLKermit19110141334188800Not badI bought this toffee without ever trying it and was happy with it, however i recommend you have someone to share it with because after the first two bars i lost interest and i gave the other 8 away.
297739297739B0023E7EOGA35KPC8XCGWFX5arkitekt1151284854400really good muffins!these are great! i used butter instead of oil and added a few packets of splenda, they're fluffy and deliciuos! they feel and taste like regular muffins, totally recommend!
297740297740B0023E7EOGAHZDZ7XLCB7H5K. Lankford "klnkfrd"1151272240000MuffinsI am always on the lookout for sugarfree food. I really liked this product however, I found that if you go to the makers website the price is alot better than what was offered here. That being said, it tastes great and I will buy again.
297741297741B0023E7EOGAD808WFJCOWD1John Cope0041348099200Very tastyNot exactly perfect for extreme low-carb dieting, but still good enough compared to your average sugar-infused muffin mix. Flavor is pretty good, though the muffins are lacking something to round them off, but they are moist and have a good texture.
297742297742B0023E7EOGAICMMXH4KGII3Clarevoyant0041345161600Good but priceyI tried this product because I have relatives who are diabetic and I'm always looking for low carb alternatives. The muffins have a somewhat cornbread kind of taste, and were a little dull in taste. I added a few frozen blueberries and this helped a lot. My only complaint is that these mixes are quite expensive, and I may not be able to order as many as I would like. They will have to be a treat rather than a staple....too bad.
297743297743B0023E7EOGA3TEMJV8908QQSN. Ford0031337731200Go for the blueberry flavor from New Hope instead!I bought both the Cranberry Orange flavor and the Blueberry New Hope muffins to try. I've had several types of muffins in the past that were sugar free/low carb and I have to say that these taste pretty good. I wasn't as happy with the flavor of the cran/orange flavor as i was with the blueberry flavor. I would have given the blueberry muffins a 5 star rating. I just love those! When you make the cran/orange mix there are lots of cranberry pieces and you would think that the flavor would be pretty strong, but I didn't feel like I could taste the cranberry or orange after baking. I made these according to the instructions and found them to be extremely oily. Of course they would be with a 1/2 Cup of oil per 12 muffins. When I made the blueberry muffins I cut the oil down to 1/4 Cup and still found the muffins to be tasty, moist, and flavorful, but without the oily fingers I used to have. I recommend doing a search for the blueberry muffins on Google and getting those over the orange/cran flavor.
297744297744B002CZFW18A3BXSX398O7FQ5B. Landt3351267056000Awesome shortcutI just bought this item at Whole Foods and tried it last night with steak. Wow. We even saved the rest for another use in the next few days. You wont regret this purchase!
297745297745B002CZFW18A32DTWJX6V7S30palmer "palmer"3351252713600hassle free gourmet!well the people at savory choice have done it again! i love their broths and recently found this new item. this demi glace adds a touch of home made gourmet to everyday cooking. i use this in stews, soups, crockpot meat dishes and even with a brisket, giving them a rich, full flavor.
the package is convenient and takes little storage room. great for camping and motorhome meals too.
wonder what they'll come up with next to make my life easier?!?
297746297746B002CZFW18A3P1LQ01IZRZO6Sadie Blu1151313798400Best Au jus ever!I had a wonderful chateaubriand while on vacation a few years ago and was determined to make the meal once i returned home. The recipe called for a very expensive demi glace from williams sonoma. I made the meal and it was delicious, but I was very upset to spend $29 on a 6 oz jar (that I ruined because I did not realize it was concentrated). When I decided to remake it a year or so later, I searched Amazon first and found Savory Choice. This demi glace was delicious and, I believe, better than the the WS brand. My fiance kept asking me what did I do different and if there was any "sauce" left over for him to take home with him. I also shared a package with a co-worker and she also received renowned reviews from her guest. This demi glace can make the cheapest cut of meat taste like filet mignon....enjoy.
297747297747B002CZFW18A374DZ7MHS0H2FV. Bitowf1151298851200Excellent for use on steak.I tried using this as a base for a pan sauce but it was too strong. Just follow the directions and use water. Makes a great sauce for a steak or roast.
297748297748B002CZFW18A36YDG83N9UU37MKB1141298332800Surprisingly good!I tried the product for the first time this past weekend and the flavor was very good. I used two packs and added a half cup of red wine. When I use it again, I will go half wine and half water. Seemed a little strong with using all red wine.

However, we enjoyed it. A good buy!!
297749297749B002CZFW18AYSERHI25DLGEBusy Lady0051326931200Savory Choice Demi-Glace ReviewVery tasty and worked well in my recipe. Would recommend this, and price was competitive via Amazon versus other sites/stores.
297750297750B002CZFW18A37E0T5RIW6JOMBelair0051324425600These are our favorites.These glazes are great we used them in sauces and gravies and the flavor is exactly what we want. They are an ingredient to make sauces and gravies.

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