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297901297901B001AC57NMA14NN6J3DGHLAIroberta butler-schreib0051287014400best gluten free pancake mixThis is the best gluten free pancake mix around.. and I have tried EVERY brand out there!!!.. My son loves real pancakes but he can not eat them. With this brand I have been able to replace regular mix for these and they are so good you do not even realize this is gluten free.. Even the rest of the family eats them.. They freeze and heat in the microwave really well to make large batches at once!!
297902297902B001AC57NMA72H1W5S6UFMYKing of Breakfasts "King"0051272585600Great Gluten Free MixI found this mix to be very good and not overpriced as many gluten free mixes are. I will use it again.
297903297903B001AC57NMA12STKL6I0ST1KNancy J. Cook "grandma cook"0051271203200yummy pancakes and wafflesthese are hard to tell from the original gluten pancakes we used to eat.

The family loves them and they are very nice tasting with great texture.
297904297904B001AC57NMA1LZDASMUAYRKEP. J. Martone "peejae"0051268870400best pancakesthe whole family eats these pancakes now even though I am the only celiac. They have awesome flavor and I like how you can make only a few or the whole box depending on how many people you are feeding.
297905297905B001AC57NMA1LTQ2OUDOF62LAllergy-free C "fleader"0041265587200Fluffy Vanilla TasteI've tried a number of gluten free pancake mixes, these are the thickest so far. Mine turned out more the texture of french toast than pancakes, but I think adding some more liquid would help. They have a nice vanilla flavor. If you are able to tolerate dairy, I think the Pamela's mix is closer to "real" pancakes, but for the DF this is a decent substitute.
297906297906B001AC57NMAAAICPINMMSQWLeyla Nazhandali0051265414400great tasteMy son has multiple allergies and has had a very restricted diet from birth. He is also a typical picky 2-year old. He really likes this product. We make it as waffles in a not-so-expensive waffle maker. They turn out great. I make them in small quantities, so it was difficult to measure volume. I transferred all the measurements to weight and use an accurate scale and my waffles are turning perfect every time from that point. My husband and I like them too. So, it is easy to "share" my son's food so that he feels he is included.
297907297907B001AC57NMA16BKC0W9VYEW8Nicole Hirshberg0051255478400Love it.These pancakes are delicious. My son loves them. NO dairy, egg, gluten, soy... and they still taste great.
297908297908B001AC57NMA12ENBT314RFXRP. Gray "The Gluten Free Assistant"0051249171200Low Allergen Breakfast Joy!This great mix is good for pancakes or waffles and smells so good I can hardly wait for them to cook! I've been gluten and casein free for a couple of years now and this is by far the best mix I've found for pancakes and waffles - even better than Pamela's or Bob's. Great all around from the low allergen to the ease to prepare and store any leftover batter. I love shopping for the boxes in bulk to help save on the price jump at some of the local stores that do carry gluten free items. Soy, nut, egg, dairy and gluten free and you won't even know!
297909297909B001AC57NMAF1D1SXVYVK4YMomma Bell "recipe seeker"0051247961600A+These pancakes are delicious - my hubby and I even eat them. We haven't tried them as waffles yet but as pancakes - just scumptious. They cook better than my old recipe that used oat flour and the first time my son had them he wanted to eat them for breakfast and lunch. They cook better if you allow the batter to sit longer than the suggested five minutes, but they are just great either way. I couldn't find them in my local store but Whole Foods in Atlanta sells these and my son enjoys them on the weekends. I thank Cherrybrook Kitchen for providing this product.
297910297910B001AC57NMA2ERRHI8U370K4hope0051244937600Gluten/Soy/Corn/ Egg- Free and yummiest pancakesDue to Severe Allergies my son can't eat Gluten, corn or Soy.
We tried other brands and even mixed our own flour for pancakes, but so far this is the best pancake I found. I also put a teaspoon of honey in the mixture as my son does not like any kind of syrup on it.
I am a pancake lover too - I have no problem with Gluten but these are so good that I eat this with my son all the time.

I am excited to try out more of Cherrybrook Products.
297911297911B001AC57NMAXSDO362TJI0TSew lady "Fredsgirl"0241249171200Nutritional infoAlthough I haven't purchase this item, I would like to know what the ingredients are and the carbs and calories. I may have overlooked it but can't find this info anywhere.
297912297912B002OMAZ5CA1MPMITIRHFFS2Tracy A. Beall9951298332800Love It!!My plants are only about 3" tall right now and I'm getting ready to repot them, but they've germinated and grown well so far!! I've bought a lot from this company and have been very satisfied with each purchase!! I do tend to repot the seedlings fairly early since it's difficult to tell how moist the soil is from the medium used and the fact that it's in a can, but every seedling that I've transplanted into a more typical container with media that I'm familiar with has done very well!! I will definitey buy more from this company soon!!
297913297913B002OMAZ5CAOUEM5EBTL1QKGirlscout1016 "Girlscout1016"6841280188800Great GiftMy Aunt is super super difficult to buy for, but adores to garden. I have never ever heard her be more in love with or more appreciative of a gift.
297914297914B002OMAZ5CA2CONYJSLYYY8ACourt "juliet8379"81111283990400Not happyTwo little plants grew to about an inch tall then died. I tried everything - more water - less water - more sunlight - less sunlight. Nothing seemd to make it better or worse - it just dies and very slow death. might try it again at another time.
297915297915B002OMAZ5CA3W06YJC2YACTHR. Siegfried0111342656000Used as instructed. Never came up.Used as instructed. Never came up. I need to write more words to get the minimum number but I would not buy one again.
297916297916B002OMAZ5CA3JUVQU38RSM4FLynn0111330473600NO SEEDS!!!Gave plant to my mother for X-mas and nothing grew, she took it apart and NO SEED, none at all! I cant sent it back because I dont have the original packing slip, my mother is very disapointed and I'd buy her another one but I dont want the same thing to happen! :(
297917297917B002OMAZ5CA3I7HKSIETMGOXNikkii0211309564800Not HappyI got this plant as a Mother's Day gift to my mom, needless to say nothing grew so I am hoping to get a full refund.
297918297918B0079BT1CQALLP4RO0RH3YQLynn G.2251334361600Picky eater loved it !Our 10 year old pointer / husky cross has been a picky eater the last few years. I was told this was a great one try to get away from the basic chicken formulas. Our dog absolutely loves it ! In less than 2 weeks we have seen a noticeable difference her in coat as well. It's shiny and feels really soft. Really pleased with this. Worth the price ! We were also told to occasionally switch formulas of meat so that they don't get tired of their food. Example : chicken to duck to fish. Great idea !
297919297919B000NME76IA3TC59BO4V8I2XBrian J. Berney "Brit-zilian"5651201046400A deliciously wicked treat! :-)))))I first experienced these liquor filled delights in Italy. And when I returned I gave a box of them to my wife. She has always loved the European liquor candies, but they are so hard to find here in the US. They are the kind of thing that you keep for special moments... Maybe in the evening with a nice cup strong coffee... when the kids are in bed... And you can sit back and spoil yourself a little... But they are so good that you will want to spoil yourself a lot more often!!! :-))))

From the first bite as the chocolate candy opens up, releasing that wickedly delicious liquor (and it is REAL liquor) to overwhealm your taste buds and slip warmly down your throat... To the deliciously firm Marachino cherry center, and the finish of excellent creamy milk chololate... It is a wave of pleasure... You know, I think I'm going to run off and have one! :-)))))))))) You should buy some too! You won't be sorry!
297920297920B000NME76IA11Y4CDV7YUCLYMsPammywhammy1151295395200Never Go Wrong With Mon CheriI love this product. I always have these in my home during the holidays. Family and friends have started to expect them, it's become a holiday tradition. The candy always arrive fresh and out of this world good. I had looked for years and was so happy to find them on
297921297921B000NME76IA13GXI06BXJMRXP. mcgrath1151261526400Mon Cheri chocolatesI was introduced to Mon Cheri chocolates by German friends while visiting them in Germany. They have become a must. I really love them.
297922297922B0002NVLBMAA4BAHMCECOTL. Forrer1151262563200Great in casseroles & soupsCan't buy these fresh where I live. These dried ones are geat in soups & casseroles. I've also soaked them in water and used them in an omelet. Dried mushrooms are good because you don't have to worry about them going bad before you get them all used up.
297923297923B0025UC2KEA39137LW12KK7BR. Toro "Tech Junkie"3351334102400Tastes Great!I don't generally care too much for the healthy alternatives, especially when it comes to coffee. However, after trying Truvia at a hotel, I am now hooked. I usually get it at the grocery store, but it is good to see that it is available on Amazon, and now that I have Prime, I might just be getting it online instead.

This sweetener tastes really good, and in addition to coffee, I have had it with desserts and it tastes great. I think it even tastes better than sugar, and definitely tastes better than splenda.

I cannot comment as to the health aspects related to artificial sweeteners, but I'm sure that there is plenty of information available on the Internet related to that.

As a casual coffee drinker, I highly recommend Truvia! But definitely buy a smaller package if it is your first time trying this!
297924297924B0025UC2KEA27FP0S5QH7GNEIslandSandy1151336435200Have you priced this in the grocery store?I will not use any other type of sweetener other than real sugar and Truvia. The prices in the grocery store are outrageous but here on Amazon they are more realistic. I usually order these large boxes and they last several months. Shipping is within a day or two and it comes packaged in a thick cardboard box.
297925297925B0025UC2KEA29YTSBP0LOYCPDAP61411318896000Good Produce, Bad supplierI have bought Truvia for a very long time, and I love the produce. My issue is with the suppler of the produce. I was given a day that I was to receive my Truvia, and as of today which is now 20 days later I still have not gotten my Truvia, and no response from the supplier, who I did contact, nor have they credited my account for the amount of the purchase either. All around bad experience with this supplier. I still buy Truvia, but only at my local retail supplier.
297926297926B0000D9NC9A1JW53MJN3HO2RN. D. Starr "army girl"0051266969600Amazing!Th feta received was amazing, with very intense flavor. Not for the light of heart! Definitely for the feta lover! Thank you, I want to order more, on a regular basis!
297927297927B001KUVTM2A2K3JZ7RW6AXF0RDW "Lover of great Science Fiction, Mysterie...181811263945600Bad Experience purchase this productInstead of delicious chocolate truffles we received a Donckels box containing a solid block of what looks white soap or wax(doesn't even smell like chocolate and I'm not going to taste it), which I see was the same experience as the other customer reviewing this product today. I have no idea what the substance is, maybe that's what the truffles look like after they've melted in shipping or something but it is certainly not something I am going to eat. What a disappointment, my wife and I had these truffles at Christmas time and they really were the best chocolate either of us has tasted. I've never had a bad experience shopping through Amazon before but this one has left a bad taste in my mouth, exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. BTW the seller was listed on the packing receipt as Potential Dynamix LLC.
297928297928B001KUVTM2A1ZBHIFBKC7ZRKJ. McLaughlin101021294704000Beware -- NOT a true ganache truffleI was very disappointed to learn that the "centuries-old Belgian tradition" in this case included the use of palm kernel oil and other non-dairy fatteners instead of actual heavy cream. I don't have the ingredient list in front of me, but it was NOT, for example, what you'd even find in a box of Lindt truffles. It's highly processed junk chocolate, and a huge disappointment. I gave one of the boxes away. That being said, the flavor was decent, so I gave them two stars, but haven't been able to eat more than two of them at a time because of the greasy film in my mouth afterwards. Even with a good flavor, though, selling these as "real" Belgian truffles is marketing bunk, and Donckels should be ashamed of themselves. Better to charge a little more and use quality ingredients.
297929297929B001KUVTM2A31G5E0DC9CG3AMichael Thorn6711263945600Delicious chocolate, not shipped wellSomeone gave me these chocolates for the holidays and they are terrifice.
I thought that ordering from Amazon would be great but...
It's the dead of winter here and the contents was one hard white block or ..something. The expiration date was two weeks from the date they arrived.
I returned them but I think that I will have to find them in local stores.

They are..the best chocolates I've ever had when they are fresh.
297930297930B001KUVTM2A11T807LX2EF00Michael3351257897600Melt in your mouth explosionThese chocolates are absolutely the best. I had a bunch of co-workers come by and have some. I advised them to let the chocolate melt in your mouth... don't chew. A while later many of them came back to tell me about the awesome experience they had. Simply the best chocolate they have had.

The secret is to let the chocolate slowly melt.... as it does you experience a sensational explosion of taste. Wonderful treats. And for this price it is amazing... it rivals the French chocolates at a store down the street..... at a fraction of the price.

Enjoy...and make sure to let these delightful nuggets slowly melt in your mouth.

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