Amazon Fine Food Reviews

298006298006B003AZ2ECYA3RYMO6S22FMM5Vanessa Strange "porph princess"2311302566400Too Salty for Me!I'm really disappointed in these, unless for some reason I got a bad box of them! I've been buying the plain Pop Chips for over a year now, very happy with them but was looking for something new. Well, these are too salty for me,,,,,I can't eat them. So I'm giving the entire box away tomorrow to get them out of here. What a bummer! That's the problem when you try something new with Amazon in the food category, you have to buy a boatload,,,and if it doesn't work out, you've wasted $20.00. I don't see what the point is in air popping something so it's low in fat but then making it way too salty,,,,sure defeats the purpose in my viewpoint. Not good,,,,I'm really not pleased.
298007298007B003AZ2ECYA3QA69HL44MMT4BigSilverHotdog2341301529600Healthy and delicious, wish they were cheap.For the cost this is not a good snack but if you don't mind how expensive they are then these can't be beat for calorie counters. A single bag offers tremendous taste and fulfillment for such low levels of calories and fat. My wife loves Popchips and I don't count calories but we both love these fries (mostly). Brief flavour rundown:

Jalapeno is very hot. Tastes good. If you like jalapeno, you'll love these.

Honey Mustard is the best flavour. Rich, bold, strong taste, very flavourful and high quality.

Sea Salt is good but bare and basic.

Honey BBQ is great. Weak BBQ flavour compared to most potato chips but still quality.

Vinegar is decent, pretty good vinegar taste, again weak compared to most potato chips.

Vintage Cheddar is the poorest of the lot, with a dry and musty white cheddar taste, which though real, tastes fake.
298008298008B003AZ2ECYA2PGXQ4JKSPT11Ster "Ster"2351298851200Fabulous FriesGreat...Loved that the bag is fairly big for 1 110 cal serving. Great for a crunchy mid-afternoon snack...Favorite flavors were not what I expected: 1) honey BBQ 2) Jalepeno and 3) salt and vinegar
298009298009B003AZ2ECYA294154CGM7J9Tindy462542331288656000Just okayThis product was not as flavorful as I had expected. The only flavors of the variety pack that I really liked were the jalepeno and the honey mustard and onion. Two flavors I would not ordinarily enjoy. For the cost, I would not purchase again.
298010298010B003AZ2ECYA35WYW1ZSUVKYGWest Side Jeff0051350691200A great low calorie snack!These smart fries are a great alternative to the usual chips, pretzels, and tortilla chips. You get a heap of pieces for 110 cals (I think about 60), and it definitely does satisfy that salty snack craving I get from time to time. As for the flavors, we got the 6 variety mix. Some were definitely good (the BBQ and japapeno ones were best in my opinion) but others were a bit rough to get through (like the vinegar/salt). Regardless, I definitely plan to get some more in the future.
298011298011B003AZ2ECYA2TD53W6CWAXV5threecsonsmom0041350432000Smart Fries/Great alternative to chipsSmart Fries are a great option when you want a crunchy/salty snack. The plain are rather bland but my family really enjoy the flavored varieties. The salt & vinegar and three cheese jalapeno are our favorite. Barbeque and cheese flavors would be a last choice.
298012298012B003AZ2ECYA1FWMW42ZN7TXLori Ann Chretien0041339718400Yummy chip alternativeMy family enjoys this snack very much. It is a lighter alternative to chips. The Vinegar is light and does not overpower the flavor of the fries.
298013298013B003AZ2ECYA2YYUOXGL9JGZTcerealmom490051338681600Breakfast and Dessert Fries!This was kind of a weird concept - until I got them and tried them. They are wonderfully light with just the right blend of cinnamon and sugar! Who cares if they look like fries? They taste like a breakfast treat or a dessert! I could see dipping them in something creamy - like a dip you would use for fruit. Lots of satisfying sweetness and crunch - for very few calories!
297991297991B0045IO2VQA1WWBDK22Z8WRJLoveShoes0131332979200It's okay...I think my expectations were running a lot higher when I ordered. The flavor is almost there. It falls short on being a great mocha flavor
298014298014B003AZ2ECYA2YYUOXGL9JGZTcerealmom490051338681600Perfect!I have looked and looked to find any kind of potato chip type product that is seasoned with JUST salt and pepper and it's not at all easy to find! For some reason they over seasoned with garlic, sugar, onion and all kinds of other flavors so you barely notice the black pepper. These are just right - just sea salt and black pepper - very satisfying and the very few calories are a wonderful bonus!
298015298015B003AZ2ECYA6TX8AUM426X6C. Hill0031338681600Good butTge first bag I had was good and a nice change from chips but as I had these every day for lunch for a month I quickly tired of them. The jalepeno one is the best. They all leave a residue on your fingers.
298016298016B003AZ2ECYA1BG02VB5E9BFCsscheeps0051335830400Delicious!My favorite of the Smart Fries flavors. Vinegar taste, without eating away at your teeth, mouth and gums! I have sensitive teeth, and love S&V chips, but can't handle too many at once due to the acid. These are a great alternative.
298017298017B003AZ2ECYA2T8ZZ4F7C8TWW1230051333929600Better than I expectedI will be re-ordering. Great mix of flavors and only 3 pts a bag for weight watcher points. Also there are 65 "fries" per 1 oz bag. Nice to have something different to choose from.
298018298018B003AZ2ECYA1F4M5HFKYUGLFT. Leibfried "tbsomedy"0031333584000Popchips are betterThese fries are okay...just not real exciting.
The flavors are a little off and kind of weak.
I don't do spice...but my boyfriend said the jalepeno were pretty good.
These are really light and airy, not super satisfying.
The best part is that you get the whole bag for only 110 calories.
It really feels like you're getting a lot (number wise)--and that's my favorite part of them.
Will eat them all but won't order them again.
297992297992B0045IO2VQA2NWIBURBR217AMister07040131304812800It is alright, depends on your tasteI am not a huge coffee drinker but I need some caffeine every once and a while. This is alright. It does taste like hot chocolate but on the largest cup setting it tastes like chocolate water. The middle setting is alright but I feel it tastes the best on the smallest cup size. Sometime I will mix 2 of the small cups together to get a decent size drink. I am a fan of the Cafe Escapes line as they taste very good and don't make a mess while making. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a small drink!
297993297993B001410P0OA1DEG62UWVF0QLD. Warren1151202947200Delicious!!!Delicious!!! They are amazing. We ate them all up the day we got them.
297994297994B003VPO0YSA28CKYCDCD81TRMary R. Capone ""2251279065600Bella Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking MixThis baking mix is so versatile you may never use another. It makes light and fluffy pancakes or waffles, flaky pie crust that you can use in so many dishes, delicious crepes, and tender biscuits and muffins. It is comes with these recipes right on the bag. Plus there are a bunch more recipes on the website. I can even make my favorite cake again( my mom's recipe) using a cup for cup substitution. It's that simple. I highly recommend it.
297995297995B003VPO0YSAR31IISM5EA4FSpreeSArah1151291420800Gluten-free never tasted so good!This mix is the best thing that has ever happened to gluten-free! After experimenting with various GF mixes in the past, which all constantly reminded you that it was not the "real thing", Bella's gluten-free mix allows you to create delicious baked goods that will make you forget that it is actually gluten-free. You'll find yourself saying: "I can't believe this is gluten-free! You have got to be kidding me!" But it's no joke. The texture and taste are superb. For the first-time since becoming gluten-free, I am actually able to make my favorite things. It makes outstanding cookies, pancakes and pretty much anything that would generally call for flour. This product has my wholehearted approval! Thank you for creating something so outstandlingly delicious!
297996297996B003VPO0YSA22ORE143F06BD0051349827200Really GreatI've made waffles and pie crust with this mix and both turned out wonderfully.
On the waffles I followed the recipe exactly but I separated the egg whites first and beat them until they formed peaks and then added everything else. This make for light waffles that were delicious.

The pie crust was pretty easy to make just remember to use the parchment paper when rolling the crust out - sandwich the crust between and upper and lower layer of parchment. The resulting pie crust has a little different texture than flour based crust, it's kind of got a shortbread type texture but I thought it was very good.

The quality of these mixes seems very high and I also love the multigrain bread mix.
297997297997B003VPO0YSA1H62TA9O9OS6OKelly Marie0051347580800OUTSTANDING gluten-free!This is by far the smoothest and best baking mix for gluten-free. It works perfectly as a cup for cup substitution for all my old recipes. Plus, the site has many new delicious ones for me to try. Not only is this mix gluten-free, but it is allergen-free too which is great for people like me who have more than one allergy! Bella Gluten-Free is also produced in an allergen-free facility. With all the cross contamination out there, you have to love that! Thank you Bella!
297998297998B003VPO0YSAN5YD0JN7PSKWdocsfilly0051347580800*Bella,Bella,I have baked for my husband for 38years, he has ceilax disease now, and our life as we knew it changed, no goodies, biscuts, no pies,I felt like I died, couldn't make him anything he loved. AH hah, Found this wonderflour, and it is wonderful, made Banana bread yesterday, with pecans, He said it was Great!and he ate the whole loaf.I'm so happy. ordering as much as I can.
297999297999B003VPO0YSA1S4CFLU2T0Z8IBrookelyn Dartagnan "Noir Suicide"0021316822400Bisquick is BetterI got a free sample of this at a local gluten-free fair and finally got around to trying it tonight. I made pancakes, following the recipe on the back exactly. They are dense, gluey, and bland. I'll be going back to Bisquick.
298000298000B006OMZMLKA3S41G520ALBY1Disappointed0011349222400WHAT A JOKE!Received this product 15 days after ordering it. It was shown on amazon to be a 10-oz. bag of Barnie's Coffee Kitchen Kenya AA coffee beans. I received an email from amazon a week after ordering this item, informing me that the supplier, A-A Coffee Growers And Importers had not yet confirmed shipment, and gave me the contact information to contact them directly, which I did. I heard nothing until 7 days later when I received an email notice from amazon that the item shipped. When it actually arrived the next day, I opened the package to find a vacuum sealed plastic pouch with an unmarked coffee bean paper print bag containing what I assume is coffee beans. It was definitely not the Barnie's Coffee Kitchen bag shown on either Amazon or A-A Coffee Growers & Importers and,in fact,had no identification on the bag whatsoever. Could be from anywhere. I expected to get what I actually ordered, as shown. How silly of me! It's going back!!
298001298001B00018CWM0A2SCXERKD0XN19Ann Kelly "annk8046"0051339027200Barry FarmBarry Farm makes wonderful gluten free products that you can appreciate if you have food allergies. Well packaged against contaminants and order process is fast and efficient.

Thanks Barry Farm.
298002298002B003ZF21UOA2Y695A1DXMT1JDrew Samson0031341273600StickyThis tastes like a toffee. It's sweet, chewy - very chewy - and sticky. The flavor is good, nice and mild, but I've limited my score for this product as my jaw is sore after eating it.
298003298003B004RP3EIEA2B29R6ATPJYOHLinda J. Shideler0051341446400candy coffee flavoredThese candies are very good,they are not to sweet and do have a mild coffee taste, but they tend to disappear very fast. Enjoyable...
298004298004B003AZ2ECYA1O3ONM1MJM7EMC. Marsteller "Cafreen"2321311292800OK for an alternative snackPurchased this variety pack and although I was VERY impressed with Amazon Prime shipping (I literally received it in less than 24 hours!), the snack itself is average tasting. Mostly like flavorless cardboard. The best flavor is the jalapeno one, pretty spicy. It satisfies the crunch and salt factor, but no way is this a replacement for real chips. I recommend PopChips original flavor which reminds me of Munchos, or PopChips BBQ flavor; both are satisfying and taste very good. I would NOT purchase these Gourmet Basics Smart Fries again. I even joked with my co-workers when they asked me what I was eating.."They're Smart Fries, but they're not so smart since they don't taste that good!" They tasted for themselves and they all pretty much agreed with me.
298005298005B003AZ2ECYA1VMXFDGEWSOA9kelly2351304294400SO GOODI love the bbq ones!!!! glad I ordered the variety pack, but I think bbq won over all of them. but they ALL are good
298019298019B003AZ2ECYA1JXKGZFD3ZVHLJamie "applegirl505"0021332892800Aireating these was sort of like eating a salted air bubble. It was great for snacking because it takes a while to eat one package but they really tasted like salty air. I am not sure I really liked them at all.
298020298020B003AZ2ECYA3RF5FKK26AFTQgrammy40051329264000smart friesThese are a great low calorie and low fat snack. Satisfies the crunchy craving and sweet craving at the same time. The Honey BBQ are delicious and a great value.

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